At the Rock Shop Again

At the Rock Shop Again I’ve always been — a little different. Looks like Austin, At the Rock Shop Again, at Nature’s Treasures, for a Tuesday. Often in Austin Tuesday at Nature’s Treasures. 4103 North IH–35 Austin, Texas 78722 Store phone: 512–472–5015 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM —— #Austin

Shakespeare Said

Shakespeare Said Should be a series, “Shakespeare Said,” but it’s not going to happen. I just have a few to drop, and it’s not really a big ole hairy deal. “From the four corners of the earth they come,” Merchant of Venice (II.vii.39) Elsewhere? All corners else o’ th’ earth The Tempest (I.ii.494) And for [...]

Horoscope Guarantee

Horoscope Guarantee These horoscopes are guaranteed to never shrink. Can’t recall, but should be part of the fineprint. #horoscope

The Flask

The Flask Recently, I’ve started carrying a flask, what I call it, The Flask. It’s not really a flask, though, it’s one of those “sport drink” aluminum bottle. Or thin metal, possibly alloy, I’m unsure. Might be pot steel. It started as a yoga water bottle, but we all know how that turned out. The [...]

From Marcus Aurelius

From Marcus Aurelius “15. Remember that, as it is monstrous to be surprised at a fig-tree bearing figs, so also is it to be surprised at the Universe bearing its own particular crop. Likewise it is monstrous for a physician or a steersman to be surprised that a patient has fever or that a contrary [...]


Neptune Neptune pointer. Came up in a couple of readings, again, the nature of the Neptune Transit. Neptune is strange because of its associations — Pisces, 12th House, the worlds and planes beyond normal human recognition. The subconscious mind and all the realms therein. The other dimensions. That first Neptune pointer got it, but I [...]

Contests and Prizes

Contests and Prizes In the early days, I used to run a contest, trivia questions, and the rewards were my astrology chart reports — delivered via email. Fun, for me, as there was plenty of interaction, and then, the idea that I could come up with arcane bits of trivia, most of it collected and [...]

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