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Gemini guys: Gemini, they travel in schools. The old saying, Gemini—being the sign of the twins and all—was two–faced. Not true. Just the multi–faceted Swiss Army knife of the zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, the little winged wonder, the divine package delivery service of the gods. Not usually a good choice for fishing because they can’t seem to sit still plus they never seem to stop talking.

Grocery store: Gemini is (are) ruled by Mercury. Mercury goes around the Sun every 88 days. Get the picture? Fast moving planet, and most Gemini’s tend to be fast moving as well. Imagine a shopping cart with motorized wheels, like a skateboard with an outboard motor on it. The Gemini will flit through the store, looking at everything, but lingering no place in particular. Gemini’s have some mighty strange eating habits. I knew Vegetarian Gemini once, truly a macrobiotic “careful of what you eat, no animal products, nothing with a face” type. What made this person typically Gemini, was, in the heart of “nuts and fruits” (California), this particular Gemini would eat meat. Big, rare, chunks of cow, obviously under done. Now, take this information and go to the grocery store with your Gemini friend. They will look at everything. I mean, everything. Nothing is beyond their intellectual grasp.

Shopping after midnight: One word — exhausting. A Gemini is “hell–on–wheels” when it comes to going into the super discount late night store. Nothing is safe. They will play with the toys in the children’s department, they will take a quick spin through the clothes, maybe try on some shoes, ask questions of the poor late staff people, and keep on going. This place is less of a store and more of a playground. Of course, a Gemini frequently approaches life that way.

Brick wall: Gemini is the original adaptable sign of the zodiac. They will tackle this brick wall with a type, a certain zeal and commitment to making sure that the goal is realized, that the wall is breached. However, in typical Gemini fashion, a fixed obstacle that doesn’t yield immediately to one of the 43 different efforts by the Gemini soon loses the Gemini’s attention. They get bored and wander off in search of other adventures. Of course, they did try more routes to get around that wall than any other sign. One of us might pick up where the Gemini left off and find a good solution.

Bait: Gemini: Jointed Minnow—Nothing works better on the Gemini than a super–long, jointed–minnow. It’s pretty much a top water lure, and the Gemini needs some flexibility. So a lure with some flexibility is needed to make the Gemini happy. But unlike the plastic jobs that are way too “flexible,” the jointed minnow lure is big enough to present the Gemini with a challenge, and it offers enough rigidity that the Gemini will surely stay hooked.

Body part: Arms, hands, lungs.

Gemini female and …

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Aries: Aries is ruled by Mars, and this usually indicates quick action. Quick to start, quick to stop. With a Gemini, this isn’t too much of a problem. The Gemini intellectual pursuit is fascinating to the Aries. In fact, the Gemini will be fascinating to just about anyone. There will be problems, of course, but all in all, this is a nice combination because the Gemini Air feeds the Aries Fire.
It is a pleasant relationship, and one without too many troubling side effects because of the forgiving nature of the Gemini. Of course, the Gemini will seem to be a little flighty to the Aries, and the Gemini will feel like, from time to time, that the Aries is a bit stuck in a rut. Part of this rut–like feeling is due to the fact the Aries is straightforward (assuming there aren’t any excessive complications in the chart). Now, straightforward is nice, but the Gemini likes to meander on around and gawk at a few things along the way, spend a little time here, and little there.
Imagine a shopping trip with these two signs: the Gemini dawdles in the fruit section, looking at the grapes, stops and checks the prices on the cat food even though she doesn’t have a cat (but is thinking about getting one at the moment), and then quickly goes over to the meat department to recall the horror of the production of veal, but looking at the products anyway. Now, the Aries, in the same grocery store, just goes straight for what he is looking for. He doesn’t waste one bit of time considering the artful arrangement of apples in the produce section – that would be a waste of time. To him, the grocery store is a place to procure the basic necessities of food for preparation at home.

Perhaps another allusion is better. Aries is “point and click.” The Gemini can be a little less direct, or, you’ll find, you’re more interested in some of the bright lights along the way, not just the Aries destination.


Taurus: A Gemini girl can do worse than a Taurus guy. I’ve watched one couple for a long time, and it is a relationship that can withstand the test of time. But there are a few warnings that go with this, as well. It’s not all a bed of roses. It’s not all sweetness and light. The Taurus male has to learn to adapt to the razor sharp, yet equally insouciant Gemini brain. He has to learn that adapting is everything and just because you said one thing one minute, that doesn’t mean that you’re on for the rest of your life like that.

The term “give and take” means a lot to the fine Gemini specimen of humanity that you are. And the Taurus guy is usually rooted in reality. He enjoys the flights of fancy that the Gemini indulges in, but there’s a strong, rooted quality about him that you’re going to wonder about some times. In essence, you’re going to occasionally wonder if he is stuck in the mud.

He’s not. But it sure feels that way. Sometimes, to borrow heavily on one of my daily metaphors, a relationship looks like a Monster Truck Arena, and you two are there, in the mud, in the bog, slugging it out. You can tell the Gemini truck because it’s tricked out with a lot of high performance parts that might be a little delicate, but certainly can produce high horsepower. And your Gemini truck looks like it’s got the flashiest paint job in the arena. You’ve probably got some extra high tech fuel additive injector turbocharged supercharged thing that makes you hum like a finely tuned machine. Your Taurus truck, however, doesn’t have near as many flashy parts. No little tricked out items that shoot flames. In fact, he doesn’t turn near the amount of horsepower that you do, either—he has a thing called “torque” instead.

In the biggest and baddest of mud holes, he can pull out slow and steady. This is long after a Gemini truck has gotten bogged down, uselessly spinning her wheels. That’s where your Taurus guy can shine. He can always be there—stable and determined, if you let him.


Gemini: “How many people are in there, really?” It’s a fair question, and it’s one that I’ve heard from astrology savvy individuals, folks who look at these Gemini and Gemini relationships with wonder. And any one with a smidgen of astrology information will realize that this relationship has enough personalities to put a baseball team together. Maybe a professional football team, too. Let’s just get this out of the way up front, there are more than two sides to any Gemini. And when you get two of them in a romantic relationship, these will surface.

I’m reminded of one of these relationships that is quite successful. On studying their collective charts for a while, I was wondering just what made it click. It’s like waking up every day to brand new world. Nothing is the same. Everything changes. I didn’t have the personal fortitude to explore the details too much. When I consulted one Gemini expert, though, that person suggested that it worked because the two people shared the same neuroses.

Maybe that’s what makes this click. Maybe there are other things in there that make it click, as well. Perhaps there’s a lunar influence, or, better yet, look at the two Mercury’s. In fact, that’s what kind of car this couple should drive because Mercury is the ruling planet, and it’s going to have a strong influence on it all.
The other point that is important in this relationship is cell–phones. Don’t laugh. There are Luddite Gemini’s who won’t type a single a line of text but these same characters manage to cover whole volumes on the phone. It’s a uniquely Gemini device.

So whatever works with this same sign relationship works because there is a Mercury link. Different signs require different solutions This one works because of the ability to communicate. And for the rest of us, if we run into a Gemini girl with a Gemini guy, just stay out of the way.


Cancer: The Gemini woman is, at the very heart of this relationship, little girl. Unfortunately, there is some childish qualities associated with her behavior. On the good side, though, and with the multitalented Gemini, there are many good sides, the Gemini can expect and receive a lot of love and adoration from the Cancer male. And her childlike behavior at times can be quite attractive.

The Gemini, more than any other sign, never seems to lose her sense of wonder, and it is this very sense of wonder that turns the Cancer on. Now, there are some problems associated with the Cancer. Not many, but a few. Even though he is a sensitive water sign, he like some other water signs in that he is not always wide open about his feelings. He does have them, and the feelings are quite deep, but he’s not always ready to express these deep emotions. He’s been hurt before, and he’s always looking to get hurt again. The sign for Cancer is the Crab, and the Cancer male operates just like that crab archetype because he’s really hard on the outside, but once you crack him open, underneath the shell, he’s all tender and delicious.

The Cancer guy really is a soft one, on the inside. Watch a crab at the beach one day, note that it can’t (or won’t) walk in a straight line. It does everything sideways. Your Cancer man will be like that. Instead of saying, “Let’s get married,” he’ll say something like, “you know, it would be a lot more convenient, and save money, if we lived under the same roof….” Notice that the end result is much the same. The words, though, are very different. Sideways.

The way to his heart is through food and attention. Cancer men need lots of care and feeding. Although traditionally a nurturing sign, the Cancer needs to be nurtured as much as he nurtures. Cancer men, for a Gemini, are always an excellent catch.


Leo: You know my fine little Gemini friend, this one looks good on paper. But you had better steel yourself for what is coming up with this relationship. Next to you, that Leo guy is going to appear like he is quite stuck. Stuck up, stuck in one place, stuck on old ideas, stuck on outdated ideals, just stuck. He just doesn’t seem flexible at all.

To be sure, it has been suggested that a few Gemini’s that I know could use a little stability in their lives. To suggest that it’s a Leo who will provide that stability, well, we are dealing with a Fixed sign. He’s not quite as stubborn as, say a Taurus. Nor is he as set in his ways as say, a Scorpio. But you’ve still got a difficult proposition. Every, without an exception, Gemini girl I’ve ever met has had that ability to change and adapt herself to various situations. You’re going to find that Mr. Leo isn’t so willing to change. He likes a little planning, a little bit of a clear agenda, a map to follow. I’ve seen a Gemini start out with a map, but then I’ve also seen that same Gemini change her mind about what the map says, “Look—this was printed in—last year. I know they have changed these streets around since then.”

There is an excellent quality about the Royal Sign of Leo. If you are willing to deal with His Highness Himself, and perhaps, even address him as such, you will find that you are well treated. Therein is the good news. But one the Gemini traits I find so endearing is the very fickle nature of your being, and Mr. Leo isn’t going to find that nearly as amusing.
Dining is a fine example. Mr. Leo likes the same food, prepared the same way, every time. He gets locked into a menu item, let’s suggest it’s steak and baked potato, and he likes the same cut of meat, every week, the same way. With my various Gemini friends, I’ve tried everything from the truly exotic and tasty to the mundane. It’s been an adventure. And it’s never quite the same. Always a little different. One time, it was “do you mind if I just order two desserts for dinner?” With me, that wasn’t a problem, in fact the little pastry thing was quite good, [I got to sample.] But with the Leo, that’s not a good idea.

If your Leo is the adventuring type, and if a little bit of routine is good for your lifestyle, then this relationship works well. But most Gemini’s are quickly bored with a Leo. He comes across as a “one trick pony.” I didn’t say he was, but that’s inclined to be the Gemini version of the story.


Virgo: I like the reverse of this situation because there’s an odd quality to it that works. But a Gemini woman is a different critter from a Gemini guy. A Gemini woman is far more interesting to me, on a daily basis. Regrettably, that quality that I find so highly entertaining about a Gemini woman isn’t the same as what a Virgo guy will find.

Virgo guys have a certain air about them where they all seem a little detached from reality. You’ve heard the joke about how you get the attention of mule? With a two–by–four? And that’s what your sweet Gemini self will feel like doing with the Virgo guy. Sometimes, or so it seems, he just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t much matter what “it” is, perhaps it was the point of the conversation, perhaps it was philosophical or theological message, sometimes it just seems to escape him. It’s doesn’t really escape him, but a Virgo guy has to think about it longer than any two Gemini’s need to think about it. Yes, he can drive you a little mad.

There is that odd quality, and there’s that degree of stability that a Virgo guy can offer you. He can dote on you. Of course, his version of doting might take a slightly different attitude, too. If you can adjust to the Virgo mindset, you can find this one to be rather rewarding. But you have to remember to adjust your wonderful Gemini brains to work with that Virgo’s outlooks.

Both these signs are mutable, but a Gemini female is the most mutable of the all the mutable signs whereas the Virgo guy is the least fickle of all the mutable signs. Both signs are highly Mercurial, seeing as how they are both ruled by Mercury. But it’s a communication Mercury for Gemini and it’s a thinking Mercury for Virgo. He thinks, you talk. He analyzes, you discuss the analysis.
When there is a good meeting, perhaps a little bit of other astrology glue in the chart, this one works. But it’s hard to build a relationship on strictly physical appeal.


Libra: I’ve always liked Air and Air together. I’ve liked this combination for a long time. I’ve seen it work. There can be trouble, though, because there’s not a lot of tension here. And without any tension whatsoever, this one just sort of dissolves into a meaningless mess. Mr. Libra has this wonderful intellect that you dearly love. Mr. Libra has this fine taste, and he should taste good, too. Mr. Libra is usually three quarters of what you are looking for in a mate. That’s good news. In baseball, that’s an improbably high bating average. But a relationship isn’t a game of sticks and balls, and it’s not a game played by professionals, either.

That’s where you have to think about this one. It can be good. There can be the wonderful joys that you expect from a relationship with all the little hearts and flowers, dainty little cherubs floating around, all that can be present. I’m just a little worried about what happens when you two hit an impasse. Early on, while you are completely enamored of the Libra, you can be easily swayed by his sweet talk. He can rationalize anything for you. But as the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years, you get a little worried because some of his talk seems so empty and meaningless at times. He seems to be sidetracked on a particular point. And with typical Gemini impatience, you’re thinking, “Oh just hurry up and say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ darn it.”

See the problem? After a while, that beautiful Libra veneer will wear out some. And while he’s still an attractive mate, and while he still has the ability to display those qualities you found so attractive at first, sometimes you just wish he would stand up for just one thing. Stick to a story, right or wrong.

The intellectual appeal of a Libra is always there. The physical appeal is always there, too. It’s the backbone that seems to be missing when these two signs get together. That’s a problem.


Scorpio: This is a torrid combination, at best. There are several inherent characteristics that will, sooner or later, get under one or the other’s skin. The Scorpio male needs privacy. Demands it. The Gemini female, on the flip side of the relationship equation, needs attention. And needs to feel like she is loved, cherished and held in high esteem, but she also needs a small degree of freedom. That’s where the relationship can fall apart because some Scorpio males are so possessive that they cannot seem to give the little Gemini any freedom of movement. And the little Gemini usually has a few flirtations going on, especially on the side, perhaps a little illicit, but innocent enough.

Regrettably, the Scorpio male won’t take too kindly to this form of entertainment. In fact, it can cause a major problem because the Scorpio won’t let go. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and the angle between a Scorpio Sun and a Gemini Sun is roughly 150 degrees. This is called a Quincunx or Inconjunct. The symbol for this angle is a little right angel with a beam tediously balanced across the top. What this means is that the balance point is hard to achieve, and once it is achieved, it is hard to maintain. Now, the good news is that the once this balance point is reached, there are many rewards because the relationship can go along quite smoothly. It’s just getting there.

The Scorpio will always want to keep things “the way they were,” and the Gemini will want, more often than not, to have some changes. Sometimes, this change is just for the sake of excitement. Sometimes, it just because. But the fickle nature of the Gemini female needs to exercise a little bit of caution when trying to land a Scorpio for a mate.


Sagittarius: Opposites attract! That’s the simplest way to describe this combination of Gemini female and Sagittarius male. What’s at the heart of this relationship though, has a lot more to do with attraction than opposites because the two signs are very similar. Both are mutable, which means fickle and changeable. Both signs can change the direction and mood of a conversation in nanoseconds. The Gemini female is attracted to the studious nature and unfathomed depths of the Sagittarius soul, too.

The only problem here is that the Gemini can get quickly bored with the Sagittarius male, but then the Gemini woman can get quickly bored with just about anything that doesn’t hold her attention well enough.

One traditional keyword for the Sagittarius is adventure, and in this relationship, going places and doing things is very important. Just be careful because plans will change at the last minute, too. Unless there are some earth elements to anchor this relationship, the two characters might just drift apart in time because there isn’t anything substantial to hold it together. Herein lies the problem.

But, I will promise that the two mutable signs will remain friends for a lifetime, even if they aren’t always lovers. The Sag males do have tendencies towards a “wandering eye” and this can grate on a Gemini woman because she does need to be the center of attention. But while this might be a problem in a long–term situation, in the short run, this is an excellent relationship. The two signs can compliment each other in fine style.

I have seen 50+ year marriages in this combination. I’ve also seen the marriage itself fall apart quickly, but there’s not a lot of acrimony in there. Something good always happens with this.


Capricorn: The good news is that the Capricorn is just grounded enough to hold the attention of the Gemini female. The other advantage is that Capricorn’s seem to age in reverse. The older they get, the better they look. The only problem with a Capricorn male is that he’s got a lot of Cardinal energy, and seeing as how Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, there is also a tremendous amount of “karma” involved with this relationship. In popular parlance, the way I like to say it is that there’s definitely a past life connection.

The Capricorn male also has a unique sense of humor. While some of the jokes might seem a bit strange to the Gemini female, there will always be that merry little twinkle in his eye. The Cappy guy knows how to have fun, too. And that’s important in this relationship. Often as not, it can seem like there are two overgrown kids here. This makes for a playful relationship, the one problem is that the Capricorn can get set in his ways, and he might not want to deviate from what he’s doing, especially if the relationship impinges on his business time.

Capricorn’s love their money. It’s almost an art form to the Capricorn male, and sometimes the art of the deal is more important than the deal itself. Makes for uninteresting way to relate to each other. When you get around to one those talks about “how do you feel,” remember that a Capricorn guy will try to quantify and qualify everything. It makes it all a much easier load for him to bear. Or, in the case of feelings, it makes it a much easier load for him to bare.


Aquarius: This is the second best match in the zodiac, or, at least it can be on paper, but there are few little pointers that you have to watch out for. Remember that both the Gemini female and the Aquarius male are air signs, but the Aquarius male might appear to be a lot more stubborn because he is a fixed air sign as opposed to that wonderful mutable quality found in Gemini land…
The problem has to do with consistency, stability and tenacity. Ms. Gemini, you’ve found what might be a keeper here, but you’re just not too sure about it all. He’s fun, but he’s got a little reserved quality about him. You’re also going to find that he seems to be holding back from time to time. He’s not really holding anything back, not affections, excitement or emotions, he’s just contemplating the nature of this strange thing called “emotions” which as bubbled up inside.

This is supposed to be a four star relationship. But it depends on the individual Aquarius. You’ll find that each Aquarius is an individual, just like every other Aquarius. Personally, I give this relationship a sliding scale rating, depending on his reactions to your needs, and vary with the moment. It’s anywhere from 2 to 4 stars.


Pisces: It all depends, is how this combination starts out. There is a side to the Pisces male that intimately, innately and irrevocably appealing to the Gemini woman. There’s that undefined, unknown quality about the Pisces guy that is ever so attractive. Something you can’t quite put your hands on, but something that appeals nonetheless. It’s that unknown quality about that Pisces guy which can hook a Gemini girl almost every time. And that’s the trouble, too.

The basic astrology of the situation isn’t too good. It’s two mutable signs, at a “hard” angle to each other. That would be 90 degrees, and 90 degrees is called a “square.” But there’s nothing square about these two together.

At the heart of just about every Pisces, there is a deeply spiritual being. On the surface, though, this sort of depth is sometimes hidden. That’s the good news and the bad news. 9 times out of 10, the Gemini girl, on a either conscious or subconscious level, detects that spiritual nature. Then it hits her, “This is the one for me.” I hate hearing that phrase in such a hurry. It gets a little scary.

This relationship should proceed like a stop action tape of a flower beginning to bloom. The problem most frequently associated with this tape, though, is that the Gemini is going to get a little (“a little, heck, a lot!”) impatient and want to grab the remote to speed the process up. She’s always ready for the dang thing to hurry up and bloom. But the Pisces is like that flower in the stop action tape, he takes a little bit of time to develop fully. And this relationship can take a little bit of time.

When it works, it works great. When patience, care, and some thorough self–examination is employed, it works very well. The main problem is the hasty attitude of so many of Gemini girls I have encountered. “What, aren’t you done with that yet?”

You can’t hurry love, and you can’t hurry a good thing. If this is one of the relationships that have a lot of fate attached to it, then it will work out. Just take you time. Sometimes the slow dance is the most fun.