Horoscopes for 11-21-2019

    Such a villan
    A writer could not put down in his scene,
    Without taxation of his auditory
    For fiction most enormous.

Julio in Shakespeare’s
Double Falsehood 3.1.22-

The attribution of Double Falsehood to Shakespeare is best left to academics to debate. But the idea that we got scene that no writer could ever dream of as a fiction?

Horoscopes for 11.21.2019

The Sun moves into the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius Nov. 22, 10:58 AM Central, more or less.


The problems with the Sun moving into Sagittarius is that phase of the moon. She’s just a bitch, you know? Too much going on, and not enough Sagittarius to cover all that is required. Personally, from here on out, my business is next to non-existent until January 1. I’m not too concerned; been like this for many long years, finally figured out the holding pattern, and figured out what to do about everting: nothing.

As a fellow November Sagittarius? I know that long-term, big-picture goals, think, like what kind of a new year do we want? Think in terms like that as we approach the holidays and the merriment, and the parties, and the birthday celebrations, and whatever else? There are two lines, one arcing upwards, that’s Sagittarius social commitments, and another arcing downwards, that’s Sagittarius income (work, career). One is headed up and one is headed down, and those two arcs intersect this week. Middle of the graph. Again, back to that phase of the moon, and what it suggests? Long-term plans. think long-term, big-picture. New year, what does that hold? “That’s too far away!” Not too far to make some plans, now.


A really long time ago, I was in the “entertainment” field, albeit in a different iteration than now. Mostly, my background was bartending, and it’s a cut above some work, but, essentially, at the time, I was cashier with liquor bottles and staff of three to five. In military terms? Think: squad leader. Couple of nights were always big business nights. Thanksgiving was one. Thanksgiving night was a drinker’s paradise. The venues — that were open — would be crowded with seasoned professionals and the “out of town” guests, most notably, victims or escapes based on whatever the local legend was. Like? “I couldn't wait until I got out of school so I could leave this town, forever.” And they were back, at Thanksgiving.

That means Thanksgiving night, and the following weekend, with its Black Friday emphasis, all of that means work for those of us, well, back then, in that business. There was always a convivial atmosphere as old and new combined with long-lost, to make it all seem like a giant party. Which, for those us “in the business,” it was work. Good work. Easy work. Lucrative work. While everyone else is playing? Time to don that old fashioned Capricron work ethic and tend to business. In my former life, it was the business of having fun, but whatever works? That’s what works.


In the good, old USA, it’s football season. And Thanksgiving. That brings families together, and it’s an emotionally stressful time for some. Families can be too much “togetherness” at the holiday. A lesson I learned, many long years ago, along the West Coast — in California (People’s Republic of Northern Cal.) At the thanksgiving meal, with the waves of the Pacific Ocean lapping at our feet, as we dined? While everyone else ordered turkey and typical fixings? I got — ocean was right there — a sea food dish. Mine was expertly prepared by a sous chef who knew how to cook fish. Roasted turkey, a traditional family-style meal? Not so much. But typical California fare? Sure. Was great. Mine was wonderful.

Emotional distress comes from a variety of sources, either too much togetherness, or distance, or, plain old fashioned family dynamics. For an Aquarius person, doing something a little different — but within the bounds of good taste? That’s what works. The stress is there, but how we choose to handle that stress? Try something similar, but different. Always worked for me — I’m passing along advice to help you, too.


The quickest, easiest solution? High quality, cheap drugs: coffee. My coffee proclivities are not always stable. I will buy nickel bags of estate-grown, single-plant, stove-top roaster coffee. Tiny, refined, whole beans from a single source. I’ll also buy some Death Wish Coffee, cultivated and roasted to be the strongest coffee, hence the name. From that, there’s also an occasional selection of plain, grocery-store coffee, rather generic beans of moderate quality, perhaps no flavor at all, and maybe, although, not usually, ground.

I prefer whole beans, but that’s me. From horribly expensive to super-cheap, the individual roaster to generic bulk. From high-quality, superlative, exclusive coffee beans to decades-old mass-market, warehouse quantity. All legal drugs, in essence, and all forms represent cheap, legal drugs: coffee. As a solution to this week’s Pisces problems, think about cheap, legal drugs: coffee. It’s legal, so there are no complications. It is addicting to mere mortals, again, not an obstacle for Pisces, and finally? It solves this week’s motivational problems. Coffee: cheap and legal.


Late in the bass fishing season is weird, at best, but there are some days when it pays to try. Weather’s cooled off, dramatically so, in South Texas. Eventually, what happens is that the lakes “turn.” A cold snap, really a coolish front blusters along, and then, after a couple of days of cold weather, the water tables in the lakes shift. The bait the bass prey on are deeper, all of a sudden. No more topwater lures. Crank baits and stick baits with weights, Texas rigs and Carolina rigs.

We’re like the fish and the fish we’re trying to catch have moved into deeper waters. While the bass used to forage, up through last month, along the sides of the shore, waiting on food to drop into their large mouths (Large Mouth Bass)? All in deeper waters, now. The New Moon in Sagittarius, preceded by Mars and Mercury in Scorpio? Time to fish, but time to fish in different areas. Go deep. Search the inner realms, probe the depths. Drop a little bait all the way to the bottom, then reel it up about a crank and half, just gets it off the bottom itself, but it’s down there. As an Aries? The fish have moved to winter grounds, and the deeper water is where it’s at. Same goal, different location, now.


You sleep well last night? Kind of restless? Been going on for a few days? I don’t know much about Taurus people, but I do know that they like their sleep, and un-interrupted is better. A solid eight hours is best. Makes for a happier home life, makes for a happier office life, too. With Mars where he is, though? Sleep is a precious commodity that seems a little elusive. With Mars opposing, I tend to try and wear myself out so I have to sleep, the only problem? As tired as I am when I hit the rack, no sooner do my eyes start to flutter shut, my breathing slows, and my heart beat settles down?

There’s the interior monologue of unfinished business. Grievous harms done unto me. Wrongs I failed to correct. Miscreants who are getting away with whatever mischievous deeds are their targets. That wide-screen, across the inside of my head surround-sound equipped theatre of the Taurus mind will replay all those mistakes. Now, if you're sleeping well, then this doesn’t apply, but if there’s that extra dose of worry, concern, fretfulness, or just that mind, laying awake at night, just waiting to remind you of all the shortcomings from the previous day? Two choices that I used when Mars was like this: read a book. Trashy, or good quality, but a book that resonates with your version of entertainment. That? And I keep a notepad handy so I can remember to write down whatever it was that I didn’t want to forget. Makes sleep come easier.


One of my buddy’s, not really a fishing buddy as we’ve never really fished at the same time, in the same boat, but close enough as an example? He’s a giant of a man, towers above me, big, deep booming voice. Has a close-cropped goatee kind of facial hair, and it’s now all snow white. Still has a commanding presence, sort of cross between Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Col. Sanders and a lean Santa Claus with some Southern Baptist preacher scattered across the top.

So this week’s Gemini stuff made me think about my buddy as he was having problems with his wife. Girlfriend. I’m unsure of the situation, but she was sure he was leaving her, and he was mad, but he was not leaving her, in no uncertain terms. As a perfect example, “I’m mad at you — for what you did. Or didn’t do. Or might’ve done, but didn’t, but could’ve, but just because I’m mad doesn’t mean we’re over.”

In part, this is merely a function of age, as in, “We’re too old to start over.” In part, this is remarkable amount of maturity on my Gemini buddy’s part. In part, though, this is about seething emotions — “I’m mad as hell.” Sure, that’s OK. It’s OK to be mad. Or angry, upset, perturbed that the other person isn’t doing what she — or he — should, or shouldn’t, be doing. Might be the target of the anger, which pisses you off even more, and that gets us going in a circle. The joy of being Gemini? This stuff, the anger, the upset, the pain, oh the pain, wait a few minutes, it will be over. Oh look, it’s nice out right now. Fishing?


One of the biggest casualties from the current crop of astrological energies? The gentle Moon children are going to get ignored. Sounds like that wouldn’t be a problem, but there’s a push, a sense, an essence that demands attention, more like an internal meter that demands that your Cancer self be recognized, and with the relative motions of — look at Mars and Mercury, in Scorpio? With that action, and then, the Sun creeping into Sagittarius? Expect to get ignored. Damage to the Moon Children’s psyche? Sure. Hurt feelings? Cancer hurt feelings at being regulated to the unnoticed pile? Yeah, that’s possible. But with the way things have been going? Do you really want that attention? Some days, some weeks, just some of the time, getting overlooked, passed by, or otherwise unnoticed? There are times when that’s really not so bad. Like now. Be prepared to be unnoticed, and maybe, there’s a certain enjoyment in that anonymity.

The Leo

I do not like to hurry The Leo, and guess what? That’s exactly what your brain — The Leo brain — will do. It’s not me. It’s not “them.” It’s not anyone outside of The Leo mind. Might seem like the influence is from outside, but no, it’s just the top of the brain stem. It’s not us suggesting you hurry up.

    It’s not us, saying, “Get a move on, sunshine!”
    It’s not us, “While we’re young, okay?”

Nope, this isn’t anyone on the exterior, trying to persuade, coerce, or otherwise motivate The Leo to take a certain action, or, “We’re burning darling here, move it along, Buttercup.” No, all those phrases, if you pause long enough to really listen, all of those motivational expressions are starting deep in The Leo psyche. Down in the soul. Somewhere south of the heart, maybe, or, maybe, at the top of the brain stem, but in either case, it’s not us. It’s you. As soon as you recognize that it is just you, that makes much of this easier. The only one who can shut up that noise? It’s your royal Leo self. You’re the source, and solution, to this week’s issues. Problems. Challenges.

Now, would you hurry up and address that inner voice so we can get a move on?


The family newsletter is different from person to person. In one family, the newsletter is long and filled with great gossip. Little substance, but tons of gossipy kind of information on the comings and goings of the last year. Another family, it’s all about the relative successes of the kids, and each kid is now on a career track with an arc that looks like chair (person) of the board, kind of direction. My family is weird, as our goals, directions, and achievements have varied greatly. Not that I’m worried, but the question is, looking at the chart for this week’s Virgo energies, what are the metrics you use for success? For one fishing buddy, the sheer volume of fish at weigh-in is the only way to measure success. Another fishing buddy, he thinks deer hunting and bagging a huge buck is the only way to be successful. All depends.


As always, there is an element of style that I fail to understand, not in part, not wholly, in no way, there are just pieces of style — that I don’t get. I’m not complaining, nor am I being critical, it’s just something that I don’t get. Frequently, what happens is that a single element, a piece of the overall picture gets amplified, then made into a caricature of itself, and then, this is deemed “stylish.”

That’s the part I don’t get and this carries forward as fashions change with every season, so it seems. But my failure to grasp the nuances of style doesn’t matter, that doesn’t stop style and fashion from marching forward. Ever onward and upward. So with what’s shaking in the planets, there’s a sense of style and fashion that seems to be escaping our Libra selves. A missing piece of fashion, a stylistic endeavor that seems to evade our grasp. Therein is the clue. No, seriously, if a piece of this puzzle, let’s think of it as a fashion piece, let’s think of this as the piece that would tie the whole outfit together? If that piece is missing? This week looks incomplete. Here’s the idea, sometimes, incomplete is complete.


The birthday fun that was interrupted last few weeks by an errant Mercury? Mars makes good. There’s a curious “see-saw” energy that is posited by the planets. In part, it’s the return of Mercury to a more stable position, and the typical Scorpio comment about, “Not soon enough.” Then there’s the onset of Mars, and he brings renewed vigor and drive. More push to push with, more pull to pull with and more push-pull present for Scorpio to use. The trick is to push and pull all in a same direction that benefits your Scorpio self. I’m all about benefiting the Scorpio, and now that the planetary kerfuffle is over? Remember that the planets are push and pull at the same time. Use it. Use it well. Don’t abuse it.

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