Horoscopes for 8.5.2021

Horoscopes for 8-5-2021

And turns the sun to shade—alas, alas!
Witness my son, now in the shade of death,
Whose bright out-shining beams thy cloudy wrath
Hath in eternal darkness folded up.
Your aery buildeth in our aery’s nest:
O God that seest it, do not suffer it!
As it is won with blood, lost be it so!

    Queen Margaret in Shakespeare’s Richard 3 1.3.265-71

New Moon in Leo, August 8, 9:01 AM. Mercury enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Virgo August 11, 4:59 PM. (All times local.)

Richard III (Folger Shakespeare Library)


The Leo The most successful use of the The Leo New Moon energy? Get new stuff started and get it — out the door. Hit the “publish” button on the backend of the software, or tap the “send” button. Get that stuff “out there.” I alternate, back and forth, with what’s good, what’s best, and what works? Again and again, the material that gets its pushed out of the nest, the fresh stuff that is officially launched with the new moon? That’s what sticks around. So, happy birthday to that one special Leo, and now? Get that material up and out the door. I suggest, except in certain cases, see me for details, I suggest that anytime is good time, but sooner, is better. Rather sooner than later, Dear Leo.


Ever get clarity and there’s no way to use it? See the winner, and no way to place that bet to win, with that long shot?

Just as a suggestion, not set in stone, or any other kind of commandment, no, not a dictum, but a suggested course of safe, Virgo action? Think about not announcing that you have the vision, the insight, the clarity of mind, and the ability to make it happen, make sure you don’t announce that just yet. You’re right, I know you’re correct, but that doesn’t make it the best course of action to flaunt, display, or otherwise wave it around like a flag. Best trick right now? Zip it shut.


e-mail It’s passing notion in another of this week’s horoscopes, but I got to thinking, and I guess it makes more sense for Libra. The secret ingredient to this week’s success? “Lipstick.” Old girlfriend used to call my various lip balms “lipstick.” I would be upset, but I was tapping that, so yeah, no, can’t get upset. Call it what you want. I liked the term, though, and that’s stuck. I still think of the various, usually cheap, and of dubious quality, I still think of them as “lipstick.” The warm, brown-sugar, apple-scented ones don’t last long. Raw chapstick itself has a good pocket life, and the red version of Burt’s seems to last pretty well, too. My August favorite, though, is “lifeguard.” I’m not sure of the ingredients, it’s not here where I can grab it, it’s all in a coast gear bag. It’s the white zinc, and I’m not even sure if that is what it really is, or if this is merely a modern affectation. Still, the stuff works great, works best, for an all-day fishing trip, under the broiling Gulf Coast Sun, damn near tropical. Any SPF 50 lip stuff works, but I’m a little old school, and I found that the “lifeguard” flavor of lipstick worked best for me. These days, it’s a little harder to find, but I still like it. The secret to success, the secret to Libra success? “Lifeguard lipstick.” Adjust as need be to make it work, but this is an extreme time, and extreme times call for extreme measures, like “Lifeguard Lipstick.”


As final part of the notion of following up with a Shakespeare play I previously mentioned? The three parts of Henry 6? They all lead to the majesty of one of the greatest evil characters ever invented in historical fiction. Shakespeare’s King Richard III is one of my favorite examples of the power of the word. The historical record doesn’t treat him nearly as bad as Shakespeare’s pen does; although, the king’s remains were unearthed beneath a carpark. Recent advances in forensic and archeological analysis proved it was the king’s remains, and proved he did suffer with a curved spine. Facts and fictions? For Scorpio, this is about what is fact, and what is fiction, and proves, if a story is repeated often enough, many people will come to believe it. Doesn’t make it true, still, you can get a lot of followers. The message from me to Scorpio remains similar, though, there’s a thread of tale, and that thread of a tale needs to be tugged. See what unravels.


Personally? I’m a big fan of the concept that “Things come in sets of three.” The Law of Three? Three good things all happen at once, do one bad thing, and three bad things all happen at once. Law of Three. Just sort of an ingrained belief I’ve got. As Mercury crosses into Virgo, joining both Mars and Venus still in Virgo? That’s a set-up for three Sagittarius events. Mercury is thinking, so that’s a tough thinking problem. Venus is letting love in, so that’s a reception problem. Mars is showing love, so that’s a demonstration issue. One, or the other, or possibly all three become issues. The little break is the New Moon in Leo, which suggests that there is a remedy. Depends on which planet, or all three one has to deal with. Understand some Virgo energy just needs a problem to focus on, even when there isn’t a problem. I tend to — graciously — adapt and cause minor complaints to make this easier. Gives us a focal point. Give that Virgo “need to fix this” energy a problem to chew on. Everyone wins.


e-mail When I was processing and recording video at home, I had an arrangement that showed the books over my shoulder. At first, it was a series of mostly hardback, first editions by a particular author, but that changed, as I thought I would like to display Shakespeare references, or astrological references, perhaps high-brow literary books? At the time, last version, I put a favorite author’s colorfully-jacketed first editions, as a point of pride for myself, not anyone else. I realize I should have my own books up, or some academic reference, but honestly? I keep the Shakespeare books where I can grab them to look stuff up, as I do with grammar guides, as well as certain books I fall back upon; keep it handy for quick access. So the last image is that wonderful collection of eclectic weirdo stuff that a guy writes, and that’s been my backdrop. Colorful book jackets, but even more colorful reading. At least there are those books, when they went on sale in ebook format, I bought them again, as I’ve reread most of them two or three times. For Capricorn, this is about what looks good, and yet also provides some in-depth background. Looks good as wallpaper, but also contains information. Background, only, it’s background that’s got depth.


Always did like the passage, “As it is won with blood, lost be it so!” In this situation, yeah, nothing turns out well in the play, but that line is wildly prophetic. From a more peaceful point? Instead of winning this as a fight? Instead of “winning this in blood?” The proper answer to the Aquarius questions? Negotiate. If need be, dissemble, prevaricate, and evade. But a straight on fight, with swords drawn, and battle lines all drawn up, then rules of engagement agreed upon? That tends to end, at first, it ends in the Aquarius favor, but as it is won with blood? “It wasn’t a battle; it was a lawsuit. We prevailed in court, sure, but they profits all went to lawyers; we wound up with nothing. A big, fat zero.” But you won?


It’s the illusion of permanence. That understanding that this will last forever. That ideal, which suggests, “This will always be just like this.” It’s an illusion, simple as that. Nothing is totally permanent. Understanding that nothing is permanent is part of this week’s Pisces message. There’s a situation, a thing, a person, someone or something you’re counting on to come through? Might not happen. “But it’s never failed before!” I’m unsure if that is a plaintive wail, a desperate cry, or painful question. In any form, just because it was always like that before? Yeah, “Things change.” Now that you know that, you’re better prepared when it turns out, that “sure thing” wasn’t so sure.


e-mail Ever caught “side-eye” from a lizard? I’m thinking of a carolina anole, the garden variety garden lizard? This triggers, in me, a wide variation of thoughts, from The Dead Milkmen’s song, “Big Lizard in my Backyard,” with a detour to the The Dead Milkmen’s storied career as whatever music they were. Spins from there to the Texas State Fair, usually in October, with the little lizards pinned to a shirt, as a souvenir, then as pets, and then, usually as fertilizer. However, I started noticing, there was a group of them living in my backyard, like a commune of the critters. More than just family, like a whole family system, and it depends, when I would water certain plants, they would jump from plant to plant, and like I suggested, side-eye from a lizard? I will usually only see one, there’s one, rather sizable male, I know from him puffing up his ruby throat-sac thing, and I think that’s the lizard equivalent of chest-thumping. There are several, and I wonder why they don’t become bird food, but I’ll leave that to the law of the jungle. Still, side-eye from a lizard is pretty damning, it’s like, “What. Are. You. Doing.” Me? I’m watering the plants in the summer. Here’s an Aries idea: don’t over-think this. The lizard eyes are good from one side or the other, so they don’t see in stereoscopic vision. As such, side-eye is just eye to them. I’m not getting an evil eye, just getting appraised as friend or foe, flee or pause.

Evil Eye Pendant Necklace Glass Leather Rope Chain Turkish Protact Lucky Necklace for Women Men

Big Lizard [Explicit]


I’ve got to stop watching cooking shows. Worse yet? This was in a waiting room, with the sound down too low for me to really make out what was being made, but I caught a whiff of it when I saw an espresso machine in the background. Then there was some finely ground coffee, sprinkled on something in a heavy, cast-iron frying pan. Sound was down low, but I’m sure it sizzled, crackled and popped, and I don’t know, but I’ll bet it was “and the secret ingredient is coffee and bacon grease.” Watching someone prepare then cook on TV? Or just online? Not the same as doing it one’s self. Very, very different. “Preheat the oven to 350, then slide this in for 45 minutes, and then?” The TV host slides out a perfectly baked whatever it was. Sodden mess in, 10 seconds later, out pops the perfectly rendered baked goods. This is a week where we have to face the awful facts that what I saw displayed, and my own results? They frequently don’t agree. Source of my trouble? Cooking shows. Cooking series. Chefs online. What I get are great ideas, and what happens is usually an abysmal kitchen failure. Now, I did pick up some tips about the spice palate and what might work OK with some other stuff, but that’s going to take time, experimentation, and maybe, I won’t expect it to look anything like it did on TV. Or, my advice? Like I suggested, stop watching cooking shows. Makes those Taurus expectations easier to manage.


There’s a piece of furniture in my “office,” a bedroom with no bed, and a lot of books, plus a desk. That other piece? It’s an antique, child’s high chair. Or looks antique, might just be mid-century, aged “not so well.” Most of my furniture will have a story to it, the pieces I hold onto, and this one, the child’s high-chair, I don’t recall. Maybe an old girlfriend? Certainly not an immediate family heirloom, I know that. Might’ve found it an old Austin junk store or garage sale? Anyway, I’ve found that the little chair is the perfect resting spot for documentation, and occasionally clothing, but mostly for documents, as papers shuffle through my life. I don’t have the usual “in box” and “out box” arrangement, but that chair’s seat serves as a place to rest both inbound and outbound material. I’m fishing next week, and there’s small bag that’s got high-powered sunscreen, a spare knife for bait, “lifeguard” lip balm, and a cheap camera. That’s my fishing gear. So the chair is a place holder, and I like to think of it as an “in/out box,” wherein the functions are joined. While I use a piece of furniture that I have no idea how I got it, you can use the idea of single “in/out box” and style it up any way that suits your Gemini heart. The clue is the way I combine the function of an “in” box with the outgoing, keep it all clean, “out” box. To simplify Gemini life? combine those elements as one. The advantage of that high chair? I don’t have to stoop to see what’s there.


e-mail Some point between politically correct, and karmically correct, there’s a point where it all works like it is supposed to, some place in between. That’s what the planets, and the phase of the moon, they all suggest, there’s a simple balance point where all of this works out the way it is supposed to work out. Leo is underway, Mars and Venus are in Virgo, and the New Moon slows everybody down. Torpid summer heat, languid days, and no one seems to be up to speed on what my gentle Cancer moon children need to move the rest of us ahead. This is a fresh start-like situation, and there are several ripe opportunities. Grab on, see if it works. If it does? Success! if it doesn’t work? Then you’ve successfully eliminated a route that doesn’t work, so it’s success. Either way, you’ll know more with each effort, and even if the effort doesn’t produce desired results? A negative is still a positive. “Well, that didn’t work.” Now you know. We’ll be here all week, so we can always try tomorrow. I figure this week, you’re a winner, either way, as long as you make the effort.

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