Short definition? Writing about a piece of art. Picked it up from from a (client) (link) (referral) (I don't know).

They liked the Greek-derived version, better, spelled differently: ekphrasis.

Weird, couldn’t find the definition in a literature handbook.


The term applies, in a variety of definitions, to “Writing about a piece of art,” and that’s part of what my online-journal (weblog, blog, &c.) is for.

Where I have the fun, writing about what I saw when I was taking a picture, for example.

There are some images that are thoughtfully framed, then post-production massaged for hues, saturation, color-correction, whatever seems to amuse me.

Other images are pretty raw, and for the last half-dozen years, mostly from phone cameras.

Like the Terms of Service suggests, “It varies.”


It’s the writing about — usually — a visual piece of art. Like that? makes it more amusing, but then, there will always be days, when no explanation is due.


Kramer Wetzel

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