Horoscopes for 3.19.2020

    “Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale
    Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man;”

Lewis, the Dauphin in
Shakespeare’s King John 3.4.108-9

The Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign os Aries on March 19, 2020 at 9:42 PM, more or less.

Aries is the sign of the Ram, marked by the spring’s constellation of its namesake. The spring equinox is a celebration when the days and nights are equal in length. Equal amount of light and dark, and that means — Spring Break! Aries is a cardinal, fire sign associated with the spring, and the planet Mars.

For the first time since Feb. 6, 1991, Saturn taps into Aquarius. Will only be there for a short time, just until July; it’s a precursor and overview. Like 1993, heading into 1994. Saturn tapped Aquarius. Makes one wonder how much of this we’ve seen before, right? Stay safe out there, the phones here are all sanitized for your protection.

Horoscopes for 3.19.2020


Two theories abound. One suggests that this is the sort of new start you’ve been waiting for. Launch some project that will send your accolades into the stratosphere! Get it out there! Show the world what you’re made of! Then, as I toy with the numbers, and look at something besides just the position of the Sun and the Moon? There are other, lager factors at play. As Saturn shifts signs, this indicates a time to hold back on public displays. Not hold back on typical Aries fire, nor, for that matter, don’t hold back on the work itself. But the way you announce it? Maybe slow your roll, something in that area. Let the work speak for itself. Don’t tell us what you did, Aries, show us what you did by not saying a word. Let your actions and deeds speak for themselves. Might not get the attention you want, the recognition, and rewards you rightly deserve, but it does happen.


Poised on the edge of oblivion, looking over the edge? Into the abyss? What it looks like to some. Not really how I would read this, but then, I like the Uranian Influence, and Venus? She likes being in Taurus. Kind of her thing. There’s a gentle quaking underneath the Taurus feet, though, and what that feels like, to me? A passing lowrider with the volume, maybe the throbbing bass-line alone, pulsing into the concrete and the city street. What it feels like. What it means?

There’s a gentle change unfolding. Not really a big deal, and not really cataclysmic, well, to some Taurus any change whatsoever is cataclysmic and possibly life-changing for ever and ever, so there is that. But not, this isn’t big change, and what happens, after the rumbling of the lowrider, under your feet? The dust settles, the fallout, and associated detritus gradually finds a resting place, and there’s a new foundation upon which Taurus can build. New stuff. Coming soon.


There’s always some kind of a gentle change that takes place. Alas, with most of my little Gemini friends, even a “gentle change” seems to have a drastic element. “Am I right, or what?” That’s one expression. The cruder, more explicit, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” is more commonplace, and to some of my buddies, that seems to evoke the correct sentiment. So the gentle urging and calm susurrations of the winds of change are cautiously testing the Gemini headspace to see how this works. Some of you are OK with this. Others, not so much. Here’s the deal: change is brewing. You can see this happening. It’s not like this is sneaking up on you. It’s not like you didn’t get an advance warning. It’s not like you didn’t know this was going to occur. There is always one, and I turn to him as a testing pattern. “Sure, I’m OK with change, but not this.” Yes, this. This is actually cementing in a permanent change that will be with you — be with us all — for a spell. Maybe years. Is it bad? Never bad, but it might be a little uncomfortable, this is change you weren’t exactly hoping for, in an area that you thought your Gemini selves didn’t want to change. Hint: supposed to be gentle and beneficial.


One of my musician buddies had this post, it was about testing, observing, then correcting, and in my mind, and the Cancer’s mind? Testing again. Test. Observe. Correct. Then test again. To me, what seems to happen, a number of people forget the “Test again.” I was working on a software-related issue, and I got the actual developer to correct and update a tiny piece of code that was causing an issue, as certain images weren’t rendering, the way they were intended. Not really a huge issue. So it went from version X.x to version X.x.1. See the numbering? That issue, while it looked like it was fixed on paper, so to speak, and in the real world, as in applied metaphysics, it didn’t work. Worked on a test location, just didn’t work in the real world. This stems from the lack of “testing again,” or test. Observe. Correct. Then test again. It’s that last part that gets forgotten. I’m way guilty of this myself, that lack of testing one more time. That lack of follow-though, that lack of follow-up, that, “There, this should work now.” But it didn’t. Simple error, have to follow all the rules or the machines don’t behave they way we think they should. All the rules, all the instructions, and then? Test again. Don’t forget to check your Moon Children’s handiwork after you’ve corrected their messes.

The Leo

A dear, old Leo friend — casual client — has Saturn in Capricorn. Means that the Saturn Return was the last few years. Also means that the strict Saturn Influence is over. Except. Except you’re The Leo and nothing is easy for you guys, am I right? For the foreseeable future? Saturn in Aquarius opposes The Leo. This sets up a dynamic wherein care for others, and turning your copious Leo care outwards instead of on one’s self is where the emphasis should be. Will be. Like it or not, this is about paying attention to the needs, desires, and apparently whims, of others — then ranking their priorities above and beyond the wants and desires of The Leo. Self-serving isn’t in your enlightened best interest, not for the next (period of time). It’s a weird Saturn influence, and one that we should pay attention to.

“Here, let me get the door for you.”

See how easy this can be?


Seek outside opinions. I once bemoaned that there was no correct answer to a female, when she asks, “Do these (some form of attire) make me look fat?” A dutiful Virgo buddy was quick to retort, “Plenty of right answers, like ‘would you like to go shopping?’ Or, ‘would a nice dinner help?’ See?” Yes, I get it, but that was answering a question with a question, and deflecting the original intent. But that’s not really what this was about, this was a suggestion that Virgo seek outside answers. Answers and validation or confirmation, or, possibly, conflict and contrast, just as a way to provide a different view, a different perception — and understanding — of a current Virgo challenge. It’s simple, ask. Ask for help. Ask for an opinion. Ask me. I’ll give an opinion, and most Virgo tend to not like it, but I’ve got one. So maybe I’m not the right one to ask — this week. But ask for some outside opinions. Make your own decision. Seek outside views, but keep your own Virgo counsel.


I was taught good from bad. I was raised in a nominally Christian atmosphere, and I know “right” from “wrong.” “Good” from “bad,” but some days? Even though this is pretty clear, the line between what we should do, and what we want to do? That’s a problem. Just, despite what we think we want? Have to consider the higher calling and do what’s “right” rather than what’s most amusing, fun, more emotionally satisfying in the short term, or — whatever. Right from wrong, good from bad. I know you know the correct answer.

“In my defense? I was left unsupervised.”


I lived in, near, downtown Austin in my formative years. I learned a thing or two about traffic patterns. I lived in downtown San Antonio for close to a decade, again, learned about traffic patterns. Finally, where I’m at these days? While not as troubled by the vehicular traffic patterns — especially at peak hours — I do have certain resident memories. I was listening, the other morning, as the traffic helicopter was circling overhead. I’m sure they were reporting on traffic or an accident, or lane closures, or something, but what it tweaked in my mind? The memories of traffic helicopter. Well, in the one neighborhood, downtown, it was usually the cop copter chasing the bad guys, typically the bad guys were malevolent inner-city urban youths who were part of criminal paramilitary organizations. These days? Helicopter means traffic. Depends on where one lives, as to how Scorpio can interpret the symbolism from this next couple of days. Helicopter means traffic, to me, simply put, just traffic snarled as the masses rush to get in line and wait to get to work. For most of this career, I’ve not been involved in that kind of traffic, but I have to be aware of it. Scorpio: there is clear symbolism in the day-to-day life, at this moment, do something with that. Could be as simple as, “I hear the traffic copters, so I’m staying off the road for the next hour.”


There is a large amount of artwork that’s been “repurposed” over the years with the best example being the “Keep Calm and Carry On” images. But Keep calm and carry on, was not the message. I was thinking of an Army guy, with a coffee mug in his hand, and the deal, while this was originally drawn for a recruiting poster in America, its stylized imagery has been stretched across decades and repurposed. “How about a nice cup of Shut up?” that seems to be the most common variant I’ve seen. There’s also the mid-century housewife (looking) image, again, with that same message. With its first tap in Aquarius in some years, this is about adding structure, dignity, and correctness to our Sagittarius communications. Or, to paraphrase what that image had as a more modern commentary? “How about a nice cup of shut up?” What’s with the notion that we seal out lips and not talk? The less that’s said, the better. It’s about learning how to use two words instead of a whole paragraph or three. In other words? To quote what I saw on that image? Sagittarius? Let’s be quiet this week.


Paging through images on my subsidiary site, I stumbled across a sticker I caught. Seen here. Now, at the time I took the picture, I might’ve known what it meant, but as I was looking back at it, when I paged over it, I stuck with I didn’t know the reference. I popped the term into a search engine and found a supplier of the stickers — and many others — but no definitions. I repeated the term out loud, and then it struck me, the meaning. Oh. Oh dear. Probably meant as some kind of humor and I’ll admit, it doesn’t suit my tastes, nor does it really fit with my demeanor or decorum, but it wasn’t my truck. Part of the image’s strength was just walking by and noticing it, then grabbing an image, then posting, then trying to figure out what it means, and all of this is part of a car culture I don’t totally understand. Unlike anyplace in the world, the local car scene is a curious mix of old and new, a strange mix of Low Riders and jacked-up trucks. High-to-Low, about covers it? Old and new? Yes, about covers it. Part of this was prompted by reading a sticker, and not immediately realizing what was the obvious, and I hope humorous, message was supposed to be. In this next few days, for Capricorn, don’t be ashamed when an obvious message seems to temporarily escape your mind. Obvious meaning, just, I don’t get it. You’ll be like me, “What?”


There was a political commentary that emerged, almost the last time this kind of celestial event occurred. The tag line, and one that is trite, overused, and implausible, at best? “I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” The problem, the challenge, the deal? Can’t have both. Well, one can take that as a stance, but it’s hard to put the socially liberal policies into action without some funding coming from a source. Fiscally conservative? Yeah I’m good with that. Last time Saturn was in Aquarius, I was fiscally conservative. I looked this chart and recalled the process, and what I thought was going on at the time. I surfed along. There’s an image I recall, from that time, and bringing it forward to now? It’s the image of a surfer, cruising across the top of the waves. Not falling in because, in surfer-speak, falling in would be a wipe out. No one wants to see an Aquarius wipe-out, so? This is that first stance where two events, and it’s fine line between the two, “fiscally conservative,” and “morally liberal.” Socially liberal? I’m not sure. The idea is to help others, Aquarius, but figure out how to do that with little or no fiscal risk.


The first 12, 14 hours of this horoscope? Sun’s in Pisces. Then the Sun toddles on over to Aries, and from there? Yeah, well, Mercury is lingering behind the Sun, so there’s am ever-present sense that “stuff” can get done. Mercury fuels the Pisces mental processes. That’s good. Mercury is sweeping along in Pisces, offering a chance to analyze and mentally prepare for what’s ahead. A few extra moments of thought, I’m not going to suggest a particular direction, as the amorphous nature of the Pisces grey matter is the stuff of legends, so right. No direction, but give it a few moments pause and think. “I think, Tex-Mex today,” well, yes, that’s a good thought.

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