Sign: Capricorn

Capricorn, the Sea-Goat, approximate dates: Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Element: Earth
Ruled by: Saturn
Cardinal Earth Sign
Keyword: Duty
House: 10th House, the ultimately professional house, of course.

Grocery store: Food shopping with a Capricorn is an experience that’s unlike any other sign the zodiac. There’s a utilitarian side to the event to begin with, but then, like any good Capricorn, there is also a certain flair which is required. It’s like mixing and matching both super cheap generic brand groceries with special, name – brand extra deluxe goodies. To an outside observer, that would be a non – Capricorn, the rhythm and the reason for what is name brand and what is cheap would not make sense, period. But to the Capricorn, there are certain items where the name brand can actually affect the flavor, and this shows up in their shopping cart. The Capricorn is not always an expert, but it’s is always best to let them lead the way.

Walmart at midnight: It was long after midnight before you can catch a Capricorn in this kind of a store. Except that the price is a deal, and that always appeals to the more pecuniary side of Capricorn. But don’t get the wrong idea, because a Cap has a sharp eye for a good deal. In other words, hang with the Cap on this excursion, and you might be surprised what you can find him buying. The sartorial splendor that Capricorn can be widely known for, the underpinnings of that outfit might just start some place with a less than regal nature. Of course, in order to make the Capricorn happiest, it has to be a deal and it has to look good.

Brick wall: When a Capricorn is faced with an obstacle, a brick wall in his path, there is only one answer, one solution to getting through this wall, and that would be worry. It’s not like all Capricorn’s have a propensity for worry, but the thought of an immovable object in front of them worries them to begin with, and then, under the close Capricorn scrutiny, the brick wall will eventually succumb to the fevered and furrowed brow of the Cap. This ability to worry is inherent, and in some circles, this worry feature is attributed to Saturn. Whether it’s really Saturn’s fault, or some other quirk in the sky, the way a Cap deals with problems is worrying about it untilk they arrive at a solution.

Bait: Muskie Lure, the Chub Sucker — Despite the name, the Chub Sucker is a stalwart and dependable attraction for a Capricorn fishie. Its design comes from a long line of ancient lures, and it is very popular in vintage fishing tackle collections. The true beauty of this timely design is the new fangled edition of super – conducting noisemaker spoon bill. It’s that little flair of excitement which is added to a time-proven lure. Classic lines with a modern update. That’s what will always hook a Cap.

Dating: This activity is always proven to be a little more than problematic with a Capricorn, and this is due to the fact that it’s a highly charged sign. Charged with what? There’s a level of intensity that is often found in a Capricorn that just isn’t found in other signs, but this also creates a little bit of trouble. It’s this extra dose of Saturn influence in the sign that makes dating a Capricorn a little bit more of a challenge. It takes a good, fixed sign to really render a Capricorn useful. Some of the long lasting relationship have been with Capricorn, but that because they have marked tendency to display a tenacity which is all too wordy to explain. Once you’ve hooked one, you’ve got a friend for life, but getting them into the boat is trouble.

Revenge: There is no real revenge which works on a Capricorn. Nothing seems to phase them. To be sure, you can hurt their feelings, but that doesn’t count as true revenge. The only way to get even with one is called Òclean livingÓ — that means living right and doing good. Karma is a heavy issue with this sign.

Body part: Knees.

Sun in Capricorn examples: Charles Addams, Horatio Algers, Muhammad Ali, Steve Allen, Jim Bakker, Pat Benatar, David Bowie, Nicholas Cage, Al Capone, Kevin Costner, John Delorean, John Denver, Marlene Dietrich, Jeane Dixon, A.J. Foyt, Crystal Gayle, Hermann Goering, Oliver Hardy, Howard Hughes, Janis Joplin, Naomi Judd, Johannes Kepler, Val Kilmer, Annie Lenox, Linda Lovelace, Barbara Mandrell, Walter Mondale, Mary Tyler Moore, Michael Nesmith, Jimmy Page, Amanda Peet, Sissy Spacek, Mao Tse Tung, Robert Anton Wilson, and Loretta Young.

CapricornCapricorn is the original sign of the yuppie. Capricorn is also ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Karma. You seek control through authority — everything is okay as long as you are in charge. You want to be respected. One problem: you are guilty of making or enforcing rules you don’t follow. Your ambition is not clouded by your pragmatism. You aspire to power and authority, and you can relentlessly pursue this power with an aggressive and competitive zeal. On the flip side, you can be defensive due to a lack of self-confidence. This will gradually slip away with time. You will display unusual maturity when young but a remarkable youthfulness when old. You can work hard to gain something, but you become indolent if your goals cannot be achieved. Although you have a wonderful and wry sense of humor, you cannot tolerate being teased. You need structure and tradition when young. You are well-suited to be a good builder, engineer, politician, or executive. Although you are a good team player, you are better (or would be) as a team manager. You are probably interested in the martial arts and collecting guns, weapons or other symbols of authority. No famous musicians were Capricorns (just kidding!)

Worst of all, you have a propensity for worry. In fact, most prison guards are Capricorn. I hope this doesn’t worry you.

But one recent comedian is a Cappy: the weird and wacky Jim Carrey. In fact, a number of great performers have been Cappies: (this list was submitted by a Cappy) Isaac Asimov, Mel Gibson, Steve Allen, Muhammad Ali, Humphrey Bogart, Pablo Casals, Al Capone, Marlene Dietrich, John Denver, Federico Fellini, Benjamin Franklin, Eydie Gorme, Ava Gardner, James Earl Jones, Diane Keaton, Danny Kaye, Martin Luther King, Gen Robert E. Lee, Henry Miller, Ethel Merman, Richard Nixon, Sir Isaac Newton, Edgar Allan Poe, Roy Rogers, Helena Rubenstein, Rod Serling, Anwar el-Sadat, Danny Thomas, Woodrow Wilson, Jany Wyman, Cleopatra, and the ultimate Cappy — Darth Vader (Star Wars).

Your best bet for listening to something is Rachmaninov’s “Symphony No. 2,” and Beethoven’s “String Quartet, Op. 132.” Worst of all, you have a propensity for worry. In fact, most prison guards are Capricorn. I hope this doesn’t worry you.

CapricornWith Capricorn being a major player in your life, astrologically speaking, the old texts always suggest that you’re a material person. Didn’t Madonna have a song about that? Of course, I would lean away from the strict old because they all seem so deterministic. However, yes, you do have a side which is willing to fight for what you have worked for, and this effect is more pronounced due to the effect of having Saturn as your ruler, or the boss of your ascendant. Success, while it doesn’t always come early in life, is all but guaranteed because you can be a very effective manager type. You’ll wind up being good at the delegating and stuff that is required. Another quality I always see with the Cap Ascendant is humor. A great sense of humor. You might have faced more than your fair share of difficulties in early childhood. Again, this is a Saturn thing, and he makes it a tough one for you at all times. Your own biggest challenge seems to be yourself. You also enjoy the “full on” or “full off” lifestyle. Either you prevent yourself from enjoying anything, or you give yourself over to nothing but pure please with a sense of complete abandon. Money and its inherent evils, always seems to impress you, though.

Examples of Capricorn Ascendant: Alan Alda, Kristie Alley, Mario Andretti, John Belushi, Jack Benny, Eva Braun, George Burns, Sean Connery, John Dryden, Rex Harrison, J. Edgar Hoover, Tom Jones, James Joyce, Sophia Loren, Linda Lovelace, David Lynch, Paul Newman, Ezra Pound, Susan Sarandon, Sirhan Sirhan, and Tiger Woods.

CapricornYou probably find it hard to relate to people who do not share the same views as you. This is because you are tough-minded, practical, and traditional. You do have a marked tendency for excessive worry. You must know where you stand in a relationship, and this fits with your overall desire for structure. You are goal oriented and ambitious. Since you find it hard to confide your emotional problems in someone, this unwillingness to gain emotional release will result in physical maladies or mental depression. All female relationships are bound to be problematical. Although materialistic, you can attain a prominent position in your career or community.

Moon in Capricorn: Price Albert Victor, Jean Auel, Lucille Ball, Kim Basinger, Otto Von Bismark, Tycho Brahe, Tim Burton, Johnny Carson, Cher, George Clooney, Charles Darwin, Johnny Depp, Theodore Dreiser, Thomas Edison, Adolph Eichmann, Che Guevarra, Rudolf Hess, Jesse Jackson, Queen Mary, Stevie Nicks, Anais Nin, Lee Harvey Oswald, Richard Prior, Christina Ricci, Norman Rockwell, Elke Sommer, Stephen Sondheim, Anne Tyler, Bruce Willis, and Tammy Wynette.