Pisces 2023

Horoscopes for Pisces 2023

My heart prays for him,
though my tongue do curse.

The Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Pisces on February 18, 2023 at 4:36 PM (local).

  • New Moon 1° Pisces February 20, 2023.
  • Venus enters Pisces February 21, 2023.
  • Mercury enters Pisces March 3, 2023.
  • Full Moon 16° Pisces/Virgo March 7, 2023.
  • Saturn enters Pisces March 8, 2023.
  • Mercury enters Aries March 19, 2023.

The Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Aries on March 20, 2023. At 4:25 PM (local).

  • New Moon 1° Aries March 21, 2023.
  • Pluto enters Aquarius March 24, 2023.
  • Mars enters Cancer March 25, 2023.
  • Horoscopes for Pisces 2023


    One of the earliest memories of Steve Ray Vaughn, the famed guitar slinger from Austin, one my favored memories? His image on the big screen, water pouring down, “Couldn’t stand the weather,” blaring. As an auditory background, stick with that song, maybe look up its video? This is about the flood in Pisces, and what’s happening. There is a thunderstorm’s motions and movement in the heavens, and it’s high time you take a look, and take stock, of where Pisces is at, and where Pisces wants to go. The raining image from that dated video, and then, reminiscent thoughts about floods in portions of my old landscape — the 100 year flood, I saw it twice in El Paso, and one other time in a small town in West Texas, just south of Odessa. The skies open up and rain falls down, as much as foot of water in a single evening. One time in El Paso, that was the sum total of the annual rainfall, all in one night. The usually dry drainage culvert were full to the rim, and the streets were flooding with runoff, all that water and no place to go. Rain, real or metaphorical, is required in Pisces. Eventually, Saturn will make it rain, but that doesn’t happen quickly, and then, with Mercury fast tracking through Pisces, there’s an almost incessant rush to gush. Stop. One of the memories from those West Texas floods? Coming up on a low-water crossing, and seeing the surface of the road disappear, watching as the taillights of a pickup truck in front of me, makes it through, but only just barely, taillights dipped under the surface of the water, and me? I turned around. Pisces? Some days, no matter what the weather is? It’s quite alright to turn around and go back.


    e-mail Special deal, the pork chop plate, I thought it was only Tuesday or Thursday. As it turned out, over the years, at this one taco place, I finally learned, after perusing the new and updated menu, you know, the pork chop plate special was every day the restaurant was open. Made me think about the Midnight Special, rolls around every night at midnight. Due to the nature of my work, I understand time zones, and what those mean, from place to place, so I understand “midnight” in one place might not be midnight elsewhere, but guess what, Aries? It happens at the same time. Part of this speaks to me not looking through the details of the special, and part of this was me just trying to limit my taco breakfast platter to just certain days, and part of this is a language barrier, as that one place, Spanish was the principle verbal communication. Signs of a good TexMex place, for sure. Aquarius gives way to Pisces, and Pisces — mutable, water sign — favor intuition. “I got a feeling,” is a perfectly valid response, but like my examples, dig a little deeper and ascertain for certain that the facts themselves support the Aries thoughts. Get some facts. Simple as that, yeah, I know you feel like you’re right, and you probably are, but get some facts. Like, look, right down at the bottom of the menu, “Port Chop Special M-F, before 10 AM.”


    The next few weeks are full of unexpected stops, turns, sidebars, and other detours. For me, I’m not Taurus, and for me? All of those side-trips, distractions, and alternative routing? I like that. Voyage of explorations, and “See where this one takes us!” I have sense of adventure, and as a Sagittarius myself? I can enjoy the trip that takes the long way, the roundabout way, the path less traveled. Works for me, as a lifestyle, and in my own scheduling, I allow extra time to get lost, then find something new and exciting, learn about a place I didn’t know was there, and then, I arrive. Adopting my sense of adventure, and with an eye towards time? Allowing for extra time to get lost, pause to discover a new point of interest, then research that, and then, stumble back to where you were going in the first place? Allow extra time for the detours. Life winds through many detours, but most, if not all, are opportunities for new knowledge, new Taurus skill-sets, maybe even some new Taurus flavors. The tricky part, and it isn’t really tricky, just add some extra time to allow for this kind of mis-adventure.


    Brown-headed cowbird is a fairly common bird, and weirdly enough? It was the only one that I could find, locally, that uses the nest of another bird to lay their eggs in. Kind of a weird thing, Nature, the cow-bird will lay eggs in some other bird’s nest, and let the baby cow-bird be brought up by the hosting bird. Outside the kitchen window, one spring, a Cardinal built a little nest, and the bird had its eggs in there. I snuck a picture of the nest, and one of the eggs was substantially different, larger, different shade. That’s when I started looking I up what birds foist their children off on others. I have heard of this happening, and it’s not too uncommon in the world of wildlife, nor in human life, either, but this is about Gemini. What’s common, and what’s not common. I have a small amount of difficulty understanding how somebody was totally abdicate the occasional joy of children. However, for the common cowbird, this seems to be part of the evolutionary cycle. Because I got to see some of this, I was thinking about it. The only image I have, and I can’t find it now, was the Cardinal’s nest with the single, over-sized egg. About three little cardinal chicks were hatched, and they all flew away, miraculously, with no mishap that I know of. For Gemini, as long the parents are like this? This is about letting someone else share part of the Gemini burden. With that cowbird, apparently, this is part of the course of nature. With Gemini? When someone offers to help, accept graciously.


    I was messing around with various translations I have of a particular work. It was a short quote from Marcus Aurelius, and I have it in three different variations, a century’s old version, a slightly less archaic, but still near a hundred years old version, and then, in print only, a paper copy of a fairly “New Age” version. What amuses me is stacking three or four translations next to each other, to see what the common elements are. How it plays, what language was used, and then, I do have access to a Greek/Latin version of the same text, but the chance of me spending any time trying to translate that? Yeah, not happening. However, bouncing between several books for a quick look? It’s easy to see how language, the language itself, shaped the message. The language shapes the message, and as long as we’re dealing with Jupiter in Aries, like it is, and as long as we’re dealing the new onset of Saturn into Pisces? The central focus, really highlighted this few weeks? How the language shapes the message. How the language you — Moon Children — how your language shapes your Cancer message.

    The Leo

    Historically, the way I first read this material? The German U-Boat, “U-120” was sunk by a malfunctioning toilet. This is where oral history, narrative threads, plots, historical fiction, and the magic of going to movies gets us all confused. It wasn’t “U-120,” but “U-1206.” The malfunctioning toilet bit is true; someone resurrected the wreck, or did a deep dive on the artifact. Something. Something to think about as Pisces unfolds in The Leo Land. The confusion about the sinking of an enemy combatant vessel, the numbering and naming conventions, and the real facts, once we strip away the veils of time, fictions, and well-intentioned wishes? Strip it all away and get to what are known facts. Simple enough, although, as long as the Sun is in Pisces, there’s going to be a thread of believing what our dear Leo selves want to believe rather than what is factually correct. Starts with the numbering and naming of the U-Boat, and from there, the myths and misunderstandings build outward in a spiral, but it is a simple enough task for The Leo to get to the heart of the questions, thus revealing the real truth.


    It has to do with the management of other people. Some folks like being told where to go and what to do. Others kinds of personalities resist being told what to do and where to go. I know, I know, we all have our moments, and this is a month filled with those moments. What turns out, six, may be eight weeks from now? Turns out, like you expected, you were correct. You were right. You will be acknowledged for being correct. Then. That’s a fair amount of time away from where we’re at right now. Understanding that shift in time, up to two months? Understandings that what you do now, while the Sun is in Pisces, what your Virgo self does now? That will — eventually — reap rewards. To me it looks like you will be acknowledged for whatever it was that you said, or did, to help out with the current situation, but the rewards are further down the road than you would like. Certainly further along that I would like, too. As the planets stack up in Pisces, what that does is set up a situation wherein you will get the just Virgo rewards, but until the Sun moves out of Pisces? I wouldn’t be expecting delivery of those promised and proffered enticements for a job handled well. In the “good, old days,” when we were neither good nor old, there was tag line in the fineprint about expecting delivery to take up six or eight weeks. What happens this month is they do what you tell them to do, and they get what you told them they would get, in six to eight weeks, like I suggested.


    I claim that a decent Libra can shift directions and focus in a moment’s notice. In the blink of an eye, a fine, little Libra can go from red-hot to ice-cold, as the situations change and mutate. There’s an inherent ability, borne from the Libra applied balance, that sense there must always be order, and there is always another side to the story. That’s where I get that ability to shift, change, and otherwise address in different format, the flip side. The other side. That ability to change, mutate, and shift the focal point of the Libra actions, in these next few days? Paramount importance. There’s a highly fluid and dynamic situation unfolding, due to stress in other parts of the Libra chart, and that stress requires an almost cat-like ability to change directions. Those of us with aging parents understand that there is a sudden need for familial attention elsewhere. Cuts into both business and recreational activities. Not suggesting that’s exactly what will happen, but there is the idea, a sudden “emergency” that might not really be an emergency, but an ability to shift focus and direction, just like that? Sure helps make this next few days and weeks fly by much easier.


    The way I got the symbolism, Sisyphus is destined — for all eternity — to roll a rock to the top of the hill, and as soon as he gets to the top? The rock rolls back down to the bottom, and he has to start all over. This is from old mythology — the Myth of Sisyphus. I’ve read it a number of different ways, but the idea is the same, miserable manual labor that results in having to start all over again. Put your shoulder into it, Scorpio, put some muscle behind that effort, the rock isn’t getting to the top of the hill without any effort. I mean, the last couple of years, that’s what it has felt like, correct? Pushing a big rock, up a hill, and every time you think you catch a break, the old mythology kicks and the rock tumbles to the bottom of the hill — again. Just like Sisyphus, huh? I was careful about this selection of myth and imagery, because it speaks to a certain futility until we reach a point where there are two understandings, and some of this more recent. One? Sisyphus is happy because he is laboring. There is that, it’s a Consolation of Philosophy, and the second, more Fishing Guide to the Stars-like version? By the end of Pisces, that Scorpio rock will stick in place. Just have to keep pushing, for now.


    It’s a great day coming. It’s a great day of reckoning. It’s a time when we must stand for what we belive in, and then? Wait, I think I changed my mind. When confronted with new, and overwhelming evidence to established set of beliefs? When our Sagittarius selves face incontrovertible evidence that can’t be refuted? We must adapt, adopt, and change. The most common situation in this kind of scenario, as the planets unfold and chart their respective courses forward? Mostly this is the influence of Saturn that I’m thinking about, but various other little planets are going to add some extra kick, some extra “juice” to the planet’s meaning and its subtle directions. What this next few days, next few weeks holds for us? We have to face off against an existing belief, a pattern that we might not like, but we have to admit, it is there. As that inescapable truth looms in front of us? There’s a choice, a chance to change our directions and accommodate that new data. As new information arrives, which it will, and as we are confronted with this new data that suggests a previous stance might be incorrect? A willingness to change our directions — as graceful as possible — that’s our Sagittarius route for success.


    A footpath I used to follow was also a game trail. A semi-urban environment where I lived, wildlife and human peaceful coexisted, more or less. There was always a great dispute who lived there first, the wildlife or us people, and the intersection of the two — always interesting. This one game trail, though, it was sort of behind a large shopping center, and what made it more of interest in this situation — what’s ahead for Capricron — that trail was used by both humans and wildlife. To my untrained eye, I would see it as a trail. Thin, just one person wide, and beaten down, then it would fork as it close to a neighbor’s house. One section of the trail went directly under some low-hanging branches. I finally observed, watching as lithe deer went sprinting down that trail, it was for them, and a game trail, not a people trail, or, not unlike much of the early pioneer stock, a game trail that people could use as well. No, this was clearly a pathway best, and only, used by animals. Take the fork in the trail, as it was easy to see, the branches, one low-hanging tree trunk, unless I ducked down to all-fours, then I wouldn’t make it under the impediment. Great trail for either really young kids, or the local fawns. That’s about all that could make it under the heavy wood. It wasn’t until much later that I thought about it, and thought about what’s just up ahead in Capricorn. The trail serves wildlife, sure, and we share a portion of the trail, but then, there are spots, without being too obvious, it’s just not for us. Figure that out, and you don’t have to be a master of the woods, or a wildlife expert, to see that one pathway, just up ahead, really isn’t cut out for Capricorn. (Or Capricorn’s height.)


    One online author I’ve followed for years and years, he always refers to himself — and his work — as the best in the world. Bit of bloviating excess, in one opinion, and “Best in the world?” A little too much, in my mind, but his work is interesting, so I play along. What it does, though, over years and years, it sinks in, that rather hyperbolic thread that he’s “The best,” and “the best in the world!” Yeah, after a decade of exposure to his message, I begin to think of his work as might fine, and damn good, even though, most of that is hype from having been repeatedly exposed to the tag line about being the best. The message gets reiterated, over and over, and therein is the problem. Good? Sure. Best in the world? That hyper-bloviating excess is wonderful for some. However, as we race through Pisces times, the Aquarius energies are little more astounded to that excess, and the subtle Aquarius understands that less affirming “We’re the best” and more just causally demonstrating that fact, that wins more hearts and minds. Less talk, less hyperbolic exclamations, more “Truth in Aquarius Advertising,” and see where that takes us.

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