Horoscopes for 1.11.2022

“O, that way madness lies, let me shun that!
No more of that.”

Horoscopes for 1.11.2022


CapricornBad decisions make the best stories.” Used it before and I’ll use it again. As a reminder, with the current disposition of the planets? There’s a lot of pressure, and that planetary pressure might not be in your own, enlightened best interest. As far as good material for a story, a tale, an example of what not to do? Sure, great stuff there, if you don’t wind up in jail. At least some of you think I’m joking, and I might be, and that might just be a metaphor, but there’s a tiny fraction of the Capricorn sky that is tempted beyond reasonable and rational measures to take action that — when you look back in about six week? “Yeah, that wasn’t a good idea.”

I can save you the pain, then, if you listen now. Maybe not yet.


I have a personal attachment to the play, King Lear. Studied it, then saw it live on stage in London, and I was shattered, crying at the end, even though I know how it was going to come out. It’s a tragedy — doesn’t end well. Can’t claim that surprised me. Happened that first time, then, like twenty years later, happened again. Still doesn’t end well, and it could’ve been avoided, but yeah, no surprise other than I was caught up in the narrative and swept away. There are numerous chances for the story change, but it’s not likely.

Looking at Aquarius with Mercury and Saturn in residence, close at hand? A single line from the play sticks out, “O, that way madness lies, let me shun that!” What that means for Aquarius? If it doesn’t seem to be in your best interest? Maybe don’t go that way.

“O, that way madness lies, let me shun that!”


Simple solution? Turn off the notifications. Professionally, personally, Pisces-wise? On my own site, I had a chance to enable a push notification, and I opted not to do that. Shouldn’t ever get a pop-up, pop-under, or other window saying something like, “Would you like to be updated…” I’m not even sure what the wording is. Something about update you with a notice every time there is a change? That gets ugly, in hurry, in my mind. What I do? I don’t even have my calendar remind me anymore. No push, no pull, no jiggle, no reminders popping up own my phone, tablet, computer to remind me that I have received updated data from some place. I find it all rather annoying. And then it creates a situation where an alarm goes off on my phone and I ignore the notice. Becomes so commonplace that I tend to forget to check. It is a result of technology overload, and that ability to be present at all times, with almost too much information vying for our Pisces attention. The old way to deal with this? Place that phone on silent. Better yet? Put it on “airplane mode.” Best idea, this week? Turn off the notifications.


Took me many long years to learn this, but I’ll pass it along, although, to be fair, this is more common knowledge, this days. The stuff in the “print media,” or even online, on TV, in the “media?” That data tends to be skewed. I heard one talk show host brag about how he was the best at pushing paper. An author’s appearance on that host’s show meant that the there was spike in sales. The interview, the appearance, the dialogue, all sort of stage-managed by a small industry intent on pushing paper (selling books). So the material the little article that you just read, suggested that this technology, this thing, this consumer product was the latest and greatest? Consider the source, and consider that the source is interested in separating your Aries cash from your Aries wallet. What I would normally do? I’d add a link to my page for my books, or how to pay for reading with me, something like that. However, you’re getting enough of that from other places, and I don’t need to remind you — maybe now isn’t the time to buy. Wait. Just wait.


Life is rarely, if ever, binary. There is too much that is indistinct, often gradients, variations, and the shades in between, can’t just say it’s all “Black or White.” Me, I live in the gray areas in between; it’s my happy place. As a decent Taurus, though, you don’t do well with such indecision. Especially as the Moon fills out? What with all the other influences? A basic, binary, “Yes or no,” the simplest of answers? Not going to happen, probably not this week, and not this month, but for now? Let’s look at the gray spaces in between. Consider that this might — or might not — be the best answer. Sort of. Maybe. A definite maybe is my best. As a good Taurus? Follow me on this one, a definite maybe serves you well for the immediate.

“But I need an answer, now!”

Might change, so a definite maybe on that.


Freshwater and Saltwater fishing tends to favor entirely different gear set-ups. What works on a local lake is usually rather inefficient at the coast. However, I’ve never been one to hew to convention, and no time is better than the present, to consider cross-breeding. There’s got to be a catch of some kind. Got to be a way to work this. I used typical “bass bait” (it was Freshwater Top-water lure) last time I was at the coast. The action of the lure imitates an injured bait fish. However, the same kind of lure, for Saltwater? It’s made from a rust-resistant material. Tends to cost more, too, but that’s just the price of materials, I would guess. Or that it can be more pricey, “Just because.” The results, though? Those speak for themselves, as that one lure landed a couple of decent fish, and it was more sporting, as neither the fish, nor the guy I was fishing with, expected that result. Freshwater gear in salt water. Worked great, and that’s the Gemini hint. However, I will note, that the lure was starting to rust before I even got home. So there is a marked difference, but Mercury, and everything else? Who care?


It about how we relate, and understand, my emotionally sensitive Cancer Moon Children, understand that not everyone understands your point. Could be a factual point, could be a point-of-view, could be a commonplace bit of sense, or, if it were me? I’d make an obscure Shakespeare reference, and no one would get it. It’s about how we relate to others, and how no one seems to understand the Cancer version of what the point might be. No one gets you. Us. You. I’m not a Moon Child, and I don’t have any in my chart, so this doesn’t affect me. However, as your friend and confidante? I understand, and what I would suggest? Record it for later. Written record is my preferred way, but whatever works? Snap a phone pic, grab a recorded message, something. Save it for later.

The Leo

I went through a half-dozen or more, pairs of wireless earbud things until I finally caved in and bought a pair of Apple Air — iThingy. My wireless, first generation, Apple earbuds got dunked in coffee, fell into a sink full of water, went fishing, and essentially survived almost three years of near-constant use before the battery in one side gave out. It would hold a charge for all of about three minutes. Hundred bucks, new, and then, to last most-near three years? I was happy, and a little spoiled. The wireless pairing was flawless for me, and since I lived in an Apple eco-system, it all just worked. When the battery finally died after a few years, and even then, I would try to resurrect the old Apple Air Buds every few months, to no avail, but when they died? I went through another half-dozen variations, looking for that quality and seamless function. Pre-pandemic, I finally surrendered and bought another pair of the Apple wireless earbud things. iThings. Although I’m not commuting to Austin as often? I still listen to Shakespeare podcasts when walking, and I use the wireless earbuds with most phone conversations and readings. This is about what works, and what doesn’t work, and what suits my style of getting a specified task accomplished. For The Leo, there’s a specific task you want accomplished. What is the easiest way to get that done, for now? (Hint: cheap ear buds.)


I tend to carry a sense of being divorced from reality with me at all times. This feeling of disconnectedness is exacerbated by Virgo, for Virgo, during this next couple of days. Can’t fix it. Can’t get more grounded. Can’t seem to find a tenuous version of reality that we can all share, either. One good Virgo worries about the current state of the world. Another decent Virgo (we should fish soon, dude) flips between news and reruns of game shows to assuage his fevered brow. There are no right answers, not now. Since there are no right answers? Give us an answer, with the understanding that it is, at best, according to a perfect Virgo world-view, the best answer at this time, and subject to being further adjusted, as need be, at a later date, as of yet to be determined when.

“Don’t know; can’t fix it. Won’t be bothered.”


I’m thinking, follow along, last fall, I started watching a lot of baseball, more as an idle interest. Seeing a live game in Fenway last fall, that helped. Insane fans. Hat tip. What I noticed, between games, there’s always a scheduled “Travel Day.” Between appearances, the schedule allows a day to travel, and practice, I suppose, I know very little about the mechanics of the sport itself. But the post-season schedules? “Travel day.” When I traveled extensively, professionally, I sort of did that, but I would also walk off a commercial flight and meet clients right away. What does baseball post-season and Libra share? Travel day. It’s a scheduled break, an extra amount of time to pause, reset, refresh, and practice. All right, to thoroughly mix metaphors? How does one get to play Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. (Might have that last one wrong.) But don’t forget you need a Libra travel day.


Listening to a client, just last month, she was bemoaning my egregious errors in printed form. Seems like I can’t hustle a weekly column out the door without a few typographical mistakes. Or other errata? Yeah, I know. I try, but there’s only one of me, and I can’t be half-bothered to triple-check this material. Besides, as noted before, see my book the Portable Mercury Retrograde, I do check and check a second or third time, but mistakes manage to claw their way to the top. First hint? Let it go. Second idea? I use a line, true, so it’s not really a line, but sounds like one, “I thought I fixed that.” In the real world, I will correct the same mistake two or three times. Much as I hate going over old material, and correcting the same mistake, more than once? That’s what this looks like for always-right Scorpio. We have to go over material, two, maybe three times, and even then? Bet at least one egregious error makes it through. That’s the heads up for Scorpio. One mistake is probably going to leak through.


“There is no free lunch,” as the expression goes. Never heard of that before, but does it count if you just get the other guy to pay? Long-standing rivalries between me and some buddies, all about who pays for lunch. One of them, the brokest one of us, he paid because he got tired of listening to us all argue about whose turn it was to pay. I maintain, being the cheapskate that I am, that I bring a certain kind of ambience and levity otherwise missing. So it isn’t my turn — ever. Seeing as how this is a dispute between three Sagittarius, though, it gets deep, and quick, “Deep,” not in metaphysical sense, but deep as a metaphor. Way it goes — and as a reminder, to my Sagittarius brothers? It’s your turn to buy me lunch. I paid last time. As a reminder for the rest of the Sagittarius Sky? There is no free lunch. Going to have to work for it — one way or another.

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