Why readers get hooked on
Fishing Guide to the Stars

With the philosophy that humankind is humorous right to its core, Kramer dispenses a deep-fried, homespun wisdom that pokes fun at our foibles and embraces our common sense.

“The biggest problem with astrology is astrologers,” Kramer says. “Too many of the practitioners of this interpretive art form are serious. Way too serious.”

The Science of Astrology involves the exact and precise calculation of the location of the planets as they describe their orbits through the heavens. The Art of Astrology involves taking the precise nature of the Science and putting its influence into words that anyone can understand.

Kramer’s Astrological writings have been in print, in one form or another, for over twenty years. On the Lake of Life, the Fishing Guide to the Stars is a popular method for navigating the murky depth of the human soul. Coming from Texas, he imparts a degree of humor often times missed by other practitioners of this ancient art of prognostication.

Where to catch Fishing Guide to the Stars

America Online/
Kramer’s Fishing Guide to the Stars Internet site on America Online reached millions of AOL readers and included weekly astrological forecasts, explanations of the principles of astrology and a message board, where he answered questions from readers with an equal measure of “home-growed” Texas humor and compassion. Plus, Kramer appeared weekly to a live online audience to field questions about life, love and the best fishin’ holes during a freewheeling national public Q&A session. Kramer’s weekly column was featured in the Astronet section on AOL.

World Wide Web
The Fishing Guide to the Stars interactive home page on the World Wide Web includes all Kramer’s weekly astrological forecasts and astrological principles, plus photos, personal history, fun and games, and a special section containing observations and essays he writes regularly during his adventures as a peripatetic astrologer wandering through Texas, the Western United States and even England. Kramer has received tremendous response to his Web site, with messages from places as far flung as Australia and Singapore. Visit Kramer’s home page:

Public Appearances
Touring through the Southwest, Corpus Christi, El Paso, Lubbock, Austin, Albuquerque, Amarillo, San Antonio and elsewhere to give astrology and tarot card readings on the psychic-fair circuit gives Kramer a real-life perspective on people’s everyday concerns. Kramer is popular with radio, TV and other media.

Private Consulting
Kramer has a loyal following of private clients whom he sees in person and consults with via telephone and e-mail.

Old School Bio:

Not many things can explain him but here are a few. Kramer was born and raised in a small town in East Texas. He has degrees in English literature and considers Shakespeare his soulmate. Kramer sometimes thinks he was Shakespeare in a previous lifetime, but that’s another story.

Kramer is an acknowledged critic of all things Texan, and even in matters that transcend the state of Texas. BBQ, coffee shops and chili all fall within his realm of expertise. There is also a never ending quest for the best chicken fried steak. From the profound to the profane, not much escapes this Fishing Guide’s cast.

Like any good Sagittarius, he has lived a number of lifetimes in this one: motorcycle mechanic, nightclub owner, computer guru and now his current, unparalleled specialty: Fishing Guide to the Stars. From his careful study of mythology to his contemporary journalistic documentation that Texans are descended from a race of Space Aliens, Kramer is a professor of the human condition.


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