The RSS Feed

The RSS Feed

The symbol, it’s simple, usually three waves, like radio waves or visual indications of audio, or something. Originally, RSS was to serve up podcast files, but anymore, it’s my preferred method of reading long and short bits.

The symbol may look like this.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed

Should be on most serial websites. Anyone who pops out material with any degree of frequency, that’s the stuff that will feed facebook, and so forth, akin to Twitter, but not quite the same. It’s not a push, but a pull.

I find a site – I like the content? Drop the feed into a feeder reader, which, again, is machine agnostic, so the reader software doesn’t mind, or care.

I can read feeds on my phone, my tablet, or my computer. however, I tend to read them only on the tablet, as it’s easier – iPad is the most convenient for me.

Your mileage may vary.

Kramer Wetzel

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