Horoscopes for 9-2-2021

Horoscopes for 9-2-2021

“Faith, stay here this night, they will surely do us no harm. You saw they speak us fair, give us gold: methinks they are such a gentle nation that, but for the mountain of mad flesh that claims marriage of me, I could find in my heart to stay here still, and turn witch.”

Dromio of Syracuse in
Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 4.4.135

New Moon at 14° Virgo, 9-6-2021 around 7:48 PM, local.


Virgo One of my morning beverages, in nod towards health, I’ve been grinding up spinach, lettuce, celery, pea protein, and other stuff in a blender. Having a “green shake.” Green shake, out of a Black’s BBQ souvenir cup. I think the marketing guys at the BBQ places have this down to a fine science, the 16-ounce “souvenir cup” is emblazoned with logo, address, ordering phone numbers, and the implicit understanding that this is some of the very finest smoked meat product anywhere on the planet. Green shakes out of a BBQ cup, just a funny, to me, juxtaposition. Life’s funny like that, and during this weird Virgo birthday, new moon time? Appreciate the apparent incongruities.


Socrates is quoted as saying, “The unexamined life is not worth living,” yet, think, in your Libra life, haven’t you seen those individuals who have lived happy, productive lives without an ounce of self-examination? You’ve seen these people, right? Not particularly self-aware, lacking any understanding of the cosmic sense of life, and its meanings, no depth, no passion? In true Libra fashion, flip that over, look at the other side.

Those folks who lack the depth, those people who live the unexamined life, they seem happy enough, right? One of them pipes in with a cheery, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Given my occasionally grouchy and surly attitude, just makes you want to smack them, am I right? Before the next horoscope rolls over, you’re Libra self will hit a balance point, some place between self-examination, and self-recrimination, but until next week? Trod carefully, there might be mental mines and hidden potholes that can trip you up.


Scorpio There’s a gentle, seasonal shift that occurs here, around the First of September. No, one year I saw record heat, and there can be some real scorcher days, summer’s fury is not all gone, but the gradual, seasonal shift? Within the first week or so of September, there’s a gradual lessening of the grip heat has on the landscape. It’s not as hot. Not like this is a big change, temperatures would only drop a few degrees, but to someone like me, when I could spend a lot of time outdoors? That few degrees helped a great deal. It went from “Almost miserably hot” to “pleasantly hot.” Summer’s lease on the heat is up. Doesn’t always happen right on the 1st, but it is cosmically scheduled for this week, the Scorpio week ahead. Heat might still upon us as this starts, but there’s s a trend, in the next seven to ten days, that grip seems to be lessening, and the good Scorpio flexes, stretches, and thinks about moving.


As this New Moon was approaching, and with a moment or two for reverie, I was given pause, and time to think. How long have I been at this? Do I enjoy this work? Is this task, a goal-oriented desire, a job, and can I keep going? Deep question, and deep even for a supposedly philosophical Sagittarius. That’s what we get. Until the Moon is officially “new,” until it slips through its appointed orbits and alignments, and maybe not until this week is thoroughly done? Only then do we arrive at concrete decisions that we can build upon. Until that point, until the moon gets passed its conjunction with the sun, we’re stuck with a handful of questions and no real answers. I got answers, just not sure I like the answers, and no Sagittarius mind like the limbo, that spot between not being sure, and totally unsure of the next, correct step. Maybe there isn’t a next correct step. Maybe we should just sit and stew? No, that’s not a good look, either. It’s quite alright to pause and consider the options, but it might be a few days before we get our head cleared out, and the correct path starts to emerge.


Simple series of exercises? Patch up. Clean up. Stand up. With that heady new moon in Virgo, that pushes and points towards mending, bending, then bouncing. There are leftover repairs and reparations that must be done. Once that’s accomplished, then test the newly fixed, old thing, and finally, after a brief flexing, say, at home, or in the workshop? Then take that baby out on the road and give it a real test. It’s been many long years since this last happened, but the other day, it was a “treasured fishing pole meets ceiling fan” incident. The 6-foot, 6-inch pole is now just a little over 6-foot. In one of my tackle boxes, I’ve got a spare pole tip eyelet. Find some glue, there is special fishing pole glue, but I opted for regular super-glue as I had it and it was much less expensive, and, as I suggested, works just as well — if not better. So that Capricron effort for this next few days? Oops, snapped the end of the pole. Fixed it. Checked it out in the backyard and the repair holds. Means, I guess, we should be fishing — purely, you know — to check out the repair on the pole. Patch up. Clean up. Stand up. Maybe be careful with that last one, so there’s no more pole-shortening exercises.


Aquarius It’s all a matter of coming to terms within your own mindset with the “New Reality” unfolding in the world, in general. I used to favor the expression, “Can’t wrap my head around it,” or “I’m still trying to wrap my head around that.” Whatever the expression of dumbfounded incredulity is? You’re going to run into that, and instead of trying to make sense of a nonsensical situation? “Let it ride.” That’s how an Aquarius mindset can come to terms with what’s going on in the world. It’s not really a complacency, and it’s not really an Aquarius acquiescence, but burgeoning grander understanding. Then, too, it’s easy to step outside and see, on a larger scale, how all of this fits together. The reverie is provided by Jupiter, and the need for the slower pace is provided by Saturn. Slow it down and see if that doesn’t help with understanding current events. At least it should help you wrap your head around it.


I don’t know if it as real. The image, from the days gone by when the internet was a fun place to play? It was a billboard, a purported billboard sign this read, “You did NOT ask to be born, Sue your parents today!” Then, presumably a lawyers name with the phone number blurred out. However, with the ability to do just about anything with the digital manipulation programs, “Can’t you just photoshop that?” When did a program’s name become a commonplace verb? Anyway, I’m not sure there really was a sign that had that line on it, about suing one’s parents, but the truth of the matter is, on some level, either sub-atomic particle-wise, or metaphysical-wise, on some level, we did ask to be born and we did pick Pisces. Why? There’s a wonderful “spiritual” element to Pisces, and that’s what works. Anything else? That sign? That’s got to be joke, right?


This requires a certain amount empathy. While that sort of tone and characteristic runs high among a particular group of my friends, it isn’t always associated with Aries. Not that an Aries isn’t sympathetic, no, not the situation. Not that an an Aries doesn’t care, again, not the way this works. Of course you care, but you’ve gotten so much better about not caring when there’s a delicate sense of empathy required this week. Not much, and one buddy got all worked up over the terminology, but wht I’ve found works? “Oh wow, I am so sorry to hear that.” Take it appart on a granular, Virgo level. Voice of concern, “Oh wow.” Proper empathetic response, “I am so sorry.” Then, addressing the issue, encapsulating it, “to hear that.” Express concern, care, address the issue, display empathy. All works together. The tricky part? Don’t hop up on that Aries high horse to ride in and try to save the day. That’s not the job, not what’s at hand, and not the goal. Just give this a gentle listen, and express appropriate noises. “I see you, I hear you, and I share in your concern.”


Taurus I was staying near the top floor of a high-rise hotel. One morning, the sun was streaming in through the clouds, and I grabbed a couple of images with my phone. Eventually, one of those images became a background. In part, the texture of the clouds, the dappled sunlight, the interplay of light and dark against the distant desert mountains, sure. To me, it was a single image, sort an off-the-cuff, straight-from-the-hip shot. Just a quick image one morning, from the high-rise bedroom, probably a cheaper room because it caught that morning light. The broken clouds, the way the camera lens caught the reflections of the rays of light, it’s one that I used, over and over for several years. Most current digital photos embed EXIF data, and that one, in its original form, was no different. Still, as an effective image, it provided me with an almost endless series of backdrops to use for signs, banners, and even, for a while, as a green screen replacement for video conferences. It was an impromptu image, at best, and the whole thing isn’t usable, but with a minimal amount of digital manipulation, it’s easy to grab portions of it that are useful. You’ve seen if before on my sites. As an example, for Taurus, this is near-perfect. It was a casual kind of image-grab and yet, over the ensuing years, it’s proved useful, time and again. Little gesture, long term results. Go.


Old fishing trick, a buddy swung by to hit the lake last week. He was here early, and all I did was toss two fishing poles in the back of the boat, swing a meager tackle box into the bed of the truck, and we were off. Long, thin pole for distance and short, stiff pole for up close. One for each possible scenario, and one set of baits already rigged. Two fishing poles; all I wanted to take. For that buddy? His boat is like a giant floating tackle box, with a myriad of poles for an equally diverse range of conditions, weird, to me, but I get to fish, for the cost of a good lunch. He has the perfect pole, bait, reel combination for every situation. I don’t. But I do have two, and what I did, this was tricky in late August, the fish were getting active again, and I covered as much ground with my two poles, and, unlike my buddy, I spent a lot less time worrying about what the perfect set up was. Besides, I was riding in the back of the boat. I don’t get the fun stuff, but I was covered. If one pole wasn’t rigged right, I would handily switch to the other. Simple. Not too many choices, and this week, rolling into next week? Limit the number of Gemini choices. Doing so, look, “It’s either this one or that one,” doing so? Makes it easier to spend more time fishing, which translates to more time catching, which translates to more Gemini fun. That’s the real goal, isn’t it?


We’re going to start a new cycle next week. Looks like this fits with my old way of understanding schooling: the new year starts in September. Not so much, not anymore, but originally, September — to me — was the beginning of a new cycle, as the new grade started with that Fall Session, semester, quarter, trimester, whatever it was. New Moon next week kicks this all into gear for Cancer, the lovely Moon Children. This not without a certain kind of frustration, and not without a few little stumbles along the way. “I’m going to do this, this, and this; those are the stated goals.” Sure, I’m fine with that, but as Venus and Mercury wend their ways through lovely Libra, that creates a kind of abrupt tension not consistent with normal, easy and flowing Moon Children ways. Normally this isn’t an issue, but there’s a kind of insistence that pops up, a need to get this resolved right now that really, really, doesn’t serve you well. That impatience? Careful about whose toes you step on, you might need to be dancing with them later.


The Leo Memories cycle back, and bring up old ideas. Images of distant friends swim into place. At one point, I wished that I could remember in “black and white,” as the notion of the older, grey-scale imagery worked better for what I wanted to remember. The faded memories are part of what defines who we are. As a fan of The Leo, I, too, have fond memories. Leftover snippets, old friends, and long-ago places, some of which are now distant places, some of which have now been paved under due to incessant march of “progress.” Reverie, sounds a lot like review, and while we’re supposed to marching forward at this time, for The Leo, this is a time when it’s okay, even encouraged, to sort through those old photographs in the memory to move yourself forward. Anyone who forgets his or her past? Means there’s problems back there, which will echo forward in the near future. Sort though the memory; deal with what has to be dealt with.


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