Horoscopes for 7-15-2021

Horoscopes for 7-15-2021

Fain would I woo her, yet I dare not speak:
I’ll call for pen and ink, and write my mind.

  • Earl of Suffolk in Shakespeare’s Henry 6 pt. 1 5.3.65-6

Venus enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Virgo around July 21, 2021, 7:39 PM (local). More or less, your mileage may vary. Very fitting for what’s happening with the aforementioned Earl of Suffolk.


e-mail There’s the understanding, the belief, that putting something “in writing,” can make whatever that wish, dream, or plan? Putting it in “in writing,” or as Suffolk, does, “and write my mind.” There’s substantial anecdotal evidence to prove that it works. Put it in writing. Birthday times, sweet summer’s excess, the delight of the seasonal whatever you enjoy? All of that, but take a moment to put it “in writing” for your sweet, demure, delicate Moon Flower (Cancer) energies. It does bring delight, and committing it to some kind of a permanent record helps. There’s a need for a very secret side of yourself to excise, exorcise, or exercise. Easiest way to do that? Grab pen and ink, like Suffolk, “and write my mind.” Your mind. Don’t want you to write my mind, as that might not work out too well. But commit a dream, a hope, an aspiration, something, commit something to print even if it’s just on foolscap and has no hope of being seen by anyone else.


The LeoEver feel like your about three steps ahead of everyone else? That’s the essence of this week’s majestical Leo materials. You’re about three steps ahead of everyone else. The way a royal train works? The underlings, the retinue, the camp followers? There’s a specific order for all of that. No, I’m not kidding, a specific order, you can look this up online, if you like. What it amounts to, though, for The Leo?

You feel like you’re about three steps ahead of everyone else, in thought, in action, in deeds, and in understanding of the greater good. I’ll tell you that you are 100% correct, and the challenge with this? There is a very specific order that all of this material moves in, who goes first, which marching precedes you, then the army platoons, then the tanks, and finally, the support staff, with the royal wave, hand mid-height, fingers together, palm outfacing, got it? If we let you run at your own pace, you would’ve completed the parade route like a marathon, and be back at the tail end, like a snake eating its tail. Yeah, that doesn’t work. Understand you’re quicker, faster, better, and give us enough time to catch up, and don’t forget, protocol dictates some of us have to march in front of you.


Venus is good, right? Yeah, Venus is good for you. However, Venus has a buddy, Mars, and he’s still stuck in majestic Leo, and with Mr. Mars over yonder, not in Virgo, just a Venus comes sliding in, sort of sideways-like? Not quite ready. Close, but not quite. “But I have to do this right now!” Go for it, then, and be prepared, as I’ve noted before, that you might redo it a little later. Not a bad series of events, just uncomfortable. To me, this looks like an online presentation of material, and it is supposed to be a big deal, and, to me, again, this is my understanding of those planets? This “big deal” turns out to be a dry run, a rough draft, a first attempt, which means, in a few weeks, or less, it will happen again, and then, it will be its very-polished version, with proper Virgo poise presentation. Doesn’t mean you get to skip this week, just understand it’s a dry run.


e-mailOver the many years I’ve done this, the various editors I’ve worked with? I’ve learned that my idiom, my language, pacing, and timing? I need a better Lingua Franca. Likewise Libra needs a better form of communication, as the typically lyrical but circular Libra language doesn’t do the message justice. From my experiences, English language is linear. What information, the data, with its shaded origins, not shady, just added-flavor that imparts nuanced delivery? We are looking for a way to make that less circular and more linear. English language, what I’m typing in at this moment, it has a way to do that. There’s a direct route from where you’re at to where you would like to be. A direct, linear route. While this lacks the subtly poetic, carefully constructed, well-balanced way? Try the direct approach. Linear, like our language. Straight shot.


I was fishing in unfamiliar water. I paid a guy, another fishing guide, to take me out and show me where the best spots were, get the lay of the land, so to speak, which is really the lay of the bay. Just trying to get a quick look at a new section of previously “un-fished territory,” and while I could navigate this by myself, it’s just quicker to hire an expert, in this example, a local expert. I don’t know how much he knew about me, and I don’t know what he realized, but as a Scorpio-compliant person, I do know that this is one of those times when outside assistance, like, hiring a guy to show us where all the good stuff is? That works well enough. While we were out, I was noting obvious landmarks, not doing to the bit where I would get exact GPS coordinates, just seeing where he would park, where he would fish, and then, where other boats full of fishermen were parked. In addition, he had a colorful, running commentary about the parental lineage and lack of ability of the other guys on the water, but one, seemed to upset him, as that boat crew was “Parked in my spot,” his words. One, I wouldn’t want to park in a Scorpio-designated spot without permission, and two? I made note of the general area. I’m hoping to go back in a few months, we’ll see how that turns out. I know stuff, now, and I won’t park in his Scorpio spot. I know better. But I’ll be close, I bet.


I would sketch an idea on a piece of lined, ruled paper. I know that unlined paper is better, and I know that I rarely, if ever, follow the lines on the paper, but for some reason, I need some lines there, way my mind works. The idea, I’ve done a number of home-based projects like this, little chores, ideas, an image online that leads to my mind turning the idea over, and then, fomenting a proces in my head, which I then sketch out, avoiding the lines. Strange way to work, but I’ve found this as an effective tool as any other. Notes, the traffic of my mind, and that’s what we’re dealing with in Sagittarius, the traffic, and its congestion, in the Sagittarius mind. Quick, easy, simplest way to get this out? Lined paper. I currently prefer the old-style grid. Funny, as I rarely stay within the lines, but the grid is a way to impose order where there is none, that unruly, Sagittarius mind that races along, gallops along, seemingly with direction. Wrestle an idea or two to the page, see if that helps. Coloring within the lines is strictly optional.


e-mailThis week brings an exit. There’s a finality to the timing, as well, and you know what I mean. However, as noted elsewhere? “Every exit is a new beginning, elsewhere.” I think I got the quote wrong, and I can be half-bothered to look it up. But every exit allows for a new beginning, only, that’s not going to be right here. It will be around here, or, possibly, over there, or maybe, you start over there, and then bounce back to here, I’m not sure. But this week is an exit, a way out that paves a way forward to new, better, brighter stuff. But it is an exit of sorts. Say “good bye” to the old so you can say “hello” to new and improved.


It all goes back to a trailer park in old South Austin. Invoking the image of a trailer park, remember, this is not a high-brow, luxury affair, this is back when those places were seedy, the seamy side of town, right? Long, hot summer days, and if I didn’t have a cat, I would’ve left the AC off and just stayed away all day. Swim and fish in the creek. It’s a matter of working in concert with one’s current environment. Not bucking the trends, not confronting the issues, but easing yourself forward in manner that works with what’s there. Use the available resources instead of demanding new and better. The stars are making a point about being comfortable with what is right there, in front of you, and not making a deal out of this. Not blaming it a big deal, or worse? What I’ve seen happen? Taking a small deal, a small obstacle, and through inaction, inattention, or pure avoidance? Taking a small deal and turning it into a big deal. “Every small problem is merely a huge, ginormous problem trying to get out!” As an Aquarius-friendly astrologer, don’t take this the wrong way, but long, hot summer days demand simplest solutions.


The one that’s scariest? The super-smart “bubba.” I’ve got several friends that rate this, and they are the ones who are archetypes for this. One of them is a die-hard, no real reason, LSU fan. Perhaps he is a bit contrarian. Maybe, I’ve long suspected, he likes the colors. Although, to be fair, it could be a reason to always have a competitive edge. Something to argue about. Discussion points. Makes it easier, I suppose, when it comes to picking outfits, which shirt to wear, as he only has the one kind. Everything in his life reflects this choice. Tigers? Is that the name? Is it football, or basketball? I don’t recall, as I’ve never bothered to commit this material to memory, but I do recall how I feel, and when we discuss matters other than college sports? He’s articulate, educated, rather devout in his faith, and dryly amusing. Almost droll, but many folks miss that under the LSU hat and T-shirt. Intellectualism, hiding under a thin veneer, a slim patina of swamp-bayou-redneck. Like my buddy, this week has hidden gems. Just have to look for them, or, like me, acknowledge that they are right there, in front of us. Got that? It might be right in front of Pisces.


e-mailOne fishing buddy, known for years, and during particular phase of his life, he was the picture-perfect poster-boy for what Aries has this week. He was, to put it mildly, a little “sexually frustrated.” He had that stink of desperation, and as long as he was desperate, no potential dates would have anything to do with him. “I couldn’t wrap it in hundred dollar bills and give it away,” he would moan. For Aries, unlike my buddy, this is a short period of time, like, just this next week. Next few days, that’s all, no big deal. Frustrations run high as the Sun rolls along in Cancer opposite from Pluto in Capricorn, and that causes friction, and seemingly, delays, obstacles, and wait, after this is over? It all gets easier. The nature of the perception of obstacles, blockages, and other possible impediments? All flashes out of sight, as soon as the opposition is over. It’s what you do when you’re in the middle of it that matters. Sometimes, hard for an Aries type, sometimes? Nothing for a few hours, and it will be OK shortly thereafter.


“He put mayonnaise on his hot dog. I can’t date anyone who would do that.” I’m always curious as to what the line is, and where it is drawn, and that was one that I never saw coming. Kind of makes sense, and to me, sounds like something I might just do. However, in the setting, I found it best to agree with the other person, “Yes, I understand how that would be wrong to you. So wrong.” July 4th is over, an the rest is history. No more hot summer hot dogs, and no more “French style fries,” or English fries, whichever one it is. One of them uses mayo on the fries, instead the American way: catsup. Change is good. Trying new flavors is good, but understanding what limits there are? that’s important, too. In relationships, I’ve always found that “food compatibility” is part of the issue. Planets and so forth deal with this, and I’ve found that happy couples are usually food compatible. so I understand that there can be a line, like mayo on a hot dog, but to me? That counts as silly and trivial. Hint: I’m not a Taurus, and therefore, no matter what it is, if you’re upset about something? You’re allowed to be disturbed. Didn’t seem like a deal-breaker to me, but that’s me, not you. Might not be mayo on a hot dog, but whatever that line is? Stick to it. I’ll agree with you.


There’s a kind of “lack of permanence” as an ongoing theme in Gemini. Not bad, just not as permanent as you would like. Not that there aren’t events occurring, no, that’s not it, but as we get ready for Venus to slip on into Virgo, we have to be ready for that “This is for always!” That notion that “This is for always?” Might not be for as long as you think it might be. Could be permanent, might be a solid, temporary fix. Might be less permanent than you think. “But this has to last, like, forever!” Pause and think, forever in Gemini terms? Like a said, a good, solid, temporary fix. Go with that.

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