about the money

about the money

It’s not about the money!

But it is. A newly minted reader was asking me about a client and various interactions, curious as to why I had to repeat the message, over and over, same client, same astrology chart, the conditions don’t change, and my suggestions remained the same.

It’s not about the money. One of my current crop of mentors frequently used the expression, “Lather, rinse, repeat.” In the intended context, it means, if a process is successful, then repeat the steps. In another context, the expression can carry a different connotation, but when it’s used around me, in that situation? “Later, rinse, repeat,” means — to us — if a process is successful, then repeat the steps to success, again and again.

It’s not about the money!

Reminded me of a scene from my earliest days as a journeyman psychic, and this set of images is digging deep.

The bookstore is no longer there — nor is the governing body. Regulating group. All gone. That reader, too, no longer in the same circles. I’m the only constant.

Hint: It’s not about the money!

There was a guy reading cards when a young lady came in and paid for a session, as it turned out, he later explained, she was wasting her last dollars on a psychic reading with him. At the end of the session, in a fit of pique, he got up and stormed over to the cash drawer, withdrawing the fee she paid, vehemently thrusting the cash back into her hands. I do recall he was obviously agitated.

While honorable, and certainly ethical within the strictures of that psychic’s personal code, I suppose, these days, I wonder. In part, this is because — I believe — we all have free will, the freedom to choose, and the freedom to make our own dharma as we move through this lifetime.

It’s not about the money!

The scars on my body, along with scars on my psyche and soul? These serve as dog-eared pages in a book, maybe underlined and annotated. Punctuation, in places, too. Those selfsame scars are reminders. Where I’ve been, who I am, what I know — and my limits, too — what I don’t know.

Hint: I know lot less now than I knew before.
I can’t even say what I know I don’t know, not now.

I earn all I’ve learned, and I am willing to help, in fact, there is totally free advice available on my main website: astrofish.net.

It’s not about the money!

What I’ve discovered? Without some kind of financial commitment? Like, my offer of $1 for the first month?

Kramer Wetzel

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