Kramer Wetzel

Content Collaborator

Content Collaborator Hi there, I’m Laura from Superserp and am emailing to ask whether you would be willing to accept an article for your site I have been looking for relevant sites to use for a current sports betting campaign that I am running, as well as building relationships with web-masters. I feel that [...]

Two-Meat Tuesday

Two-Meat Tuesday in Austin Looks like Austin, At the Rock Shop Again, at Nature’s Treasures, for Tuesday. Austin Often Two-Meat Tuesday Two-Meat Tuesday: Astrofish.Net/Xenon Two-Meat Tuesday – Kramer Wetzel

Frankie and Grace

Frankie and Grace It’s a Netflix Original, Frankie and Grace, with a stunning roster of grey stars. Martin Sheen, Sam Waterston, an aging but still haunting Jane Fonda, and forever brilliant Lily Tomlin. Is it farce? Satire? Sad commentary on our modern families? Not quick-smart, but certainly ironic, humorous, with stellar female leads. It’s fun [...]

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