Me and Billy the Kid

Me and Billy the Kid

It’s a single line from a Joe Ely song. His stage banter, or someplace in his online presence, a comment about seeing the Billy The Kid museum, and being totally un–impressed, so, like many of us, he wrote his own version.

It’s that hard country, down the New Mexico line.

I graduated from High School in Roswell, NM — that’s why I know “That hard country, down the New Mexico line.” Done time, there.

“He rode the hard country down the New Mexico Line”

Me and Billy the Kid – Joe Ely

Me And Billy The Kid

Been around him and his music, quite a bit in many years.

“I’ve beaten my fists against the moon…”

All Just to Get to You – Joe Ely

Letter to Laredo by Ely, Joe (1995) Audio CD

“All just to get to you.”

Kramer Wetzel

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