Week of: July 15-23
"Take note, take note, O World! To be direct and honest is not safe."
Iago in Shakespeare's Othello (III, iii, 378)

Aries: The good news this week, my Aries friend, is that there is a lot of coming and going happening. Lots of little details to look after, and certain feeling of "love" permeates the air. That's the good news. The bad news is that you will be tempted to work too much, and thereby letting this relationship fall by the wayside. Not always a good thing.

Taurus: The problem you face this week is two-fold, that is, you have a strong feeling of romance which is still lingering, but you aren't able to deal with these feelings effectively. That can all pose a problem or two for you. Now, to add some sand to the gears, you've got this delightfully sharp insight right now , but no way to use it. And no one to use it one, either. None of this looks too good for the old Taurus. The good news is that there are changes in the wind.

Gemini: romance is still the big one this week, with the cosmic love duo playing a game of tag in your sign. Mars and Venus are quickly slipping through, and while they are here, emotions run hot and cold. Hot from Mars and cold from Venus. Of course, given that you're a Gemini, this sort of duality is nothing new in your life. You are used to it. That romance which you have been waiting to materialize should be along just about any moment now; be ready to seize the day.

Cancer: The Sun and the Moon start this week out, making it a particularly good week for you. Really. Although your emotions seem to be turbocharged (remember the blower we put on the truck?), you calm down towards the end of the week as the Sun moves on into Leo. Then things really start happening for you. Look for some foreign correspondence to bring you a bit of good news. Now work with me on the definition of foreign, here in Texas, New York is foreign as they get.

Leo: Birthday time! Birthdays start this week as the mighty Sun rolls into Leo. I've been waiting patiently, and so have you, for this auspicious time of the year: Month of Leo. With all that has been going on, you are at a three year peak in you life when there are any number of good things that can happen to you. Work is supposed to be a proverbial piece of cake right now, and the more important social connections are also supposed to be good right now. Great, in fact. Careful that your mouth doesn't get you in trouble.

Virgo: Dear sweet Virgo. Oh dear. Oh. Looks like this is a week that money problems which you had successfully wished away are back. In a big way. The deal is this: there are two planets in a tight configuration making life very difficult for your pocketbook right now. The good news is that these two planets will go on their merry way soon enough. Now, what are you going to do about it? fortunately, worry can be your middle name, so if I were in your boots right about now, I would worry a lot. In reality, you have no control over the events and the stellar tides shift in your favor, just not this week.

Libra: My poor Libra friend, it seems as if all the weights of the worlds are resting upon your shoulders. The biggest problem you face this week involves a concept foreign to me: earned income. Work is the problem this week. The good news is that the problems will go away. The bad news is that it is going to take a certain degree of effort on your part. The best thing to do is to isolate yourself in fishing boat and experiment with new fishing lures. Shoot, try live bait. anything new and different that you do alone, even though this requires extra effort on your part, will pay off. That's the good news. Don't expect immediate gratification, that's the downside.

Scorpio: There's a funny thing happening this week to Scorpio: you feel both elated and depressed at the same time. The problem is that everything seems to be motoring along quite smoothly right now. Better pay close attention, Scorpio, because while everything seems to be going along fine right now, it probably won't last (but you knew that), and it's a good time to get those details in order so that the good fortune can continue.

Sagittarius: Tofu-loving Sagittarius people write me letters and claim that there is such a creature. In fact, I usually call Sagittarius the sign of "cold pizza for breakfast" because most of the Archers are less than concerned about what fuel they put into their bodies. Leftover Chinese food is also good--the spicier, the better. The deal is this: you are face to face with getting some nutritional advice this week. Listen to what the advisors say; it might do you some good.

Capricorn: Capricorn is not a sign one would traditionally associate with an ability to dream. Not that there aren't some visionary Sea Goats out there, just that it's not a the usual; sign for such activities. But right now, the dreams are in the forefront for you. Go ahead and have a few wild fantasies about money--it will do you good. What was that character's name in turn of the century American literature who slept on bed of money?

Aquarius: Everybody else is under tremendous pressure right now, at least that's the way the world looks to you. To be sure, you feel some of this pressure yourself, but there are still certain changes you need to consider making, just for yourself. The problem, or as we say in modern astrology, the CHALLENGE, comes from allowing your stubborn side to see that there are some benefits to the upcoming changes. Consider trying new bait. If you've never used live bait, give it a shot. Or whatever other change is required to shake up your steadfast routines.

Pisces: If anything, this is a good week for nesting. If you are a Pisces with a home based business, then things couldn't be any better right now. Bet you are enjoying life to the maximum. That's the good news. Other prognostications include a sudden upturn in business this week. And to think that I get a huge volume of mail from Pisces who complain about what I say about work. I get the impression that Pisces don't like work too much.

Week of: July 8-14
"Rare words! Brave world! Hostess, my breakfast come!/O, I could wish this tavern were my drum!" Falstaff in Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I (III.iii.205-6)

Aries [3/23-4/20]: Bang your drum slowly, my dear Aries friends because week that starts out with the Moon in Aries on Monday is good sign. And the way work looks like it is stacking up right now, you could use all the good fortune coming your way that's possible. Just be careful that your emotional demands don't wear your neighbors thin.

Taurus [4/21-5/22]: Now, a lot of astrologers tend to think that the Sign of the Bull is possessive and too oriented towards personal belongings. While this is a rash and generalized statement, it does occur to you that it could be true this week. The flip side of this statement is that it is a good week to consider buying a new fishing boat. Or acquiring something else like that, say, a new vehicle or some of those new lures that smell like garlic. They do work, just check with the Salty Sucker Bait Co. for more info.

Gemini [5/23-6/21]: You get the triple - double - throw down - whammy maneuver this week from the heavens as your emotions and a new relationship seem to run amok. Buy that wedding ring! Get him or her that big diamond! Go all out! If this is a new romance, remember to bait your date's hook, especially when using Sushi as bait. Even if it isn't a first date.

Cancer [6/22-7/22]: Poor Cancer, what with this being a birthday time and all, you've been down in the dumps lately. A little midnight fishing with high powered spotlight to attract the bugs which then attract the fish is the way to do it. You'll have more luck next week, though, as the emotional trauma gets smoothed over. Since this is my editor's birthday week, let's all show our sympathy for his poor Cancer self and send him an email wishing him a happy birthday. That's "BenBubba@aol.com."

Leo [7/23-8/23]: The only problem with being Leo is that those pesky emotions tend to bubble up at uncomfortable times, like right now, and you don't know what to do about it all. Patience, dear Leo, as you time will come! You will find that you are feeling a profound degree of psychological transformation approaching. Ever consider changing the patterns that fish with? The old fishing holes seem to be depleted right now, and you should look for something new...

Virgo [8/24-9/23]: You seem to have it easy this week, but there is a dark and foreboding sense that there is something lurking under the water. Just relax and keep casting your bait out. You may not catch much this week, but the dark and foreboding feeling of dread will soon be gone. I promise.

Libra [9/24-10/23]: You will find that you are hot this week as you seem to burn with an evangelical zeal. This fervent attitude can be put to good use, but the trick this week is finding an appropriate outlet for your energy.

Scorpio [10/24-11/23]: A boomerang is one of those foreign constructs which refers to an aerial device that returns. You throw it and it comes back. And just like a boomerang, there is a relationship issue which has come back to visit you. Now, I told you a long time ago to clean this up but did you listen? I guess you don't because they're back, and it looks like they have an army of lawyers, too. I only hope that some tort reform is in action right now.

Sagittarius [11/24-12/21]: Live bait works best this week. Get yourself a live one, bait the hook well, and the fish will bite. That's a simple message at this time, but what does it mean, oh great Fishing Guide to the Stars? It means that now is the time to get prepared for some real action. Get the ducks in row, or, in this case, get your tackle all lined up and ready for a big fishing tournament this weekend. Go for the biggest Bass in the lake, that one feller who who has defied all other fishermen. You can do it.

Capricorn [12/22-1/20]: You poor dear Capricorns. I want to tell you about how things are going to be so very nice for you right now, but there is one little problem: I have an ex who is a Cappy, and now that she's reading this, I can't say anything nice about Capricorn. But for the rest of you, just watch the dream like quality that seems to lead you drifting off to fantasy world. Maybe it's just a Disney Land, but watch your step. On a positive note, try playing the lottery.

Aquarius [1/21-2/18]: Settle back with a good book, prop your feet up on the gunwales of the boat, and plan on drowning a few worms. If you are an animal rights activist, just drop a bare hook over the edge of the boat -- the only fish that strike at that WANT to be eaten. Makes it a volunteer kind of a thing -- and you experience absolutely no guilt whatsoever.

Pisces [2/19-3/22]: Concentrate on work in the early part of the week, and call you mother later in the week. Tidy up some stuff around the house. Relax some. Of course, it's an oxymoron, talking about a tense Pisces, but you should find some much needed relaxation this week. Maybe go fishing this weekend.

Week of: July 1-7

    "It has to be done right... and that's when the strange music starts, when you stretch your luck so far that fear becomes exhilaration and vibrates along your arms."

    Hunter S. Thompson in Hell's Angels, a Strange and Terrible Saga.

    Remember, the key phrase is "that's when the strange music starts..."

Aries: If you weren't feeling the emotions I kept talking about within the last week, you will certainly be feeling them this week. The advantage to be a an Aries is that you are a Fire Sign and can usually deal with pesky little things like "feelings" in a straightforward manner. In this case, propose marriage. if it flies, so be it. And if it doesn't, move to the next relationship. These "feelings" will subside, next week.

Taurus: The usual astrology text will tell you that you hare having a good week, but I'll wager that work looks pretty dismal right now. And so does the romantic front. Before you worry too much about all this dismal stuff, keep track of the fact that your time is coming, and the very best way to attack a week like this is like a bear: roll around in the sun and enjoy not working too hard.

Gemini: The good news is that Venus turns herself around this week, and takes off in a forward gallop. Okay, so she starts at a crawl and then slowly builds to a stately pace. Venus and Mars play tag one more time. This means Romance is highlighted. One more time. Did I ever explain why Gemini's are the best people to have a romantic relationship with? You're ability to be diverse and to always be entertaining give much pleasure to the right partner. Now's the time.

Cancer: Birthdays and a sullen attitude are prevalent this week. When a Cancer starts to sulk, well, it's not a pretty sight. Just because your Big Birthday is overshadowed by a national holiday is no reason to sulk. Just snap out of it. And watch your driving, too. Youwill find a certain degree of mental acuity which further exacerbates your mental languor, so just hang in until we all get this Birthday stuff over with.

Leo: Getting ready for the big party? Waiting on things to FINALLY turn in your favor? Have your bags packed? You will find that you have an overpowering urge to travel right about now, and there doesn't seem like you have a destination firmly set in mind. This could present a problem: other sign (like Sagittarius) don't mind wandering around, lost. You do mind it. you need to pick the destination with care. After all, it is your birthday time approaching, the celebration of the year.

Virgo: You realize that you are going to attract a lot more attention this week than you are used to attracting. This is due to a favorable stellar configuration. Now, if you can just move beyond the usual Virgo tendency to to be too picky then everything will start to work out. Too much attention to details can hurt you right now, try and step back for a better look at the big picture.

Libra: You have received some insight in how this relationship-thing is supposed to work out. At least, you are supposed to have received some insight by now. Your best luck comes from a "guided meditation" with live bait on the boat. That means head out for some good fishing to get some time alone. Watch out for the celebrations, too, you don't want to party too much.

Scorpio: This insight that I keep harping on you about, it's your usual deep way of looking at things, and you need to apply that critical ability right now. While your at it, it would also be a good time to hone up your razor sharp wit. Get an edge on that edge, if you know what I mean. Scorpio's always have a razor wit.

Sagittarius: The week starts out with money on your mind and the week ends with romance on your mind. Which will it be? Love or money? Can't get them both worked out this week, and you, being a good Sagittarius, ought to work on the romance rather than the money because the money will start to some your way soon enough.

Capricorn: Talk about turning into a day dreamer around the first of the week! That's what you've got to look forward to, a lot of day dreams. Just exercise a caution with this day dreaming, though, because hard core reality comes knocking on your door as the week progress. Think about working during the holiday -- times being what they are!

Aquarius: It's a rather unusual week for you guys, the sign of the black leather jacket -- ever hear of the Ton Up Club? It was in the early Sixties, anyone who had ever been on a fast motorcycle, over a hundred miles an hour. What's this got to do with you? It reflects how you feel this week. No live bait, either, because you will find that your "feelings" are too "delicate" to handle those squirming live things right now.

Pisces: You guys are destined to fall head over heels in love with someone this week. Pretty simple forecast for you, huh? Just realize that it might not work out too well, being a brief encounter. But you will find that love and romance are in the Pisces air, or water and gills, as it were.

Week of: Jun 24-30

"What a damned Epicurean rascal is this?"
Francis Ford in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor (II.ii.276)

Aries: Of course, most Aries will not agree with me, but that doesn't ,matter, we need to agree to disagree on this minor point: it is a good week filled with the rewards of many efforts. In fact, the chief reward should have something to do with a romantic relationship which feels like it is based upon some kind of fate-approved destiny. The only problem is an emotional opposition to allowing good things to happen, like this fine hand of fate.

Taurus: You've had your eye on some one for a long time now, and you keep wondering if you should make a move any time soon. Probably not. The very thing that is holding you back from making any kind of forward advancement in this relationship is your mind being overly active. While questions are a good exercise, too many questions kind freeze up your heart, rather than warming it up, like it's supposed to be.

Gemini: I warned you about relationships right now, but did you listen? Of course not. With Mars and Venus playing celestial tag with each other in your sign, you really feel the heat for the relationship stuff. To exacerbate matters, your poor heart feels like it is out on your sleeves again. My suggestion is to wear sleeveless shirts this week (thereby reducing heart troubles).

Cancer: So you've got a birthday month in full swing? I would take a lesson from something besides Western Astrology, and I would look out. There is a annoyingly loud and noisome holiday right around the corner, it's a good time to learn to duck. Get ready fro a rollicking week coming up. And if you are an early Cancer, then Happy Birthday this week.

Leo: No bad news this week for Leo. None at all. And for some of you, this might prove a bit troublesome just because there is nothing that you should be looking out for. The week starts off with a slow fizzle and builds towards a good weekend for you. Emotions might seem a bit frayed by the pyrotechnics, but why not just sit back and enjoy the party? You will find yourself in the limelight one more time.

Virgo: You are feeling a bit pensive this week, and frankly, I would enjoy the added mental clarity that comes your way. Your normally incisive mind is further heightened so enjoy the good use of insight. Make an effort, this week, to do something constructive for yourself. You'll feel better even if the act looks like it is selfish. Being a little selfish every once in a while, is a good thing.

Libra: The Moon goes roaring across you early in the week, making for an exciting time. Your emotions are on the edge this week, too, so some caution is advised. Not too much, caution, though, because you don't want to ruin a good thing. Feel good about something this week. It will help. And, you will find that you are in a good position to effect some resolution to one particular problem you've been dealing with lately. Tackle the one problem, and not too many, this week.

Scorpio: There's one thing I love about a Scorpio. Actually, there are lots of things to love about a Scorpio, but the attribute which figures so prominently this week is the the tenacious ability to get to the bottom of something. Use this energy wisely, my good Scorpio friend, because it doesn't come in this strong too often. Trust your own judgment, not some one else's. This is a good week to ferret out information that you have been seeking.

Sagittarius: The fireworks arrive a little bit early this week. That's what it feels like. The slow crescendo builds towards the weekend, and by Thursday or Friday, you might be close to exploding. Just like some of the fireworks that are for sale along the roadside. Don't you love this time of year? Just be careful with those sticky, interpersonal relationships right now, no need to harm something that doesn't deserve the harm. Watch you mouth.

Capricorn: Well, dear Capricorn, we are waiting on a lot of things this week.. If you are a Christmas baby, then this week is your official "Half-Birthday" and you should enjoy that special day. Get out and do something for yourself. Just don't overexert yourself on this half birthday celebration. With Jupiter (the lucky star) all over you, games of chance, lady luck, and dame fortune are all smiling on you. Use it or lose it.

Aquarius: Deep seated changes in the way you relate to other people is the concept for he week. Work with me on this: you are going to learn a new way to encounter people this week. Approach this as a learning experience, and you can truly benefit from it.

Pisces: You know, as I go through the year with you, I have watched the tide swell up on your relationships, watched the water crest, and finally, this week, watch it subside a little. "Don't panic," as one author suggests, because the changing waters of life for your are in for one more change. Just hold on this week. As if that were any problem.

Week of: Jun. 17-23

"Men's evil manners live in brass; their virtues/We write in water." Just like Griffith says, in King Henry VIII (IV.ii.46-6) Now think about that in terms of Ancient Egyptian Astrology where the Cancer was considered the House of the Soul. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Aries: Despite what other, lesser, astrologers might tell you, this is a good week for Aries because there is a strong amount of "flowing" energy going your direction. The one problem you're going to encounter this week is that all this flowing energy is trying to flow you right back into bed. You will discover that you can be late, and it will be okay. You will encounter a higher degree of forgiveness than usual. And, because of this, you will tempted to take the week off and stay in bed just because you can get away with it. (hint: it's not really a good idea)

Taurus: Okay, dear Taurus friend, this is the week to go forth and make money. Don't ask question, don't wonder why, just get out there and make some money. The time is ripe. It's a season for you to clean up in the area where you earn income. Of this we can both be sure. You will find that your business insight has been a little foggy lately. Like getting up too early in the morning. The fog has lifted, the sun is out. Go forward and make some serious bread.

Gemini: From last week's emotional roller coaster, it's back to love and work these days. Gemini's are often depicted as being scattered, that "twin" thing, or maybe the Mercury (your ruler) thing, or maybe the Mutable Air thing. Whatever the case, as the case may be, you guys are wound tighter than a bloated tick' belly this week. But if you maintain this frenzied pace, you will find that you can a lot of work out of the way.

Cancer: The sun rolls into Cancer, and there's a new Moon just celebrate and set everything off. This is a great week for the cocoon thing. You guys love, you know that. I would prefer to build a nest on a new bass boat, but you have yet to listen to me about that. Why start whining about a new boat with Cancer Birthdays all here now?

Leo: This is it -- the final dark before the big party. The sun is officially in your 12th House which means that it feels like nothing is going to go your way. You will probably be very tempted to act childish right now, particularly this week. Don't get that attitude with me, I just report the facts! As soon as you can, remember that it's that old, foolish Sun who is making you this way. We have some other pitfalls ahead, so keep your eyes set on a Birthday Bash.

Virgo: The week starts out slow, didn't it? Gets a lot better now, doesn't it? Go do the Virgo thing and clean house, or clean your office, or something like that. You have been in such a state lately, I swear! Get ready for the weekend because that long lost love is coming back to you -- what's it been? A week? A month? A year? A decade? They are on their way back to you this week. Let me know when they arrive.

Libra: You incisive mind is finally feeling a little bit better because you are a little more willing to go with the flow this week. Last week was good for money deals. So is this week, only, I would exercise a little more caution around a business deal which is a little too structured. All those rules and clauses may not be filled out properly. Check the red tape, one more time.

Scorpio: Other than a little emotional insight into yourself and your reactions to certain events, there isn't too much to report to you this week. You feel a little bit on the good side. No bad hair days this week, at least, you're not supposed to have any. Of course, with no bad things happening, you might generate a few of your own, just for the sake of amusement.

Sagittarius: Well, the almighty pressure is off, if only for a little while. I still remember, back in Nov. 1995, when Pluto hit Sagittarius first. I did a half dozen readings, and the first four were early degree of Sagittarius. The predominant theme then, as it is now, is relationships, only you are now heading into the healing aspect of the planets. I sure hope things are getting better for you.

Capricorn: The good news is that you are in wonderful spirits. The bad news is that you seem to be out of step with the rest of the world. In other words, as good as you feel, not everyone seems to appreciate your cheery manner this week. don't let them get you down, whoever "them" is, but remember: not everyone likes a cheerful morning person.

Aquarius: Relationship problems seem to be flaring up this week. Just when you thought you had put all that romantic stuff to rest, here it is again, all over. Not much we can do about it, is there? I wish I had some epic words of advice, but here's Helena from Midsummer's Night's Dream "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind." (I.i.234-235) Remember that as you go forth this week.

Pisces: Relax a little. This is the quiet before the storm. There looks like there have been some problems at work, and this situation is not getting any better. It will improve over time, but this week is not a good week to assert yourself too loudly. If you do so, it will likely as not fall on apparently deaf ears. If I can convince you to, just hold off for a little while. You time will come. But you knew that already.

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