Horoscopes for 4.2.2020

Nay, bear three daughters; by your leave I speak it,
You love the breeder better than the male.

Richard in Henry 6.3 (2.1.41)

Mars — in Aquarius — “squares” Uranus — in Taurus. Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Full Moon 18 Aries/Libra, April 7, 9:35 PM.

Horoscopes for 4.2.2020


It’s more like a dialogue, but here’s how the birthday week, in Aries, plays out. “Did you cause it?” We ask the Aries. “No, certainly didn’t cause it,” Aries answers. “Is it your fault?” We ask Aries. “No, it’s not my fault either through action or inaction, nope, not my fault at all,” says Aries. “Can you fix it?” We ask Aries.

Here’s the long answer, and I’m putting words in the Aries mouth because there will be some general dissembling, trying to avoid the responsibility for something that, while not strictly speaking the fault of the Aries, it falls into the Aries world to fix it.

“While not, strictly speaking, within my purview, yes, this is an issue that I have the ability to address, and yes, I suppose, if it has to be fixed, then I might be the best person but you do realize this this one is not my fault — at all. Really, I shouldn’t have to be the one who must fix it, but no one else seems able to attack this problem, and I guess that leaves me. Only me.”

The more time spent fixing it? Instead of giving us reasons why it’s not the fault of Aries, which it’s not the fault of the Aries, but Aries is the best one to fix it. More time fixing? We’d be done by now.

Don’t blame me, blame the planets. I can’t fix them.


In the older astrology texts I first studied? Uranus “rules” Aquarius. I like not the term, “rules.” Too patriarchal in feeling, if not in actual meaning. Still, I shy way from that term. Doesn’t stop Uranus being the leader of the planets for Aquarius. Uranus has an extended residency in Taurus, at the moment. But you knew that. Mars? Mars is now in Aquarius, where he creates a tension angle to that Uranus. Tough times in Taurus?

It’s not so much “tough times” as it’s trying times and the noted Taurus trait of patience will be sorely put upon — even now. It’s Mars, leaning on that Uranus, trying to force change, and from what I do — or don’t — know about Taurus? Change isn’t always one of the easiest, or most common, of Taurus traits. So this is about abrupt change, and I’m not sure that the change is required, but as Mars pushes hard on that Uranus? Think about it what changes it does suggest.


Zipping in, almost under the radar, so to speak? Venus. Venus enters Gemini. There’s other, heavier stuff floating along for most signs, but there’s also an essence in Gemini with Mars and Venus making nice in compatible air signs. I like Venus in your sign, as it helps. Makes Gemini feel nicer, Then that nice little shove from Mars? That helps, too, as this is a strong, positive push in a good direction. The trick to listen to the subtle tones, listen to the spaces between the words, listen to timing and shape of the messages. Try hearing what’s not being spoken. With the elusive yet oddly strong Mars/Venus trine? There’s a chance to understand, or see by feeling your Gemini way along. This is a quick, little impulse, just a short blip on the Gemini world-view, but this week, and the beginning of the next? There’s a chance to use this positive vibration for good. See what’s not there, hear what’s not being said, and see with your feelings.


I’m not fond of the term that gets bantered about within the academic circles, but the question is certainly valid, “Who is in charge?” Within works of literature, like most of Shakespeare’s plays? Alternatively, the gods, the stars, the fates, or the characters themselves are in charge of their collective destines. So who in charge of Cancer, the Moon Children, this week? The stars? Are these bad, revolting stars? Or are they here to teach us “Children of the Moon” a lesson? Personally, and I’m not a Cancer, but I’m disturbed enough without the stars “Teaching me a lesson.”

By the time this week arrives with all its constant inconsistency? There’s a more fluid, more dynamic, a more adaptable style required from Cancer. In the old days, and this was such a narrow period, it is all but lost, but in the good old days, when I was neither good, nor old, I used a pencil and paper day-calendar to keep track of appointments. Jobs, tasks, goals, and so forth. All done with a pencil because people tend to shift around in times for appointments, and, after all, “Stuff comes up.” To be fluid and dynamic? That’s a simple cure-all for this week’s weirdness quotient. Who is in charge? See, that’s going to change, as this crap unfolds. Or, our perception of who is in charge will change. Doesn’t stop the answer from being “Fluid and dynamic,” as the correct way.

The Leo

While I’m sure I’ve alluded to this before, the play’s title? “The Seven Year Itch.” What it is? A comedy of mid-century modern American manners, a drama about the lifestyles of the middle class, and it speaks to an era that no longer existence, except in history, and more likely, in the popular cultural memories of that time. But it does speak to an era, and in a broader sense, it speaks to a certain cycle that I observe astrologically. Saturn. Saturn is moving in opposition to majestic Leo. What that means? Step out of the limelight, so to speak. Let others get credit for your own, very Leo-like hard work. Let someone else share in the credit, or, in some situations, let that someone sense take all the credit. While this stings the pride of some of my Leo friends, it also works well. Think like I do: bigger picture. Think like I do: you’ll get yours, just not right now. Think like I do: they take the credit now, and you get the bigger joy knowing you caused it all to happen. Let the little people reap the small rewards right now: you’ll get what The Leo so richly deserves, a little later — much larger rewards. Let the others have their victories at this time.


With Venus moving into Gemini, the sign of the twins? Know what that spells out for Virgo? Means that some recent mistakes are back. Back to haunt us. Back to haunt Virgo. I hope these are recent errors. Maybe “error” is not the correct expression, maybe just a temporary lapse in sound, Virgo judgement is the way to see them. With most of my fishing buddies? The term “Crazy ex-girlfriend” tends to be redundant. Yes, with most of my buddies, the “crazy ex” is redundant. All of their ex-girlfriends are crazy — according to my buddies. I don’t have that issue. But my fishing buddies, especially? Yeah, got so I was trying to impress upon them that the term, “crazy ex-girlfriend” was redundant, as — consider the source of there term — all of the women who are no longer dating my various buddies? Obviously they are, collectively all crazy. As a population, this doesn’t bode well for any of my buddies, either. I see a pattern in their language and behaviors. I wouldn’t date one of those guys. Good fishing buddies, yeah, but that doesn’t romantically link me with any of them. Anyway, the crazy ex is coming back around. This is brought on by a combination of elements, but I was going to just pin it on Venus in moving into Gemini, as an easy planet to blame. When the ex does come around? When that ex-Vrgo lover shows up? Maybe don’t be too harsh to judge, not right away.

Unlike my fishing buddies.


Many years passed, I followed a blog in Austin, “Women in sensible shoes.” No idea, as I decamped and the old days of the rash and emotionally vulnerable internet are long gone. It’s a cultural wasteland, now. More ads and less content, more filler and arguably, less filling. What was sensible shoes, then and what’s sensible footwear now? Might be different. I tend to think of the old people version, a tennis shoe-like affair in a black, leather-like substance, with two velcro straps atop each shoe. Maybe ten months out of the year, perhaps more, I can get away with sandals as the primary footwear. I’ve worked hard to get to a point where I can have a ‘beach-like’ existence. So, the term, “sensible footwear” might mean different things to different people. This is a time for sensible shoes. This week, in Libra, there’s progress to be made, if we’re wearing practical footwear. Varies from person to person, as to what defines “practical, sensible shoes.” For me, quite often, sensible shoes means no shoes. I’m barefoot much of my time, these days. Just easier. Practical, sensible shoes is the theme for this week, as there’s good progress, measurable progress, to be made, but to get there? Have to be prepared. Wear sensible shoes. There’s always one, and for that one? Stiletto heels are sensible shoes. It’s a work thing, for her.


As a focal point for the Scorpio energies? Find that direction that you, personally, most want to pursue. Find that direction that means the most — to you as an individual. This is not about what societal pressures as a whole, or familial designs for the Scorpio life might be, this is about what — as the individual Scorpio — this is about what you want. There’s a time to consider the wants and need of others. This is a time to hone that single Scorpio passion, that driving force, that one — missing — element from life. I tend to see this as a focal point, a place, a point, a direction to focus that good, Scorpio energy. Get that point in crosshairs, get that ideal lined up, get that dream up and on the vision board. Whatever it is? I used to use a piece of graphic software for drawing up a virtual vision board. Worked wonders as I could click and point to shove material around that I thought I wanted. Seeing it on a screen helped, gave me the necessary focus to achieve whatever the goal was, at the time. The trick is a number of elements — those darn planets (Saturn, especially) are trying to knock your Scorpio self off course. A little perseverance towards that stated goal of narrowing it down to just one love? Goes a long way to making for a happier Scorpio — something we all want.


I derive great pleasure from academically toying with Shakespeare’s plays. There’s an almost limitless amount of material available, mostly I look online, but there are books galore. Some is way more academic than other. Not that it matters. Like fishing, Shakespeare is a limitless field I can study, explore, and pursue, with relative calm. Don’t have to do it today, as the material will surely be there tomorrow, as well. I can set aside the Shakespeare crap for a period of time, days, weeks, months, and then, pick it back up at some point, and I’m right back into it. I was looking up a quote and its contextual analysis, to add meaning to the quote, as well as its position in the canon. Interesting. The book I grabbed had layer dust on top of it. Older text that I enjoyed immensely for its straightforward interpretations? Part of this is because I use forums and other online material more frequently these days. Part of it because I’m lazy. Part of this is because I was looking for something further from “traditional” interpretations. I blew the dust off, and looked it up. Yeah, thought so, I was right. Still, it’s nice to have a certain kind of authentication to know I’m correct in my thinking, especially from an established source. As we have rolling conjunctions and other alignments this week? Dust off the epic tomes for reference. Observe, maybe don’t engage, but do observe.

Sagittarius: Wait, I’ve got that in my notes, someplace….


Love the way Jupiter makes nice, and adore what Jupiter does with Pluto tightly conjoined. But I’m not a Capricorn. Makes it much easier for me, to sit back, watch, observe, and enjoy the show. I’m not a Capricorn. Jupiter pushes and pulls, and mostly, pushes, sometimes to excess, but then, what is life for? Jupiter pushes that excess as far as it can go. That Pluto? Pluto is an agent of change, and Jupiter is pressing for more, better, and faster. I’d suggest one of those three, not all three. Either do more, or do it better, or do it faster, but there was a tad bit of wisdom I gleaned from some some rather early English writings, about being busier than one really is. That’s the caution, with this push for all three? More, better, and faster? To make it through the week, and harness this Plutonian energy best? Pick one of those three. Do one at a time. Trying to do too much at given moment? Gets nowhere quickly.”More — better — faster,” pick one.

Pink Cake: The Quote Collection – Kramer Wetzel

Pink Cake


There are certain mistakes I can never escape. One of them for me, remember, I lived in East Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and then Austin, and now, in San Antonio? One my mistakes was flannel sheets. Sure, they are warm, but we get about three cold nights — in a year — and then? Rest of the time the flannel sheets are sweaty and damp. Not inviting bedding. To be sure, I once spent a winter in the far north, and up there? I’m sure six months out of the year, or more, the sheets are a good idea. This isn’t really about sheets for the bed, though, this is about comfort and Aquarius. Lonely nights made me think of the flannel sheets. It was temporarily cold again, and I toyed with long pants, but they are all hung up now, and not worth the effort. I’ll just shiver for 18 hours, go to bed in cold sheets, maybe wear flannel pajamas, and be just fine in the next day or two. As an Aquarius, the notion is great. The idea of flannel bedding, or some other notion about comfort? The notion is wonderful. How practical is is? As I discovered, the flannel sheets are good on those rare, cold as can be nights. Maybe three times in a year. Doesn’t warrant having them on, or getting them out for single night that might be a little more chilly than usual. Yeah, in my example, the darn things were never worth the effort, not in the long run. As an Aquarius? This is about thinking this one all the way through.


I was looking for something, and I happened across some rather vintage advertising material. The line that caught my attention? “You can cancel at any time,” as an ad for some kind of a subscription-service delivery method of purchase. Having run a subscription-styled site for a few years, I understand the process, and the hype. Therein is the problem, understanding the process. Understanding the way the human personas work. Basic psychology, but still a familiar set-up? As long as one understands basic principles, it’s most effective. Seen this carried forward with phones and applications, but the promise is the same: once hooked, they stay hooked. As a Pisces, the notion of being hooked — like a big ole bass in the lake of life — the notion of being hooked is both fun and distasteful, same breath. But hooked, you are. There’s a catch, before you started on this adventure, before you embarked? One of the selling points was that “You can cancel at any time.” Here’s the part where I might suffer, as well, but in an effort to be transparent, this serves all for the best, right?

Pisces: You can cancel at any time.

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