Horoscopes for 2.6.2020

Men’s vows are women’s traitors.

  • Imogen in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline 3.4.44

There is that. Gearing up for the holiday madness?

Just a reminder, “Men’s vows are women’s traitors.”

“Oh baby, I love you the most.”

Horoscopes for 2.6.2020


This was supposed to be such a good year, and now, this? Seriously. Here’s the deal: happy birthday &c. It’s all going to work out, but the confusion of the moment renders this all rather hard to see clearly. Instead of trying to make this more clear? It’s all going to become more “indistinct.” Less clear. Obfuscation rules the day. Not all bad, but not all wonderful, either. Look: birthdays, emotionally, are supposed to be good times. Astrologically, there’s always a catch and we got one of those, this next couple of days, so, to work this out? Maybe lower the expectations? Or rein in the high hopes? I’m not saying bad, not at all, but that wishing upon a star crap? C’mon, be a little more realistic. If you are? Good events will come to pass for Aquarius, but to make that happen? Let’s lose some of the fluffy cloud dreams. You know what I’m talking about, right? And yes, it does see marked improvement, in the next five to seven days.


When Venus motivates onward into yonder Aries? Matters smooth over in Pisces. “They do?” Yes, I’m sure about that, as the presence of a loving and kind Venus makes Pisces a bit too indolent. Too easy to sway your opinion towards something that I want, and maybe not always in the best interest of Pisces.

In order to put this to the best use? Think about the harder, more arduous way to accomplish that Pisces goal. There’s always an easy way to get this done, but then there’s also a more difficult and uphill kind of battle. That’s the one, that’s this week’s choice for Pisces. More difficult route, just as Venus exits? That’s a plan. A goal, a suggestion, from what your stars say. Or etch out as a pattern. Trying to accomplish this through the most difficult route possible? There’s a lesson, and shortcut, but we’re not going to know about it until we try that more arduous route. Turns out, that’s really the easier way, just doesn’t look like it, not at first.


As Venus aligns with Chiron, there’s salient Aries point that need to be made. There’s a single Aries issue that we’ve avoided for so long, we need to do something about. You. I’m not doing anything — I’m not Aries — this isn’t my “thing.” Not my rodeo, not my bull to ride. But, as an interested, outside observer? Yeah, got one “thing” that needs your Aries attention. One goal, one unfinished task that you’ve been patiently avoiding, or ignoring, or, in some circles? I tend to refer to “denial” as a coping mechanism. Works for me. Doesn’t work for Aries as Venus aligns with Chiron, at that early stage of Aries. You can run, but eventually, this single issue will catch you. I suggest turning around and confronting it head rather than continuing to run away from the “thing,” whatever it is.


Toying with technology can be infuriating, at its worst. Or best, depends. I know this phone can do (insert goal, objective, or “we’ve got an app for that” tag line.) That’s the frustration when the device, the technology itself, won’t respond in a purported, advertised, or simply, “The way it should.” For years, I carried around a “DWIM” keyboard button. DWIM — Do What I Mean. Button like that be handy these days. It’s less about arguing with the technology, for all their smarts? Smart phones are really no better off than their operators. I got to trouble shoot a buddy’s phone the other evening, “No, Kramer, look, call me. See? It isn’t ringing.” Sure enough, he’d set it to silent. I flipped the switch, and the real trick, on my part, not to make him feel stupid. Not like I haven’t done the exact same thing, no, not like that. No, this is a familiar situation, and my hope, as this week gets underway in Taurus? I hope that the person you have to call upon for assistance does his — or her — best to make you not feel stupid with an obvious solution. “See? You just need one of these buttons, DWIM. Phone works better with one installed.”


To me, I’ve been around a disproportionate number of Gemini folks, but to my unlettered and untutored observations? Gemini tend to think quicker and faster than most. Just seems that way to me. I guess we all live in our biological, analog brains, but the synapses in the typical Gemini brain fire faster than anyone else’s. With that observation, there’s always new material on the horizon, and this is the time to get in and work with that new material. Absorb more data. Study some arcane belief system. Read up on the way the yogis, or the gurus, or the buddhas all did it — whatever their things were. This isn’t about a new religion, more along the lines of Gemini looking at alternate methods of processing incoming data. So this week’s Gemini secret sauce is hidden — in plain sight — with either the yogis, the gurus, or the buddhas. Take it for a spin. Source and destination? Your mileage may vary.


Penury—or merely the worry thereof? It’s a cosmic question of great import to Moon Children, the Cancer component. Is it a real situation or is this a an example where worry has taken over, and that creates a much worse situation. Therein is the problem and it speaks to the efficacy of the Cancer mind’s moods. I’m here to suggest that worrying about cash flow won’t solve the problems. I’m suggesting that looking at the resources at hand, in your Moon children claws, you’ll find that there are adequate resources to cover the exigent circumstances — at this moment. Maybe not prudent cash reserve, but then who among us hasn’t over-spent, on certain occasions? “Seems like the thing to do at the moment?” Yeah, works for me. Now, though, as the stars course their ways along their prescribed orbital patterns? Is it truly a situation where the Cancer’s back is against the wall? Or is this merely a situation where fretting about it does no good?

The Leo

There’s a certain Leo and she suffers with an allergic reaction to a rigid belief system. Which, in a way is kind of funny, as she has her own, internal morality, a strong sense of right and wrong, and she does — Leo-like — stand up for injustices. Fight the good fight, stand up for the underdog, and all the rest of that. It’s that allergy to a rigid belief systems that came out the other afternoon, and made me think to admit to it. I have similar allergy, but this isn’t about what I believe in, this is about The Leo. That allergic reaction to a rigid belief systems is what matters most. How to express that? How to react? What action is most correct at this time? When I looked at your stars, closely, and paid attention to the inner planets and well as others? Subtle shift occurs in The Leo, and easiest way to move forward, especially given that allergy to rigid systems? Say nothing. Nod, appear to agree, but valiantly — in good Leo style — assailing that rigid system, at this time? Not going to work out well. Nod, appear to assent, but merely acknowledge that there might be a different point of view. Don’t have to agree, just have to keep quiet.


Listen to the intuition, like, I picked up a cheap bottle of lotion the other day. Really cheap, on sale. Not even a grocery store off-brand, but the stuff was good. After using it for a few days, I read the ingredients, and there, after water, and the usual lotion chemicals, Theobroma Cacao — that's the good stuff. As far down on the list as it was? Probably not much more than trace elements. Still, that’s the good stuff. See, in the grocery store, my intuition suggested that end-cap, “On Sale Now” cheap stuff. The super-cheap, which, at best, is a gamble. In this example, carefully listening to my inner voice, or maybe it was an outer voice, but I would like to think, it was an inner-voice, an innate sense of what was a good idea? That good idea was an inexpensive product, that, as it turned out? It was the good stuff. Similar material is quite pricey, and that is the best skin care material that I know of. All-natural, organic, free-range plant-nut-oil. Cheap. Really cheap. Listen for those inner Virgo voices to direct you towards a slightly impulsive deal. In my example? Less than $2. That’s a good deal, even if it wasn’t really that good stuff. But — in my Virgo perfect example? It was the good stuff.


One client complained — bitterly — about a certain author. Loved the guy’s writing, loved his novels, but in person? He was, the term bantered about? “Lefty Liberal.” From the ecology and nature worship mentioned in his works, you would think that a person would have a clue that the particular author would tend to lean to the left. Left didn’t even cover it. In may own life, my lefty friends think I’m a right-wing, gun-toting nut job. My right wing, gun-toting friends think I’m a commie. I’m kind of middle of the road, not that it matters, as Libra, this is about that one client bitterly complaining about something that was abundantly obvious, at least, it was to me. The political leanings of that one author, I would think it would be pretty obvious from his characters and the scope of his canon of works. Apparently not. So this is a week — for Libra — when the obvious is obvious. What that means? Can’t claim it was surprise, if it was clearly written down, before-hand, and you saw it all. This is not new information — it was clearly broadcast beforehand.


End of the night, old Texas honky-tonk. Young Scorpio guitar player, folding young girls hearts into his guitar case as the band loads out. It was an image I just couldn’t shake, the young Scorpio guitar player, gradually loading up and gradually loading — looked like about three girls vying for his attention. Each woman was clutching a phone, and this, being Texas, there was a variety of dance hall dress, boots and lace. Scorpio seemed amused. After too much time in old Austin, the lingering looks of young females as they try to catch a guitar player? Amusing, yes, but not one that I’m willing to join in. The kid was good, and there was always that sense — think every Scorpio I know does this — a feeling that maybe he made a deal with the Devil down at the crossroads after midnight, seemed like the kid was better at his guitar than logically he should be. Deal with the devil? Doubt it. However, to an outside observer? Impossibly young, impossibly good looking, and amazing on the guitar? Yeah, it could look that way. As a Scorpio, what are you going to do when they all line up and give you phone numbers?


The way I just heard it? “I’m not lazy; I am just selective with participation.” As a Sagittarius myself, I hew to this definition. Yes, I’m not lazy, just selective about participation. “Can I get a volunteer?” I tend to not move and avoid eye contact. I’ve learned. Might want to follow my lead, on this one, going into the next couple of days? “Volunteers? Anyone?” Look at your Sagittarius feet. “What, are you too lazy to join in?” No, we’re not lazy, we’re risk-adverse at the moment, and participation, as suggested, was strictly optional, so yes, no. My answer is that Sagittarius is disinclined to endanger one’s self. Besides, the way I started out?

“I’m not lazy; I am just selective with participation.”

That line, in and of itself, best use of this week’s stuff.


Coffee, in other venues, has been enumerated as one of my greatest loves. Probably because I like the way it make me feel rather than any other emotional root. The other afternoon, between clients, I fixed a different kind of coffee. I used an older French Press, two tablespoons of coarse ground coffee, boiling water, then because the tea kettle made so much hot water, I poured some through a coffee filter to warm the mug while the coffee steeped for its four minutes. That warmed the mug, wet the pour-over filter, and gave me something to do. Then, after I plunged the French Press coffee, I poured that into the filter, just to see. Turns out, there was a great deal fine coffee grounds that made it through that process, only to get caught as evidence in the filter. As an afternoon libation, it was perfect. As a process to make coffee, it was too many steps, and as an experiment it showed how much was getting through the French Press filter. The proof was in the filter. For the Capricorn days ahead? that added step of a second filter, while not practical on a daily basis, for a single shot in the afternoon, one afternoon? Between business matters? Try it. Try some kind of extra filtering process to separate the good from the bad.

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