Horoscopes for 11-19-2020

Come, come, my lords, these oracles
Are hardly attain’d, and hardly understood.

    Duke of York in Shakespeare’s Henry 6.2 1.4.65-6

Horoscopes for 11-19-2020

Mighty Sagittarius starts Nov. 21, 2020 at 2:59 PM (my local), plus or minus, your mileage may vary. Venus enters Scorpio Nov 21, around 7:29 AM. Sensing a pattern?


I can’t look at this week, with its twin Scorpio and Sagittarius influences without thinking about two archetype clients. Both were born on the day when the sun went from one sign to another. Both people embodied the very definition of the individual signs, One is Scorpio and one is clearly Sagittarius. Individually, each natal astrology chart has either a leading edge of material, like the Sagittarius, with the Sun trailing behind a host of little planets in Sagittarius, while the Scorpio had that similar train of planets all falling behind the Sun. Watch for it. This happens like a like switch, this time, and there’s a couple of influences that bring energy, and with Venus? She slides into Scorpio just as the Sun slides out, so there’s that long-lasting Scorpio flavor that, for Scorpio will last the rest of the week and on towards the holidays. Enjoy.


SagittariusFloating around like I do, I get immersed in my clients’ dreams. I listen, I line material up within charts, I observe. I tend to favor the stars for timing, more than anything else. I get to hear what it is that people want, and from my station in life, what I tend to see the most? People get what they deserve, not always what they think they want. If the last few months have taught us nothing? It should remind us that what we think we want, and what we need, or what we think we need, and what we really do need? Wants, desires, obsessions, and so forth? Those don’t always consciously line up. But they cosmically line up. Sometimes comically, too.

The stars don’t line up and give us anything. We have to strive for it. We have to work towards a goal. However, that being noted? A little more time spent pushing in a single direction for some perceived Sagittarius goal, what that does? We have our desires all lined up and plotting a way forward towards that destination — our (perceived) heart’s desire? Struggling towards that goal? We wind up exactly where we’re supposed to be with the best possible Sagittarius scenario — for us — in this next week, just as soon as the Sun rolls into our sign.


Desert island horoscope. I should expand this idea, but I don’t have space. Imagine that you’re on a plane or boat, and suddenly you wind up stranded on a desert island in the middle of the ocean, and inhabited by a tribe cut off from the post-modern world. Over time, you assimilate, take a mate, settle down and raise a family, with the rhythms and assets available. You go “native,” and you like it. Then, years later, a rescue vehicle makes contact. Binary decision: go back to “civilization” and abandon the idyllic, pastoral life in paradise? Or hide from the rescue people, and pretend you’re totally native, too? Basic binary decision process, and one that pops up for Capricorn in the next few days. Rescued, back to post-modern civilization, with its crimes, foibles, pitfalls, and pressure? Or just stay in paradise, living off the land, fresh fruit and fish most days, with a spouse who thinks you’re a god or goddess? Bereft of certain modern medicines, but would it be all bad? As a philosophical question, looking at the current planetary trends, which option is most appealing? Only one very Capricorn buddy I know would make a clear decision.

“I know it’s paradise and stuff, but what would I worry about?”


Just because I don’t “feel” like doing something? Doesn’t mean I don’t have to do it. I’ve tried variation on this theme, and government agencies, over time catch up and create untenable situations. Taxes, are an example, and something as simple as boat registration. There was a cascading effect, didn’t register the fishing boat one year, and then, when the Department of Parks and Wildlife checked the registration, it showed up as unregistered, so their answer was a ticket. Ticket didn’t get paid, and a year after that, there was problem getting the annual fishing license. It all cascades, downhill, and wound up costing way more than it should. All of this could’ve been prevented if I’d just paid the measly — think the boat registration was only about $45 or so, but I skipped, using the excuse, “I don’t feel like it,” and that causes problems.

Aquarius? Just because you don’t “feel like it” at the time? Might not want to skip it.


I love me some graceful transitions. Like moving from one format to another? Or switching from one computer eco-system to another? Like going from Apple to Android, or back, or Amazon to Google, that sort of transaction or translation. I like when it is smooth. Windows upgrade that works flawlessly. All of those are examples of big transitions in a Pisces life, but transitions that can be accomplished gracefully. With relative ease and a minimum of wailing and gnashing of teeth, pulling hair and so forth. Yes, there are transitions that can happen easily. For everyone I’ve listed as an easy translation from one place, or one set of systems to another? I have a number of buddies who can complain about the same kind of transition, and how it was the opposite of seamless, and far from easy. There are examples, and in most of those cases? Someone, I’m not naming names, but someone skipped what seemed like a frivolous step. “Don’t need to do that, now,” with an addendum, that “the step didn’t make any sense.” Yeah, at the time being, it didn’t make sense. So, there are two parts, one is a set of instructions that might not all make perfect sense to Pisces, but try following it. The second part, though, this should be an easy transition, if all the parts are working, and only Pisces can insure that.


With all that stuff where it is, Capricorn, and Mars, still loping along in Aries? This ratchets up the Aries competitive streak by a factor of five. Like: 5x as strong! Really should have five exclamation points after that, just to make sure. Here’s the problem — the finish line to this race, the goal of the completion, the prize, the way to win? Back to the idea of a finish line, right? It keeps getting pushed further and further away. Just as your Aries self is about to burst over the finish line, it gets moved ten yards further away. Sprint towards that? It get moved again. Another old trope is the carrot, tied to a stick, and the stick attached to your head, so no matter how hard you try, that carrot is always three feet away, tantalizingly close, but always out of reach. The comment that started this horoscope’s idea? What made me think in terms of competition for Aries?

“I don’t like to lose.
I’m not a good loser.”

It’s about a tactical retreat, not losing. The answer to the best way for Aries to handle this? Think about tactics, and perceptions. Might feel like you’re losing, but I tend to see this as a falling back to regroup. You’ll come out better. Re-frame that Aries point-of-view.


I ran into an old friend, and she was off on a new tangent. Professionally, socially, maybe even emotionally? Looked great, new spark, new attitude. Venus and Mercury, over the course of the next week will oppose Uranus in Taurus. Not a big deal, well, maybe, but not a huge deal. Well, maybe. Maybe not. Hard to say, for sure. This is about outside contact. Interaction with others. Playing with friends, in a variety of formats. That opposition, planetary opposition, that allows for changes is in Taurus land. Make those changes count. Make the most of the disturbance. Use this to plot a cool new way forward. “Level up,” as the gamers would say. I’ve seen it work and I know it can happen again — for Taurus.


With age, usually, comes wisdom. Not like we got here in a hurry, but in a Gemini mind, yes, you did get here in a hurry. Did the wisdom arrive with you? For me, and I’m not Gemini, however, I am very Gemini-compliant, but for me? I have to repeat the same mistake three, maybe four times before I’m sure that whatever it is that doesn’t work, I have to try several times to be assured that my great idea doesn’t work. Not like I got it on the first try, no, and some people do learn, but I’ll adjust the attempt I’m making, maybe a subtle, nuanced change, and hope that it was enough, but basically, I’ll be repeating the process, like I suggested, about three or four times, before it sinks in, “This ain’t working out in my favor.”

    Look, and listen, take a hint from me.

If you’re trying something and it isn’t working out? Stop. We can always come back and try it again, at a later date. As the sun shifts into Sagittarius, wish me a happy birthday, and then, ask for assistance with the problem. I mean, don’t ask me, I’m not Gemini, but ask for some help from other places. “My way isn’t working so well, got any ideas?”


I started to get email from a fishing group I belonged to back — long time ago. I’m guessing the old data was resurrected, and since that e-mail address hadn’t changed, I started getting the almost daily notices of messages. Weird, after close to a decade to see the old e-mail cycle through, and weird to see some of the old names, most of the guys I only know by online handles, but a lot of them were still there. Speaks to a kind of consistency. For a few moments of my week, I’ll spend time entertaining data from that source. Old fishing buddies. Old fishing buddies with some new yarns, and new ideas about places to fish. Really weren’t too many new techniques, not lately, but the notion that I could fall back into the old pattern so quickly, so easily? There’s an echo of something eerily familiar to the Moon Children’s psyche, and that answers a craving in our soul. Getting a bit late in the season for me, for fishing, I’ll go a few more times, but I’ll also be watching the weather. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t fish if it’s not comfortable for me, and that means warm by most standards. Still, as a notion for the Cancer sign? Think about reconnecting with the old and familiar. Like that weird email which opened up an older connection.

The Leo

“They play golf; I go fish; same diff.” Buddy was asking about my habits versus some of my peers. Frankly I never did understand golf. We stood on the edge of the lake in Austin, me and some friends, and we batted a bucket of old golf balls into the lake. The guys who knew what they were doing — think adult beverages were involved for them — those guys could drive the golf balls almost halfway across the lake.


Yeah, not so much. This is back when there was an affordable trailer park along the shores of the lake. The experience, a singular experience, taught me what I needed to know about golf: I’m not interested. I understand the physics, the dynamics, and the goals. Just not my thing. I would much rather fish. However, the energy expended in the other activity is quite similar. There’s the love of the game, the camaraderie, time spent with fellows, and then, late at night, looking stuff up on the inter-webs, tips and techniques. Each had depth, nuance, and character. For The Leo, this is about similarities. My opening statement, and the way I would frame The Leo’s week ahead? Look for those points where the two, divergent occupations — or vocations — look for the points where the ideas and similarities intersect. “They play golf; I fish. Same diff, man.”


Buddy of mine, he sent a young woman to me for a reading. Crap. He still owes me. Anyway, I think he had a crush on her, but she was wildly inappropriate. Doesn’t stop him, or me, from liking her. It’s that inherently Virgo appeal. The problem being, as a Virgo, the idea of them together, of my buddy, the idea is rather appealing to her. The idea. Practically, there are a few issues. There’s an age difference, there’s belief system difference, there’s a different attitude about relationships, and then there’s the whole social media and lack of privacy thing. That doesn’t even touch on deeper psychological models about age differences, and then, there are the breakdown of the various generations. He was still talking about her weeks later, and that’s the Virgo hook: once you get us hooked, it’s really difficult to get extracted from a Virgo. When coastal fishing, the first time, I used a triple hook, a “treble hook,” three barbs. Three points, three barbs, three shafts combined as one. With this week’s Virgo, there are three hooks as one, just be careful, as the long-term consequences have to be considered, too. Some of this isn’t any good. Some of this is great. Like my buddy and his innocent little crush? Great idea.

“No, dude, if I was just 30 years younger…”
“Dude: if you were 30 years younger, she wouldn’t be born yet.”

The math never lies.


I ran into one of my old friends from Austin, a young woman, and when I knew her, she was “anti-razor” for herself. I don’t get a vote in this issue. I’m neither “pro” nor “con” when it comes to what, when, and why women should — or shouldn’t — shave legs, pits, etc. Not my call. I spent enough time in old Austin, to be fully appreciative of the unshaven female form, so — to me — it doesn’t matter.

I don’t have a horse in this race.

What was different, seeing her recently, she had started shaving her legs. This isn’t a point about beauty, or what form is better, no, none of that. I’ve dated both types, clean and hairy. Beauty — to me — is what lies beneath the surface. What surprised me was my reaction her now-shaved legs. She always had that sensuous, “model” look, but the palatable difference in my reaction, made me pause and think.

You know this isn’t about shaving, or what women look like, right? It’s about perceptions and reactions to our perceptions, and being confronted with old beliefs. Like I always thought those stupid little tricks didn’t matter to me. This week includes confronting an old Libra belief.

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