Horoscopes for 10-3-2023

’Tis not sleepy business,
But must be look’d to speedily and strongly.

Queen in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline (III.v.26-7)

Horoscopes for 10-3-2023

Mars conjunct (True) S. Node Moon 10/4 10:52 AM 24°57’ Libra
Mercury enters Libra 10/4 7:09 PM
Mars square Pluto 10/8 7:45 PM 27°53’ Libra/Cap.
Venus enters Virgo 10/8 at 8:11 PM


Libra Lots of late degree Libra action, mostly as a result of Mars, but other elements come into play, as well. Helps to be concise, and it would really help if everyone else was succinct in messages, delivery, and other protocols, but you know what? Ain’t like to happen like that. Not exactly the best grammar, but as a simple warning?

(See fineprint for the terms and conditions of service.)

As a simple warning, every one else is going to seem long-winded, tending to bloviate, and pontificate when your Libra self just wants a short answer, like a simple “Yes/no.” I can’t get them to hurry up. You can’t get them to hurry up. Tap the foot, impatiently, under the table. We’re getting there.


There’s always a warning that goes with this time, and remember? It’s time before good and proper Scorpio starts, and as such? Maybe take it easier than usual on the rest of us. There’s just a little bit of free-floating tension, people keep running into unmet obligations, and that’s a source of personal angst, ire, if you will, and I will, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad for Scorpio, no that’s not it.

But the general malaise, and avoiding it? I suggest ducking, or, at the very least? Not volunteering. “Can I get some help with this?” Scorpio: you’d love to help, but it might not be in your own, best enlightened self-interest to do so at this time. Restrictions apply, see fineprint for the terms and conditions.


Some restrictions may apply, see fineprint for all the terms and conditions. It’s about getting clear, and picking that destination, and sticking with what is most correct. There’s a little cosmic test, just up ahead as we get closer and closer to Scorpio season, but having not arrived just yet? It’s about picking that destination and making it work in manner that’s best for all. Therein is our very Sagittarius conundrum, is it the part that suits ourselves best, or is it the part that suits the others? Is there a happy point in between? That’s what we’re looking for, that happy spot in between, Sagittarius feeling good, and everyone else feeling all right as well.


Mars in Libra hasn’t been exactly kind to cool Capricorn. Just an unusual amount of unrelenting tension that doesn’t see to have a focal point, and that makes for some extra Capricorn ire. That needs a point of focus. That irritability and low-level irritation? Just needs something to focus upon. Doing so? That’s how we transmute anger into useful and productive energy. Might have to throw a snit, first, but that’s okay, there are several good snit-catchers who are deserving of that level of Capricorn expression of angst. Give it a focal point, give it a direction. Find a deserving target, if nothing else. And no, not me I’m not the one who did this. I would never.


In a fit of pique, I recycled a huge number of my old bandanas. Must’ve had two milk crates filled with unused, or no longer used squares of cloth. For a while, I tried to collect cool, unusual, and seasonally appropriate designs. I also liked it when they were two for a dollar. A price anyone can like? But these days, I try to stick with a simpler design, and colors that don’t offend anyone. I used to thrill one buddy by wearing a pink bandana, but not so much, and it’s all kind of déclassé. I’m more basic, which is why I “recycled” the old bandanas. Not really a big deal, as the accumulated value, at a buck apiece, which is what I paid? Not more than $20. Space in the closet? Couple of cubic feet. Savings for me? Immeasurable. No longer have so many choices, which makes life easier. It’s not a big deal, and it wasn’t an expensive choice, but time to recycle, real, or imagined, and let go of those accoutrements — accessories — that no longer fit our Aquarius styles. (Aquarius lifestyles.)


I’m quite accomplished at the art of “thinking about it.” I can use fancy terms for the lack of action, “I’m thinking it through, I’m working on a plan, I’m analyzing,” or, a personal favorite? “I’m meditating on it.” I can say I’m busy when it looks like I merely doing my best to conserve some energy. “Yeah, looks like you were napping.” There is that. However, this is a perfect few days to take some time to do nothing. “Nothing! I’ve got so much that has to be done!” Yawn, I’ve heard the typical Pisces rant and rave about the problems at hand, and I’m still suggesting, more than before, a little extra time spent doing nothing works to make this a better time to get stuff done, the real problem is building in some extra time to do nothing so you can get stuff done. Little oblique, but I never answer a straight question when I can go sideways. Schedule a little time to analyze, cogitate, mediate or otherwise contemplate the problems at hand. There are some easy solutions.


The stronger the opposition, the more determined Aries gets? Is that the most correct way to handle this kind of “push-back?” I’m not sure and I suppose, it will vary from individual to individual, but me, not an Aries, but a very lazy Sagittarius, when I encounter a certain amount of resistance? I stop. Not worth the effort. Not going to force it, not going to hurt myself — or others — trying to push back against the opposition. Something for Aries to consider, as well, not pushing back against the push-back. While it’s always an option, is that the best use of that good Aries energy at the moment? I’m wondering if stronger opposition to that Aries point really requires a stronger, more forceful response on the part of the gentle Aries. Maybe not, not this time. Wait it out, see if there is another avenue that will open up, make things a lot easier instead of standing and fighting.


This one isn’t in one of my books, as it is ticklish, weird, and otherwise not easy to define. The week’s Taurus stuff isn’t tough, so much as unsettled, but not radically unsettling, just a bit “off.” For me, it’s not bad at all, as I tend to excel when matters don’t line up the way people think that the matters are supposed to line up. Not bad at all. Different. Out of the ordinary? To play with this energy — line up some hypothetical ideas. Possibilities. Notions that aren’t fully hatched yet? Sure. I had a great idea for “clean out the ice box kitchen skillet meal.” Little of this, little of that, some left over and starting to wilt veggies, the usual crap I accumulate, right? I played with the ingredients, started with a sautéed base and then, it just isn’t as good as I figured it would be. Two points: I tried, and I noted my lack of success. “Good effort, interesting combination, didn’t work out just right,” but that gives me another idea. Like I said, weird, and lightweight.


There’s the briefest “Face the Music” event headed toward Gemini. Problem being, I mention that now, and and it take a few days for this reckoning to arrive, and multifaceted Gemini is worried, corrected the problem found another problem, corrected that, and, yet, still worried about whatever is up ahead, and coming down the pike, to mix metaphors. You’re Gemini, you get the mixed messages. You understand even if I don’t. So there’s a degree of reckoning, a time when the bill’s come due, a moment where you have to face the music, own up to your own action, and that’s around the corner from here. Bad? Not for me, as I’ve been so squeaky clean for so long, it doesn’t matter at all. But for Gemini? A cosmic check-up is coming due.


There’s an element where taking a hard and realistic look at an extant situation, it just really helps. Mars incites activity, and the rest of the planet are pushing, too, but the Moon’s phase, relative to gentle Moon Children, Cancer? The time isn’t right to act. Sure, you want to jump on it, but no, now isn’t the correct time. Might feel like it, and what I’m suggesting, plan an appropriate action, and think about it, but don’t get pushed into a choice that you haven’t fully considered. Or, for that matter, really analyzed. My perfect excuse? “It was good idea at the time?” My perfect way out of this kind of trouble? That doesn’t really work well for you. Nice idea. Great line — steal it. Don’t plan on getting away with it, though. Time to take a realistic, and hard, look at a certain situation and see if you can plot a way forward for yourself — and others. Not a good time to jump on it, though.

The Leo

Idly clicking away at one title, with that suggestion, “If you find that interesting, you might like this, too?” I landed on a quick article that was about what a certain tarot card meant. This is where it got amusing, maybe silly. The one card, according to the first part of the article implied one meaning, and then, under a different heading, the exact same card meant something completely different. I don’t read cards (often), but I do carry a deck as a symbolic connection. So the two, opposing meanings and interpretations of that single card? Problem. I wanted to holler at the screen, “Pick one!” This is critically reading a fluff piece that wasn’t well-thought out, or it was just intended to sell product, via eyeballs and clicks. However, this is The Leo problem, too, reading critically and rationally in an apparently irrational world. Problem?


I’ve experimented with several, legal, over-the-counter “Neurotropic” substances and compounds. These are — allegedly — supposed to increase brain capacity, improve cognition, sharpen focus, and otherwise enhance life by increasing (something) to the brain. One was a tea, from coffee bean husks. Tasted oaky, I mean, not bad at all, but nothing great. Another was Bullet-Proof Coffee. Both beverages were all right, but I never detected an increase in my cognitive ability, and after all, wasn’t that the purported target? I’m an astrologer, so I can’t mock any other pseudo-science, but I can report that I never got the miraculous results that were promised. As a good Virgo person, what you’re looking for? Go head and give it a try. Quantifiable results count, even if it is just your own, critical intellect that detects a change. Or no change, like me.

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