Horoscopes for 11-25-2021

“In debating which was best, we shall part with neither.”

  • Balthazar Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 3.1.68

Horoscopes for 11-25-2021


Sagittarius “In debating which was best, we shall part with neither.” Single line from Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors. While we can argue about which way is best? All that time spent arguing? We miss the point. Isn’t that the point? Strange, seemingly malignant dark forces are stirring in Sagittarius. Is this bad? Horrible? But, but “Birthday!” And, like other holidays, and the approach the Xmas season, and all we hold near and dear? Sure, that, too, but wait.

There’s a single element missing in the Sagittarius soul (this week.) Won’t be long, won’t be forever, although, to at least one Sagittarius, it will feel like forever, yeah, just hold on. Not bad, just a time to pause and watch the raucous entertainment. How about, I was supposed to fish, but the day dawned blustery and cold, three-foot chop on the water, yeah, some waves cresting six-foot? Maybe not a day to fish, take a rain-check?


Thus begins our annual, Capricorn, “Voyage of self-discovery.” I can go with a bunch of rhetorical and high-flying language, but what this is about? What’s going on inside that Capricorn brain? Thoughts, clouded thinking, mirages, half-baked dreams going nowhere fast? Yes, there is that. But then, too, there’s other stuff. Some of this appears to be a fantasy, and even your less-rational side will admit that. What to do with this all?

Capture it, put it down on paper, or, I prefer, “Capture it, and preserve in digital media.” Varies, from individual to individual as to the best way to capture whatever that illusive idea, concept, and plan might be. The fantasies themselves, sure, and the proper media varies from individual to individual. One artist friend, he takes perfectly good garden pottery, smashes it in the studio area, then uses the shards to assemble a mosaic from the broken bits. Always weird to be out with him, “Wait, I need to stop at this garden supply place,” and I’ll ask why. He needs more pots to break.


At least one South Texas native, told you I would use this, at least one buddy down here has the ultimate health drink. It’s tequila, some lime juice, a little Cointreau, blended up with some ice just like a fruit smoothie. “It’s a health drink, fresh citrus, antiseptic alcohol, a little essential oil flavor from that Cointreau, sure, a healthy smoothie!” Only in South Texas is a health drink a frozen margarita without the salt. Then, again, Aquarius, what’s a healthy coping mechanism, for one? Could be poison for another. I have an adverse reaction to tequila. Years of testing proved this so. I don’t need to test it. However, I’m not Aqiarius, and I’m not trying to cope with everything that’s going on. You are. Whatever your coping mechanism? Remember, if you need to, that a margarita without salt is a health drink. At least, to some of my friends, that’s what they tell me. Whatever works for Aquarius, works for Aquarius.


I watched a series the other evening. Really, I stretched it out over a couple of evenings, but in essence, it was like one viewing. One viewing over three successive evenings? Sure. While I enjoyed the premise, and the show itself was shot in Europe so there was the international flavor, I think, there were maybe ten episodes, I think 7 would’ve been enough. Too much time spent setting up scenes, looking for a nuanced, and textured image wherein, all I wanted? Show some leg, prurient body parts, then action, bombs, bullets, flames, laser beams, even? Sure. Maybe I’m less interested in plot than action. Perhaps the compelling story line is a little hackneyed to me. Doesn’t much matter, I followed along, looking stuff up as it went, trying to place actors, and the source material for the show. I think it was too long. Judicious editing would’ve helped. With streaming? It’s possible to take a 6-hour piece and make it last over 12 hours. Bit of a waste, if you ask me, but obviously, they didn’t. What this means for Pisces? Cut out the extraneous material. Get to the point, we don’t have time for nuanced, layered, deeply metaphorical answers. Get to the point. Get to the point, quickly.


There is a time to talk about it. There is a time to take action. There is a time to talk about taking action. Then, there is a time to sit down, shut up, and hold on. Winter fishing isn’t a particular interest of mine. There will be a few days when it’s nice enough for me to get out to the bay, or out on a lake, but yeah, I’ll hold off on winter fishing. Not that I haven’t heard stories of relative successes in the winter time, or not that there are ways to handle this, it’s just that I’m too much of a frail, older man who isn’t interested in extreme events. Yeah, not anymore. So I try to fish around my birthday, but other than that, and if the weather doesn’t co-operate? I have no problem waiting until it’s nicer out. That’s me. Take a clue from me, and take a clue for your Aries self, if the situation is not co-operating, like, the sun’s not out and the temperature is below 60 degrees? I’m not going. There are always variations on the theme, but this is mostly about Aries comfort, and sticking to that comfort zone. Whatever that is, or however one chooses to define, it, but I think I’ve made my sentiments quite clear.

“30 knot wind gusts, 6-foot chop, 18-foot boat.”

Think I’ll take a pass. Might want to think about that for Aries, too.


It can be good or it can be bad. My little recipe for making this good? Be prepared for unsettling changes in direction. Ever deal with a kid that seems to have a hyper-activity personality disorder? I was hanging out with my buddy’s son, and what I discovered, there’s nothing wrong with the kid, or the kid’s behavior, he’s a male of approximate age 4-7, and as such, he needs near constant attention. It’s not bad, just a simple reminder that when I’m around that kid, we are going to do a lot of different activities and they might not all seem to be related. Kids are still kids. I know his mom is concerned about the kid being Attention Deficit (something-syndrome), and while I’m by no means a real psychologist, often as not, that kid is just being a kid. I’ll have to look out for him again, in the near future. Xmas and all. It’s fun for me, as I just plan on nothing, and being totally open to whatever it is that he wants to do. He pulled out a toy walkie-talkie, thumbed an imaginary number into it, and asked for pizza. Said he wanted pineapple on the pizza. Look: I’ll indulge the kid so far, but I have to teach him some manners: no pineapples on pizza. Other than that?


I got an image of a Carolina Anole, just a simple garden lizard, and the funny part, this was maybe a month ago? He was getting ready for a winter nap. He had, in his tiny lizard mouth, most of a cockroach. Big cockroach: the kind that scares women, children, and even some men. “Ew! I hate those things!” So do we all, so do we all. The roach, headfirst into the lizard’s mouth, it looked like the little green lizard was choking on the meal.

Old rule of thumb, passed on to Gemini: never eat anything bigger than your head.

However, as I paused and observed the lizard, he managed to choke it all down, and waddled off to a safe spot to nap. Probably his version of a long nap after a turkey dinner. I’ll admonish that you shouldn’t ever try to eat anything bigger than your Gemini head, but clearly the lizard succeeded. I don’t know enough about the biology and the lifecycle of the Carolina Anole to say for sure if that was a final meal, or just the last supper until next spring. Either way, lizard was headed for a nap. Save up, Gemini, save up. Time to think about a real, or figurative, hibernation time. Like the lizard. Mercury opposite you in Sagittarius, just spells out a time to rest and recuperate. More holidays are dead-ahead. And Gemini? Never eat anything bigger than your head.


I got one buddy who is, was, a statistician. He compiled and analyzed data sets for medical research. He’s retired, so really, he’s just a fishing buddy, that’s how I know him. However, when I posed a technical, statistically-based question, he started to equivocate. There was something about random sampling, data sets, then more statistical mumbo-jumbo, and what I learned? The statistics guys are no better off than the astrologers. “Science fact,” and peer-reviewed numbers reveal about as much as my stars do. I tend to favor my stars, but then, I’ve been at this almost as long, if not longer, and I like my results. That helps. Statistically speaking, though, for Cancer, and the Moon Children? This spells out a time of long odds. The numbers, statistically speaking, are arranged against you. Not without hope, but it’s a long-shot, at best. It’s not a good time to gamble. Stick, with safe, sure, statistically probable results, and keep winning. It’s OK to reach for the stars, just be aware of where your feet are planted.


I lived without TV and very few trips to the movies, for a long time. I was thinking because I needed some kind of way to force The Majestic Leo to focus. Bring that copious and often unguarded attention to bear on just one goal. Single task. Xmas, around the corner? Maybe this is related to the holiday. Maybe this is a belated Sagittarius thing. Maybe this is merely a nagging thought about a single goal that has yet to be accomplished, and it would be so simple, and easy, to handle, if you could just focus. Eschew the Sagittarius trappings for the moment. Think: “I am The Leo,” and as such? You have an ability to bring all that magnificent Leo attention down on just one, it’s a single goal, task, partial project, just one item that needs to be finished. Holidays are underway, such as it is. Maybe this is a holiday thing. Never can tell. Varies from Leo to majestic Leo, but the common element? Turn off the distractions and finish that one “thing,” whatever that “thing” is. For me? It was really helpful not having a TV.


I sat down at the breakfast table, which is more like a small nook than a real breakfast table. I looked at your charts for this week, and I raised a coffee cup to a dear, departed mentor. “Thanks, dude,” and I snickered. Friend, mentor, rival, and, at one point, I became his arch-enemy. I was most vehemently attacked and hated. Way it goes. That line between “love” and “hate” is quite thin at times. I’ll accept the roles, as they were earned by me. I never got the true nature of the — almost violent — hatred, but I suppose I can cause such emotions. Must be a past life or something. That friend, as far as I am concerned, continues to reach, long after his soul shuffled off this mortal coil. One lesson? Have to be able to put that — something with Virgo right now — have to be able to put that in its place. A storage unit. A mental compartment. A tiny box that I leave on the shelf in the back closet. Or, in one case, up in the attic. If I were to move again, and I probably will, that thing in the attic? Might forget it. Which is what this is about. Wrap it up, store it, then leave it alone. What the Virgo stars are all about. Looks like we’ve got less than a month to Xmas, too.


Growing up, I distinctly recall our family had a “Living Room” that was reserved for guests. Only, the room was never occupied, as far as I know. Never as a kid, anyway, the “living room” with its pristine, designer-esque furniture and fine art? I might be the last generation to remember spaces like that. Rooms that were reserved for “guests” who never showed up. Me, living in a 300 square-foot trailer, I learned to make use of every available square inch of space. Now, where I currently live, the “living room” has, once again, become a room for doing living activities. It’s not a sitting room or parlor. These are changes, for good, I would hope, ongoing. Use what’s available. Libra: use what’s available as it is intended. We’re not saving anything for an undetermined future, yeah, the recent pandemic makes that clear, if the astrology doesn’t.


I was looking at a sales sheet. Advertising. Think it was really remaindered stuff, sale stuff that never sold, so it was steeply discounted. Merchandise that no one wanted, and at its original price, I didn’t want it either, but when it was a fraction of its original price? It was appealing. I looked. I clicked through. I looked at the item then thought about it. Grabbed its product description and looked on Amazon. That sales price was a steep discount. That item would be cool, and useful maybe three or four years ago. I could’ve used one, then. Now? Not so much. I’ve changed my travel, and working arrangements, and, for that matter, I keep threatening to step back from as frequent work. But for a moment, I couldn’t get my mind out of the work, and its sordid details, the requirements of my “day job,” and thinking about that equipment. Think about it, Scorpio dear? Yes, think about it. Take action? No. I mean really, do you need it or just want it because it would look cool?


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