Sign: Aquarius

Aquarius: the water bearer, approximately Jan. 20 – Feb. 18
Ruled by Uranus [c.f., Saturn ] Keyword: Rebel
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Element: Air
House: 11

Flavor: Hibiscus Tea. An Aquarius is always a little different from every one else, and the red Hibiscus Tea is a good example of this. Always doing something a little different. It’s not an ordinary iced tea, not an ordinary flavor, and no Aquarius is ever going to be ordinary.

Grocery store: “Why must you do this to me?” asks the Aquarius. In my limited observation over the past 20 years, what I’ve seen more often than not, is that an Aquarius in a grocery store buys hardware. You know, a cooler for the upcoming picnic, maybe some lawn furniture. However, that same Aquarius will go to the department store and find food stuffs to buy. So if you’re going to go shopping with an Aquarius, be prepared for a little bit of a change up. It’s not going to be the way that you think it’s supposed to be.

Music: The Aquarius taste in music defies any kind of coherent sense. From two Aquarians with identical charts, one can’t stand Country music and the other one loves it. Go figure on that one. But the Aquarius will find beauty in cacophony and annoyance in lyrical strains. Doesn’t much matter anyway you try to add it up, the Aquarius will listen to something that’s a little different from what everyone else is listening to. With a refined sense of taste, the Baroque music will appeal because of its highly ornate style, delicate juxtaposition of melody, and the strange instrument thing they used back then — perfect for a Fixed Air Sign. There’s a bit of Aquarius lore about music that needs to be noted as well. Garth Brooks, the big time country singer and Aquarius, once listed KISS as a seminal influence on his musical style and taste. Glamrock and country music seems to be pretty far apart, but you have to appreciate the fact that he was willing to be true to his Aquarius self and say it in the first place. And in an Aquarian mind, there is a connection.

Wal-Mart at midnight: This one is easy because it’s just like the grocery store, and, in fact, I have more data about Aquarius in Wal-Mart at two in the morning than I care to. Groceries and car parts. And maybe some food for the pets. The Aquarius will also have a certain aloof behavior towards going in Wal-Mart; however, this gradually slips into a sense of merriment when you encounter all the strange things that inhabit a super store after the normal hours of business. The Aquarius is looking for a few food items, and maybe a new alternator for the truck. All at the same time. Perhaps this isn’t what most people do at 2 in the morning, but this fits the Aquarian schedule just fine. Maybe a little spray paint, too, because they are going to need to leave a message soon.

Brick wall: Don’t forget that Aquarius is a fixed sign. No news here. So when an Aquarius encounters a brick wall, they whip out a can of spray paint and leave a graffiti message on it. Perhaps this message is a suggestion that might be anatomically impossible, or, at the very least, rather uncomfortable. Still, the message will be properly punctuated and spelled correctly. Do anything about it? That’s not the Aquarius’s job, they are busy dealing with other problems by the time you read the writing on the wall.

Bait: Rattlin’ Rogue — this is a super duper, time tested lure that works better than anything else. Besides, with a name like Rogue, you know that there is something special about this lure which will definitely catch your fish.. Besides, the Aquarius fish is always drawn towards a roguish display of humors, as some would say. And the top water action of this lure is bound to attract the eye, and the mind, of the Aquarius. And if you catch their eye and mind, then you’ve got an Aquarius, hook line and sinker.

Dating: Aquarius is a lovely sign to date. It’s a tough call, though, because there is some problem with distance. By distance, there’s a long distance between an Aquarian brain stem and the Aquarian heart. In some of the astrological works I’ve studied, I’ve found the term “aloof” comes to mind for the Aquarius, more often than not. The term is misleading, though, because the Aquarians aren’t aloof, they are merely thinking about it. What are they thinking about? The relationship, the price of wheat futures, the impact of political scandal, what you would look like undressed, and so on. It’s not just one topic, and I’ll assure you that you’re in there. Right up with some philosophical rant on Kant. If you want to pierce the Aquarian heart, ask about what they are thinking about. Do not ask them what they feel. The most common response is, “I think I feel….”

Revenge: Pig headed stupidity is the best way to get even with an Aquarius. That and some down – home common sense. Nothing works better.

Body part: Ankles, calves, lower leg.

Relationships: An Aquarian relationship can last for a lifetime. Or a few minutes. Act stupid, and watch them get incensed. Despite it’s association with the element of air, this is a fixed sign. Get an Aquarius to commit, and you’ve got them for a lifetime. It’s the getting to the commitment that can be a challenge. And once committed, please be advised this is a fixed sign. The best way to keep an Aquarius entertained is to insure that there is plenty of thinking material with which to work.

Folks with Sun in Aquarius: Hank Aaron, Alan Alda, Susan B. Anthony, Helen Gurley Brown, George Burns, Brett Butler, Lord Byron, Carol Channing, Alice Cooper, Juanita Shanks Craft, Sheryl Crow, Charles Darwin, James Dean, Shepard Fairey, Farrah Fawcett, W.C. Fields, Betty Friedan, Wayne Gretzky, Matt Groening, Rutger Hauer, John Hurt, Norman Mailer, Ray Manzarek, Thomas Merton, Nick Nolte, Joseph Frank “Joe” Pesci, Nolan Ryan, Roger Staubach, Rip Torn, John Travolta, Robert Wagner, and Virginia Woolf.

AquariusUranus rules Aquarius. And now it’s time for a little astronomy lesson. Remember, Astronomy and Astrology used to be the same thing until more recent years. Earth has a north pole and a south pole, seasons, day and night, that sort of thing. Uranus also has a north pole, but its poles point at the sun at all times. In other words, here’s a planet that is about 90 degrees off from the rest of the solar system. This makes an excellent metaphor for a typical Aquarius. And every Aquarius is an individual, just like every other Aquarius…. I call this the sign of the black leather jacket, but since so many kids these days are going for the biker look, an Aquarius won’t actually wear a black leather jacket any more. But there’s something decidedly unconventional about Aquarians. Something a little different. Something strange, in a good way. Aquarius, in the natural zodiac, is associated with the 11th House, the place where groups of people are found. With this, the Aquarius is gregarious sort. However, with the light and airy quality from its element, this isn’t always a joiner. A gregarious loner comes to mind. In keeping with its rebellious tendencies, an Aquarius tends to follow the leader but question that leader the whole way.

One great scientist/astronomer who is an Aquarius was Clyde Tombaugh, the feller who first “saw” Pluto. This isn’t unusual, not for a typical Aquarius. Science as well as the science of the mind, psychology, all has a an appeal. Social studies and social work are strong interests, as well. Cooking is not usually a strong skill with Aquarius, though. Aquarians are adept at turning great changes into challenges and hence a fight worth fighting for, but they do have a problem with the small changes day to day. Big problems are no problem, but little irritants are a major source of discomfort.

It is possible to communicate with an Aquarius without speaking. How good are you are telepathy?

And look at this list of Aquarius musicians: Placido Domingo, Philip Glass, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Schubert, and even Garth Brooks. But in Austin, we call Garth the “Anti-Hank”. Pretty cool, huh? For listening, you would most likely appreciate Wagner’s “Parsifal” because it’s so involved. Or maybe some old-time country like Bob Wills.

AquariusYou are stubborn and don’t argue about that. You probably have a strong physique, particularly your legs. You will find it difficult to break habits, good and bad. You have great mental poise, and are rarely frightened or affronted by surprises or the abnormal and bizarre. In fact, you kind of like it. You are unaffected by social trappings — status, power, and wealth. You have a stable, calm disposition but are also capable of behaving in unexpected ways. You can be argumentative. You are keenly interested in the future and the past but may lose track of the present and appear out of step with the rest of society. You might have an interest in science or sociology as well as music or design.

Aquarius Ascendant Examples: “Cannonball” Adderley, Garth Brooks, Leslie Caron, John Dean, Ellen DeGeneres, Kirk Douglas, Shelia E., F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michael J. Fox, Yuri Gagarin, Gene Hackman, Dan Quayle, Donna Rice, Jill Saint John, Carlos Santana, H.G. Wells, and Moon Unit Zappa.

AquariusSo, if you are easily bored with routine, why are you reading this? Because you are, at heart, eccentric. And, while we’re at it, you are idealistic, optimistic, sympathetic (without being sentimental), highly social, a good organizer, and a good fund raiser. You have a remarkable ability to calm others who are hysterical or mentally disturbed. Strong individualism shines through, too, though your independent attitudes are really quite traditional. You can be marked with little possessiveness or jealousy on an emotional level, and are rarely bothered by moodiness. However, and this is strong, you are emotionally analytical and objective. Whew!

Famous Moon in Aquarius types: Ursula Andress, Chet Atkins, David Berkowitz, Mel Brooks, Albert Camus, Joan Crawford, Snoop Doggy Dog, Barbara Eden, Calista Flockhart, Melanie Griffith, Merle Haggard, Leona Helmsley, Val Kilmer, David Koresh, Nicolai Lenin, George Lucas, Charles Manson, Marla Maples, Bill Murray, Alfred Noble, Conan O’Brien, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Rubin, Dylan Thomas, Uma Thriman, Kathleen Turner, Christopher Walken, William Yeats, and Brigham Young.