On Writing

On Writing Topic came up the other evening. I can’t resist not making snarky comments. It’s “National Write a Novel” month. There’s a brotherly sibling, “National Post a Blog Entry Every Day” month. Or something like that. Like this is a challenge? On Writing Every Day As an addendum, this is more just like On […] read more

AT&T Services

AT&T Services Years ago, I migrated back to AT&T “broadband,” although, at the time, it was the narrowest of broadband services available. AT&T Services After this last move, I’ve had spotty repsonse from the AT&T slash U-Verse thing. Service. Whatever. I got upset with AT&T dropping coverage, losing connectivity for periods of seconds and minutes, […] read more

BareFoot Astrology

BareFoot Astrology BareFoot Astrology, the audio and video, it’s like an online class and workshop for some basic and even intermediate tips, for modern astrology. Hot tip: this is the lecture that the book is based upon. Free, for now, online at www.BareFootAstrology.com […] read more