Horoscopes for 10-21-2021

Horoscopes for 10-21-2021

“A boon, my sovereign, for my service done!”

The Sun enters Scorpio on 10.22.2021, around 11 PM local time. Your mileage may vary.


Scorpio This horoscope, this week? It’s rehearsal for a rehearsal for Scorpio. The opposite of deja vu, it’s a prequel, like a rerun that hasn’t happened yet? Sure, that’s it. We’re looking at this as a time when we’re rehearsing what we’re going to rehearse, a dry run, and saying it like that? I thought about a buddy of mine, sitting in the back of his boat, while the boat is up on its trailer, parked in his garage. He’s fondling a fishing pole, and making sure his gear is all properly stored. Has to have quick access to change tackle, you know, it could be a situation like that, the fish coming fast and furious? It’s rehearsal for the rehearsal. I can’t paint a better Scorpio picture than that. Change, changes, and weirdness abound. It’s also the approach of the High Scorpio Holiday: All Hallows’ Eve. The veil is the thinnest, the goods were on the table, and it’s up to Scorpio to grab what they want. Another approach, and happy birthday to the one, but another approach? Practice — practice — practice.


Tracked this for years, and it’s back. It’s like a seasonal affect disorder — only I see this as caused by the motions of the heavenly orbs, most notable is the Sun. The challenge is that Venus is in here, too, Venus is in Sagittarius, which will add an overlay of hope. Hope may spring eternal, but there’s always a dark side to it, as well. This week’s Sagittarius challenge is about threading the line between light and dark, shooting for that balance point that is equally happy and realistic.

I am, by no means, and by no way, shape, or even measure, a good example. I’ll tend towards the dark, the pessimistic, “there is no hope,” kind of mind-set. Not good. “Expect the absolute worst, and you won’t be let down.” There is that. Then there’s Venus, “Hey, this can work out!” So threading that thin, one line between dark and light, the pits of despair, and the thrill of everything being just wonderful? That’s the goal.

Good luck with that. I think we’re all doomed.


There’s a general assumption that I know a lot about Shakespeare stuff. It’s more a situation where I know a lot of trivial material, and some of the astrological reference points, but that’s about it. Seen some of the plays, would like to see more on stage, but again, that’s about it. I just learned a new bit about Shakespeare’s “comedies,” the essential framework? Nobody dies, and it ends in a wedding, with Midsummer’s Night’s Dream being the classical example. 12th Night, too. The list goes on. Love them comedies, but for real cathartic cleansing?

Nothing beats a great tragedy. Capricorn, you get that, right? The lightweight Rom-Com genre is OK, but for a good sense of relief? How about a classical tragedy? When I was toying with your planets, or where the planets are right now, compared with Capricorn, what I came up with. Classical tragedy, or even horror. Whatever floats that Capricorn craft.


There’s always a statistical anomaly in there. One statistical sampling that skews the results.

“Sticks out like a sore thumb, don’t it?”

Yeah, no, maybe. Not the expression I was looking for. But there is a disturbance. The way I saw this? It was a gentle, linear graph with a single data point that was way off the curve. A single point that was higher, or lower, looked to be a single spike in the data. Otherwise, everything is flowing along smoothly, except for that single point. Is it an anomaly? Did we gather the data incorrectly? Did the meter return a bad reading? So is this human error? Faulty hardware? Or, as I see it, just a day when the numbers didn’t march the way they were supposed to. With statistics, the game is to take a sample, and average out the sample, and while this one data point that is certainly not congruent and concurrent with everything in the data set? It’s not that odd. There’s always one, sort of sticks out, and since everything else lines up? Doubt that’s the problem.

You know, I would be more worried if there wasn’t at least some of this didn’t line up. If it was perfect? Wouldn’t that be a warning, too?


Partially, this is due to a certain song from a Texas band, ZZ Top. More so, though, this is an influence from constant, empirical evidence, and that’s why this is a good example. Cheap sunglasses. I had a pair pushed up on my forehead, and for some reason, I was inside a fish camp, I spun around quickly. Cheap sunglasses flew off, and crashed on the tile floor, one of the lens popped out. I’m thinking, these were from a dollar store. Not just cheap, but super-cheap. I got them when I was halfway from here to there, and needed some sunglasses because of a desert sun. The little price-tag sticky-stuff was still wrapped around the ear-piece. First inclination? No loss. Second inclination, try and fit that lens back into its place, which I did, and the cheap sunglasses are featured in a picture with fish. That pair of cheap sunglasses was then retried to the girlfriend’s glove-box, never to be seen again. Did I get value out of them? Yes. Did they perform as advertised? Yes. Is this a mark of a disposable culture? Sure, but I negotiated a much longer life out of those than I would expect. There comes a time when a cheap set of sunglasses, or inexpensive but durable item, comes a time when that works as well, and you don’t mind abandoning them in a girlfriend’s glovebox, at a later date.


Aries is a Mars sign. Scorpio is a Mars sign. The Sun moves into Scorpio, and Mars is in Libra. Not good, not bad, not anything, but…. Aries: there’s a marked tendency to fly off the handle, to borrow a hackneyed expression, or to get all riled up, or get your knickers in a twist because. Because, why? Did you see what that person did? Did you hear what that person said? Do you believe this stuff? Actually, I don’t believe it, but it is all well within the realm of possibility. What am I going to do about it? Nothing. What are you going to do about besides getting all worked up, in a perceived tizzy, just because he or she might’ve said, or done, or not done, or did you see that? I’m a big fan of empirical evidence — facts, verifiable facts. Corroborated by other sources? Sure. So, as the Sun shifts, but Mars and Mercury don’t? Before you get all knotted up over a perception, make sure you’ve fact-checked the data yourself. You need at least two, preferably three or four, but at least two sources.


As the Sun moves into a position that is opposite from you, it marks a time of the year when we all shift our concern, our care, and our compassion towards those who are less fortunate. The great divide between have and have-nots? As an ever widening gulf, a chasm of epic proportions, who, what, and how you choose to allocate is what’s important. I had one girlfriend, she always gave to the guy outside the convenience store. Even when she was broke, she would give a dollar, or her change, something. While I personally think that it is wrong to just randomly donate funds to apparently homeless people, I do believe in charity — and I do believe in something like tithing. Ten percent, off the top, like a spiritual tax? Sure, that works. With the era of transparency and a better understanding of how the world works, I research my giving. I give to a charity that I think deserves it, and where I feel like the money does the most good. For years, the counter help at the coffee shop has been my greatest place to donate money, comes in the form of a tip. It’s not required, but I can be an annoying customer, “Hey, what’s your birthday?” I figure it’s only right. As we get closer to Halloween? Tip. Tip more than usual, see if the old adage, “What goes around comes around,” see if that’s really true.


It’s like a cosmic rubber band. Big one, you know? Huge. A giant rubber band, and Mr. Mercury unwinds from his pattern, then good Gemini goes shooting forward, still hampered by that cosmic rubber band. You come off the starting block like a rifle shot. You’re going to make it this time! Then, as that cosmic rubber band stretches further and further out? The quick start slows to a crawl and suddenly, just when you’re almost within reach of your goal? You got snapped back. Does this kind of a rubber band bounce-back suggest you shouldn’t even try? No. What it is, more like an understanding of the way the cosmos works, and the way the planets are toying with your Gemini selves — it’s about making a lot steps forward only to be set back by a few steps, but over all? You’re gaining. Those rebounds by the cosmos itself don’t always feel great, but it is progress — of sorts.


We ain’t there yet. We won’t get there before Halloween, and any noise from Moon Children is just that — noise. To some, it sounds like complaining, but to a highly trained ear, like me, I can hear the distant whine of a warning, some foreshadowing, and a complaint about something that doesn’t work the way it is supposed to work. There is that, but, lest we get caught sideways? The distant Cancer whine that some other signs complain about? That’s a fair warning — for the others. But not unlike a figure in mythology who was accurate with her predictions, only to be cursed with no one to believe in her? Your fair warnings, that whining? Every other sign will think you’re just complaining; they will perceive that there is no threat. Long about Halloween, though, you watch, maybe just after at, at the first of the month, you watch. “See? I tried to warn you.” Don’t gloat, Cancer, gloating is not a good look on the gentle Moon Children.


As a lovely piece of possible writerly apocrypha? A famous novelist talked about the process of writing, and then, the luxury of being able to attend a “writer’s workshop” of some fame. Catered meals, solitude, a cabin in the woods, no distractions, just a typewriter, and time. That author claimed the evenings were spent in community with other authors, and everyone was drinking wine. The rest of the days? Didn’t get a lick of work done. Supposedly writers like to drink a lot, and that was about community, and the writer’s workspace was supposed to be an opportunity to work with no distractions. The challenge? Some of us perform best when there is a distraction. Kids in the background, screaming at each other? Neighbor with a weed whacker? The leaf blower, roaring when I want solitude? I spent a great portion of my life in true “inner city” situations, and there’s an almost constant din, a background rumble that never stops. One power outage was eerily quiet, and woke me up. No noise is worse? No way to tell, from Leo to Leo what works best, but the idea of a totally distraction free environment? Probably not going to happen. Then, too, when it does? Isn’t that a little spooky in and of itself?


Anyone else? That person won’t get it. Perfect Virgo? You get it. “Light that sucker up!” We are full on, madness lies ahead, crazy-ass sprint to the finish line. Incipient Scorpio, then full-frontal Scorpio just makes this all better for Perfect Virgo. One, rather Virgo woman, I mean, she’s got four or five planets in Virgo, she’s not agreeing with me.


Not a question, a statement. “How. Is. This. Better.” Hey, I’m looking at all the planets, and what that spells out is a chance to rectify a wrong, correct a mistake, and make little problems go away. What good Virgo doesn’t like the sound of that? OK, so there’s a catch. You’re going to have initiate the action, and that means, instead of berating me? Start taking little, tiny steps towards corrections that need to be made. Fix stuff that’s broken. No, give it a try. We’ll turn that Virgo frown upside down. Fix stuff that you can fix, fix stuff that’s broken, and that you know how to fix.


All better now.


End of story.

Maybe not totally out of the woods, and with Halloween, right next door?

But still, all better now.


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