Horoscopes for 6-28-2022

“…and hot blood begets hot thoughts, and hot thoughts beget hot deeds, and hot deeds is love.”

    — Paris in Troilus & Cressida Act 3, Scene 1

Horoscopes for 6-28-2022

The Moon enters Cancer June 28 at 6:54 AM. The New Moon is June 28 9:52 PM. Mercury moves into Cancer July 5, around 1:26 AM. Mars enters Taurus at 1:09 AM. (All times are local).


The Crab - the Moonchild I’m kind of waiting until Mercury gets situated in Cancer, the sign of the Moon Children. Until that happens, there’s a kind of free-floating, not quite anxiety, but not quite sure of what it is. The phase of the moon, new and growing, that helps, but in this week’s example, it’s Mercury, more than anything else. We need clarity, direction, compassion, and closure. That comes with Mr. Mercury. His presence, along with other stuff, but let’s just hang this all on Mr. Mercury? Doing so gives us a reasonable direction, a specific choice, and way to work with the present energies. New Moon is a new start. But Mercury is the trigger that gets the new start really started. So? That means, like I’ve suggested, shortly after the big July 4th thing, time to get rolling for Cancer.

The Leo

None of this is going to make any kind of rational sense, not to a, excuse me, not to The good Leo. No rational sense. Nothing seems to line up quite correctly. Nothing seems to matter. What was a once a steady and dependable source of data is no longer viable. Just doesn’t make any kind of sense to The Leo. Got a good handle on what this means, now? “Yeah, doesn’t make any sense.”

Understanding that an already crazy world is even more mad these days? That’s “mad” in terms of “insane,” while that doesn’t fit a strict, diagnostic manual’s definition, nor will a real doctor concur, the rest of us? Yeah, world’s gone crazy, makes no sense, and The Good Leo can’t figure out what’s up. Once you understand that it isn’t entirely your fault, nor, is it your job, task, chore, or responsibility to make sense of this? You’ll be a lot better off. “Gone crazy, back in five.”


It’s going to make sense. When? Soon. How soon? Soon enough. Maybe even before the — never mind. Won’t happen before July 4th. But soon, or soonish? Will make sense to a good Virgo, which is all you ask, right? Just want it to make sense, and it will. After July 4th. Until then? I’d suggest a little extra caution with the usual matters, you know, fireworks, fast cars, off-road trucks. Caution. “Sure, I can make it!” While I applaud the exuberance, I doubt a rational person would try that, and since it suggests rational behavior is in short supply and especially in Virgo? Maybe wait. Wait until when? After July 4th.


Between video, Amazon reviews, and sites like Yelp? I would guess that I could have access to the best data about a certain product. This was a simple key-ring. Just a way to keep the couple of keys that I need, just an easy way to keep them altogether. There’s a fancy, and relatively expensive name brand one. Then, on the Amazon, I found a much less expensive version. Both had great reviews. Then, the video reviewer, from a different channel, he reviewed a similar kind of set-up, and lauded its strengths. Here’s what I found. Looks good. Works really well for a few keys, as long as there aren’t any heavy car keys with the molded plastic fob, and the whole deal works great for a few weeks. The metal hardware shreds, and since I use my keys almost daily, the great idea? Wears out after a few weeks. Looks good on paper. Doesn’t work with extended use. None of the reviews mention that. Three different review sites, but look: each site is designed to give an honest review that sells the product. When you see this, and the Good Libra will, when you see this? That does not mean you should buy it. Scroll down to the bottom, “Looked great, fell apart in three weeks.”


I used to love a dark roast, usually an Italian Roast, in a diminutive French Press, as the morning libation. I was more of a purist, or so I thought. First it was Peet’s Italian Roast, then the holy grail, and close to the trailer park, Austin Coffee Roasters. Incidentally, I discovered at the time, those roasters fueled most of Austin. Specialty, third-wave, micro-brew, artisanal roasters have replaced all of that. For me? I get what looks good, in bulk, at the grocery store, or when I have enough points on a frequent flyer card, I’ll grab a bag of beans that way. Some of the hand-roasted, artisanal stuff is delicious. However, for Scorpio, the holidays, fishing, summer, and the July 4th crap? Quantity. Quantity over quality. It’s an anathema to dear Dear Scorpio, but more, cheaper, and even more, in bulk, is better.


Prior to living in San Antonio, I never truly experienced “Car Culture.” From the Low Riders that out-shine anything else I’ve seen, to the restored thundering muscles cars, the culture is unique. The off-road grouping, jacked, lifted, monster-mudder versions of various 4-wheel drives is sub-culture that gets its own category. So the cars, one neighbor, several live in the neighborhood, but one neighbor has a secondary garage and he seems to be always working on something. I suspect he runs a restoration shop of some sort, but his specialty is a narrow window of historical time: American Muscle Cars from 1969 to about 1973. Age, memories, and the throaty roar of a burbling muscles motor, the timing advanced ahead of factory settings, and the pipes a little less than currently legal. This is a culture I’m not a part of. This is a culture that, as a Sagittarius suggestion, we hang off to one side, admire, congratulate, and observe — but maybe no participation.


Is it worth it? Have to ask yourself, faced with these odds, “Is it worth it?” Valid question, valid way to approach the seasonal disorders, and good question for Capricorn. The value of the exercise, the perception of the goal, the idea that started your action, and then proceeding further along, the expected results? The idea of question begging is what this is about, and then, the answer to that question. The value of the results you want. The probable value of the results if it fails, and then, that space in between, neither good nor bad in its interpretations, but value judgements weigh in as part of this complex, and getting more complicated by the minute, situation. As this week unfolds, crawling closer to July 4th excess? Have to ask your Capricorn self, “Is it worth it?”


Writing, online, as I have for over three decades, I got used to a certain style. There’s an abrupt, quick-hit, almost frantic pace to most online written discourse. That panicked, almost breathless delivery? Urgency. Urgency and click-bait headlines. While I understand the need for doing this “right now,” that term can be defined in variety or ways. I would look at this week, next week, even the week after? Gives us three choices, and then, the paragraph doesn’t need to be broken down into separate entries. In typical online style, current and shaped by the last decade or two? This Aquarius horoscope should be two or three different sections. Easier for the eye to scan, and most online readers are skimmers, not taking time to delve into nuances, exigent material and the way this flows. As a reminder, now, this next week, this next couple of Aquarius weeks? You can edit for style, or you can stick to content. I suggest sticking to content. One, coherent passage instead of three or four bullet points. Winds up being clearer. Happy 4th — don ’t blow yourself up.


Extrapolate. The world is burning, the end is near, and all I got is “extrapolate?” I was picking a color for a bathroom. Left to my own devices. I think it should be red leatherette upholstery, deep red trim, flocked inset-wallpaper, and an eery appearance that looks like a bordello, or what my imagination thinks a bordello would look like. There’s a notion that OG steakhouses looked like that. The paint chips I selected were tapped up to the wall, numerous girlfriends made comments, family commented, and then, I left it to my painter buddy, as I selected a family of shades that looked close, but not alike. All on the same paint sample card. The color, much to surprise of everyone involved, the color scheme worked, and was relatively cheap to implement. Just paint. Trim a little darker, ceiling a little lighter. Not a bad effort on my part. Not a total success, but at least it looks like someone put some thought into this. It was an experiment, but the color on the paint chips, and what was on the wall, the final product? Didn’t even resemble each other. Numbers matched; colors didn’t match. The cue, as the world falls apart? Extrapolate from my color suggestions. Shades, tones, experimental, and experiential.


There’s an old adage, and I’ve used it before, but with Mars leaving, but Jupiter still in residence, in Aries? “If you can’t be right? Be wrong as loud as you can?” To really use as a personal motto, as I’ve aged out of the systems, I’ve discovered that being a little more taciturn serves me well. But I’m not Aries. There’s a split way this could go, on one side of this equation, there’s a good chance that you’re wrong, and you’re making mistake out loud. Hey, so? No worries, move along. The other side of this coin, because it can be as simple as flipping a coin, that other side? You’re 100% right, and that should be shouted from the rooftops, or however you choose to announce it. Herein is the Aries conundrum, the challenge, the problem, and a possible solution. If you’re wrong, you’re probably being quite vocal about it. But if you’re right? You’re quiet. Would that this would just work in reverse, but alas, I just look to the stars and suggest what they suggest.


For me, this was from babysitting a fishing buddy’s kids. One of them, when she was three or four, she had imaginary friends. I always told his kids I wasn’t an adult, but adult-aged. Taking a cue from those kids? Instead of imaginary friends? I’m surrounded by real people, but I’ve learned, instead of having a conversation with an imaginary friend? What I can do is ignore real people in real time. “Did you hear me?” The correct Taurus answer? “Sure, I heard you but I wasn’t listening to what you said.” For a week, try replacing conversations with imaginary friends — try ignoring people in real time. Yeah, yeah, July 4th, and so on, but think about my imaginary friends, and then, ignoring people in real time. Besides, the imaginary friends, some days, like this next week, those imaginary friends aren’t any better than real people.


I’ve got a sketchbook, just an ordinary kind of sketchbook. Not too big, bit of an odd size, and over the last years, I’ve used its pages for various doodles. What I found? Over the period of six months, maybe a year, I’ve used the same images, over and over, trying to capture the essence of what I’m trying to draw. I wanted a single icon that would represent Mercury, for example, but after the first one, I never found another image that I drew in the book, never found another one that worked. Undaunted, I continue to play with the images. Frequently, these are variations upon a theme, trying to guess the right color, the shading, the symbology, what I’m trying to capture as an image, and what I see in my mind’s eye as opposed to what shows up on the sketchbook’s pages. This is method of exploration that doesn’t rely on fancy hypnosis, no fancy college degrees, no costly analysis. It’s a simple method for unlocking what’s going on, or even, just repeating a process to get better at it. Either way, a simple sketch of an outline of what you were thinking about. Works wonder. Happy 4th.

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