Horoscopes for 1.2.2020

    A little gale will soon disperse that cloud,
    And blow it to the source from whence it came;
    Thy very beams will dry those vapors up,
    For every cloud engenders not a storm.

Clarence in Shakespeare’s Henry 6.3 (5.3.10)

Horoscopes for 1.2.2020

If you are under 20 years old, then yes, that’s right, you’ve never seen this before. But seriously, anyone over the age 21? Ain’t our first rodeo like this, no matter what the pundits suggest.


Happy new year, happy birthday to some, and aren’t we glad we’re all starting over? It’s a new dawn. We’ll see how that works. In the bulk of Shakespeare’s canon of works, there is a question never fully answered, more like a rhetorical question, do the skies, the heavens, the odd gods define our fates? Or are we free agents, able to pick and choose our own destiny, with the hand of fate not playing a part of this one?

Determinism, versus free will, and what picks what happens to us? Is our fate a sealed deal, all depending on the some arbitrary arrangement of stars and planets in the night’s sky? Or are we free to pick and choose, and is this just totally random?

Heavy, metaphysical question, free will versus pre-determined fate, and one that weighs heavy on the Capricorn soul. Are we in charge of our destinies, or is there a collective, guiding consciousness that helps direct us? Again, heavy material, happy Capricorn birthday, and is it freedom of choice, or are we doomed? I tend to believe that the planets and their orbs describe energies, and then, that we — as humans on planet earth — get a chance to respond to those energies. It’s about how we respond to what’s presented, rather than believing that fate is a complete novel, already written. That’s my understanding, this moment. Might change. However, in making that first assumption, as a starting point? It’s about picking and choosing how your Capricorn self responds to what is offered up this new year.


While waiting someplace, maybe, I don’t recall, I overheard a young mom tell her, looked like a three year-old kid, the mom said? “You can have a baby when you have a license.” I smirked, then pursed my lips, and sotto voce, “You have to have a license to have a baby?” I believe the response, was, “Well, right. Only makes sense. So she can have a job, and drive her car to work and the grocery store because I’m not going to do it, you know.” My mind slipped off towards a different direction, a baby license, like, have to pass a written test, and then, drive a test baby around the block or something. Good thing this isn’t left up to me.

The weather is clearing, and my little mistaken interpretation says more about me, and the way I misunderstood the commentary, rather than anything about the parenting skills of that mom. Although, to be fair, my mistaken notion isn’t without some degree of merit.

Given where Mercury currently is? Be aware that your Aquarius self can hear more into a situation, see more, read more, project more material into a single comment than might really be there. Sometimes, this is justified. Other times, be nice if we keep some of this to our selves. just because we think it, and just because it amuses us? That doesn’t mean we need to say it out loud. My example worked out because I shut up after my first quizzical comment.


Just yet when I thought I’d seen it all? I started following an academic discussion about The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. When I first truly started working with the Bard’s Canon, there were merely 38 plays. Some years later, for good or for ill, there are now either 41 or 42. Depends on who’s counting, and which academic circle we’re following. In other words?

“It all depends.”

What was most amusing, though was following some back and forth between professor-types, the university-level academics who should know better. Or not. There was some rather acrimonious attacks on lineage, and possible parental units, with blunt, “You’re stupid if you believe this” type of verbiage. It is interesting to watch language people argue about statistical methods, as language people (English) tend to not be very adept at simple math, much less any good at higher mathematics or statistical sampling, and derivative proofs. What do inept academics having a pissing match about which plays belong in Shakespeare’s Complete Works have to do with Pisces and the year ahead?

“It all depends.”

What this depends upon? I was a bystander, an interested, disinterested party, off to one side, watching with rapt attention as several academic factions went after each other, and not above name-calling or generally maligning the opponents in a definitely unfriendly manner. Yeah, fun for me. I wasn’t in the fight. I didn’t have a dog in that fight. I don’t care if there are 38 or 41 or whatever. The statistical analysis is of interest, but really, how does this affect me? Hint: Pisces? It doesn’t affect you at all. Fun to watch. Don’t get involved in their fights.


The problem with the Capricorn season — for Aries? There’s an extra layer of unwanted, and unwarranted, tension. Dealing with this in an appropriate fashion is the secret to getting this new year off to a better start. Think that this is a time to start over. Then? A time to start over again. Then? One more new start to something. So far, that’s three tries to get it rolling, and it might take three tries. Or more. Never can say, for sure. There’s more than one brilliant stroke of luck that occurs, in this next few days, but like I’ve often reminded Aries, “Luck is when preparation and skill meets opportunity.” You’re looking at new opportunities. How these develop are up to the individual, but there are good chances. The little trick is to remember that there will be multiple times — this next week — to “start over.” New start. New start, again. Fresh perspective, and now? Another new start. Don’t be afraid to use the “dry erase board,” the ubiquitous “whiteboard of life” to keep jotting down new ideas. There are solutions, it’s just — against normal Aries operations? This fresh starts might require multiple reboots, just to get the new year started correctly. “Wait, I have to start over, again?” More like, “Wait, you get to start over again.”


More than a year back, I encouraged my little Taurus friends to assess foundations. Roots. From whence we all originate? The build blocks of who and what we are. Foundations of our selves. I like roots, myself, as that goes a long way in explaining who, and how I started. With the start of the fresh, newly minted year? Just up ahead? Have to start with the basic elements we all started with. List strengths. Weakness. Problems, challenges, and obstacles that are just up ahead. Then consider that very Taurus-like foundation that you’ve got. It’s where we all start building for the future, with what you’ve got to start with. The failure loop built into this time of the year, especially prevalent now? “If only I had...” and there is no end to that. It’s mater of assessing what you’ve got, then moving yourself forward from there.

“This is where I stand. These are the components that comprise who I am.”

That’s rather useful information, now. Why, some years back, I suggested assessing what the parts were, and how they fit together. What works. What doesn’t work. Using that foundation — the known strengths and weaknesses — and using them in an approximate fashion. In other words? Build on the existing foundation that is solid.


This one came from a Gemini buddy, “If I ask more than two questions, stop me.” He was referring to a situation that we were working through, and it was the simplest way to understand. There’s that inherent Gemini intellectual curiosity which plays an integral roll in this week’s proceedings, and indeed, throughout the coming year. The trick is stop at the first question and let the rest of the signs — the non-Gemini people — let the rest of us roll up to where you’re already at. Give us time to catch up. Frequently, the Gemini question, what’s top of mind at the moment? That doesn’t need to be answered, and to some, this might looks like a “rhetorical question,” but to those of us with whom you must interface who are not Gemini? Or — unlike me — not Gemini-compliant? Those are the people who don’t understand this week’s Gemini (stuff), and not understanding it? Easiest way to communicate with them? “Stop me if I ask more than two questions, OK?” Wasn’t that one question?


While I’ve got two illustrative events, they occurred years apart. Still, the message is the same. Client was sitting across from me, and her phone kept buzzing, as she had it set to send her an alert, every time some event occurred on social media. It never let up; phone buzzed every thirty seconds or so, and even though she turned the ringer off? Her purse vibrated, almost incessantly. Another time, it was settings on my own device, phone, as it were, which also served as a calendar, and the events were chiming several times a day. Got to where I didn’t bother to look at the calendar, I just ignored all the alerts. Doesn’t that negate the whole purpose of having a device to remind us about certain events if we have to ignore all the alerts? What’s the point in having an alarm if we don’t answer that alarm’s siren call? The lesson is about frequency. What I arrived at for myself was just setting an alarm, with an appropriate time, a fair warning for myself, for major events that required my participation. Instead of being buzzed every half hour, or in some cases, every fifteen minutes, or like that one client, across from me, every 15 seconds? The only alerts I get now have meaning, and require me to remember to pay attention. The illustrations, something becomes too commonplace for my dear Moon Children friends? That gets overlooked, and in this new year, there’s less we want to overlook.

The Leo

“A whole grain food is made by using all three parts of the grain.” My original intent was wrap that comment into a quick, maybe sarcastic quip about my horoscopes being “whole grain,” as I use all the parts of the material to fashion a horoscope. Yeah, and there’s really more than three parts, plus, as The Leo, the new year brings little patience for my inept attempts at humor. Still, there’s a message in the failed attempt at humor, and it’s about using all of the resources that The Leo can bring to table. The current Leo sentiment is one of getting rid of stuff. New year, discard that which does not serve us, right? But that box of cereal reminded me, that The Leo has a profound amount of resources, and the whole enchilada is what is important. Not just condiment, not just part of the grain, not just pieces, but the whole thing. The Sun in Capricorn brings this to light, and there’s a way to use it all.


“Follow me. I’m a very good bad example.” After that statement, all I got was a quizzical look from The Virgo, wondering what I meant. I think the statement stands on its own, really, “Follow me. I’m a very good bad example.” Some Virgos want to be good. Some Virgos want to be bad. I’m a good example of “bad,” and spin that how one would like it best. I’m a good example of what not to do? How does that sound? I may be wrong, but I sure had fun making those mistakes? I think that is a slightly longer, less poetic version of the same advice. This week holds nothing but trouble for Virgo, but trouble isn’t always bad. Sometimes, it’s greasy fun. Think about the many great scientific discoveries that were made through mistakes. In my own world, two big discoveries, Uranus and Pluto, with both being “predicted,” but also, accidental in true form — the real nature of scientific discovery. So, once again, for Virgo? “Follow me. I’m a very good bad example.”


Attitude is everything, and that’s how we face the new year, currently unfolding. Buddy of mine, vendor alongside me for years, my buddy hit a bit of a rough patch last fall. I like his products, all homemade, artisanal, free-range, and ergonomic. Not exactly economic, but he is a local vendor. The problem was he started telling me all his economic woe, while desperately trying to sell me some more product that I might — or might not — need. Want. Didn't need, but I wanted, for sure. Only, his attitude soured the deal for me. There was too much negative associated with his pitch. Attitude is everything. I had cash. I wanted what he had, and I will buy from him in the future, but right before the Xmas crap-fest of astrological implications all roiled up in him? His attitude soured a deal. As a vendor, I have items for sale, and if I want to peddle my wares? Attitude is everything. Likewise, this week starts out, well, could be worse, right? See? Attitude is everything, moving forward.


As we face the third decade of our new millennia, I’m wracked with reverie. As Scorpio looks forward, there’s a tendency, borne out of the recent preponderance of Capricorn-style influences, there’s a tendency to get stuck in the past. This is a special week, and there’s a certain type of energy, foisted upon you by the planets, trying to force an issue from the past. While I understand just a little of what really drives a good Scorpio, I do read influences and planets therein, and I do know that trying to force a Scorpio to do anything is pretty much a waste of time. Entering our third decade? I’m not suggesting that your Scorpio self get caught up in that moment of looking back, but I do suggest a rearward glance might help. The particular trick, though is to not communicate what you see in your rear view, just use that to plot the proper course forward. There are clues in the old Scorpio history, but there’s no need, not now, to get stuck in the past. “But, you remember when?” Yeah, no.


The image reminded me of a song, or line from a song, that was derived from another song, and the lyric itself? “Saw a Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac—don't look back, you can never look back...”

“Boys of Summer” as performed, interpreted, by a band called The Ataris. Even though I’ve seen the Eagles do it, European tour 2001, I think, it lacked the right emphasis, and the Ataris nailed it. Came to mind, an echo, when I looked at the kid behind the counter, I exchanged cash for goods, and the cashier, a mere wisp of a person? He had a very distinctive Black Flag tattoo on his arm. As a Sagittarius, this is a time to remember a few points, and the real part, as we move forward, ever forward despite the odds?

Don’t look back, you can never look back.

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