Horoscopes for 10-28-2021

Horoscopes for 10-28-2021

Are my discourses dull? Barren my wit?
If voluble and sharp discourse be marr’d,
Unkindness blunts it more than marble hard.

  • Adriana in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 2.1.86-8
  • Mr. Mars saunters into the tropical zodiac sign of Scorpio around 9:21 AM, October 30, 2021. What that means?


    Scorpio Fiction has to be believable whereas non-fiction is typically unbelievable. Just one of the observations about life. There’s that fine line between fiction and fact. In my world, the two are often blurred, but then, I make no pretense about what I do. All the stories I tell are true stories. The more insane and unbelievable ones are closer to being true. At least some of those are unvarnished truth, and no one ever believes that. I’ve long remarked, I fish and I write horoscopes, no one expects the truth out of me. Which is why I stick to that, as unbelievable as it might be. It’s easier for me to convey just that, the real truth instead of allegory and myth. For Scorpio, this means the truth, as far-fetched as it might seem, the truth itself — with verifiable, independently corroborated data, as long as we can see that it’s true? You’re good to go, Scorpio. Happy birthday.


    The eventual new moon results in a great fountain of inspiration. New ideas gush forth. Our Sagittarius selves see resolutions and answers where there used to be gaping holes. We find a use for the mistakes, and ways to motivate others to be their best. We are inspired! Even better, some of this becomes enthusiasm and some of that enthusiasm wears off on compadres and cohorts, and then, they get inspired by us being inspired, and this cascades downwards — outwards — in ever increasing circles. So what that means?

    This is about figuring out what action to take once we are inspired. The inspiration is great, it’s just that, without action? We become the very archetype that we’re sometimes known for, Sagittarius hot wind. Full of bluster and mighty fine words, but no action. Just remember, despite all that? Inspiration without action is just entertainment.


    Free? Free is good. Unless it’s a puppy. A free puppy is never good. I have one buddy who will take exception to that, as I was there when he got one puppy that was free. Eventually, the dog grew to be the size of a small horse, but my buddy didn’t mind, him and the monster dog were, like, best of buds. That’s the only time I’ve seen a free puppy be a good deal. The longer version of the story involves some women who thought the dog was cute, and therein is the catch, the free puppy came with a price. Not just upkeep, but a price on my buddy’s heart. Which brings me back to what’s happening in Capricorn. “Free? Free is good. Unless it’s a puppy. A free puppy is never good.” Be careful with any “gift” that might have a long — and ultimately expensive — tail attached to it.


    I’m not sure this is a feeling that conveys to anyone else, and as a memory, it might be too personal. But I’ll give it a shot, like in the fall, or really maybe just about a few weeks ago? Sitting in the Hill Country at a resort, more than a fishing camp, less than a resort, watching as a squall line moved across the reservoir. It’s a “lake” in that it’s a body of water, and it’s man-made, I think Army Corp of Engineers is the steward, but it’s also a fishing hole for me. Place we were staying? A late summer squall suddenly gathered strength, and watching it blow across the lake’s surface, a marvel. Then there’s the smell of wet creosote, and ozone, the distinct aroma of wet rain, and then, half an hour after the first of the big drops fell? Buddy suggests we wander down to those shoreline with fishing poles in hand. The world feels fresh, all of a sudden, and it’s only for a moment, and it’s only a freaky last-minute rain storm. Still refreshing, in its own right. Same refresh pattern is coming along next couple of days in Aquarius as a great afternoon shower, just makes it all feel better. Then again, the next morning? Everything was soggy, the boat’s seats were wet, and the biting flies had tripled in numbers.


    The best defense? A good “mojo defense.” Are you going to need a good defense this week? I hope not. Does it hurt to ramp up the personal Pisces mojo so you can call up whatever it your believe in, to help protect you? Always good. I used to think, still do on some days, when I hooked a shrimp on hook, and flung it out into the ocean, only to watch the bait go one way and the hook go another way, I always tended to think I was making a small sacrifice to the fish gods, or whatever it was I believed in at the moment, the small gods of the bays and fishing holes, I just figured it was little donation towards their upkeep. That’s one example of my personal mojo, without getting into too many areas of difficulty about beliefs, gods, the sea, and fishing. Neptune would be the main one, and I don’t think he has time for me. Wasn’t there an apostle that was a fisherman? Whatever works, right? Whatever that Pisces brief system is about? That’s the best way to start this next week. All you need is a good Pisces appropriate mojo defense, and you’re good to go.


    Need to add something. It’s like cooking a dish, and knowing that there is an element missing from the recipe. Could be as simple as a spice, or even just salt. I was amazed at how just a pinch of regular salt could change the way a whole dish tasted. There’s another casserole type of dish I’ve been eating, and its secret ingredient? Plain, old black pepper. Not artisanal at all, but about teaspoon of regular pepper just does the trick with those veggies. So there are two, very simple, suggestions for Aries and the days ahead, add that missing spice. Instead of making this a complicated effort, though, start with basics. As always though you should remember, you must always take my advice with a grain of salt. Which might be the answer, huh.


    Google maps is a boon to a fisherman like me. I can easily trace where other guys have taken me fishing so I know the good spots, or their good spots. There’s also the idea that I can spot certain features from that Google Bird’s Eye view. I was watching the lake, a lake, from the lake house, and I knew what it looked like, from Google Maps, that there was a hump of some sort, underwater, but sill a raised feature, out in the middle. A little later, I noticed that single fishing boat was parked, right the northern edge of that hump. Later, talking with a local guide, I asked, and he wondered how I knew about that. It wasn’t secret so much as just insider, highly localized information. Google maps, and reading the water, both are easily accessible to anyone who is even slightly observant. Now, you might not be looking for a place to find fish at this moment, but you are looking for something. That something, I was looking for fish, and that Taurus target is easy enough to find, use the usual methods of plain, old-fashioned observation. That plus whatever technology applies.


    I’ve watched, over the years, and Gemini never seems to “resonate” with Scorpio. There always seems to be a disconnect of some kind. I always, just spitballin’ here, figured it’s the Scorpio need for absolute, their fixed nature whereas the Gemini, bless their hearts, they are just all over the place, almost all the time. Mutable and Fixed, and they don’t really go well together. In one instance, I’ve seen this work, but there are some serious mitigating factors, like Moon Signs, and, let me just say, other planets. So as we start to get into Scorpio proper, there’s a kind demand for a finite and inflexible answer from Gemini. Here’s my simple suggestion, answer that statement, no hedging your answer, no, and not doing that, if it’s just kind of an answer. This isn’t a puzzle, or an algorithmic answer time. Simple answer. I would add, for Gemini’s sake, that there should be an asterisk or footnote at the end of the definite answer, with the notation, “At this time.” Best answer, at this time. Absolute answer, at this time. Our Gemini best answer, at this time. Might change. Given the placements? Might not, but we need some Gemini wiggle room, you know, just in case it does change. But that is the best, definite answer, at this time.


    Ever watch while someone else over-complicates a situation? It was a buddy, trying to send a photo on his phone. Not really a big deal, but he would take the photo, resize it, then try to attach to e-mail, and then struggle with sending that e-mail to certain people. He was overthinking the process. It’s almost unnerving, when I know I can do that in about three taps of the phone’s interface, no real typing involved. This is my buddy, though, and he’s not always slow on the uptake, but the technology was eluding him at the moment. I have to step back, step away, or otherwise just let him figure it out. He’ll get there. Might take a few tries, but he’ll get there. Like wait, for gentle Moon Children, the Cancer set? Step away, count to three. Then count to three again. Repeat as need be so that the person who is over-complicating the process can figure out there’s an easier way. There is an easier way, you know.


    Time to change directions. In a general sense, I was thinking about career move, but this is less about that Leo career, and more like a personal gesture towards a simple, beneficial goal for yourself. The last time I wrote a novel, it took me about three weeks to get the story out. I did four pages a day, for that three weeks, might’ve been more like six weeks, and then I had a finished manuscript. If you have to know I’m still editing that manuscript to this day. I’m not happy with it, but I did it. A rough draft made it to a few publishers, no takers, and I shelved the project. As a finished piece of art, I’m OK with it. As polished piece of prose? Maybe not. However, I did complete a novel-length manuscript, and I did submit it for publication. Call that a win. I doubt you’re really going to write a novel in the next month. Holidays and night terrors abound. But the idea of starting and completing a project like that? Perfect for this next month, and this next week, as long as we’re doing Halloween frights? What scares you but could be accomplished? Try setting that goal and be surprised how well you can accomplish it before Thanksgiving.


    Prepare to let it go and move on. I’m not sure what it is that your Virgo self is letting go of, and I’m not sure if this is a situation, a person, a person in a situation, work, or home, a loved one, a loved item, a cherished friend who did you wrong and can never be forgiven, yeah, I’m not sure which one this is. But there is sense of letting go, and working in harmony with the planets, mostly the “inner planets,” like the Sun (Scorpio), the Moon (last quarter), Mars (moving into Scorpio), Mercury (in Libra), and Venus (in Sagittarius), yes, I’m not sure which one it is. Still, individually, there’s a single item that’s been blocking good, forward motion in Virgo land, and letting go? Set it free? Set it free to bother other people besides yourself? Releasing that grudge, or the item, or the symbolic item in the grudge match? Letting it go makes it so you can move forward, and as soon as All Saints Day arrives? You will begin to feel better, I mean, if you let that sucker go.


    We’re all going to take a giant breath and just hold it. Count one-two-three, exhale. Mars causes an urgency that might be real, or might be a false sense of urgency, and once Mars exits? Time to breath a sigh of relief. “Things” seem easier, now. “Things” are not as tense as they were before. There is some relief to the pressure that “things” were causing in the Libra land. There’s also a more gentle sense that some of this starting to come full cycle. We see the endpoint, now. There’s a certain clarity that pops up, and with that clarity? There’s a certain kind of very Libra-like surety. Careful as that can go more ways than we want, but there’s certainty since we can see more clear now. Use that clarity and act accordingly.

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