Old iPad

Old iPad

Image of the back of an old iPad. I set it free. It came back. I used it for a spare monitor, sort of, for a spell. Picking up a new (used) piece of hardware at the Apple store, I was sorely misled in that I was sure they would take any used Apple products and “recycle” them. They did take my old iPhone and offer some cash on a card. Took that. But the older iPad?

Pretty sure the iPad itself is about ten years old. Original iPad, first gen.

Old iPad

The question was about the technology. It’s too dated to be updated, any further, and when I tried to return it — mistakenly I came to understand Apple recycled all their products — the local store wouldn’t take it. Online? “No cash value.” Offline? No idea.

Fishing buddy let his kids play it for a while, but those kids have grown up and they’ve got newer, faster, more cool tech, now. “It’s too slow for a five-year old, and no one seems to want it.”

There’s an emotional attachment that I have, wherein I am almost unwilling to let it go, but rationally, it takes up space, and it is of no further use.

Sentimental? It was a first.

It was the ultimate toy, a perfect gift, a tool I didn’t know I needed until I had one, then discovered its value as tool.

Old iPad

Looks like that iPad is ten years old, maybe? Lots of miles, plenty of smiles, and a few missed opportunities. Where does that count on the technology cycle, at ten years or so?

Think it’s been well-cared for, that’s for sure, usually in a case of some kind. Turns out tech does last longer if it is properly attended.

Who knew?

After several offers for friends, I did manage to get a recycle offer from some place Apple recommended — might have some life left in it yet. See how that goes.

Old iPad

The “not affiliated with Apple” but handled through an Apple affiliate process got me — I’m guessing maybe 5 percent of the original price. So in ten years, it was still sort of useful, just not upgradeable any further.

The older iPad had two weaknesses, no, three, relative weight, fragile display, and 30-pin connector.

Realistically? Dead tech. Emotionally, still tugged at the electrical connector cords in my heart.


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