Horoscopes starting 4.21.2022

O thou well skill’d in curses, stay awhile,
And teach me how to curse mine enemies!

Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare’s Richard 3 (IV.iv.116-7)

Horoscopes starting 4.21.2022

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Taurus on April 19, at 9:25 PM, more or less.

Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune are all in Pisces with Venus and Neptune conjunct April 27 at 24°28’ Pisces.


Taurus One of my favorite meditation techniques is to “Crack open a book.” Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. Time to think about “Cracking open a book.” I suggest this as action, rather than as a mediative technique, but as a prompt, it tends to work rather well — for me. I’ll pass along my system. I have a couple of copies of Marcus Aurelius Meditations, with a free copy here, so it sort of depends. One copy is held together with duck tape and shot through with notes, usually dates I’ve used a particular quote. The meditative technique? Pick up that well-thumbed copy of the text, and see where it falls open. I’m looking for a pithy aphorism to easily sum of the disparate birthday and Uranian, as well as mercurial fleeting thoughts, all in one place. There’s a rather synchronistic and timely way this kind of “crack open a book” meditation works. Might not get where you’re going, but it should land you where you belong, for the time being. Remember, Taurus, you’re not married to any particular outcome.


Look at the top of this set of horoscopes. The first sign is Taurus. That’s the sign that comes before Gemini in the organic astrology wheel. I use a circle chart when I calculate charts as that creates a symbolic map for me to follow. Circular and that emphasizes the cyclical nature of events, and the way time unfolds, like the ticking of an analog watch, one second advancing at a time, like the old ad said? “With a sweep second hand!” Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. That means there’s plethora of “pre-Gemini” material. We’re getting ready for a Gemini launch date, but, pay close attention, we’re not at the destination just yet. That means, using that weird source of inspiration means just that, acknowledge that these are sometimes sources of data that we can’t seem to find a decent Gemini source for. Unverified data never bothered me. But I understand. It’s still Taurus, and it’s still time to dig around in that Gemini subconscious.


I was messing around online with something or other. More avoiding work than really researching anything pointed. Between Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun all in Taurus? I get easily distracted, and as a Moon Child, Cancer (The Crab) person? You’re going to get easily distracted like me. Now, more as a note to myself, I pulled that credit report thing, and I looked, and there was a ding on my credit from a doctors visit from years ago, three years back? Two years ago, I followed up and paid the balance owed, but one credit reporting agency showed me with smudge. I’ve been meaning to correct this, but the process of protesting, then showing that the paperwork was properly filed? Pain in the butt. Still it’s just digital paperwork that must be attended to, and like it or not, I spent enough time avoiding the problem, when a window like this opens up? Take it. That simple. I had to look it up on my phone, then transfer over to an application on the tablet, and then, to the desktop so I had the larger screen to see all the details, and what buttons to push to submit that required “paperwork,” but it’s all done. Now. Finally. Only took as few moments. I spent more time being pissed off about it than I did fixing it. Think that’s the message? Fix it.

The Leo

Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus? Add in the phase the moon, and there’s rather unsettled sense about The Leo. I’m a professional astrologer, so I can blame the planets for that unsettled feeling. As The Leo, if you’re lucky, then you, too, can blame the planets. That unsettled feeling and the relative motion of the moon, the other astrological symbols are moving as well, but let’s blame the moon? It’s about a single action that you forgot about. Made a statement, made a promise, made a suggestion, and you put off the follow-through, and guess what? Time’s almost up. There’s a quick, last minute save. Opportunity comes whiffling in from out of nowhere, for the majestic Leo, and when that opportunity shows up, a chance to finish that one thing you put off? Take it. Finish it, Spike the ball, after you’ve completed that one task you put off until later. It is “later,” now.


I’m not much of a gardener. I’ve always bragged about a brown thumb, and the process of natural selection in what I’m pleased to call my garden. I keep no live plants indoors, despite the suggested health benefits, too often, the plants don’t make the cut. Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. In another week, the moon will be added to that array. Means this is the week to prepare the Virgo garden, the Virgo yard, the whatever it is where you want to plant what you want to grow for the rest of the year. It’s about preparation. Till the soil, pull the dead weeds, trim the dead grasses. Get ready, and don’t be afraid to think outside of that Virgo brain box for new ideas. Doing a little cleaning will yield fresh thoughts for new growth.


Where are you going, Libra dear? Where? What was the destination? Goal? Because Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus? That sets up a highly unusual kind frantic energy for dear Libra. There’s a hurried pace, as if someone was goading you along, but then no particular destination. “Yes, I need to be over there!” Over there? Really? As soon as you arrive, it’s some place else you want to be. Understand that this is pushing on other elements, not really the Libra parts. But that pressure, the non-Libra pressure? Reacting to it, that insistent, “Over there, no! Over there, now?” Reacting to the pressure avails you nothing but a frenzied pace, going no particular direction in a hurry. Getting nowhere faster. Me? I drink lots of coffee so I can get more things done that I don’t need to do. In my example of myself, after that third cup of coffee? More hurried, doing less? Get an idea about what might serve you best?


The term “deflection” comes to my mind, looking at Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. That’s all opposite from the various Scorpio elements in your chart. However, a little note, the Dragon’s Tale will be aligning, if it hasn’t already, with your Scorpio locations (around 22° at the moment). There’s an unsettled, unstable, and thoroughly unpredictable sense to this kind of energy. Consider it’s a good time to review, and renew. Consider it an even better time to bounce those Scorpio ideas off other people, especially if the other people are not Scorpio. Helps. See: you’ve got a specific answer in mind, and unless that changes, you might not be getting what you want to hear, back from others. Easiest way to move your good Scorpio self forwarded? Deflect.


I got stuck trying to explain my “Crack open a book” meditation technique, wherein I let my fingers, and the odd fates, determine what witty retort I’ll fall back upon. With Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus? I was trying to include action, and using a real book for access, but anymore? I tend to favor digital copy only. That might just be me, but I’ve found that I can carry a selection of interesting materials to read on a tablet, and it’s a lot easier than lugging around a stack of real books. Not that I don’t have a stack of real books, but this isn’t about me, this is about moving Sagittarius forward in these uncertain times. At a glance, I’ve got thrillers, references, both astrological and classical, dictionaries, and grammar guides. Not that any of that would be obvious, but I do have the actual books close at hand. Of interest, especially considering the location of Taurus in the Sagittarius chart? Some action, preferably, that used a rule book, a reference manual, or even just the instructions. That’s the suggested place to start.


While both are earth signs — astrological symbols oriented towards the element of dirt? While both are earth signs, the two seem quite different at times. Compared to a whiny, but loquacious Capricorn, that Taurus energy can seem pedantic and staid, and even more conservative than Capricorn. Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. Embrace the conservation of energy. Casually pick a very Capricorn direction, and plot your way forward. Remember: more adjustments next week. Think about cracking open a book, to review.


What winter’s freeze killed off? Now is the time to think about what’s going to replace it. Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. I have plants that have survived droughts, floods, and freezes because I planted them “by moon.” In another week, it’s the new moon in Taurus. So the uncertain and seemingly unstable energy loosed by the pile up of planets in Taurus? It’s about taking a trip, real or allegorical, to the plant store, again, real or metaphorical, to gather whatever I want to leave in the putative Aquarius garden of earthly delights. Planted at the right time, a single sprig of basil can become a garden full of the stuff, useful for all manner of cooking, salads, and best of all? Natural insect repellent. Get ready — planting season for Aquarius is just around the corner.


There’s much media attention drawn to Neptune and Jupiter, but as a lasting impact, Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus might be greater. Neptune, as you know, can be quite the illusionist, and combining two gas giants like that has similar results only amplified. Dreams, hopes and dreams, they all get bigger and more outlandish. The terms that were bantered about? “In a perfect world…” followed by some idealized situation, a description of the perfect outcome. The lasting impact of the Taurus influences, though? I would look less at the perfect world, and look at a manageable outcome. Think about taking those dreams and fantasies, that perfect world, and then, think about the lasting impact, and what’s manageable from a Perfect Pisces perspective. Makes it a little more real, and thereby, more realistic.


Mercury, Uranus, the Dragon’s Head, and the Sun are all in Taurus. Individually, this is great time to make that permanent decision. Collectively, still permanent, but less lasting, with the Uranian influence still a major player? It’s about a unsettling but provocative swath of color, a giant stripe of something different, right through the design. Something uneven, bold, startling, an element to make a statement. Or just an element that shakes up the status quo for everyone in the Aries influence zone. Now, the trick, as we look at all those planets, the trick is to make this something that can be easily corrected, or quickly changed, so a bright red stripe on a white wall might not work. But a pale pink wall, or light teal color can be easily covered up with another coat of paint. A bright, brash, bold statement that can be corrected easily.

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