Horoscopes for 11-4-2021

Horoscopes for 11-4-2021

    Antipholus of Syracuse:

Why, but there’s many a man hath more hair than wit.

    Dromio of Syracuse:

Not a man of those but he hath the wit to lose his hair.

    Antipholus of Syracuse:

Why, thou didst conclude hairy men plain dealers without wit.

Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors (2.2.65-7)

    The New Moon in Scorpio is around 4:09 PM (local), November 4, 2021. Mercury enters the same Tropical Zodiac sign of Scorpio November 5, 2021 around 5:58 PM (local).


Scorpio Personally, I love this. Dark of the Moon, just past Halloween, All Saint’s Day, and Dia de las Muertas — all of that, all at once. Skeletons, skulls and crossed bones, a grand collective of several witchy kind of times. Mars, Mercury, New Moon (Sun and Moon), all of that in delightfully macabre Scorpio. Pluto is a Scorpio planet. During its tenure in Sagittarius, I took to wearing all black, all the time. Again, this is in keeping with the tone of the times, and this week is a time to revel in all that is Scorpio. In my adopted home of San Antonio, there are great monuments, altars, erected to the dead. Relatives, ancestors, patriarchs, matriarchs, aunts and uncles, whole family lineage, and, in short, a great way to trace heritages. The Dark of the Moon is great time because it’s the best time, especially in Scorpio, it’s the best time to lay a framework on which we will build our total world domination, or at least exercise control over what our Scorpio corner of the world looks like. It’s time to look backwards, build upon our relative Scorpio strengths, and then? Think of a framework for the future. What do you really want for your birthday, as a gift from the Universe, or whatever it is you believe in, what do you really want? Scorpio hint: lets start building a framework to make that happen.


Old buddy showed up not long ago. He knew me “way back when,” and that was a time when I was probably more hormone-driven than human. Less book learning, less educated, and yet, even in my own retrospection, I wasn’t a nice person. Simply put. Follies and fantasies of youth? He must’ve detected something in my nature, my character, that I don’t perceive was there. We reconnected, years, decades, later. He’s got a gentle countenance, a merry but refined attitude, and I quoted something back to him, that he said, many years previous.

It was a little metaphysical kind of a bon mots, a homily that served me well over the years. With the spooky Dark Moon, thinking about an old buddy brought up deeply-rooted reveries, and the juxtaposition of my more enlightened behavior now, compared with the crap I was, then. Times change. Morals shift, and perhaps, we become more self-aware. This kind of meditative thought can be disastrous for a typical Sagittarius if we’re not cautious. Embrace, indulge, and explore the meditative space, but careful, we can’t afford to get stuck there, nor, for that matter, and it’s especially prevalent at the beginning of this week’s scope, we cannot allow this to take that “dark turn,” and delve into the “What if I’d only done it this way,” and the various downward spiraling, “If only.” We didn’t, we did, it is what it is, move on.


Yellow-jackets, Red-Wasps, Mud-Daubers, and various other winged, wasp-like vermin? Insects, really, and I think they are all from the same family, look sort of alike, and behave in a similar manner: they sting. It hurts. I, for one, am not allergic to their venom. Hurts like a bitch, but I don’t go into shock and nothing else happens. Last time I got hit by a Yellow-Jacket, I gobbled up an antihistamine, right away, and that lessened the impact of the sting. It also reminded me to use a broom next time I wanted to knock down a nest. While not destructive or — at least to me — deadly? The various wasps are major pains in the butt, dodging, ducking, and avoiding them, and then? Trying to discourage their nest building endeavors along my domiciles, backyards, wherever. I don’t like them. They hurt. A kind of détente is called for, and this is a time, this very week, for Caprciron to start negotiating a peace-treaty with the other denizens of these environs. To me, this looks like a wasp-nest. Again, not deadly, just painful. Easiest to just avoid. In case I’m not clear, I don’t see this as deadly encounter, just painful. The solution is a kind of negotiated peace, like, “You stay on your side, don’t fly near me, and I’ll just stay over here with the bug spray, if you come too close.”

Capricorn détente.


“That’s very interesting.” Not like I haven’t suggested this before? The expression, “That’s very interesting.” It’s a safe, non-comital term that conveys interest, and can sound sincere, without voicing approval or disapproval. “That’s very interesting.” Use as need be, but what happens, as Mars get closer to squaring Saturn, there’s going to be a confrontation. Usually, this is a supervisor of some sorts. Temporarily, someone in a supervisory capacity is trying to call attention to a perceived shortcoming with your own Aquarius self. I doubt it is really a shortcoming, either. I think the other folks, the sources of the confrontation, fail to understand strength and liability, and this is an Aquarius asset — not a liability. Strength, not weakness. Divide that up however it fits best, but the trick, to negotiate this, as we get closer and closer, and with Mars where he is? Mars causing, ahem, consternation?

Best response?

“That’s very interesting.”


One of my weird affections is a visually-stunning social-media file of mostly cover art for Shakespeare plays. There were a few in there that were merely concept pieces, stylized, high-art imaginings of what a cover for a certain play would look like. However, the bulk of the collection is merely the covers of Shakespeare’s plays’ programs, over the last couple of decades. Some are highly ornate while others feature nothing more than blood dripping, and a skull. Can be Hamlet, the Scottish Play, or even Richard 3. High body count and skulls a-plenty? Daggers and short swords, again a popular motif, more and more, I’m just interested in the seemingly fleeting notion of the art used on the cover. Tropes, themes, possible stage directions, and misdirections, all are a part of that kind of art. I like it, and for me, it’s a quick way to see what the production was about. What is of interest, and now that the Scorpio new moon thing, and assorted other transits, now that it is come and gone? What kind of visual aids does Pisces need as reminders? Me, I like the images of old covers of the plays’ programs. A single image can convey a world of information and interpretation.


Looking over my notes for the coming week, I stumbled across an older inscription. “You’re a boy — they’re all ADHD.” It was from mental health care professional so, I can trust that kind of a judgement, right? Still, the notion stands, and it stands well under scrutiny. While “All generalizations are false?” That doesn’t stop this from being a good guideline to follow, especially, well, the Scorpio stuff, and everything else. Just, for the ease and grace of the Aries mind, let’s just make a faulty but valid assumption, that all males under the age of 30 are basically ADD or ADHD. Treated as such? That makes the world easier understand, and for that matter, a simpler place to navigate, in the foreseeable future, at least for Aries. The correct way to deal with this ever-present energy? Choices, but limit the choices to two. “This or that, which one?” While this sounds over-simplified? As a way to move yourself forward as you deal with an increasingly larger group of people who all act like a proverbial herd of cat, or barrel of monkey or whatever metaphor works? Just keeps it to the two choices, simple. Easy. Which also has another point following, “If this, then this, or if that, then that.” Limit? Two choices.


One place I used to fish, like, fished there a lot? One lake? There was an amateur, pick-up fishing tournament almost every Saturday morning. Fish the whole lake, go back to the marina for the weigh-in and count, best five fish in a single boat would win. Black Bass or Florida Bass, genetically almost identical, not that it mattered, but every Saturday, maybe it was Sunday, all those caught fish would be set free in the marina, right at the dock, after the weigh-in. Now, for a guy who is strictly in this for the fun? It takes the average caught bass, 12-24-48 hours to recover from being dragged up on boat, or ashore, weighed, photographed, and unceremoniously set free again. One fishing trip, we suited up, motored out in the middle of the marina’s “No Wake” zone, and essentially trolled for an hour in a short circle. While there were certainly no keepers, pictures are on the site someplace, they were lots of catching, lots releasing and good time was had by all. Maybe not the fish. “Ah man, I fell for that same lure, AGAIN.” Taurus, use this as an example. Play it smart, play it cool, and have a great time when everyone else is back in school.


Amusing, to me, as I’m considered a long-term “professional.” Never set out to do this, not this way, but what I did, over the years, was build a deep well of weekly predictions. Over time, this is more than a quarter of a century, all available, in a searchable database, for anyone to check what I said, way back when. I charge a lot for my experience, and when questioned why I can make so profound a statement, in a short space, I point out that I’ve been at this a long time, and I’ve practiced this, quite a bit. I got here by following my muse. I’ve stop, started, course-corrected, and I’ve changed, over the years. The basic arrangement is still the same framework, but I’ve amended this in finite ways, as I traversed this path. New Moon Scorpio for Gemini means that there is time to take a glance back at what works, what doesn’t work, and what satisfies that Gemini soul the most. What is most gratifying? Now, how do we get from where we are — where Gemini is today — to where you want to be? What is the most direct route? No, that won’t work, but that’s a starting point. The direct route, yeah, that’s a great idea, but might not be the quickest route for Gemini; nevertheless, it is a starting point. Let’s get painted in the best Gemini direction.


I was watching the sky, and there was a large bird of prey, riding the afternoon thermals. I thought I saw a flash of red, therefore, I assumed it was a Red Tail Hawk. Rather a common critter, around these parts. But the second time I saw the pair, as it was amazed pair, riding the thermals upwards, I was less sure. Without binoculars handy, I couldn’t identify the birds for sure. On the third morning, I noticed that the pair was feasting on some dead fish, along the shore. Catch and release, was caught and released, and washed up on the shore, and became carrion, which, in turn, before the buzzards arrived, became a feast for the Crested Cara-cara (Mexican Eagle). I admire that bird, it’s majestic with a very pronounced look, unsmiling, and regal. However, it can hunt just like the raptor that it is, or, it will also follow buzzards and eat carrion. Whatever is easier. From the lake house, it was too far to see what kind of bird it was, when it was merely circling the thermals, and looking down from on high, but when I saw it feasting on shoreline detritus, I knew what it was. With the Scorpio astrological events, the trick is to take advantage of what’s right there. You can hunt, or you can dine. Either works. Enjoy the watery New Moon, as befits you.


Always amazing to me, go 50 miles out of town? Just pick a direction, some days, it feels like it’s just beyond the City Limits sign, doesn’t much matter, but just a few miles into the countryside? Everything changes. From dense, inner-city, urban existence to rural lifestyle. In some cases, this is at the very edge of the latest subdivisions, growing, mutating and metastasizing across the barren landscape. In those rural, or semi-rural, or, at the least sub-urban areas? At least around me, and in my experience, the folks tend to be friendlier. As this concentration in Scorpio occurs, for The Leo? Imitate my more rural neighbors. Weird, city-slicker folks come along? Give them a “Hey ya’ll,” and a “howdy,” just like they were regular neighbors. If you live in the city? Pretend you’re country. If you live in the country? Be your gregarious self. That kind of loquacious, outward facing kindness, even though (Scorpio) your Leo self might be seething inside? That forward-facing kindness, or apparent kindness, makes things a lot easier, and there’s less of a chance of any kind of a blow-up.


I was texting back and forth with my sister. I tend to really dislike text, SMS protocol, as a method of communication. It’s too immediate, there’s a fluidity, and finally, it’s right there on my phone. Nope, I don’t like it. My sister finally shot back a comment, “Sounds like you’re bored.” My response? “It’s hard work, avoiding work.” Which in part was what I was doing. I was looking for a distraction so I wouldn’t have either answer mail, or talk on the phone. Or write. I was trying to find a way out of working. I was also, on the sly, seeking some kind of a sign from the heavens, but the answer I kept getting? I was avoiding work. It’s hard work, avoiding work. As this week starts to unravel, and all that Scorpio stuff as Mercury slips in? All of that, it’s hard work avoid work. As a Virgo-compliant person myself, I’m setting a good example, at the moment, avoiding work. Virgo: it’s not easy not working so hard. Are you really busy, or are you like me, working hard at not working?


There are many unanswered questions in the world. There is one, and I’m not sure I believe what I’ve found on the web, thus far, but who invented the hard-shell taco? I’m thinking this is a fairly recent innovation. I grew up with them, but as I drifted southward, I discovered that a real taco usually doesn’t have a crispy shell. Usually, it’s a soft tortilla, maybe warmed on each side, marks from the comal, but still, it’s a soft taco. Which begs the question, who invented the hard taco shell? Growing up, that was the only kind of taco I knew, the thin, corn tortilla shell baked in a U shape, and filled with approximate goodness. By the time I’d drifted throughout West Texas, and South, past Austin? I learned that the hard shell taco is a construct of — I’m not sure where it came from. Flat breads cross cultural boundaries, showing up as unleavened bread in Mediterranean food groups, and as wraps in various other cultures, too. This is not limited to the Americas. So while the planets spin lazily in other directions, the question for Libra, “Who invented the hard-shell taco?”

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