Artisanal Bullshit

Artisanal Bullshit

But seriously, artisanal onions?

Two immediate problems: one, it is in a cardboard case, so it is part of a large distribution chain. Second, look down, the box is sitting on a pallet. Sure, this looks a lot like the COSTCO, which it is, and sure, they do good work, on a corporate level, and I’ve been a fan since the old Price Club days, out west. But seriously, how can these compare to real, farm-fresh onions. Statement, not question.

Sitting on pallet. Trucked in by the lot. Bought in bulk. How can that claim artisan?

Artisanal Bullshit

I must be a grumpy old man, now.

I always thought I was an author of artisanal horoscopes. Not sold by the pallet.

Kramer Wetzel

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