Bexar County Line

Bexar County Line

More than a dozen years ago, I read portions of Pepys Diary. Part of that, I read while in Austin with nascent web journal writers, pre- or proto- bloggers. Some years later, I stumbled across a blog that resurrected the diary, and why more weblog writers don’t revere that piece of work and its author as a patron saint, or similar iconic recognition and standing, I do not know.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys (Modern Library Classics)

My photo-blog Bexar County Line just entered its 8th year.

In 8 years, it has mutated, and it was there before Instagram, Tumbler, and Pinterest. Others, too. 8 years strong. It’s been around, with an image day, for that long. All on its own. Personal record, a few images that are priceless, some dross, to be expected.

Over the years, the emphasis has shifted, from cheap cameras to handy, quotidian phone cameras. From absolutely no special effects to minimal filters and frames, from time to time. Then again, often not, just grab an image and post it for that day.

All varies, but as a record, it’s been there for eight years and counting. From the profound to the profane, tourist kitsch to local secrets, all there.


Kramer Wetzel

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