Horoscopes for 5-27-2021

Horoscopes for 5-27-2021

You wretched patterns of despair and woe,
What are you, living men or gliding ghosts,
Crept from your graves to walk upon the earth?

    Earl of Derby in Shakespeare’s Edward III (4.2.7-9)

And Mercury goes Retrograde. Not like this one snuck up on us, eh?

Mercury goes Retrograde May 30, 24° Gemini, loosely square Neptune at 23° Pisces, trine Mars 23° Cancer. What does it mean?


e-mailStrange times, indeed? I’m not sure if I should use local news as a source for data points, or if I should use a look at all news, as an impetus for a notion, or even international news. What’s going to be the best source? Look at whichever outlet you like, though, and you’ll see the same pattern, strange times, indeed. Individually, none of this make a lick of sense. However, use that Gemini brain, and see where there are going to be some common elements. The thread that holds these images, these events, the material that binds one disparate news item to another? Takes a special kind of skill to weave it all together. As a person with a Gemini mind, you can see those connections. Threading all of this together, stitching the bits and pieces of the patchwork-reality into a coherent narrative? That’s the singular job for The Twins, and no time like to the present. It starts, like this, or goes, like this, or “Let me tell you a story…” The best tales are based in truth. The only person who can string this kind of material all together and have it make some sense? Strange times, no?


The Crab - the MoonchildWhen the Sun rolls into Cancer, the sign of the Moon Children? Once that happens, this will all make a lot more sense. But until we get some distance and until we are offered the perspective that only comes with time? Until then? Not going to make much sense. Never claimed otherwise, too, you know. So for now?

Hold onto that idea that’s nothing is going to make any kind of literal, logical sense. There’s not a straight line from here, where that Cancer situation is, no straight line, to where all of this makes a coherent, logical sense. Where the meaning and the substance both agree. There’s a been a series of weird events, one right after another, and individually, none of this will break you; your resolve remains firm. However, after a certain amount of weirdness — that no one saw coming — there’s always the question, “How much longer?” So, yeah, not making any points right now, but the answer? Not until the sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of The Crab, and until then? Some of this just might not make any sense.

The Leo

The LeoSimple idea? Pull the covers up over your head? And go back to sleep.

Might not be the best answer, but as an effective way to deal with the unwarranted and unwanted disparaging energies currently unfolding, like, all around? Best answer for The Leo?

Pull the covers up over your head, flop over on the other side, and continue to snooze. Nothing you can’t fix — later. No reason to bite off more than you really want to bite off, not now.


e-mailEasiest way think about this? You’re a magnet for crap. More realistically? You’re a focal point for misunderstanding. A usual Virgo analysis is more than excellent, but these are unusual times, and there’s a layer obfuscation, or something similar, spread across the top of everything. Old axiom, proven true enough to be scientifically factual? The chance of the buttered side of the toast, landing face down in the carpet? 100%. Should be an even proposition, the toast could land either way, buttered side up or buttered side down, the 50/50 odds, correct? Like I suggested, perfect Virgo-analytics. Take that one step further with practical application of real-world dynamics? What are the odds that the buttered side lands face down? So, understanding this, what do you do? No throwing toast? Not what I had in mind, but we’re getting there. The focal point is one that points to analysis being factual, plausible, and quite possibly incorrect. Just be aware.


e-mailClarity in thought, muddled discourse, and timing is off. Three guidelines to consider. I would think, lining up the air elements, that there is certain clarity in thought, the ability to think this one through, the ability to analyze incompatible incoming data to assemble a more cohesive understanding? Sure. Clarity in thought. Mercury, starting a retrograde pattern, especially since the next ten days or so will be further hindered by Neptune? Means communicating with others might come across as a mumble when you’re sure you were loud enough to be heard. Muddled discourse. Then there’s the timing issue. I can’t fix that, and you can’t fix that, but waiting is better than jumping right in, even though, to your mind, that clarity you have? Even though it looks like jumping right on in, and wading up to your Libra chest would fix this? Yeah, probably not. Timing is off. With that noted, think about building in an extra pause or two. Or three. Maybe 30 seconds, because late is better than not arriving at all.


e-mailThe interface guidelines are part of what makes all those computers “intuitive” and easy to use. It’s the shading, the coloring, and the representation of data on a screen of one form or another. Since I’ve been on machines most of my life, I’m used to the concepts. I’m also used to the idea that I can endlessly customize, tweak, and arrange my material in a fashion that suits me. Over the years, I’ve developed a method for working that is highly efficient for me. Maybe not the most efficient for everyone, but this is me, and it works. I have a way that I try to keep certain items grouped next to easy other, like text editors, and code editors, then astrology charts and word processor, all of that, in a simple way that flows — for me. As we negotiate the next couple of days, and then on into the next weeks? This about arranging a flow that works for Scorpio. What works for me? My most efficient, perhaps my ideal set-up? What works for me might not be the best for you. I can show you how I’ve done, what I’ve done, but this a fungible resource, at best. Motile, at a time, never written in stone. That’s kind of the idea, for Scorpio, not etched in stone. We’re adjusting, tuning, tweaking, and making better. Just haven’t arrived at the final version, yet.

Ne Inscriptam in Lapis (link).


e-mailEmotions are usually never wrong. “I’ve got a bad feeling about this one,” and that usually leads to the bad feeling being true. I don’t have a “bad feeling” about this one, but I tend to find love and light in near-any situation. Often enough that I don’t get all freaked when it seems like everything is starting to go badly. For me, a simple example, nothing could be worse than sitting in boat on the bay, for 6 or 8 hours and watching a buddy a haul in a boatload of fish while, no matter what I did, at the other end, I couldn’t buy a fish. Same bait, same location, same gear, sometimes different gear, but all proven performers, sure, but I couldn’t buy a bite. In part, this speaks to my own nature, wherein I remain positive despite the underwhelming odds, like not getting a single fish in the face of a buddy hitting a limit, but in part, this is also about understanding that this is the way the world works, and there are days like that. I had a whole month like that, and looking at this current retrograde situation? Looks like we will have near a month of this crap. “No fish?” Hey, again, let’s weigh this out properly, you were someplace with a fishing pole in hand, and that’s got to be the upside. Things to think about as the Sagittarius world seems to fall apart.


e-mailIt’s not really a secret, but it’s an idea I’ve played with over the the last few years, getting a better grip on how to deal with the mercurial madness of others. Simplest solution I’ve found? Big bag of coffee beans at the warehouse store. It’s any one of several brands, whatever is cheapest at the time, therein is the secret. Least expensive. This isn’t coffee that’s been stored in oaken casks for years, aged to perfection, or wood-fired over lumber from virgin forests, no, nothing like this. The last time? It was Costco brand, and the stuff was the cheapest. Compares favorably to a certain gilded mermaid, might be the exact same coffee, only different packaging. I’m not sure. But the secret? Buy in bulk. This is not artisanal, individually roasted coffee beans, this is cheapest and in-bulk. We’ve got a long season ahead, and the simplest solution? Coffee. Plenty of coffee. Plenty of cheap coffee. My various methods of preparation make up for the lack of good quality, and we’re going to go through a lot of coffee in the near future. Maybe some duck tape, too.


e-mail One of the most valuable tools I’ve got when faced off against a mercurial situation, like we have unfolding — vis-a-vis Aquarius? Repeating your statement. It’s a simple way to insure that the necessary communication gets through to others, a simple process, and to me, sometimes rather amusing. Repeating the message. Not just repetition, but changing the dressing of the intended message while keeping the actual meaning quite clear. “Am I getting through?” Not really. “But you’re getting the message?” Probably not. “However, you understand what is being said?” I’m not sure I get this. The idea is that repeating the message in slightly different forms, over and over, that seems to pierce some of the ubiquitous and stubborn stupidity that is pervasively growing. Repeat the message, changing up the words a little, as need be, but keep on point with your intended missive.


e-mailI got this simple theory about how mostly Pisces is immune to the machinations of Mercury. Ain’t the case in this setting, as Mr. Mercury is going to square off against Neptune, and that will bring all those mercurial messages swimming to the front, in a position where they can’t be avoided. You will discover that this entails cajoling, coercion, or just crashing headlong into the issue. Can’t be avoided, not with the usual wiles and charms.

Tough call, that.

Weird way to start the summer, too. A simple, glib expression, or maybe just muttered, with the (Pisces) head lowered, mumbled, “sorry,” yeah, that might not work. As a solution, though, keeping a running commentary on what is where and when, a running narrative that changes directions with the whims of the planets, but keeps pouring forth from Pisces? That might work better than any other proffered apology or inadequate excuses. Last time I had a colonoscopy, I told the doctor I had a high tolerance for anesthesia, I recall the doctor talking to me, and pointing things out in the video, and then? Nothing else. But he kept up that running patter while I was being probed. The weeks ahead, with Mercury? Not sure which part applies to you.


e-mailIntroduced, or rather, re-introduced to “Lucky Charms?” It was my buddy’s kid, that child liked, “Chams.” That was the first pronunciation that I heard. It grew, over time, booth the kid and the kid’s ability to properly say the name, “Lucky charms,” but I was enthralled with the idea of “chams.” I had some on hand, for a while, for that kid. Nasty stuff. Funnier, to me, as the kid would eat the marshmallow bits, mostly, and leave the rest. Not really magically delicious, that child was getting fueled up on mostly sugar with some coloring and chemical binders. But mostly, just sugar. Without the diary, or I use non-diary milk, but without that, and without the rest of the cereal, this stuff is nothing but raw, refined sugar. Know what that does to a small child? As an Aries, we’ve got to be picky about what we eat. As an adult? The last time the kid was here, I gave it a bowl with no milk, kid picked out all the “Magically delicious” charms, and I was left with a bowl of cereal bereft of the sugary crap. Careful with what we put into our Aries selves.


e-mailThink of my work as belonging to a PGI, a Protected Geographical Interest — a hegemony that is complete for my little fiefdom? My exact location heavily influences my own work. Where I am? In my little slice of Central and South Texas? The amount, the type, the flora, and the fauna, all of that shapes my thinking. The weather, its seemingly crazy patterns, and perhaps, most important? The people. The cultures and characters of those cultures that wash back and forth, sort of like the waves at the beach, down on the Gulf Coast, the way there is an ebb and flow to people. Understanding that the geographical influence means much to a single point of view? That’s why I was invoking the phrase, “Protected Geographical Interest.” At a farmer’s market, I met a guy who runs free-range, drug-free, all-natural cattle on land that’s been in his family for several hundred years, piece of an original Spanish Land Grant. By my standards, that’s local, shaped by the environment, and stands out as an oddity. Instead of working on some grand scale? Instead of looking past the horizon, or over the seas? The best answer for Taurus is more simple, more direct, just right there, underfoot. Don’t have to go far to get the right answer.

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