Horoscopes for 11-11-2021

Horoscopes for 11-11-2021

You have prevail’d. I will depart in quiet,
And in despite of mirth mean to be merry.
I know a wench of excellent discourse,
Pretty and witty; wild, and yet, too, gentle;
There will we dine. This woman that I mean,
My wife (but, I protest, without desert)
Hath oftentimes upbraided me withal:
To her will we to dinner.

Antipholus of Ephesus
in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 3.1.108-15


ScorpioHappy birthday, Scorpio dearest! This is the one birthday that will keep on giving! Doesn’t really matter, all that Scorpio stuff is just lit up like a neon “open” sign, flashing bright against a dark background. This is, and presages, a few weeks of Scorpio goodness. Scorpio’s secret is to get out of the house. Get out of the abode. Escape the confines of the current location. Move around. Ramble. For some, this is a merely a jaunt to pick up groceries, for others, this could be an errand half-way around the planet. All kind of depends, but the secret? Get out. Doing so makes the next few weeks ever so much more enjoyable.


I’ve gotten to a point where I make a pot of coffee in the morning. One, medium-sized pot of coffee, then I keep it warm for the first few hours. If I leave, or my attention gets drawn elsewhere, I’ll turn the heat off and let the coffee cool. There are several uses for that afternoon coffee. In a pinch, one cold November afternoon, I just poured that last cup into a mug, zapped it in the microwave, and I had me a decent, if culturally inappropriate, cup of coffee.

What that leftover coffee becomes is a Sagittarius guilty pleasure. Coffee cognoscenti complain bitterly about the misuse of coffee, and how a microwave is absolutely the worst way to heat the coffee. Look: this isn’t a rarified, single-origin, hand-roasted, specialty cup of coffee. This is leftover morning go-juice. I’m looking for cheap, easy, and economical, in terms of time to prepare and the effects. Cheap, easy, right here at hand: that’s this week’s Sagittarius secret for success. Cheap. Easy. Material is right here in the kitchen.


Venus in Capricorn is “kinda of cool” as it spells a tiny amount of relief for Capricorn. That works, right? The other, reactive agencies in the current Capricorn sky? Nothing more than learning not to listen your feelings. Not like that’s a big problem, not for most Capricorn that I know, but the term, “listen to your feelings?” That’s loaded with improbable and potentially bad advice. Yes, you have intuition. Yes, you’re brilliant. Yes, you have feelings, and yes, those desires are trying to push you in one direction, but that might not be the best idea. Just suggesting that you try to approach this with logic rather than Emotional “IQ.” That stuff about the feelings? Between Mars (in Scorpio) and Saturn (in Aquarius), there’s that idea the emotional content of the situation is merely that, just fluff. Desires, dreams, and insubstantial notions upon which we cannot build a real foundation.


Strange question, and as the Moon fills out? More important each day. Is it more important to be happy, or to be right? There will always be one, “I’m happy if I know I’m right.” Sure, sure, but I was thinking of a more indecisive situation, where there are two possible ways, one is to acquiesce to the other person, and tacitly agree, that even though that other person might have faulty logic, bad decisions, or just be plain wrong? It’s not worth the argument, is it? I ran into this with a person born on a cusp, and even though the facts clearly supported my position, I just shut up and let them believe whatever erroneous data that they chose to believe. It was just easier, and that way? Everyone was happy. Be right? Be miserable. Be happy, even though the opposing counsel is wrong? Sure. I’m all for Aquarius happiness at this point.


One, come to think of it, two Pisces will get this one. I am all in favor of healing stones like rose quartz and protection in the form of black tourmaline. Spiritual cleansing in the form of bundles of sage, and paulo santo, sure, but all that voodoo crap is best when backed by a magazine full of 9×19, or 45 ACP. Those are bullet calibers for handguns. Come to think about it — and my sampling, it might be skewed because I live in Texas — I know more well-armed, pistol-packing Pisces than any other kind. What this next few days is about? Doesn’t mean you have to pack a sidearm, get licensed, or strap on an open-carry, no, but is about being ready. Prayer and meditation are still the best Pisces protections, but not putting your Pisces self in harm’s way? That’s good, too, and finally? Protection, both spiritual and physical. I still think the best way to stay safe is not to pick a fight, but that’s just me.


Take all that copious Aries energy and focus it on just one project. One goal. A single goal, might appear unobtainable, but with the onslaught of the Full Moon? Anything can happen, Aries, anything can happen. That means, if you focus hard enough, give it enough attention, beat, cajole, beg, that goal is possible. I’m the one with the message: you can do it. How that occurs? Again, this takes a certain kind of singleness of purpose that isn’t so evident in other people. It’s a secret recipe for Aries success. Pursue that goal got a few days to ride this out, but pursue the goal? See if it doesn’t happen. See if you can reach that goal, obtain that Aries desire.

Focus, just on that goal. (And the steps to achieve it.)


We were leaving a place at the coast, snuck down for a little fishing, and then, late in the afternoon, we had some luck just fishing off the dock. Next morning, early, I rolled out and slipped into my “Going back the city” clothing, grabbed a pole and went to drown the last of the bait I had. Street shows, or, more properly, street sandals. Think I got a couple of non-keepers, a few dinks, but other than that, not much in the pre-dawn light, watching as the sun slowly lit up the fall sky with brilliant hues. I turned to head back in, and my street sandals slipped on some wet dock. I fell flat on my butt. No one saw, no harm, no foul, right? On the way down, I tended curse because I didn’t want to sit in dirty, wet shorts all the way home. But I was fishing some that morning, it counts right? No one saw?


All about the pitch, the way the data is presented. Going to be a weird connection, but bear with me, I got a destination. Visiting a friend’s, I noticed that the dining room table seemed a few inches low. Sinking into the mid-century modern chairs, I noted that they felt low, too. Right height for the table, but just, for some reason, seemed lower. When I went to hoist myself up, I found that I had to push up on the arm rests, to get enough momentum to stand. It was like a kneeling position, only I was sitting. My buddy grinned, “Found this at a recycle store, got new stuffing, recovered, fresh polish on the wood. Cool, huh?” New vintage, or vintage-vintage, or some other name. In his dining room, though, the inch or two, maybe three inches lower, the lower seat, the matching table, the effect is that the room feels taller. Give the effects of an arched, peaked ceiling with no appreciable changes. I think he’s got one wall that’s darker, and the rest is light, the ceiling bright white. Just feels “lifted.” It’s a trick. A simple trick, but well-executed, and done in such manner to accentuate the idea that the dinning space has a vaulted ceiling. Simple trick, Gemini, simple trick. Think: almost an optical illusion. There’s a simple trick you can employ to make life better, right now.


Pick and choose. It’s that simple, pick and choose. One particular Moon Child, Cancer-person looks at me, and I can see a snarky comment spooling up, like I’m about to be eviscerated for my suggestions. Before lashing out at me, though, think about the comment, “Pick and choose.” It’s not a command, it’s a guideline. A suggestion. An ideal. Best of all, there’s a built in “pause” that serves your gentle Cancer self well. The idea is that being a little more circumspect, a little more cautious about getting swept away with the feeling rather than looking at the facts themselves? There’s a sense that some of this might be a little more surreal than usual, and this calls for better judgement. Better judgement comes from a passel of bad decisions. I know of what I speak. As much as the approach of the Full Moon encourages you to rush forward? I’m in favor of the enthusiasm, I also suggest, for that Cancer destination? Pick and choose. You’re better served, that way.


I’ve watched, for many years, what happens to The Leo in Scorpio season. Hint: it’s not usually very pretty. Don’t get me wrong, The Leo has many fine qualities, and just a few quirks. The challenge is that these “quirks,” or even “idiosyncratic behaviors” bubble to the top during the Scorpio season. It’s not always pretty, not for The Leo. Simple suggestion, next couple of days? Most of my fishing buddies are now hunting buddies, and not concerned with fishing. Great time to go to the lake, alone, and fish. All the attention is elsewhere. Don’t worry about it. Here’s the trick? Don’t fight for that attention. Too much Scorpio makes The Leo unhappy, and there’s no reason to pick a fight, when that really won’t resolve anything. “But I’ll feel better.” At what cost?


Helps to pay attention to what we see, if we want to achieve results. For me, this is even simpler. I was working along the shoreline of a local lake, early morning, and I had a single top-water lure on, more as an exercise than a real hope of catching fish. Got one, but then, after I landed her, and set her free again, I pulled off the last couple of feet of fishing line and re-tied the lure on, as that last few feet got beaten up landing the fish. Squatting alongside the rocky shoreline, I noticed movement in the nearest puddle. It was a tiny, almost clear, shrimp-looking creature. It was an adolescent cray-fish. Food of the gods, to some of us, and in all my years, I’d never seen a tiny one in the wild. Anymore, most of the store-bought, restaurant-served crawdads are “farmed,” rather than fresh-caught. While I have seen, years ago, a single crawdad in the river, I had never observed an adolescent, trapped in a natural, tiny pool, up close. The organs and claws looked brownish in tint, but the shell and skin, seemed to me to be clear. The next morning, I switched from top water to “craw-monster plastic,” and the success speaks for itself. Pay attention to details, read the obvious Virgo signs, and then adjust accordingly, with tight lines, and otherwise? Virgo success.


There’s a drink, locally available, I don’t know, I haven’t tried one, nor, due to my retiring nature, I probably won’t ever try one, but it’s a Jack and Coke Ice-E. The one drive-thru taco-beer joint I know that does these? I suspect it is cheap bourbon, and knock-off cola, all swirled up in a retired slushee machine. So let’s take an alcohol, cheap bourbon whisky, combine it with over-sugared caffeinated water, then freeze it all. Individually, none of this is a good for the body, and together? I fear this is a much younger person’s pleasure. October brings a few days that are not quite “blistering hot,” but do cause a sweat. Doesn’t really matter if you’re here, or not, but a concoction that is both cold, frozen, alcoholic, sugary, and caffeinated? How can this ever go wrong? It’s merely a suggestion, and I know one lovely Libra, hopping in her car right now, to head on over to the drive-thru taco-joint to avail herself such comfort. Scares me, but I’m not Libra, and I don’t need sweet, cold comfort.


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