Horoscopes for 10-17-2019

“Reach thy hand;
Farewell. I have told my last hour; I was false,
Yet never treacherous.”

Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac sign of Scorpio Oct 23, 2019, 12:19 PM CDT (+/-) — your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.

This week’s horoscopes include bug fixes and other updates, over last week’s scopes.

Horoscopes for 10.17.2019


LibraHappy birthday to the last of the Libra birthdays. This is a time for sweeping up. Cleaning up. Parties are over; let’s clean this stuff up now. Easy to suggest, the trick is staying on point. Mars tends to fry the Libra energies, and with that at hand? Hard to stay focused on one task. My favorite trick? Post-it note with scotch tape. I have a small monitor off to one side, runs a systems analysis window — all it shows. Across the bottom of the little flat screen, I’ve got a series of post-it notes. Some have been up there a while, which, is why I come back to the idea of scotch tape — that stuff holds the older notes from falling down. It’s a simple idea, but one with merit. Not like I have long-running goals, desires and reminders up there, but there’s a weekly “to-do” item, and we have to make sure we don’t forget. Post-it note with scotch tape, or whatever your equivalent is, just something to remind us not to lose track of the goal.


ScorpioThe planets, the inner planets, of Venus and Mercury are playing cosmic tag in Scorpio. But as duly noted above, those two are merely presaging the Sun’s creeping entrance to Scorpio. It is not birthday time yet, and as noted above, and until the Sun arrives, responsively, fully, and completely in Scorpio?

Stop. Just stop. Stop agitating. Stop begging, pleading, cajoling, cuddling, coddling, or whatever whiny action you’re affecting in order to get the desired outcome. No matter how hard you try, and this isn’t a Scorpio challenge of any sorts, but no matter how hard you try to manipulate the situation to your own outcome? In the next six days or so, probably not going your way. Be nice. Didn’t say it wouldn’t go your Scorpio way in 7 to 10 days, or longer term, but in this short run, like this next 6 days? Stop. Stop agitating. Stop begging, pleading, cajoling, and no whining.


SagittariusOne of my favorite resources? Marcus Aurelius. He was a first, second century emperor of Rome, fought on a losing front in Germany, and recorded his thoughts which weren’t really translated and published until around the 16th century — and all of my data might be off, this is from memory, not fact-checked at all.

The way to use his works, though? Instead of trying to read from one end of the text to other? Flip it open and find a passage that looks comfortable. I have one rather beat up text, a small “mediations” version, and what I do, when I use a quote online or in a horoscope? I make note of the date. I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years, so the various books have gotten almost worn out. But the words? The words of the long-dead Marcus Aurelius consistently ring true. He’s adopted by the Christians, as an example of early Christian Emperor. He’s adopted by the pagans as an academic. He’s beloved by the stoic philosophers for those leanings, too. In other words, this material, in translation, is all over the place. However, when we’re trying to figure out what the message from the stars to our Sagittarius selves might be? Perfect place to start.


CapricornSleep is important, and its importance, a good night’s rest, is oft overlooked by modern standards. While I can easily run on as little as four hours of sleep, myself, I’m not Capricorn, and I don’t last long. I can get in about three days in row, then I need a long nap, or a really long night in bed. Or, a couple of naps and a good night’s rest, like 12 hours or so. Yeah, that’s me.

As the seasons wind up and wind down? Most important? Get a good night’s rest. In order to make that happen? I leave that up to your Capricorn self because you know what it takes more than I do. For some, that is to refrain from alcohol and tobacco. For others, no caffeine after 2 in the afternoon, but again, this varies from person to person. Cap to Cap, so to speak. I have no clue as to what your individual wants, demands, desires, and pressures are. I seriously doubt I could hold up under as much pressure as you’re putting on yourself, but right now? Sleep. that’s what’s important. A certain amount of rest.

“I can’t sleep. That just means my brain starts reminding me of what I didn’t get done today.”


AquariusButter is good for you. No, margarine, a vegetable oil alternative, is better for you than butter. No, a small amount of butter is better. I don’t have the latest, up-to-date data on just which one it’s supposed to be, butter or fake butter.

First butter was good for you, then it was a health hazards, then it was good again. I don’t know what the latest findings show. I’m not sure I care. Most of my Aquarius friends will eat what they want, when they want, and if butter is part of it? Sure. One of those miracles of modern science, we just don’t know which way is better.

Butter? No butter? Fake butter? As an Aquarius, we can spend time together, searching, researching, then reading opposing viewpoints about the relative benefits and hazards of butter. Then there’s the whole issue with fake butter, which might be worse than real butter. I don’t know. In my own kitchen, I tend to use both, as the recipe, the time and tides of the cooking, as the situation demands. Like, all vegan? No butter. As we spin our mental Aquarius wheels around and around along the lines of butter, stop and think about it. Good, bad, or, best of all, indifferent? I’ve found that a certain amount of indifference to whatever the current conditions suggest, just a small amount of, “I don’t care” goes a long way towards making this a better week, either with, or without, butter.


PiscesI was reading a piece about a web developer releasing his newest project, and it was about “Just ship it.”

Then, too, there’s the notion that version 1.0 is lonely, and usually ready for version updates almost immediately. The point of the piece, though, was to just get something out the door. Well, get it up and for sale on the web, let the project be opened up for distribution, which then lays the project open for criticism, random testing that will cause failures, recriminations, blaming storming, name calling, and a host of other problems.

My favorite usually goes a little like this, “I tried to install it and it doesn’t work.” My first question? “Did you read the instructions?” Think we all know the answer to that.... While I’m a fan of the Pisces ability to merely intuit a way along, with the newest version of the Pisces operating system? Two points: at least glance at the instructions, the exploded diagram shows what should fit where, and then? Maybe read the instructions through, first. There’s a simple trick to success, and this week’s Pisces success depends on the steps being followed, in order.


AriesFor some time now, I’ve been searching for the “backward hats” store. You know the kind of place I’m trying to find? The place where all the urban youths, and some country stars, where they all find those hats that they wear backwards.

I’m sure this is some great secret. The backward hats store. I asked, more than once, “Where’d you get that?” “This? At the store.” So I’m sure that they must have some secret location, as I can’t seem to find it anywhere. No place on the web, either.

This bit of silly foppery is brought to you by the Aries influence this week. It’s silly, it’s stupid. Might be childish to some, and the running joke doesn’t seem to work, but while you’re thinking about getting upset? Consider that there’s a lot of this free-floating angst, looking for an anchor, and Aries being upset at my stupid attempt at a joke? Am I really the one you’re upset with? Stupid jokes aren’t helping, but that incorrect Aries attitude can take a bad situation and make it worse. Or you can pretend to laugh at my lame jokes. Or, whoever is trying to cheer you up.



TaurusI’ve been “On the Air” in numerous settings. Personally, I’m not fond of the publicity, but a dozen years ago, a TV program tapped me for an astrologer slot. 6 hours waiting in a trailer, 3 hours shooting video, 30 seconds on national TV. The old Austin Music channel, as a weekly astrologer? Another time 30 minutes wrestling with a TV news crew, and then ten seconds of my hands and computer on the evening news. I’m really more introverted than the image would lead one to believe. What this is about is that reticence in Taurus, at the moment, to be totally resistant to any kind of publicity. Could be something as simple as the evening news crew, and in some of the smaller towns? That’s a single roving reporter with a phone and a portable TV camera. Those reporters are the ones who are the most interesting to talk with, just in case. Their stories are equally interesting to whatever is supposed to be the Taurus topic. When the opportunity presents itself, and it will this week, then answer the questions, but address the reporter, the person, not the camera. Little trick I learned.


GeminiMy first suggestion was cupcakes. Then doughnuts. Client was entering a new workspace and trying to befriend the support crews. The old way of cuddling and coddling the staff, and this is in South Texas, the old way, everyone would be addressed as “darlin’,” “honey,” or “mija” and some kind of confectionary delight would be proffered.

Like, take in an offering? Old school and slightly dated form of an approach, but over the years, I’ve discovered that it does work. Mostly. Pretty well. In our new and overly sensitive yet totally enlightened time? “That’s too much sugar!” Then there’s the “Sugar is bad for you!” In other words, someone seems to take offense at any kind of social lubricant I suggested. As a Gemini-compliant person, I understand what’s happening, even now. Getting ready for this? Social lubricant. Grease is what I used to call it, “social grease.”

One of my younger buddies, to this day, he still thinks tequila works best. “Couple of shots of Jose, and she’s like me fine.” Yeah, not sure it works that way, and I’m not sure that works for the intended purpose of social lubricant — at work. So the gamut runs from cookies to cupcakes to tequila. I’m not sure which one works best, although, “spare” Halloween candy is a good bait, too. Just something to make those wheels at work turn a little easier.


The Crab - the MoonchildIt’s the hard approach of the fall’s most fun season: Halloween. Means that there are orange and black inspired treats. Some of theses are good, but some of these are an abhorrent misuse of nature. Have you ever seen the Halloween Oreo? It’s awful, instead of creamy rich white icing between two chocolate wafers, it’s horrific orange-colored cream filling, some kind of icing that’s not pumpkin spice, not “oranges,” and not anything I would ever like sandwiched between two Oreo cookies that are over-baked or something. I thought it inferred “dark chocolate,” but no, it was just abhorrent blend of crap. Awful, artificial flavors — no natural colors or flavors — just crap. Not healthy, not good, no redeeming qualities. All bad stuff, and I think the single package I got? Might’ve been two or three years old. So much chemical crud in the “cookies,” no noticeable deterioration over the years. Flavored sawdust and fine-ground minerals.

With the approach of Halloween? There are some abhorrent treats we must — especially delicate Moon Children — stay away from. At all costs. “Oh look, Halloween Oreos, cool.” No. Seriously, do us all a favor. No.

Regular Oreos? Those are great. I like the Double-Stuffed ones, I think of them as regular Oreos and the regular Oreos are “Oreo Light.”

The Leo

The LeoThe first inklings that this could be a troubled time is upon us. Not really a problem for other signs, but for The Leo? There’s a sense that there is a tiny amount of trouble, right around the next corner. You cautiously peer around the corner, using the best Leo discretion, and notice that there doesn’t appear to be any problems. Still, there’s a sense that, “There’s trouble in the air tonight.”

You know it, feel it in your Leo bones, a pervasive undercurrent that something ain’t quite right. It’s a soft-sense warning, too. So the last corner, you first peeked around — there wasn’t any trouble. No problems, right? What happens in times like these is that you tend to forget that proper sense of caution, and that results in you dropping your majestic Leo preparedness. You turn back, assure me that everything is OK, then turn around to proceed forward. Right into the trap. Maybe not a trap, but a wall, a problem, the little sense of foreboding that you had? Right there. Timing might be a little off, but the sense is correct; heed your own warnings.


VirgoTurning attention to certain matters that demand your Virgo attention? That’s what’s important, the problem, the challenge, after that last full moon? Trying to get a way to direct those attentions to what really matters. Fishing matters. Everything else is just extraneous noise, am I right?

Easier to boil it down to that, strip away at what matters until we get to the heart.


The challenge, though, is that the Virgo mind, left unchecked, will run amok with possible solutions, edification, emendations, and ramifications of the decisions.

Frozen with paralysis by analysis.

Happens in our post-modern epoch, wherein the decisions are too numerous to pick “just one.” As a Virgo-friendly person, and as a person who has been more than one Virgo bad decision, pick one. Probably won’t work correctly, but failure to pick anything? That’s a bigger failure than just choosing a direction, goal, or priority that turns out to be the wrong guess. More trial and error, this next couple of days.

“Hey, at least I gave it a shot.”

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