Horoscopes for 12-9-2021

Horoscopes for 12-9-2021

Not being tried and tutor’d in the world:
Experience is by industry achiev’d,
And perfected by the swift course of time.

    Antonio in Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen of Verona (1.iii.21-3)


Sagittarius “Every year. Every damn year. “ It’s the familiar Sagittarius complaint, sandwiched between T-Day and Xmas, our little “trip around the sun” celebration get overlooked. The most common, and I had this growing up, so I have real family with the energy, “I got this for for your Birthday, and kind of, like, for Xmas, too.” While I applaud the high concept of combining a gift, and getting a dual use from it? For me? That really doesn’t work. For Sagittarius, too, in general? That really does not work. Unfortunately, the other signs tend to not read our news, and therefore, they don’t get it.

Shift gears, Sagittarius, shift gears. In the past, I’ve sent a handful of Xmas cards. This year? Instead of Xmas cards, what I’ll do, in the spirit of that dual-use gift? I’ll send out an annual postcard with a push for my work, books in print, and suggestions that people buy, and buy now, ahead of the January crush. It’s my way of getting even, clever, huh? I turned a negative into a positive and got back at everyone.

Sagittarius: combine the elements, turn a negative into a positive, or at the very least, include a little commercial push along with holiday greetings. From me to you? Happy birthday although, it seems like no one notices.


Can you — my Capricorn friend — offer a comment with no judgement attached? Just offered up, no emotional attachment, either way, not good, not bad, just “as is” with no concern, either way? Valid question, and holidays, plus, the approach of the Venus/Pluto conjunction — offer up some commentary with no attachment to the perceptions of other? More questions than answers, but therein is the clue.

It’s a simple idea, just offer up a comment, a quote, a page from the The Book of Life of Capricorn, doesn’t much matter, and then, as the commentary starts to roll in? Can you not get attached? My favorite line?

“That’s interesting.”

Now, personally, your Capricorn emotions will be running high and low, swinging left and right, but the goal? Not getting attached to a single response, a single emotion, or what one person says. Remember: you’re not responsible for the way we perceive your original comment.

“That’s interesting.”


There’s a painting, in museum, and at some point in my life, I think I had reproduction hanging someplace. So I thought I knew the painting pretty well, the various brush strokes that carved out texture, and the inherent symbolism in the image. Last museum visit, the painting was out again, and I looked at it, and it wasn’t how I remembered it. In part, some other imagery has become ingrained within my subconscious, and doing so, it’s become very emblematic to me. It’s a sign, so to speak, symbolism is rich and ripe — for me. Means a lot. So seeing the painting again, and looking closely, just a few feet away, I noticed that what I remembered, what I thought I remembered, and what was really there? Different stuff. Unless, of course, the painting changed, and I doubt that. This is about what we remember, what we internalize, and how that might not be an accurate reflection of reality, as others perceive it. The purpose of art, though, in this situation is to embed itself in our Aquarius minds, and then serve as a beacon for change, reflection, and as an anchor point. The idea of what I remembered isn’t the same as what was on the wall? That’s OK. It still serves its purpose.


An impossibly young, and quite attractive female walked by, me and my Pisces buddy. His eyebrows shot up as he traced the outline of her dress, his eyes, slowly following the sway. Caught, he looked at me, dismissed my thin smile with a nod, and then, sotto voce, “Yeah, you thought it, too. I know.” I didn’t, but I was amused, greatly amused at his reaction, unchecked, if only for a moment. My Pisces buddy was so busted, and that was fun. However, it brings up a point, if you thought it, does it count? I noticed, but didn’t react like he did. It was easy to see a long-dormant wolf-like expression crease his face, if only for moment. If he was, maybe 20 years younger, and not otherwise involved, it could be a thing. But the numbers don’t add up. As a temptation crosses in front of your Pisces face in the next day or three? Think about the notion, yeah, this is nice, but what I have is also nice, and frankly, a lot more comfortable. Besides, in the same situation, or a similar situation temptation and all? “Yeah, you thought it, too.”


Little trick to try out, this next few days. When dealing with a “superior?” Supervisor, boss, or similar position of authority? Use the first name. “Hi Kramer!” Now, when dealing with a person who is definitely in a subservient position? Underling, lower-ranked employee, or similar kind of assistant? Always use “Mr./Mrs./Ms.” and the last name. Informal for superiors and formal for subservient. While there’s a technical reason for this, there’s also an emotional one, and all of this plays well with what Mars is doing, shifting, eventually from Scorpio to Sagittarius — and how to benefit? Try that little exercise, I mean, within the the bounds of good taste and common sense. There are some rulers who would brook no underling ever using the ruler’s first name, so yeah, if they chop off your head for familiarity in the wrong setting, not my fault. But casually, when you can, try this.

Yeah, yeah, holidays and all, but…

The trick is this reverses some energies. Just give it shot, when it’s appropriate. Superiors: casual. Underlings: formal. If it goes horribly awry? Blame holiday cheer, but I’d suggest there’s a new way to see solutions like this.


It was a Taurus, actually, who taught me about that single ray of pure, unadulterated love. While I always — immediately — go the more sensual side of Taurus, that one person taught me about pure love. Not the kind — well, it did have the hint of sexual fulfillment — but that’s not what this is about. It’s not about that kind of love. It’s about a ray of pure light, before that light hits the prism and gets refracted into all the various hues, the rainbow, so to speak. No, this is about that singleness, and purity of spirit. Alas, our “know each other” didn’t last long, and we both moved onto different scenarios, but that’s when I first encountered that true, unambiguous, pure, innocent, untainted by earthly desires, almost child-like in wonder and amazement. First time. There’s a ray, not unlike my experience, where the planets, the Moon, all of that conspires to shed a brilliant — like that ray of love light — on some portion of the Taurus time. Sometime, soon, I think like Monday or Tuesday, but your mileage may vary. Happy Holiday?


I was in a drive-thru line for road food. Something that can be shoved into my face while driving. Won’t talk on the phone, but I will eat. Huh. Probably on my way to see family in Austin, always a little stress eating, never hurt, am I right? They had a new ordering system, and it wasn’t working. The remedy, or maybe it was the new system, there was a person standing by the order speaker, with an iPad, and a change maker. Paying cash, like I did, was a little unsettling, and I’m not sure the kid taking my money knew how to count change. I smiled. I was amused. With Mercury where it is? This is a cause for consternation. Now, in the situation I described, the failed order system, I could’ve been a real jerk, demanding and demeaning. That achieves zero bonus points other than making me feel better because I think I made someone else feel worse. Is that the way we want this go for the holiday week approaching? Gemini, no, seriously, ask yourself if making some poor soul standing by the curbside taking orders on a tablet, ask yourself if yelling at that person, berating him or her, if that’s really the way you want to do this. “Damn, my tablet froze up.” Try holding down the volume button and power button at the same time, to force a restart. Much happier conversation.

“Thanks, man!”


Let’s talk strategy. Let’s discuss the ideas that the greatest commanders usually spent days, weeks, months, even years, planning a way to surmount an opposing force of apparent greater strength. The secret? It’s not really a secret, is it? It’s strategy. A way to move resources, and utilize those same resources for maximum effective value. In short? Strategy. A successful completion of this week involves strategy. Moon Children, the Cancer sign, need a coherent strategy to successfully complete this week’s mission. I’m not sure what the goal is, could be simple, could be near-impossible, but an adaptable plan, a strategy, an adaptable plan that leaves room for changes? That’s perfect. It’s an imperfect plan, and that kind of strategy is perfect because it allows for typical human error, which will occur, and then, it also allows for a swift conclusion to the problem. A strategy built on an adaptable plan. That works.


Lesson learned from the world of business, as applied for The Leo?

You can’t concentrate on R&D until the infrastructure is built.

What that means, and especially for The Leo? It’s about having a solid foundation before exploring intricate and possibly unsubstantiated potentials. I like the original phrasing, better, “You can’t concentrate on R&D until the infrastructure is built.” R&D is my favorite. I oftentimes consider my life a whole Research and Development project, all on its own. New Year is around the corner. What kind of foundation, or, “infrastructure” are you building, as The Leo? Lay the foundation, as we get massive Leo flights of fancy in the very near future. Foundation elements, first.


The sheer weight of habit — the excuse? “Because we’ve always done it this way?” The absolute pressure of “because…” weighs in on this week’s Virgo proceedings. When I worked on the road, traveling from show to show? I got in the habit of lip balm, and shortly after that, I added a hair-tie to outside of the lip balm. Think: a tube of chapstick with an elastic hair tight around the outside. Just force of habit. I found, after a long day, I would like to quickly tie my hair back, and that was the safest place to keep a hair tie handy.

Virgo: this is an example of the force of habit.

To this day, looking at what falls out of my pocket, there will be a tube of chapstick, with a hair-tie snugged around it. Force of habit. I don’t travel near as much, and when I do, I tend to have a hair-tie in place. Several. So it’s no longer an issue, but that force of habit keeps me prepared. During the hectic holiday season, we have to stop and think about what’s borne out of just habit, and what might be changed, but you know? Right now? I still keep a hair-tie on the chapstick. You know, force of habit.


Some days are totally by design. Some days are totally random. Best days are a combination of both, the internal marching orders that come from within ourselves, and then, external events that influence us in one way or another. It’s matter of balancing those energies, and this is a ticklish balance with the planets and Libra — as the external and internal influences are at odds. Brain says, “Do this,” while your friends say, “no, do this, instead.” Internal and external influences, pulling you apart? No, but trying to find a common point between the two is going to feel like it is darn near impossible. Heaped upon this mess? Holiday stress. To me, the constant churn of the external elements that are suggesting one way Libra should be while the internal, your own, mental Libra directions tend in the opposite manner? That can tear you up. It also — played right — can lead to finding that tricky balance point where everyone is happy. Remember, the internal voice tends to be best one to follow.

More than one voice? Might consider stronger medication.


Weather, where I live, is — at best — fickle. Warm winter days, cold winter nights, and sometimes, almost snow, freezing conditions, interrupted by near tropical days. Call it chaotic? Sure, but even that’s kind of an understatement. It goes every which way, and that’s just the way it is. I prepare for warm days, and I can get away with shorts, especially this December, but there will be a few days that are bitterly cold, as if the cosmic freezer door (Canada) just left the door open. I’m prepared. I also found the easiest course of action on those bitterly cold days (and nights)? I bundle up in a flannel shirt, flannel pajama bottoms, and heavy wool socks. I’ll pad around the house and office, and I won’t go anywhere. Some days, the mail gets left in the mailbox. I know, in a few days it will change, and the Sagittarius Sun warms up the local atmosphere, and I can venture forth again. So for Scorpio, a water sign? When it drops below freezing? Maybe stay inside, and attend to inside activities. This — over the years — has proven to be my effective coping skill, and I’m passing along the notes to Scorpio, in the same way. Works for me, might just work for you, too.

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