Horoscopes for 12-2-2021

Horoscopes for 12-2-2021

It is not well done, mark you now, to take the tales out of my mouth, ere it is made and finished.

    Fluellen in Shakespeare’s Henry V (IV.vii.9)

New Moon in the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius about Dec. 4, 2021, almost at 1:43 AM (local).


Sagittarius One of the greatest of confusions is about fishing gear. Off and on, over the last years, almost three decades, now, I’ve written as The Fishing Guide to the Stars. I know a thing or two about some aspects of fishing, mostly, rather localized data. Part of who — and what — I am. I’ve also observed, and this is a very Sagittarius behavior that pops up now: changing out gear. “If I only had a different shade of bait, if it was just a different color, then I would be catching fish.” If I only had, and the litany is nearly endless, different pole, different fishing line, different reel, different bait, different hook, weights, bobbers, Bluetooth, do they even make a bluetooth fishing thing? I don’t know. But the right gear isn’t going to work. It does work, but I spent half of a coast trip in the back of the boat, tying on different baits, hooks, combinations, lures, and so forth, and less time with a line in the water. Problem? Every time I paused to try a different arrangement, my buddy would catch something, and he wasn’t using an ideal set-up. Think it was just leader, hook, not much else. Bait. Something at the end of the hook to attract the fish. To be fair, I was experimenting with a number of new-fangled set-ups, and it was part of that, and he was just fishing. As an example for our Birthday Sagittarius, and the rest of us? Simple works. Keep it simple. If the goal is to catch fish, then the easiest way to catch fish is to make sure we have a line in the water.


Save yourself from another round of hope and hurt? It’s a vicious cycle, isn’t it? Get those Capricorn hopes up, looks so promising and then? All gets rent asunder, resulting in Capricorn butt-hurt. Look: impending holidays and all? Gear up for Xmas and all that? Sure, I’m all for that conviviality. There’s just that one thing, you know?

My goal, and if I succeed with just a single Capricorn person then my job is successful, I’m trying to prevent the cycle of Capricorn hope and hurt. I’m not saying don’t dream. Dream, dear one, dream. Big. The bigger the fantasies, the better off we are. That works. It’s the point of expectations, and expecting those fantasies to materialize, in the real world, in the very real Capricorn world, therein is the problem. If I could, I would make this happen. In the meantime, I’m just suggesting, this week? Break the cycle of Capricorn hope and hurt.


Over my years, I’ve seen some strange combinations. One of the weirder ones, other afternoon, the Scorpio Sun was low in the sky, and I was supposed to help pull the lower off the boat’s motor. Buddy had a can of coke, and he was “fixing” it. It’s hard to find some combination I haven’t seen before, but what he was doing? He used a shop tool to poke a hole in that can of coke, then he added a couple of salted peanuts, and topped it off with bourbon. Cheap bourbon, I might add. Looked like a familiar label until I read the name, and it was — just cheap bourbon whiskey. Plus salted peanuts and a can of coke. He claims it’s good, we shared stories of recent conquests, me on the water, him off the water, and I think we might’ve pulled the lower, I don’t recall. Doesn’t matter, that boat’s not going in the water until next spring. This was a pre-holiday “work on the gear” kind of session. Also a chance to unwind. While it isn’t something I would even consider, after watching the careful prep, and then the consumption? I wonder if there’s something to that coke, peanuts, bourbon concoction. For me? Too strange, and I have an adverse reaction to cheap bourbon, but for my buddy? It worked. As the New Moon starts to rise and fill out? Try something that looks homespun — might be delicious.

Really doesn’t appeal to me — but I’m not Aquarius.


This used to work for me, but alas, no longer. Might work for a few Pisces, but I’m warning you, it probably won’t work. The excuse is simple, “Seemed like a good at the time,” and sure, that works on certain occasions. This is probably one of the times that it doesn’t work. I’ll agree with Pisces, it does sound like a good idea, and at this moment, a wonderful idea, only — only — there seems to be a certain lack of “thinking this through to its inevitable conclusion,” which is part of the problem. The excuse, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time,” really doesn’t work. Fair warning.

Pisces: Think it all the way through.


I have a long list of bible quotes. Usually just a book, chapter, verse, of various quotes taken in — and out — of context. I use them as need be, and I when I need a quote, I pull down my old, worn-out KJV (King James Version) of the bible for those quotes. The meaning, the tenor, the timbre of the various quotes, all that changes. I’m not sure, there are days, I don’t think we’re using the same quote as they differ from version to version. I’ve long-lamented the problems with translation, but keeping a running list of bible quotes I want to look up? That helps. “Like it says in the bible…” See what mine says and see how that lines up with the segment. This is about being willing to access source, and then checking that out for yourself, rather than blindly accepting, “That what it said in the book.” Aries: look it up for yourself. You’ll be happier, and you’ll thank me.


According to astrological lore, the “Retail-me-not” movement is antithetical to the Taurus mind and body. I’m not passing judgement, just what I was taught, and not necessarily what I believe. However, as an idea, it’s worth looking at, but maybe, this is the time not to buy. I know, it looks like a good deal, but maybe, just not now. There’s an outside chance, a long-shot that might pay off, but when the odds are stacked — stacked not in your Taurus favor? That’s the time to think about not buying, not making that wager, not putting all the money on the line for a slim-to-none chance of winning big. As an idea, just floating this out there, there’s one who will win big, but you can do that just as easy on a single dollar on the lotto as anything else. Win big? I want one percent. Otherwise? I warned you, might not work, not this week.


There’s an urgency foisted by Mr. Mercury, and that’s what this is about. It’s less urgent than you think, but I would never, ever try and dissuade a Gemini from a decent round of internal panic. Ever try and find that “one toy” that every kid wants this year? Out-of-stock, not available online, and no one seems to know where to find them? It’s just a piece of cheesy plastic that has a big marketing push and then turned into a cult-like choice. Sure, happens every year. We’ve seen this before. This applies to Gemini because this mercurial web unleashes that, “I’ve got to have this right now!” Slow down there, my little Gemini friend, slow down there. If you pause, wait, turn your attention someplace else for now? In another few days, that item will show up, discounted. No reason to get in the hunt, and get hurt, trying to wrestle other shoppers for it.


One of the greatest problems with the digital media, as we now know it? It offers too many distractions. The good news? I have the world’s libraries at my fingertips. The biggest frustration, with the inter-connected way this stuff works? I can so easily get distracted while trying to access just a single point of information. Just a quick “fact-check” turns into 45 minutes of time spent clicking, search, then looking at pictures of cats, with one image giving me an idea, and then I start searching for a recipe for particular dish, and none of this has anything to do with what we originally looking at, now does it? See the problem? Feel my pain? The Moon Children’s ability to filter is what’s under attack. Under pressure. Cancer is easily distracted. The idea, though, if there is a single idea, a single point, just one thing you need to look up, verify, or find? Go for it. Don’t get distracted, and all is well. Wait, did you see this, too? No. No — no, no. Keep focused.


Winter-time fishing in South Texas is odd. Get these strange days when it’s not sunny, not cold, not hot, just sort of “blah.” Middle of the morning, I was at the edge of a pond, or tank, depends on what one calls it, and I was just sort of limbering up my casting arm, as I felt like I had grown stale in the last few weeks. Weather, holidays, family, and the list goes on. There’s a broad section of rocky “beach” that gives way to steep, underwater “canyon” of sorts. Shallow water then steep drop-off. I was getting the bait out there, then letting it fall, slowly reeling it back in. Probably seen the picture on the web someplace, me, grinning, holding up a fish. What made it an interesting catch, besides the time of the year, and the particular plastic I was using? Landing that fish in the shallow water of the “beach.” It fought a good fight, and thrashed mightily, trying to throw the hook, but I prevailed. I think I was as surprised that my trick work, I was more surprised than the fish. The trick, to this week, the specialty item, for The Leo, the way I kept that fish in water, while dragging it up to get the picture. Had to pick narrow rivulets and openings in the rocky shoreline to make sure the fish would be healthy. Pick your way along, dear Leo, pick the pathway carefully, and everyone is happy.


Problem solving Virgo style. I was having trouble re-assembling a fishing reel, I just popped the cover off, to add a drop of oil and clean out the residue for the last coast trip. Freshwater reels don’t do well in the highly corrosive sea water. I was having trouble putting it all back together because all I found online were instructional videos about disassembling. No, I got that. It was reassembly wherein the trouble was, and at that, merely a retaining spring. Is there some trick to holding it in place? Hit the favorite search engine, popped in the terms, hit a slight variation of the terms, and I kept getting video-only results. I hate online video. Maybe not hate, but I prefer a few words, and I can get it from there. Finally, I noticed, there was a new switch to toggle on the search thing, and that gave me text, no video, plus, more for my style? A second toggle so individual results would open in a new window, preserving the existing search results. Then, after messing with the settings? There it was, a paper clip to hold the spring in place, works just fine. Super simple. One problem, two sets of solutions, first, I could change the way the search results were displayed, and second the real solution to popping that cover back on, with the spring in place. Virgo: don’t get frustrated, there’s two solutions out of one problem. Just have to look for it.


Happens in cycles, for me. Some years, I’m a big Xmas person. Other years? I can be half-arsed to even think about the holiday, much less where I’m going to be, when. Family and all. Too much extended family, not enough places to be, and then, there’s the cyclic nature of my career. December is typically a very slow month. Not bad, just is. Way it goes. I’m used to this, and after so many years, observing the ebb and flow of my business traffic, I’m used to it. What this means, specifically, for Libra? It’s about the ebb and flow of the tides, the tides of commerce, family relations, and supported gatherings. I have very few “Xmas parties” that I must attend. I can claim I’m a grouch, but that doesn’t always work. Fits, though, this week, and fits this week with Libra. Not a grouch, really, as no Libra is a grouch, but there’s that sense that you can’t be bothered with too much of this holiday crap. Here’s an idea: slip out to fish. I’ll head down to the coast for a few days, and it’s all “Palm Trees and Sleigh Bells,” and fishing. If it’s not too cold.


New Moon in Sagittarius suggests some ideas. I was looking on a food site, looking for recipes. I’m not Scorpio so I want easy, healthy, and tasty. It was a delightful site, full of nutritious and healthy alternatives, until I started examining closely. The scoops of ice cream were frozen, melon ball-sized tiny orbs of ice and berry pulp. Looked great, but the garnish kind of gave away the size, three small blueberries adorned the single mint leaf. In other words, to me, not a Scorpio, I finally figured out these weren’t what I would call a full dessert, no, it was like a bite-sized serving. No wonder the “celebrity chef” was rail-thin.

I’m all for whatever it takes to get there from here. However, it really helps to look at the actual size of the object, in this case, servings of food, and when I finally realized the garnish was part of the deal, a mere three blueberries? That’s not any kind of an ice cream scoop I’m used to. Compare and contrast, dear Scorpio, compare and contrast. That’s like the side of the pint of ice cream, “servings per container…” (4? Who are they kidding? That’s wrong, just ever so wrong.)

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