Horoscopes for 8-28-2022

“Yes, truly, for look you, the sins of the father are to be laid upon the children; therefore, I promise you, I fear you.”

Lancelot of Gobbo in
Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice 3.5.1

Horoscopes for 8-28-2022

New Moon in Virgo, Aug. 27, 3:17 AM.


Virgo What we need is practical application of the worry. Praxis. Instead of talking about it, with the planets where they are and that particular New Moon in early Virgo, it kind of paints of a picture. Pick. Choose. Do. That simple, really, and given that Mercury is ahead of schedule in Libra? That suggests action, not thought. Plan. Choose. Do. A little less chatter and little more doing. A little less conversation, and little more action? May make a musical note, there. But this is about action, motion, movement, and hatching plots, and complots, with an eye, and ear towards some kind if forward motion. Keep moving, and have a most excellent birthday, but get something in motion. Movement. Mostly forward, but motion, nonetheless.


One of the Shakespeare scholars I followed? She suggested that one play was a tragedy, but only barely, and if it had turned out differently, it could be a comedy. One of those problem plays that no one knows what to do with? Either comedy, or tragedy, or almost a comedy, until the end? Look: when I see one of the plays in person, I know, ahead of time, the general plot outline. Or most of it. Some of it. I have an idea, and a understand, that it ends well, or ends badly, or whatever.

Knowing ahead of time is part of what this is about. Knowing how it is supposed to go, that’s part of it, too. Still, on stage, live, in person, there’s an element that even the films tend to miss. Understanding this makes for great theatre, but is problematic when just reading one of the plays as a text, no dramatic energy inserted except what comes in our own head. Which is why I was thinking of that play, and how, on stage, it had some great, rather bawdy, humor, but when I just read it as a text? I missed much of the funny stuff. Which is back to how that one Shakespeare scholar was positioning a play, and it’s more a question than an answer. Which works for me. And it’s works for Libra as well, it can go either way, sort of depends on the interpretation. How you interpret what’s happening? that’s all on you. Tragedy? Comedy? Historical Romance? Hysterical romance? Depends on you — individually — choose to interpret the scenario.


For the briefest of moments, your Scorpio intiution is right on target. For the briefest of times, you are 100% right in what you hear, see, and perceive as the correct path. For the briefest moment, all is perfectly aligned in the Scorpio world. This happens in the next few days, but the Scorpio challenges abound, and those are the confusing elements. You’ll get the mixed messages. “Oracle says ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ now what?” Therein is the problem, and the solution, if I may? Maybe don’t take any action at all. Since the messages keep getting confused, and while there is one moment when you’ll know all the lucky lotto number, do you know which state those numbers are for? You know who will win the big game, only, are those names reversed? It’s good and wonderful, but confusing as the same time. You now what you know, but there’s layers upon layers of problems with that. What’s true and what’s not true? Again, the normally dead-nuts accurate Scorpio intuition is fallible at this time. Not without merit, but you can’t fathom the correct answer, and since that’s a problem? No decision might be the best decision. Best answer I got? “We’ll just see about that.”


Get a running start on the material that we need to close out the year, and get ahead. As soon as the calendar turns to September, I get hopeful about weather. Been fooled before, and every year, it is supposed to cool off, and yet? The redfish are starting to run, and that’s great fun, more than anything else. But that’s only part of it. Looking forward, by looking backwards, and then, forwards again? Time for short-term, and long-term plans to get sketched out. Fishing in the fall is special, for me, as it can be some of the most enjoyable. Weather is nice, tends to be a smidge cooler, and the more temperate climes mean this can be more enjoyable. Then there are those of us looking forward to the next year, and we need to get that in place, as well. Typically, there are a few major local events, and that too, garners attention. But most of all, for our mighty Sagittarius selves? This is about sketching — with a pencil — a couple of future plans. Think in terms of directions, goals, and desires. Think in terms of a quick sketch, a thumbnail outline on the back of an old envelope, think in terms of generalizations, and see where that kind of planning takes us. Good time to fish, too.


In one marketing group, they kept telling me that repetition was the path to success. “The media’s message needs to be repeated seven times before the consumer will act on it.” I don’t have a source for that nugget of information; do with it what you will. But the idea that repetition, over and over, that we need to repeat the same point, repeatedly, in order to get action? Does that work? Kind of depends, but in this week’s Capricorn sky? The Capricorn stars suggest you stop repeating. The message is simple, and doesn’t need to be repeated, and certainly, not seven times. There’s a tendency to get in a grove, to you, and to the rest the non-Capricorn people? This looks like a rut, not a groove. You don’t need to repeat the same message, over and over, not seven times. Not even twice. Well, maybe, if they ask for you to repast it, then sure. But only if they ask. Otherwise? No repeats.


Don’t buy into the tension. As an Aquarius-compliant astrologer, I can see this from a distinctive vantage point, just off to one side. Helps a lot. There’s a kind of free-floating anxiety, not really specific to Aquarius, and there’s no reason to get attached to that crap. This very clearly an issue that is of paramount importance, but it’s also not your issue, per se. Maybe this is just Aquarius adjacent, or it impacts a close friend, but again, this isn’t yours. Close. Nearby? Sure. Ownership? No. The trick is to acknowledge it, perhaps a zen-like acceptance that it is an issue, and of concern, but not one that really affects your Aquarius self. Simply put? Don’t buy into the tension.


Last winter, maybe even last year, I bought a piece of stupid technology. A bauble, really, just something that amuses me, and it was from a discount store, so it doesn’t cost that much, and I didn’t expect it to have much “shelf life,” as, at its price? Quality is not assured. However, that being thusly noted, it was a USB cable that I use to charge a tablet and phone. The cable has “LED Lights” in it, so it flashes when the current is hot. How this worked out surpassed even me, as I had this plugged in when I was working at an event, and the flashing lights attracted attention. It’s hard to find something that sets me apart from my cohorts when I’m in a work setting, but that flashing charging cable worked. Part of this message is about a cheap, relatively inexpensive purchase that was more an afterthought instead of being careful considered acquisition. But part of this is about a toy that I got to amuse myself, and it turned into a valuable way to showcase my works. There’s a rather serendipitous notion to the way this works, but I maintain my discovery was entirely accidental. As for gentle Pisces? Amuse yourself, and see if that fits into a broader meaning, perhaps an enhanced placement in the word, in general. But first? Amuse yourself.


It’s about “figuring it out.” Most of the good Aries that I know? There’s always that sense of each of them saying, more a statement, “No worries, I got this.” As in, this is a declaration of independence. That sense that we don’t “need” anyone in our Aries life? Great idea. But as suggested before, “No man is an island,” OK, so “no person is an island.” Extrapolate a little from that quote, and what I’m suggesting is that assistance is required. There’s a need for some help. In the simplest of terms, for this next few days in the Land of Aries — you guys need a an altruistic, sympathetic, ear to bounce ideas off of. Find a friend, cohort, coworkers, peer, some assemblage of personalities other than your own? Find a reasonably objective person to ask “Is this a good idea?” Me? I’m not the right one to ask. I’m too Aries friendly, and too Aries fond to be an objective person. But look for that outside counsel to ask, “You think this looks OK?” Or, “Does this sound offensive?” Better yet, “You think this is a good idea? Should I just go for it?”


An internet site that I read, from time to time, focused on psychological issues, and how that affects behavior. Of course, this was mostly in sales, and persuasion, but I liked the material, just the same. One of the articles was about how, when walking out of one room into the next? How that causes a person to “forget” why, or what, we were doing. It’s not an immediate concern for cognitive decline, it’s about frame of reference, and actually passing through a doorway, that causes our minds to then mentally reset. Which offers a reasonable enough explanation why I forget why I walked in the other room. “I came in here to do something, and now I forgot.” The Taurus challenge with this kind of change in frame of reference, and how that causes a mental reset? That kind of energy is about the notion of the way the Taurus direction seems to change. The doorway, the doorjamb? It’s all about a certain frame of reference, and changing location means that we’re using a new set of anchor points to look at the problem, the possible solutions, and what’s up ahead.


Can I use a single word to make this week’s weird energy work for Gemini? Sure. The word is “succinct.”


There’s usually an agreed upon set of governing guidelines. There tends to be a reasonably common sense law of the land. Principles that hold true, and can be upheld in a court of law, or, at the least by an officer of the court. Easy stuff. Traffic rules are an example. Locally, and having been hit one time — totally not my fault — I observe certain traffic laws, like green means go, yellow means it’s going to change to red, so go faster, and red means the next cars can slide through. Perfect example this week’s Moon Child’s quest. The Cancer Crab? “I don’t make the rules, I just try and acknowledge their existence.”

The Leo

Structure and “rules” are important. I’m so very much not Leo, so I have difficulty negotiating absolute rules. Part of this is genetic, too, but whatever. I tend to regard rules, stipulations, and absolute “laws” as hypothetical statements, and when proven through empirical experience, I can respect the rules. Guidelines. But I’m not The Leo. This long discussion about rules, guidelines, directions, posted placards that indicate a certain message, like “No Trespassing,” and so forth? It’s about me trying to save you from trying to do this the hard way. Follow the guidelines. If it looks like a brick wall, and if it looks like it might be an obstacle that isn’t worth your regal effort to surmount? Then don’t. There is no shame in not attempting an impossible task — especially if there is a sign that plainly says, “Don’t.”

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