Horoscopes for 4-22-2021

Horoscopes for 4-22-2021

They say, “A crafty knave does need no broker,”
Yet am I Suffolk and the Cardinal’s broker.
Hume, if you take not heed, you shall go near
To call them both a pair of crafty knaves.

    Hume in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, pt. 2 (I.ii.99-103)


TaurusMake my life so much easier if Mercury really did what he was supposed to do. He’s moving fast in Taurus, but he’s outweighed, outmanned, as it were, by Venus, and the other planets (Sun, Uranus). While not a great conglomeration of planet energy in one spot, there’s a sense, with Mercury and Venus adding flavor and “sizzle” to the equation, that the Uranus energy gets a lift, a poke, a kick, a birthday head-start towards something new. New idea, new concept, fresh start, or merely an old idea with a different set of clothes wrapping it up to look new. That last idea works best, an old idea that just needs a new look, a fresh wrapper, a new coat of paint, or, one buddy? He hadn’t seen me in a month of Sundays, and I pulled up in the old girlfriend’s hybrid, buddy looks at me, “New car?” All I did was wash it. Could see the paint, windows were clean, her baby seat in the back was in the trunk. Looked clean. “No, why?” Well, it looks new.


One of the biggest compliments I’ve gotten so far? Kid (Gemini) comes to me for reading, and he’s talking about my text, BareFoot Astrology. He bought it at a used-book bookstore, maybe he swiped it from the rock shop, I’m unsure of its provenance, but he had a battered copy, and quoted chapter and verse what I’ve written about certain signs. To me, it’s symbolism. To me, the signs represent a type of energy, each with its own set of characteristics. I had a choice, when that happened, I could be upset that he didn’t buy a copy that I would get a royalty for, or I could be happy that he understood the meat of my teachings.

As a Gemini, just as soon as Mars exits, there’s a choice, a distinct choice, for Gemini, and it is how you want to take the comment, it might be a compliment, or it might not be, sort of depends. I chose to interpret this situation as a high compliment, I would have given him a free copy of the book, if he’d asked, but I took all those actions as endearing. Same thing happens as Mars exits, is it a compliment, or is someone trying to screw you out of a few measly dollars? Mars and how you look at it.


Mars is coming in from Gemini, so that’s the sign of the Twins, right? Think you can see where I’m going with this, there’s a certain duality associated with the sign that precedes your sweet, Moon Child, Cancer self. Two of them, twice as much, and it’s as if that Mars is bringing some latent Gemini flavoring with it. While I enjoy the nature of that duality, plus and minus, yin and yang, black and white, light and dark? While I rather enjoy the interplay of opposites like that, for Cancer, this poses a problem. I can see a certain crab-like individual, standing there, demanding, “I want one (1) answer.” That’s usually followed by a brief diatribe about my inability to coherently form a thought that they can understand, then coarse allusions to my parental lineage. Think about Mars, feels like the last few months in Gemini, right? So that Mars is infected with that Gemini duality, and that means there will two answers. Don’t get all stuck on there has to be just one answer. Mars/Gemini, two, try the yes/no approach. Okay? Or not?

The Leo

Simplify. I was digging around, looking at what I use as a desktop computer, and I realized I could simplify. That’s the message. Make this easier. I had to pull the desk and office credenza out, shut everything down, then sort through the myriad of cables running from machines to monitors and back and forth to the various peripheral devices, seems like, I’ve got one too many phones or tablets or something. Because gear and equipment like this collects? I found three cables running to the monitor, a HDMI, a HDMI/VGA, and then some other Apple-centric, proprietary cable that wasn’t connected to anything. Seems like, of the three, one as left over from a 5-year old arrangement, one was a good idea, but not connected, and one was bundled up and plugged into the monitor itself. This is what I mean by simplify. I undid, coiled them up, and tossed them in my spare cable box, a laundry hamper filled with various plugs, wires, and leftover detritus from years of technology. Took near an hour but the cable arrangement, management of wires, all of that is better now. Wasn’t done without a few choice curse words, and comically enough, I stood up too quickly one time, banged my head. Ha-ha. In the end, though, the result was simplified. So the message for this week’s full moon mess? Simplify.


Me, I’ve been at this for some time, and me? I seem to surround myself with Virgo. Dated too many, fished with a bunch of them, and still, I remain a fan, but I have to be a distant fan because, sooner or later, that very Virgo essence we know and love, rears its ugliness (towards Sagittarius, typically). So I’m working against conventions here, and what I’m about to suggest will go against the grain, the accepted standard, but what I’ve found? There’s a sense that no matter how good some situation is? A certain mercurial-Virgo-like energy can find fault. So this Full Moon, on approach, in process, and moving along? With everything else in Taurus, basically? There are unexpected variations for the sign of the Virgin wherein there is nothing but trouble and strife. Yeah, Taurus is a compatible sign, and yeah, the full moon along that Scorpio-Taurus axis is fixed while you’re a mutable earth sign, but if I suggest good? Then I’ll hear how it was bad. So I’ll suggest bad, and you can complain to me about how I was wrong, “Yeah, no trouble and strife at all,” so what’s up with that?


“I am still a wild child!” Yeah, heard this one before, still a party animal, still like kicking butt, taking names, and not looking back. Sure. “I’ll be out when the sun rises, well, maybe.” Yeah, I’m party animal like that, too. I’m good to go all night long! Or until 8 PM, more or less. Maybe a little later, if it’s a really good book. Clinging onto an old idea doesn’t work so well, and the nature of this moon cycle will strip those ideals from the Libra’s grasp. “No, I’ll prove this one wrong. Party! Tonight! All night!” Then, even before the ten o’clock news? That gentle, rhythmic breathing that indicates deep sleep. Yeah, party all night. The moon, I’d blame the moon.


“Let me think about it.”

Simple expression. Simple expression that will serve to help my excellent Scorpio friends through the next full moon, and its subsequent fallout, when this is all over. The Taurus crap-fest energies just make this time feel unwieldy like everything is going out of control. Seems like nothing appears to be moving in a direction that Scorpio likes, and we know that you guys like to have some control over your immediate environment. After all, you know what’s best — usually – for all of us. I tend to agree, too, but there’s this incessant buzz, no control, and questions. Quickest, easiest way to help move things along for the Scorpion, even now? Use that expression, I opened with it, just for you. It serves well as it buys a little time. Need time, space, and patience to survive and thrive.

Does that help?

“Let me think about it.”


One exercise that I keep on hand, one trick for this kind of energy? I draw up a resume. I whip out the latest technology, the most recent version of what employers are supposedly looking for? Yeah, get that template off the web someplace else. One year, it was one-page. Another year, it was two pages. One expert suggested a ten-page CV instead of a resume. I could do any or all of those. I tend to prefer key points, like college, university and then, real world stuff all encapsulated. By now, a simple bio link would work. That about has it, all in a single place. But I’m not really looking for a job or anything. Still, as an idea, going back and reworking the old resume has merit. Just need a few bullet points, stuff that proves I’m good at what I do. I cheat, a little, as I suggest I’ve got a site with more than a quarter century of archives that would cover the material, in painful, painstaking, mistaken details.

This is less about looking for work, or a resume, or CV, and it’s more about stopping long enough to assess our innate, inherent Sagittarius skills, to plot our way forward.


Don’t cheap out. The typical Capricorn energy loves a good deal. Loves a bargain, why pay more than need be? Then, too, there’s the idea that even cheaper is even better. Can get two or three for the price of just one? That’s like saving money, right there, correct? The logic, occasionally called “shopping logic,” can be a little misleading, sure three of the cheap ones are less expensive than one of the good ones, but the good ones last four times as long, right? So for every expensive one, you’re buying three, no, four cheap ones, and that doesn’t work out to a deal. Don’t cheap out, not now. There’s a way to justify just about anything, but that doesn’t mean you should. Sure, you can get a whole case for the price of just one, but how about storage? Think about that? As someone who lived in trailer, for many long (formative) years, I learned that just one good one might last longer, and be a better deal. Follow up and think it through.


Ya’ll need to learn when I’m talking in metaphor. I used a vulgar, crude expression in a private session, and the client looked, then wondered if that meant bodily functions, right then. No, that’s not what I meant, I meant it in a metaphorical, allegorical manner. Day-ham, people, get a clue. There’s a chance, as the Aquarius that you are? There’s a good chance you interpret something that is meant as a half-truth, or story that is told, to spin up a series of events to have it all make sense, at least to the storyteller. There’s strong suggestion that metaphor gets confused with facts. Hard, cold facts. Warm facts, really, warm facts like a great big pile of stinking fresh organic male bovine by-product. However, that’s just an example. It’s an example, and the whole thing is like that, examples, and allegories, you know, where something real is represented by a word or phrase that is like what’s being represented, but certainly isn’t the actual thing. Action. Choice. Anyway, there’s a strong chance that a message gets misunderstood and that goes badly, quickly. Quickly goes badly. Watch out for it.

“So we can fertilize with this stuff?”


One quarter, maybe more, but at least one in four people your sweet Pisces self encounters is going to be totally pissed. It is irritation based upon people doing what they are not supposed to do, or people not doing what they are supposed to do. Either way, as much as you would like otherwise, you can’t control that quarter of the population. Depends on a couple of factors and for some Pisces, the number will run higher, as to people who are either doing what you think they shouldn’t be doing, or not doing what you think they should be doing. It’s about the fixed signs, the phase of the moon, and the way Mars is still arranging a certain kind of Gemini energy even though Mars has left the Twins behind. Yeah, what you’re running into is other people, and how you react to their perceived ability or inability to perform up to your Pisces expectations is the source of the stress. People are people and they are going to do what they want to do, ignorant, stupid, misguided, and obviously, not paying attention to what your Pisces self knows would be best. Have to let them make their mistakes, bereft of your advice. Trust me on this: try not to interfere.


Love these gradual shifts that don’t appear gradual. Before hipsters were a thing? Before there was “artisanal?” There was that sense, and it was a feeling as well as an action that I pursued. What got me down this tangent was thought about a great, local signer/songwriter, and I’ve seen him ‘live’ a number of times. (Scorpio, if you must know the Aries connection.) Saw him recently, and thought about that connection, the gradual shift that doesn’t appear gradual. He used to load in his own gear, set up the amps, sound check, tune the guitars, and then perform, and finally, when the last fan was gone, load up his own gear in his truck and head on home. Home being not far from here, matter of fact, just outside Austin, little north of San Antonio. Probably one of the greatest living singer/songwriters in the “country” or “alt-country” stable. Overnight sensation. He worked long and hard for 30 or 40 years to be an overnight sensation. The tale of the lonesome cowboy with his guitar? Think how that applies to Aries, as we see Mars shift signs, so this is either the fruits of the efforts or time to think about laying down some solid foundation for that “overnight success” — that takes a while.

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