Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang A series of analogies emerged during a reading, and I thought I would fill in some thoughts on the concept — The point of a “weblog,” an online journal? It’s a chance to flesh out ideas, and this one that isn’t fully realized, but gets some kind of print as a “works in [...]

ask the astrologer part whatever

ask the astrologer part whatever Aries and Leo Inbound mail: What’s the difference between Leo sun and Aries moon Aries sun and Leo moon Got it. One is “Look at me while I’m doing this,” while the other is “look at what I did!” ask the astrologer part whatever —— Ask the Astrologer Ask the [...]

Bento Box

Bento Box Oddly enough, my first introduction wasn’t food, but software. There was an organizational tool built dozens of years back that took this as a namesake, and I’m unsure of how that works. The naming of software — or organizational software tools. Neither. I don’t understand either one. Bento Box As visual device, it [...]


Aries Start of Aries, March 20, 2018, around ten in the morning. Easter in Austin

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