Horoscopes for 6-21-2022

Give me leave
To tell you once again that at my birth
The front of heaven was full of fiery shapes,
The goats ran from the mountains, and the herds
Were strangely clamorous to the frighted fields.
These signs have mark’d me extraordinary,
And all the courses of my life do show
I am not in the roll of common men.

    Shakespeare’s Henry IV, part 1 (3.1.35-42)

Horoscopes for 6-21-2022

Summer Solstice, Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Cancer? June 21 4:14 AM. Mercury and Venus in Gemini are barely visible as morning stars. Venus moves into Gemini June 22, 7:35 PM. All times are, as expected, approximate.


The Crab - the Moonchild As Planet Earth forges ahead, another trip around the Sun for delicate Moon Children? As we careen along through the summer’s sky, Cancer is stuck in a holding pattern that is not of one’s own devising. Strictly speaking, I figure we pick stuff out so we can learn lessons, but it is, on one level, of our own devising, but otherwise? Really feels like this one is one our good Cancer selves did not pick. Feels like there’s a little lack of choice, and while that’s not really the situation, it does seem like there are almost arbitrary constrictions imposed, even now. Look: supposed to be a birthday party, maybe get on with that, and leave the onerous details to other people. Might be better like that. Might be easier, too. Let them look out for whatever it is that’s not going well, and for the individual Moon Children? More frolic. Less concern with matters we can’t control. I still recall that crab, caught a few weeks back, down at the coast, in the boat, about to be used as bait, still snapping its little claws at me, “I’ll get you!”

The Leo

Lift up your left hand. Glance around, as if you were riding on a float in a parade, and with that raised left hand, fingers together, give us a royal wave. Simple enough, right? The parade wave, the royal Leo wave. The way to greet the legions of minions who crave your notice, your majesty.

Lift your left hand and give us a parade wave. Might have to practice this, and one nice aspect of working from home, no one but the dog sees the practice wave. For a dog? It looks good. The cat is nonplussed. As The Leo, though, you know this needs a little work. Have to get it right. The correct smile, the right wave, the look of appreciation for what all the minions are doing for you. Acknowledge our assistance.


Not going to make it pretty. Not going to make it nice. Will be able to make it different. Simple, super-simple set of guidelines. Not going to make it pretty. As Venus gets into Gemini, the ability to make it look nice goes away, at least for Virgo. Normal good Virgo tastes are on hold, or just not there at all. So? So not going to make it pretty. Not going to make it nice? I know you want it to be nice. But Mercury posturing in Gemini makes it uncomfortable for Virgo, and therefore? Not going to make it nice. However, Uranus, in Taurus? You can make it weird, off-beat, off-putting, or even “awkward.” Used to love that, as it was one of my individual strengths. I could take any “normal” situation and say just the right thing, at just the worst time. No one was going to say it, but I did. That’s what dear Virgo should watch for, that tendency to blurt out — look — everyone was thinking it. You just said it. Hope that works? As a bit of a savant in this area myself, yeah, doesn’t work well. Don’t try to make it nice. Don’t try to make it pretty. Do make it different.


There’s a pleasant kind of understanding that should fall into the orbit for Libra. A mere, fleeting thought becomes more rooted in reality, and then, it sprouts little leaves, with that taproot going deeper and deeper, securing a stronger foundation, a more resolute base from which to grow. Starts as a simple Libra notion. Simple as that. Just a whimsical idea. From that, though, give it a little space, toy with it, stretch it one way, then pull it another, maybe trim one side a shade? Looks uneven, but there’s that austere appearance the “shaved on one side” look has. This is chance to toy with an idea, and rather than getting attached to just one, as long as the Sun is in Cancer, there’s need to adjust, manipulate, style, or otherwise change the appearance, it all helps with that pleasant understanding of how all this works. A pleasant kind of grasping a thought or pattern that makes sense.


The Scorpio summer challenge is about flakes. As the summer solstice makes way for moody Moon Children, there’s a calm assurance that starts to pervade Scorpio. That’s good. What happens, though, with Venus and Mercury still lagging in Gemini? That adds a certain scattered energy to the Scorpio singleness of purpose. “This.” No, look, “That.” “This and that?” Worse yet? “Look, over there!” Your Scorpio head whips around and back again. You might’ve missed it. It’s not you, it’s the previously linked to Venus and Mercury, and the existent Gemini energies. As long as you understand that, you’ve got this rather scattered energy going on, and as long as you don’t let it get your Scorpio self bogged down, realize that you’re torn 43 ways at once? As long as you know you are shredded? Makes it a lot easier. Not a good time to get married or make a permanent decision, not for the good Scorpio.


The question I’m frequently faced with? “How do I control this situation so it benefits me the most?” There are several very Sagittarius flaws hidden in that question. “How do I control …” Stop right there. There is no way to control the outcome as there are too many variables over which we, as a good Sagittarius, have no control. We have zero control. If we have no influence over the decision , or the elements at play? Then we have zero control over that outcome. That means, the second part, getting it to benefit our selfish little Sagittarius selves, that has even less chance of success since, as we’ve already determined, there’s no way we can control the outcome, in the first place. We can drop hints, make suggestions, allude to previous situations, and otherwise coerced, but the results of that? Expecting this to turn out the way we want it to? Therein is our collective problem. Probably not going to go our way, and the harder we try, the more frustrated when elements spin out of our control. “That’s not what I meant!” Exactly, my good Sagittarius friend, exactly what I meant.


It always interesting, to me, and I’m sure to others, but I listen. Part of my job is to listen to what a person is saying, and then make sure I understand that I got the situation, all the details, in order. The magical art of “listening.” It’s not really mystical. It’s not a super-power. It’s not smoke and mirrors, or any other kind of chicanery. It’s a straightforward skill, sadly lost in our current era. Listening, the other day, as a buddy rattle on, problems with his girlfriend (Karen). A few minutes later, I mentioned something, and then I said her name, “Karen.” My buddy, he doesn’t believe in my day-job, but he does want me to look at his chart, and that spooked him. It was a new girlfriend, and he couldn’t figure out how I knew her name already. I have confessed my source to my buddy, and I was open, “You told me.” He professed that he had definitely not told me her name and I was spooky good. All right, what this means, next few weeks? For Capricorn? Listen. Listen to what they say. But most of all? Listen.


Specialization is the bane of the Aquarius experience. When I want a doctor to work on a body part of mine? I want a specialist, that’s for sure. However, when I want an overview, or a person to work on a “general malaise?” That’s not the purview of a specialist, that’s a generalist. In my own world, as far as the astrology is concerned, I tend to think of myself as a generalist. The old, trite, trope-like expression? “If you’re a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail.” Which, in this week’s look at Aquarius? We need to spread this out, There’s a whole set of tools, not just a hammer, but pliers, screw drivers, and my personal favorite? A Leatherman multi-tool. That Leatherman is the perfect example of what works. It does no one thing perfectly, but it does a lot of useful tasks more than adequately. Perfect for this midsummer madness upon us all. Eschew specialization, and reach for generalized assistance.


There’s a combination of elements that I let flow through me. I’d like gentle Pisces to try my way of working since the planets, the Sun is technically a star, but we call them all “planets” because it’s easier, and anyway? My method is simple. Can be used for achieving a number of different goals, but in its simplest form? Let’s think fishing. I’ll have a pole with some relatively light line on it, a hook, and some bait. That’s it. Simplest form. I’ve used this arrangement at the coast, deep-sea, shallow inshore, inland in lakes, ponds, and even streams. Really boisterous fish break the line, and that singles a time for a change., but until that happens? A lightweight, simple set-up. I’ve used at lakes, ocean front, and countless other locations. Simple. More than once, the boat will be slowing down, but still coasting along, and I will unlimber that pole and bait, giving it a good toss, just to get it wet, get started. It’s about getting something in the water, simplest is best. Just a start. Not what I plan to fish with all day, but last time? First cast? Caught a fun Skipjack, and while it wasn’t a fish I would keep, cuts up nicely for bait. See how this works?


“Good luck — my sweet patootie!” Thanks for the notice. It’s not a bad time at all, not really, but the little planets, and their relative motions, plus the Sun creeping and crawling into Cancer results, for Aries? There’s a fleeting tension that one should not hold onto. There’s a temporary discomfort, next couple of days, kind of varies, but as it shows up in waves, rather than as a steady stream? That action, a big wave of despair washes over you, then, just as the water is receding? There’s hope. Aries-branded hope. Then, just as soon as you get those hopes up? Another wave crashes over your head, despair, and ruin — “Oh woe is me!” Can it. This just the Sun in Cancer, the phase the moon, and way we’re getting ready for what the rest of the summer holds. Going to be a hot one, and there will be more hurricanes, in my neck of the woods. So to speak. Other than that, though? As an Aries, just as those waves come crashing over your head? What to do? I suggest you hold your breath, won’t be that long, and the sunlight warms you up again.


As an odd artifact from old Austin? The movie “Office Space,” filmed on a budget, in locations that are no longer there, and probably knocked out in a hurry, but as a relic? That movie captures a time and moment for mostly Gen X (really a post-boomer generation) sentiments and cube dwellers. In that era, I had friends, clients, at Dell, the now-global behemoth, and in its era, that was how it worked. In part, it was old Austin, don’t think the Alligator Grill is still there. My way of locating the restaurant in the movie? “You know, between Half-Price (books) and the new Kerby on South Lamar?” I was using what was a 24-hour diner at one time, and a favorite bookstore. Points, referential data sets, and for Taurus? What we use to locate where we are, in life, in a movie, at a particular location? Data points. This is about the way I referred to the locations, and the old views of the town I once knew. What we use as locators, what points are used are the referral points, how Taurus navigates? What this is about. “Remember where Bubba lived, before he moved? Yeah, just on the other side of that.”


The run-up towards the holidays, and the resulting messes from what’s been happening? Hard to find that balance point. That’s also what we’re looking for, in Gemini — that tricky balance point. I tend to believe that Gemini have above-average intelligence, wit, and perspicacious perspective. Might just me, but I would think, you’d agree. Which makes this “balance” thing, that goal, of hitting the median average, even harder and more difficult. Good thing, as a Gemini, tasks that would scare off lesser signs won’t get left undone. Don’t be afraid to bite off more than you can chew, or take on a stygian task that seems like no one else can do it, because in the bigger picture what with everything going on? It’s up to a mighty Gemini to find that balance point. What’s too much? And what’s not enough? The target is a balance point, halfway from here to there, where everything works out, correctly.

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