Horoscopes for 3-18-2021

Horoscopes for 3-18-2021

“We cannot hold mortality’s strong hand.
Good lords, although my will to give is living,
The suit which you demand is gone and dead.

Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Aries on March 20, 2021 at 3:38 AM (local GMT -6).


E-mailI hopped into a courtesy van, like the blue vans that shuttle from airport to hotel? I jumped into the back seat as there was passenger up front, noticing the driver, a young, dark-haired, flashing bright brown eyes, olive complexion, she glanced in the rearview, looked me in the eyes, then checked her phone for an address. She dropped the first passenger at the School of Theology, and then glanced rearward, and shifted her phone’s music setting. Up cycled the Police, with their stalker song, “Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you….” Music from a simpler time, however, I’ll admit, I felt more at ease although I was amused at the — I am not familiar with the mix — Spanish lyrics and horns, guitars and synth. I liked it as it was culturally diverse for me. Then, too, I preferred the golden oldies like Sting singing about stalking someone. Happy Aries birthday. The way three cultural elements bumped into each other in a matter of fifteen minutes? Then, I was going to be offended that I was listening to golden oldies (80’s) music, and it was an assumption on the young driver’s part. But it all fit. Someone is trying to play nice, Aries. Let them. “I’ll be watching you.”


For a briefcase, or more like a shoulder bag, “purse,” to some, I toyed with a “tactical” backpack, briefly. Traveled with it, successfully, but ultimately, it’s not the right fit and feel for me. I tend to travel lighter, or heavier, kind of depends, but a “tactical” look really isn’t my thing. Towards that end, though, as I was poking, shopping, and trying on various ways to transport my daily gear? I happened across what looked like, to me, a Tactical Yoga Mat.

There was a hook and loop fastener for a name and supposedly, rank. Places to attach spare ammo mags, I would assume, and perhaps other gear. I’m unsure because the hook and loop, belts, ties, and attachment points are all more recent than any of my own military experience. I was just greatly amused that a yoga mat, the one element that symbolizes peacefulness, harmony, and projects an image of non-violence would be incorporated into standard assault gear. Might just be a styling, and might not be regular issue. I don’t know. Still, seemed like a weird combination, to me. Weird combinations are what work best in Taurus land. Items that one might not usually see together? Or an item that seems either like a hoax, or spoof? Might really work.


“I’m an intergalactic emissary.” Friend of mine introduced herself like that, in a professional setting. Little weird, but back in a certain time, Austin had a reputation as being a tad stranger than strange, and the introduction fit. She was also being touted as a “creative,” and the only way to get ourselves set apart, some days, is to be outlandish. While that worked, in its setting, for my friend? Looking how this plays out? Maybe not trying to stand out too much, maybe not shooting for the “weird” category, maybe not trying to fulfill some quota for strangeness, maybe that works better, for Gemini. Try to be normal, or ape normal, anyway. Give that a try.

“Try being normal?”

Worth a shot, you know.


Experiments: some years back, done this more than once, I would write a horoscope where the last line of the previous sign would be the first line of the next sign. Interesting experiment, and variations on a theme? Apparently the main technique used by high-stress negotiators. I didn’t realizer that, and frankly, I don’t see these horoscopes as a high-stress negotiation tactic. I was doing something to amuse myself, and, in a way carry a message about how all the scopes tie together. All part of the great big old circle of life, the wheel of karma, to some of us. Around and around it goes. This is about added structure to an existing structure, and learning to tie the past to the future. Connect elements, and, in a pinch, it can be a hight-stress negotiation tactic, too. Who knew?

The Leo

One of the great regrets in my lifetime? I never read the original version of “Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines,” and I might not have the title right. It was a book-length technical document that dates back maybe thirty years now, and that would make its information a little out-of-date, now. Still, the regret I have is not that I would have learned how to program a computer, no, what I wanted was the insight into the way people interact with information, and back then? It was on a screen. The Apple guidelines were more like rules, and fact that Apple has taken over many lives, from those simpler times? Sure, speaks volumes.

Part of the lore was that the rules were to be rigidly followed, pretty amusing for a company named for a fruit, and then, those guidelines have shaped how we all use technology to access information, even to this day. There were some basic principles of design, about the simplest, most clear way to guide a person to a logical conclusion, and for the last decades, those guidelines have shaped our thinking.

That’s a simple regret, but I can’t be bothered to look up the digital version of that text, nor, can I be bothered to wade through the now out-of-date versions. Still, it was something that shaped our very thinking, even to this day. Look at how your majestic Leo self interacts with data. Click. Double-click. Mouse, keyboard, pointers, cursor, or simply gesture? Yeah, I know, one gesture you’re liable to make towards me, but pause, after that, and think about the way you interact with information. There will be a test, coming up.


Two names, all I got. Tracy and Chris. Boy & girl, boy & boy, girl & boy, girl & girl, what is it? The way they are spelled are supposed to be clues, but for the life of me, I can’t fathom a gender bias — either way.

Kris and Traci?

Not that it matters, I’m not too concerned with worrying about a person’s “orientation,” or whatever term is currently the most proper and least offensive across the largest population. Nope, don’t want the politically correct cops after me. Still, made me wonder, even in this day and age, the post-post-modern era, and even with my questions, using the phrases, “boy & girl” implies my own bias. Not that it wasn’t already there, or that I was unawares. This isn’t about what I might, or might not, be aware of, in modern language and naming conventions. To be sure, spelled a certain way, that would be an obvious clue, but with the data presented exactly as I posted the question, the unknown, to a Virgo, imprecise data set remains.

Tracy and Chris.

Means, this next few days? Until you have empirical data in front of you, tangible observation you’ve made your Virgo self? Until that point? We don’t know.


Many years distant, I read a lot of motorcycle magazines. In part, this was formative information in my own education, and in part, it was merely glorified sales copy, as shills for large manufacturing concerns. The photography itself was quite exciting to look at, and the images bordered on impossible. Riders in bright colors and fancy helmets, leaning over in corners, looking like the motorcycles were going much faster than a posted speed limit. Early in my efforts at college, I would guess that kind of sensationalist, over-the-top type of “journalism” would infect my own written word. This week is about unpacking a possible source for the Libra inspiration. I was impressed, then, with riders who write. As I move forward, I sometimes look back — longingly — at the simpler set of messages, just get on a bike, ride it around for a few days, then write a review. Sounds like fun, and an easy gig. Part of what this week is about? Establishing exactly what are those roots for Libra, and then? How does that effect our Libra selves, even to this day?


Current “metaphysical, wholistic” teaching tells us that were are enough, just like we are. The challenge foisted on this week’s Scorpio stuff from otherworldly realms? Feels like there isn’t enough. Not enough food, not enough water, not enough Scorpio to get the job done. I work very hard to make this look very easy. I adjust, trim, edit, massage, manipulate, and motivate to get to where this looks simple and seamless. It’s not. It’s not easy. I have been up and down a number of times. Still, I am processing, and moving forward, trying to trim excess, and keep running this as a tight ship, just so the whole enterprise stays afloat. I make do with what I have. As a Scorpio-compliant person, I’m suggesting, next few days, make do with what is at hand. Make this look simple. Make this look easy. You and I both know a lot of work goes into the making this look easy, and this is one of those times when a lot of work, with little outward recognition, is coming along. Make do with what you got — you got this, I know it.


SagittariusThere’s always one. For several years, I’ve joked about a gay boyfriend. One girlfriend coquettishly looked at me, “Do I need to be worried?” While, as device, the term is generic enough, I hope it gets across, in this case, it’s a guy, and his (elements in astrology chart) line up with my (elements in my astrology chart), and that create fission. He has always implied that there could be friction, too, but this is more harmless flirting. Mostly. There’s always that undercurrent. In the strictest of definitions, he merely looks at me like an object, to thoroughly flip the images around. It’s fun, mostly, for me, and usually I’m engaged with his mock-predatory banter. Smart is sexy, at least, to some of us. The other afternoon, he looked over his shoulder at me, big, brown, puppy-dog eyes, limpid pools where his soul was clearly visible. “Do you want a kiss?” He pulled out a Hershey Kiss. I blushed, bright red. Part is a gentle soul, having a little bit of fun that might be a little over the edge. Part of this, though, is also our own behavior being reflected back and therein is the weekly homily. As a Sagittarus spokesperson and archetype, what happens when we get our own material careful thrown right back in our face? I blushed, made note, and moved on.

Sagittarius suggestions? Follow my course, blush, make note, move on.


Minimalism” swept through, quite the craze for a period of time. The notion of holding an object then determining if it brought one immediate joy, and and if not? Tossing — recycle, reuse, repurpose, etc. But unloading items that no longer bring great joy. The notion of the minimalism, though should go much further than that. There’s a kind of “digital minimalism,” yes, there’s already texts, screeds, rants, and other resources for this, but the idea, let’s just kick that around. In one example, I put my phone on “stun” for a whole day. Stretched to two days, as it were. Never noticed. If I don’t have an appointed call, then I left is so that I couldn’t hear it ring. A fishing buddy would call, and we were set to fish that weekend, so I saw his call, and answered, looks like we’re using different baits as the lake seems to have “turned” early this year with the freeze — when the water’s layers and ambient temperatures cause a dramatic shift. But that was the only call I had to answer, and it was the only call I wanted to answer. So this was an attempt at some form of digital detox. Works a number of different ways, can be digital, emotional, spiritual, pick and choose. Could simply be too much stuff. Doesn’t much matter, not to me, but think about that kind of move, not for long, just long enough to give yourself a break — like over a weekend. Or, you know the first couple of days of next week?


Old, sage wisdom, little ditty passed down? “Make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.” Yeah, right. There is an inherent ability to see clearly where others can’t seem to see as clearly, for Aquarius. It’s that ability to navigate through the various pitfalls and to some, pratfalls of the next few days that helps define what kind of a person we might be. Or might become. Or might have, already become, just hidden underneath the layers of other peoples’ expectation of your Aquarius self. There will be objects — possible personalties — but I tend to see solid objects as obstacles in the way forward, next couple of days. Blame me, blame your stars, blame Saturn — but think about the notion that stumbling blocks can become stepping stones, as an Aquarius way forward.


Observing bedding bass, that’s one little aspect of nature that I miss, not living alongside the river anymore. Not sure if I got this quite right, sort of depends on seasons and such, but by now, in South Texas, some of the “Big Mama” bass have started to sweep with eggs while the little boys, their putative boyfriends and mates, are learning to set a nest for eggs and then getting ready to guard that nest. I’ve had a chance to observe that, time and again, in places I’ve fished, and I’m little removed from some of those spots at the moment. The big freeze moved my seasons backwards. Doesn’t stop the metaphor from holding up, though, and doesn’t stop that built-in pause which would help Pisces, the time to stop and marvel at the bedding bass. Usually, there’s a very pregnant female Micropterus Salmoides claiming a spot, then once she drops the eggs, a male or two will guard the nest. It’s very cool to watch, and the males are fun to harass for about three days, I used to use a bottom-crawling crawdad-looking lure in the lake’s clear water. I would never disturb the nest and the eggs themselves, but the guards were fun to taunt and catch. Pause, Pisces, pause and watch something in nature. Can be bedding bass, as I find that interesting to watch the life cycle, from small fry to adolescent to adult fun. What you choose to watch? Up to you. Part of the cycle of life, though, is always good, as that’s where our lessons lie. Lay, lessons lay? Lie?

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