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Aries guys: ram tough, this is the hard chargin’ sign of the truck. So it’s the first sign out of the wheel, what is it? Cardinal Fire, ruled by Mr. Mars, the God of War. Tough buggers, that’s the Aries Energy. Headstrong, stubborn, and those are the good qualities. Aries fish with dynamite. Nothing subtle here.

Shopping at 3:00 AM: Precision Shopping. Even in an induced stupor at three in the morning, the Aries knows what he wants, and the Aries gets what he is looking for. Nothing will deter him from this mission. Since Mars rules cutting instruments, being the Roman God of War, you can expect a surgical strike on the grocery store at 3:00 AM. A popular Aries food is the olive, which has been stuffed with a Serrano Pepper. Make sure that’s on the list for the 3:00 AM Food Strike Force.

Brick Wall: Just as the symbol for Aries is the Ram, and just as the glyph for Aries is the Ram’s Horns, Aries is very straightforward about problem resolution. They are very direct. Put a brick wall in front of an Aries, and he will charge straight into it. He will just lower his head, and bang away on that brick surface until something cracks. Like as not, it will be the wall. Aries are accused of being stubborn, but that’s not really the case. There is a certain amount of determination that comes with them, though, and they do charge headlong into that brick wall every time.

Bait: Live shad — see, an Aries fish needs something that wiggles, and let’s face facts, in some cases –– and Aries is just such a case –– no artificial bait can replace that special movement you can only get with a live one. For the non–technical folks, we call it action. Aries needs action, activity, and agility in order to get caught. Nothing works better than live shad for big redfish.

Body part: Head and face.

Aries Female and ….

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Aries: Aries female and Aries male is a good combination because both partners are very much alike, although that may be a source of discord in the relationship due to the similarities. Aries is a Cardinal Sign, the first one out of the gate, a strong self–starter and self–promoter. Occasionally, in this relationship, the problem will be that the two people feel so much alike that there is friction caused by the “perception” that the mate just doesn’t get it. Whatever “it” is, needs some clarification. Because both of the partners are Fire Signs, look for a high degree of passion and physical love being expressed in this combination. Flying objects, or rather, sharp and heavy objects hurled with speed and accuracy are just one example of the many possible displays of affection. When problems do arise, the characteristic way an Aries deals with a problem is in a very forthright manner.

With two Rams in a relationship, both want to be in control of the situation and both want to have the upper hand. When fights do ensue, the pyrotechnics can be quite inspiring. Early on, both partners need to understand certain techniques for problem resolution. Since patience is never an Aries trait, effective tools need to be established, that is, clear lines of communication need to be established so the horns of these two rams can be unlocked. Brashness, bordering on brazen behavior is common for an Aries.

The good news is one always knows where one stands with an Aries, so one problem this relationship will never have is the comment: “I just don’t know how he feels about me…”
In a synastry chart, Sun conjunct Sun is a powerful combination. It makes for a couple quite capable of surmounting any obstacle, together. The most fun, though, comes from watching them bicker and squabble, because it can be done with such love and care. Unless there are conflicting elements in the chart, this is a good combination, and quit possibly one that can withstand the rigors of the long haul. Although it wouldn’t be considered typical, I would expect to find a certain degree of theatrics associated with this combination, along with the strong sense of power and destiny. Since both partners are at an early stage of development, the beginning of the zodiac in Western Astrology, this is a relationship that has overtones of lasting far into the future, possibly encompassing many future lives. As such, both partners should learn to cultivate care and respect for each other.


Taurus: Aries and Taurus can be problematic, but most of the trouble stems from the fact that both signs appear to be headstrong. This is an astrological fallacy. Taurus is not really headstrong, perhaps a better word would be “determined” or maybe “tenacious.” That’s the secret. The beauty of the relationship lies in the fact that neither sign has the “hidden agenda” routine, although, it would often appear that way to the Aries. If you can find that secret sensual side to the Taurus, and if the Taurus can tame the Aries fire, there is a possibility of a strong relationship here, and also, the possibility of lasting one because this is the second most ideal combination for relating to one sign because it’s Cardinal (Aries) and Fixed (Taurus).
The problems, which do arise, have to be dealt with quickly by the Taurus individual, and failing to do so is the root trouble between these two signs. In a strong love relationship, if the Aries is willing to accept the apparent Taurus fault, there is also the concept of the sensual Taurus nature that can pervade the scene. Unlike other Cardinal–Fixed relationships, though, this one can get past some of the problematic humps but that’s only because the Aries is doing all the striving.

Remember the old adage about Aries, how these people seem to be cold and dispassionate. The average Aries is anything but cold and dispassionate. A more accurate description is one where the Aries is quick to take action. “Still mad about that? I don’t know why, I forgave you a long time ago,” would be a typical Aries reaction whereas the Taurus is still deciding what to do. And that poor old Taurus guy is still trying to decide what to do to this very day.


Gemini: The Aries lady will have some problem with a Gemini man because the Aries ability to be up front and adaptable meets its match with the Gemini’s characteristic flightiness. Now, not all Gemini’s are flighty. But there is a kind of quickness inherent to the sign, a certain fickle quality that can drive the Aries around the bend, up a tree and out on a limb. If the Aries female can learn to appreciate this Gemini breadth of character, and find a way to keep the sharp Gemini intellect happy, there is a lot of hope. But it takes a little work, and perhaps a little planning on the past of the Aries.

The Gemini needs a remote control in life, so he can continually channel surf. Remember, the Gemini is the sign that can actually watch two or three shows at once. For an Aries gal, this can be a problem. The solution is simple two TV sets. To keep that Gemini brain happy, and this is what it is all about, satisfying the Gemini curiosity, the Aries needs to have plenty of reading material, everything from heady academic journals to People Magazine on hand, stuff to keep the myriad of Gemini facets occupied. Gemini is an air sign, a mutable air sign. This accounts for their highly fickle nature. And it indicates a high degree of brain power although, this wonderful brain is often unfocused.

Air feeds Fire—that’s what makes this good. The spark is always there, and a Gemini male can certainly feed your imagination. I’ve dated Gemini’s, and drawing on my own pool of experience, what I’ve found is that you don’t know what your waking up with: one minute, she’s a spiritual being with the qualities of Mother Teresa, and 30 seconds later, she’s Satan Incarnate herself. Don’t like it? Wait a minute or two—it will change. The Gemini often feels like he needs an anchor in life. Not many signs are capable of putting of with this sort of errant behavior, but the Aries female can, and if it’s true love (and other compounding factors in a chart), there is a good chance of success with this relationship.

The whole trick is being adaptable. Be as adaptable as the Gemini is. Learn to tolerate the apparent mood swings. Get ready for what can be a roller coaster ride for life. The key to understanding the Gemini is simple: the Aries sees a bunch of different faces; the Gemini feels like there is but one face. Imagine looking at a finely cut gemstone… the Gemini is the stone. We all see the different facets—the Gemini still feels like there but one person in there….


Cancer: Fire and Water, together the two elements make steam. While this is a good looking relationship on the surface, there are problems at its core because both signs are Cardinal signs, and that means the two signs square each other. Old Time Astrology says that this is a bad angle. Here at the research center, we’ve determined that “no spark, no flame” might be the best way to look at this.

The easiest way to understand the components of—and about—the Aries female and the Cancer male is that there is an attraction. The Aries woman can see that there is a soft and tender (and tasty) interior under that hard Crab shell. It’s just getting to the soft part that makes this a challenging relationship. The Crab creature is deeply emotional, that’s the good news, and forever emotionally supportive, too. He just has a tendency, in the Aries’ eyes, to pout. Sometimes a dimpled pouting can be quite cute.

The problem here, again, is the sign of Cancer because Cancer its self is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon transits through a zodiac sign approximately every two and a half days. The Cancer Male will change emotionally every two days, or so it will seem. And the Aries might have a problem keeping up with these apparent mood swings. The good news is that there’s the potential for enough of an attraction to see this through and make this relationship work. But it is going to take some understanding on the part of the Aries. Remember, you are the ones who are accused of being cold and unfeeling. And also bear in mind, you are not unemotional, just choosing to deal with events in an apparently hasty fashion. Take some of this quick response time, and apply it to that moody Cancer. Watch what can happen. The guy is over in the corner pouting because you said something, maybe even in jest, and he took it seriously, like it was a giant insult.

Of course, if he does the same thing to you, you brush it off and don’t worry about it. Going back to this tension angle that describes the way to the signs are related in the zodiac, there is something of a weird attraction here. An Aries woman will find herself inexplicably drawn to the comfort and nurturing that the Cancer can represent. Just understand that this emotional sensitivity comes at the cost of being ruled by the Moon, and as such, the Cancer can flip through emotions on a pretty quick basis.


Leo: I’ve always liked this combination, I just don’t get to see it as often as I like. It fits my Cardinal and Fixed rule, and as a Sagittarius, it also fits my Fire Rules rule. Perhaps all the Aries girls and Leo guys are so happy they never seek an astrologer for advice. So what gives?

Aries girls have a certain inability to tell stretchers, even if they are raised in Texas. With a Leo guy, an occasional stretcher is a good idea. When you’re the mightiest sign in the zodiac, a little acknowledgment is a good idea. That’s where the truthful Aries is truthful to a fault. Makes for trouble. However, just like the passion that runs so strong in this relationship, there is also a degree of interest that runs equally high. If an Aries girl like yourself can learn to deal with the Leo’s ways, I’ll assure you that there is a greater reward for efforts than you would ever imagine.

Leo’s like attention, and if an Aries can focus her undivided attention on Mr. Leo right now, and for the next five minutes, you can find yourself being rewarded with 15 minutes of his time and adulation. It’s a basic three for one deal. Not a bad deal at all. That’s math even those of us with Liberal Arts degree can figure out.

But it’s also going to take a little toning down to deal with Mr. Leo. At times, in this relationship, you’re going to feel like he’s a little childish. So? So he is. It’s not like some astrologers don’t suggest that all Aries are childish, too. Not me, but others. Go and watch a nature video about lions in Africa. Watch how the male lion works. That mighty hunter, that guy lion with the beautiful mane, that’s your man. Now, treat him the same way that the girl lion treats that guy, and you’ve landed yourself a winning combination. It can work, but you Aries folks just have to understand how the other works.


Virgo: When I look at this one on paper, I mean, when I sit here and print up the various charts, and think back to the individual readings and try to draw some serious conclusions, the only message that pops into my mind is, “Why?”

It’s a great idea. It looks good on paper. It doesn’t work in the real world. Mr. Virgo is picky picky picky. Picky. And that’s no sooner said than some Virgo guy comes along and hounds me to a distraction about how he is not so retentive. Right. “But I’m not. Really! No, really, I’m not!” Sure thing. So perhaps this Virgo that you’ve fallen for is a little critical at times. That doesn’t mean that this is without some merit to it, but if you don’t understand that a Virgo can sometimes show that he cares by not criticizing as much, if you don’t understand the relative way his brain works, if you don’t understanding that he’s trying to come up with a practical application for some of this stuff, then you don’t stand much of a chance.

Dating a Virgo, especially for an Aries chick (one editor suggested that “chick” was hopelessly outdated term, but Aries females are always cute, and a little bird is cute therefore I let it stand), is tough. Not impossible, but tough. The inherent bluntness of both signs can cause some friction that’s not easy to smooth over.

There’s a problem with trying to get the two to work together seamlessly. In fact, it’s like that missing rivet from the Cowboy Brand of Jeans (Levi’s don’t have a rivet in the crotch because of an accident squatting around the fire once). There needs to be some kind of solid anchor which holds these two signs together. Without that foundation, there’s just enough friction to cause a lot of minor pain. It’s not enough pain to dispose of the offending pair of pants, not right away, but sooner or later, you’ll clean out your closet and wonder why you kept this cause of friction around for so long.

If you’ve got the anchor that holds this all together, then you’re set for a life–mate. But without some bedrock in here, this relationship will fall apart at the seams.


Libra: It’s another case where opposites attract, that’s what your little Aries self will see in that Libra guy. Good? Maybe. Sometimes. Sort of. You love the way that Libra guy can dress, he has impeccable taste, and some how, he just knows how to say the very words you need to soothe your soul.

Problems? Yes. You are opposites. And you have both been (unfairly, according to me) accused of being tyrants and dictators. Of course, in this situation, each sign is going to try to be the alpha male. At least, the good news, is Mr. Libra has fine sense of dignity and diplomacy. So just exactly who is in charge? In the cases I’ve studied, I’ve never been able to tell for sure.
This is a classic example where one of you loves “country music” and the other loves “western music.” Of course, to an untrained ear, it all sounds like “country and western,” but to his refined Libra tastes, he can understand the minor nuances between a twang and a twang. And your basic Aries feeling is that you’re right, and he doesn’t want to rock that boat too much. But still, there is that small problem of minor variations, and the best you can do with him over matters of taste, or matters of a musical nature, is agree to disagree.

I’ve seen it work well for a serious long–term relationship. I’ve also seen it end in a spectacular firefight. Be forewarned, when this one blows up, if it blows up, it blows up in a rather big way, even to the point of no one surviving with dignity or integrity. All that seems left of this one is shattered remains.

But that doesn’t doom this relationship from the get go. Even with a solar opposition, there are times when this relationship works out very well. The Libra guy has to become accustomed to the fact that you Aries girls can be blunt to the point of painful honesty. He has to learn which questions to ask because you will endeavor to give him an answer, consequences be damned.
That Libra guy also has subtle way with words, he can twist them about in such a way as to make everything all that much better. On more than one potentially explosive situation, you’ll find yourself being swayed by his incredible rhetoric.

The annoying Libra characteristic, the ability to see everything from more than one side, that little, “just wait a minute, let’s consider all the options” pause he is given to, can fall prey to your Aries decisiveness. Work out a way to solve problems and you’ve got a winner. Besides, as far as it goes, this opposition can be a lot of fun.


Scorpio: Think about it, first. Think long and hard before you succumb to the ultimate in seductive attractions in the zodiac, the Scorpio male. Think about what you might be getting yourself into. While I’ve seen this be a successful relationship from time to time, I’ve also seen the innate problems associated with this coupling.

The Scorpio male is steamy, sensual, full of depth, with a hint of sexual tension in everything he does. It’s in his walk, his talk, that undercurrent of passion to jump to a cliché—“Still waters run deep,” and to further that expression, it’s also rather cold on the bottom. The problem is that the Scorpio tends to hold something back, keep something in reserve and this can grate on the straightforward Aries. With just about any Scorpio, you’re going to find, occasionally, that you’re right there, trying to pull information out of him. That’s the problem.

One Scorpio I know claims he “just looks like I’ve got a secret” even though there’s really nothing there. It’s the threat, or the likelihood, or the intent. This Scorpio foreshadowing isn’t all bad, it’s just way they are wired together. And it doesn’t doom this relationship by any means, it just makes for some times when the communication process can get bogged down with languages. The Scorpio fellow might be actually expressing his heartfelt thoughts and the Aries, because they are of a different school of communication, might be hearing a load of rubbish. Same words, it’s all in the delivery.

Will it work? Sure. Are there some problems? In my best Scorpio voice, “Maybe.” The Aries has nothing up her sleeve, no hidden agenda. The Scorpio might always carry the illusion that’s there is something up his sleeve, even if there’s nothing there.


Sagittarius: Fire and Fire can be a very hot combination, at least, this looks very good on paper. And, in the real world, it works well, too. There is one or two little difficulties that need to be addressed, though, and that is the apparent brash and rash behavior of the Aries that leads some folks to conclude that Aries is cold and heartless—and the short attention span of the Sagittarius male.

These possible foibles notwithstanding, though, this is one of the better Fire/Fire combinations. The Sagittarius will be a little upset from time to time at the Aries inability to react fast enough, and the same Sagittarius will be pleasantly surprised when the Aries does agree to go to France this weekend. Okay, it may not be France, it might be more like the Gulf Coast, but the Aries is perfectly capable of picking up and moving right alongside the Sagittarius.

With all same element relationships, there is a degree of harmony in this pairing that can’t be beat. The passions will forever run high. And both signs are noted for their ability to “shoot from the hip” which is helpful. When the problems occur, though, unless the Sagittarius has a lot of something else in his chart, the Aries will always feel like she is taking the quick way out. And, much to the chagrin of the Sagittarius, the Aries can react more quickly than he. There aren’t many signs whom are capable of taming a Sagittarius male, but this is certainly one of the better pairings that I’ve observed.


Capricorn: This is one of the most bizarre combinations available, because, despite its first astrological appearance of being a fluke, I’ve seen it work better than just about any other combination. One of the reasons this works is because it is an astrological square, that is, the Suns are at 90 degrees to each other. This is considered a tough angle, a challenge, no matter how nicely you care to characterize it. The strength and tenacity of the Aries female will be tested, time and again, by the sheer stubbornness of the Cappy male. Which sign will win? Both win, in the long run. The Aries female is more willing to forgive, forget, and move on than the Cappy male. This makes for a difference between the two, and this is why the Aries female is the leader in this relationship. That poor old Cappy male is still trying to make up his mind which way to go.

This is also a case where the Aries brashness gets a chance to come into play, and this quickness of temper is useful in this relationship. The Aries is a wonderful companion to the Cappy, the one problem might be in the way Cappy will expound indefinitely on numerous subjects. In fact the Cappy does know a lot, and traditionally, is the teacher in this situation. It’s just you Aries might not always be a willing student. That’s one relationship issue to watch out for.

There’s another problem area, too, and when the planets overhead cause a stress angle to one sign, it will also cause a similar (but different) stress angle to the other. What this means, is that when the going gets tough, and the brown stuff starts to hit the fan, then that brown stuff will not be evenly distributed. One sign will dodge, and the other will duck. In all probability, both signs get hit, just in different areas.


Aquarius: The Aries female needs to be sensitive to the rebellious nature of the Aquarius male. Pretend he is a bird. Slight breezes don’t ruffle his feathers. Major gales, though, something that does threaten his security? Now that does scare him.

Aquarius males are rebels. Sometimes without a clue, but rebels nonetheless. The advantage of this relationship is that Aries is a Cardinal Sign, and the Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. While this is a rule for whatever fixed sign I’m talking about, Aquarius can be the most stubborn of the fixed signs. Unlike other fixed signs, however, the Aquarius male doesn’t let the little changes affect him. Try to make a major shift in his life, though, and watch him fight it to the bitter end.

Aquarius is an Air sign, and this intellectual ability can feed the Aries flame. The problem is that the Aries female will react to a situation with a physical reaction, and the Aquarius partner will just think about the next course of action. Resolving this difference between the two signs makes for all the difference in the world. In traditional astrology, the angle between Aries and Aquarius is sixty degrees that means the two suns are “sextile” to each other. While this is considered a beneficial and flowing angle, it does have the single drawback that unless one of the parties takes some action, any action (just DO something), nothing happens. Between the Aries and Aquarius, then I would suggest that the Aries initiate the action. But always let the Aquarius think it was his idea.


Pisces: The Pisces Male can either be a great lover and friend, possibly the very best relationship you’ve ever encountered, or it can be a bad one. Real bad. Awful. The Mate From Hell. The deal is this: an Aries woman know what she wants and goes for it, no quarter given. The Pisces male lets some one ride roughshod over him for a while, and then, depending on his planets, reacts badly. Due to the water sign volubility of the Pisces male, there can be a propensity for infidelity. This is not a blanket statement, but it is one that should cover some situations.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, who is the old Grand Master Fish Dude himself. I will always associate Pisces with the “Mysteries of the Seas” because that’s what is at work here. Of course, in the case of the Pisces, not many people have actually plumbed their depths. This is a relationship built on the fact that the Aries is driving, and the Pisces is following along. While this may feel like a reversal of traditional roles, it’s not. And it does work very effectively. Aries is Fire and Pisces is Water, and together the two make steam.

The other way to look at this relationship is that the Aries is at the beginning of the wheel of life, and the Pisces is at the tail end. The purpose of this relationship, on some level, is to let the Pisces do what he does best: instruct about spiritual matters. In this one area, he is the master of the relationship. The rest are just details. Perhaps the word “master” has a much too strong connotation. How about he is the spiritual figurehead for this relationship?