"A little harm done to a good end."
Shakespeare's "Rape of Lucrece" [528]

Uranus, Aries; Venus, Aries; Mercury (not Retrograde), Aries; Jupiter, Aries; Mars, Aries; Sun, Taurus; and last, Saturn, Libra. New Moon on Monday, musical allusion.

astrofish.net Taurus: Happy Birthday. Excellent year on your horizon, I can see that from here. When I was last in London, I saw an ad for the Royal Opera, and the ad itself featured a very familiar image: Ship Rock. Shiprock, NM. It's in the north-western corner of New Mexico. Used to be several different things, but most commonly, it's a volcanic plug or core that looks like, from the right angle, looks like an old man-o-war, schooner, with tall sails and all. Was destination point in the early days of the West and a landmark. Then, too, it's also native holy ground, and I think access is now limited and restricted. Still, as enigmatic an image as anything. What that had to do with the Royal Opera? I'm at loss. Probably a stock image, as part of the American Wild West as perceived by people not from around here. The black basalt, red sandstone spires rising out of the ochre, faded yellow sands of the desert's floor. I don't recall anything else, other than the advertising, while quite striking, the connection was ill-formed, and me, as a soul of the Southwest, just wrong. However, I doubt old desert rats were the Royal Opera's target demographic.

astrofish.net Gemini: What's for lunch? There are number of Gemini issues that, I'm sure, you feel like these issues deserve some attention. So what's for lunch? Yes, we should adequately, and in great haste, address those Gemini issues. Paramount. Burning issues that require effective action now. So what's for lunch, anyway? Your problems aren't going to get fixed nearly as fast as you'd like them fixed. I can promise that. You might hate the answer, but there you have it.
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"Marry, sir, they have committed false report; moreover, they have spoken untruths; secondarily, they are slanders; sixth and lastly, they have belied a lady; thirdly, they have verified unjust things; and to conclude, they are lying knaves."
Constable Dogberry in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing [V.i.205-9]

Dogberry exposes the henchmen, Conrade and Borachio.

astrofish.net Taurus: "Yo soy consuelo," what is that singer saying? My best translation is along the lines of a blues song, but while there's a direct translation, the language barrier requires a more liberal expression. The feeling is one where the protagonist of the song, the singer, needs to be consoled for the loss of, presumably, a love. It's mariachi staple, along with Rancho Grande, and the usual, One Ton Tomato. This language barrier, where I suggest the emotionally charged translation is different from the actual words mean? That's what this is all about. It's tough, or good, but mostly tough. The tough part is trying to decipher what the emotional meaning is to the song, the lyrics, rather than what's the literal translation. As a Taurus I did mention happy birthday to that one Taurus, right? As Taurus, this is has been a worse than usual Mercury Retrograde period because you've been unable to locate, isolate and cure the Mercury problem. As these weeks unwind, there's a chance, if you listen with your heart instead of listening with your ears? Or listen with mind as much as you listen with your eyes? Look, listen, learn. Less literal, more liberal, with the essence of the message rather than the actual words.

Gemini: Rethink that language option, make yourself understood? How did that work? Mercury starts a slow and possibly painful process of unwinding, undoing what has been rent asunder. Not without headache and/or heartache in Gemini land. Not without a few problems. Not without a few extra Gemini-inspired challenges. I have two books, texts rather, that I found particularly useful and inspiring. Especially when Mercury is retrograde. The Tao Te Ching (translated) and the Sabian Symbols in Astrology.
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"We cannot call her winds
and waters sighs: they
are greater storms and tempests
than almanacs can report."
Shakespeare's Antony & Cleopatra [I.ii.144-6]

If Mercury is retrograde for you, it's retrograde for the IRS as well. Goes around, comes around. How to time the mailing of the tax form?

Aries: The girl's an Aries, I know that. She's got on heavy eyeliner, with little lines, drawn out past the corner of her eyes and endings in swirl-finish. It's both garish and enticing at the same time. I used to fall for those tricks. Still do on some days. Against her olive complexion, the eye liner looks almost natural, accentuating the big, brown eyes. It's a ruse. It's trick. It's not real. The lines around her eyes, they've been drawn on her face with a pencil, pen, maybe even a Sharpie. Who knows, for sure? A trick of the light, the harsh springtime light pointing to little flaws in the plan? That's what this Mercury Retrograde and its implications is about. What's real and what's clever marketing? What's makeup that comes off with soap and water, and what's lasting? Valid questions for the good-looking Aries.

Taurus: There's a distant musical strain that filters through my world. I tend towards the Latin side of town. South side, West Side, whatever-side. It's really a little less geographical other than a relative closeness to old Mexico, New Mexico, and culturally attuned. There's a backdrop of "mexican" music. It can be Tejano, Norteno, Conjunto, or a personal favorite, Nortechno (Norteno mixed with Techno, a la Mexican Institute of Sound).
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"Our loves and comforts should increase
Even as our days do grow!"
Shakespeare's Othello, The Moor of Venice [II.i.195-6]

Mars squares Pluto. Mercury in retrograde.

astrofish.net Aries: I got so tired of the misrepresented facts of Mercury Retrograde I wrote a book to dispel the myths. Looking for trouble? It will find you, doesn't matter what the planets say. What I'd like are some solutions to problems. Why I wrote the book. The book can be found at astrofish.net/books, for starters, or from your favorite retailer. Why am I pushing a copy of my book on you? As an Aries, you'll find the book short and to the point, unlike many of my horoscopes. It will also suggest that you push ahead with whatever you're working on, just be aware of the usual pitfalls that can accompany a backwards Mercury. It's also about, like my book, going over something we've covered before. That simple. Previously covered work.

astrofish.net Taurus: I rode a regular Amtrak train for a while, as a commuter special. Worked well for me as I lived close enough to the station in Austin, it was, for me, walking distance. Perfect. That train ride got me used to the idea of train music and there's a long history of music that features trains. Lonesome cowboys riding the rails, old blues numbers, all that railroad music. As one more modern (Austin) musician noted though, "The sounds of trains only remain in the memories of the ones like me..." (Steve Fromholz - Gemini) I kept thinking about a train image for Taurus. The usual metaphor is that there's a train coming, get out of the way.
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"O shame, where is thy blush?"
Shakespeare's Hamlet [III.iv.83]

Hamlet, addressing Gertrude, his mother. Mercury, in apparent retrograde motion. See listings for details. Neptune enters Pisces. But Mercury is still Retrograde.

astrofish.net Aries: As a side-project, I started publishing digital images of San Antonio (Bexar County) TX as a daily photo weblog. Started as an amusement for myself. Spun off into a truly strange world. The images themselves, some are years old, from decade-long service in and around Texas, to include San Antonio. The basic assumption is that I'll publish one picture a day. Enter Mars unto Aries, adding a level of fire to an already hot mix, i.e., Retrograde Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Uranus. Adds a level of impatience. Now isn't really soon enough. The way that side-project works, the images appear at whatever time I get around to posting them, once within the 24-hour period. Doesn't occur at the same time, and there's no rhythm, which can further infuriate an Aries. No schedule, loose rules, nothing but a simple guideline, all sort of annoying. Here's the hint: learn to bend with our ways. Either that, or keep compulsively clicking to see if/when the site's been updated. Usually occurs between six in the AM to ten in the PM. Sometime in there.

astrofish.net Taurus: Austin's world famous SXSW (South By South West) Music, movie, and so on? The weather is usually good for part of the week. However, during the middle of the week, or at one end of the week-long spring-break festival, sometime during the event, it will rain. Cold, gentle, spring rain. Didn't one year, but that was a drought year. The year it didn't rain, natives were fine, but out-of-town guests suffered with debilitating heat. Summer arrived early that year. However, rain during the week is a safe bet. With the line-up in the sign in front of you? "Rain" is a safe bet. Doesn't mean it will really rain in your neighborhood, but it does mean that there will be an upset, there will be a delay, there will be heavy weather, something, some event that upsets the finely tuned Taurus expectations.
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