Sign: Taurus

TAURUS, the Bull, approx. dates – April 21-May 21
Ruled by: Venus — for taste
Symbol: Bull’s Head, circle with little horns on it
Keyword: Taste
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
House: 2

Flavor: Mint-Chocolate

Grocery store: Taurus are fun to shop with. The tactile nature of Taurus turns a simple trip to the grocery store into a sensory experience. There’re melons to thump, tomatoes to squeeze, the mint to smell, and maybe a few fresh cut flowers to pick up, too. I remember being stuck in a Mall with a Taurus, and she had to touch and handle everything. Before she could declare a shirt worthy of purchase, she had to fondle the material to see if it was soft and silky smooth.

Music: Taurus is the most musical of the signs, or so it would seem. A large number of singers and other vocal artists wind up being Taurus. In one example a Radio DJ friend claims she can’t hold a tune. Still, she has the silky smooth Taurus voice on the radio, and her job is making music come out of the speakers. So there’s that musical bend to Taurus.

Walmart at midnight: Whether shopping for auto parts or swimwear, the Taurus will seem to meander at times in the discount store that is open 24 hours. The Taurus will always swing through the clothing department just to see if there are any good deals, fondling the softer fabrics. The Taurus will also wander through the food section just to see if there are any good deals available. This is due to the the fact that Taurus is most often associated with Venus. It’s the Venus which rules good taste. Soft, supple, and very sensual. Don’t forget that pleasure is a business to a Taurus.

Brick wall: A Taurus takes one look at an Aries banging his head against the brick wall and decides that it looks like it might hurt. Taurus has a much more refined approach: do nothing, wait and see. Taurus can be rather patient at times, and when confronted with an immovable object, the Taurus is inclined to hang a nice, pretty drape on it and sit himself down to a hearty meal, waiting to see if the problem will go away. Remember, the problem has been addressed by a tasteful drape, or maybe a painting, or, at the very least, a poster that seems to be in good taste.

Bait: Get one of those special Craw Dad plastic things–the newer plastic jobs which have a special, garlic smell embedded in the plastic. Works great. I know, you might find the authentic ÒfeelingÓ of the plastic a little slimy, but to catch a Taurus, you need something that looks real, feels real, and, most important, tastes good. And that garlic flavor-bacon bait has the taste that a Taurus Bass will crave.

Revenge: The worst thing you can do to a Taurus is be late. Your Taurus date will be there, impatiently stamping his feet, wondering what took you so long, and why didn’t you call, and would you like to try this new snack food?

Body part: Neck, throat, ears.

Notable folks with Sun in Taurus: Burt Bacharach, Honore de Balzac, David Beckham, Irving Berlin, Yogi Bera, Bono (Paul Hewson), Charlotte Bronte, James Brown, Carol Burnett, David Byrne, Glen Campbell, George Carlin, Cher, George Clooney, Judy Collins, Gary Cooper, Bing Crosby, Salvador Dali, C.C. DeVille, Emilio Estevez, Henry Fonda, Sigmund Freud, James Goddard, Ulysses S. GRant, William R. Hearst, Audrey Hepburn, Dennis Hopper, Jill Ireland, Janet Jackson, Billy Joel, Grace Jones, Immanual Kant, Jessica Lange, Edward Lear, Jay Leno, H.P. Lovecraft, Shirley MacLaine, Lee Majors, Karl Marx, Rod McKuen, Kunal Nayyar, Jack Nicholson, Sir Laurence Olivier, Eva Peron, Michelle Pfeiffer, Katherine Anne Porter, Ronald P. Reagan, Dennis Rodman, Tim Roth, Bertrand Russel, Jerry Seinfeld, David O. Selznick, Tori Spelling, George Straight, Barbara Streisand, Peter Illich Tchaikovsky, Uma Thurman, Dan “Danny” Trejo, Ritchie Valens, Orson Welles, Stevie Wonder, Tammy Wynette, and Roger Zelazny.

TaurusTaurus is ruled by Venus. In this case, it is the Venus of Beauty and Taste. Along with this sense of beauty and taste, there’s a highlighted side to Taurus that I always like to emphasize: sensuousness. This sensual side must always be recognized. There are other things which are important as well, like a strong sense of place because Taurus is always associated with the Second House, and this means home. Or stuff. A Taurus is often defined by his or her personal belongings. Taurus is, of course, the sign of the sensual beast, the one who likes to take forever getting to the good part. Taurus is all business when it comes to pleasure. Food is an important component of the Taurus make up. I have had great success with Taurus when I’m doing a reading, by asking if the individual has any food in her purse or his backpack. My favorite answer has always been, “No. Of course not. Well, there are some breath mints and a half sandwich left over from lunch, just in case I got hungry….”

“Be prepared” — it’s the Boy Scout motto. Another question I like is: “Mint Chocolate is your favorite flavor, right?” Most Taurus individuals respond with, “How did you know?” There are two other common responses: one is, “I got to choose just one flavor?” and the other is “plain vanilla.” Taurus. Takes all kinds. But food plays a prominent part with Taurus. The sensual side can drive other signs absolutely crazy with the demands that the Taurus makes. Go shopping for clothes with Taurus — the Taurus will touch and feel everything, running fingers up and down the silks, gravitating towards the subdued earth colors, pausing and then lingering in the silk department.

If I’m trying to catch a Taurus, I break out silk shirts because the Taurus can’t keep her hands off the silk. “It’s so soft and smooth,” she purrs. A good way to really irritate Taurus is by not being punctual. They do have thing for being on time and having everything just so. One way I like to describe the various signs is by how they deal with obstacles, and in the case off the Taurus, let’s say the obstacle is a brick wall, the Taurus does nothing. Maybe put up some drapes, get a lounge, and recline here on THIS side of the wall rather than do anything about it. “Leave that for other signs,” says the Taurus. “All that effort looks painful. Here, have another snack.” Taurus have refined sense of auditory pleasure as well.

Most Taurus individuals make good singers. In fact, several Taurus individuals are noted composers: Irving Berlin, Brahms, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Willie Nelson, and Tchaikovsky. But for listening, try Mahler’s Symphony No. 4.

Famous Taurus people: Willie Nelson (great Texas musician and song writer, singer), April 30, 1933; Duke Ellington, April 29, 1899; Audrey Hepburn, May 4, 1929; Valentino, May 11, 1932; Janet Jackson, May 16, 1966; Cher, May 20, 1946; Talking Heads’ David Burn, May 14, 1952.

TaurusYou are stubborn, and don’t argue about this first point either. You probably enjoy a sturdy physique, and you may not be dynamically active but you have great physical stamina. You are tenacious, but you have difficulty breaking undesirable habits. You can be status-seeking and can be unduly influenced by people more powerful or wealthier than you. You can be resourceful. And pragmatic, too. You are bound to the sensual and likely to be attractive, too. You love good food and fine wine. Party on! You can be dedicated to physical fitness. You will also seek personal comfort. You have a quiet nature but enjoy social occasions. You are attracted to art and music. You may have a pleasant or unusual voice. But alas, you might also be materialistic.

Famous folks a Taurus Ascendant: Charles Addams, Chet Atkins, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Carlos Castaneda, Gary Cooper, Billy Crustal, Bruce Cern, Mia Farrow, Melanie Griffith, Ursala LeGuin, Toni Morrison, Wayne Newton, Bonnie Raitt, and Sigouney (Susan) Weaver.

TaurusAren’t you the difficult one, always requiring tangible proof of affection? Since the Moon is exalted in Taurus, this is particularly strong for you. You have conservative opinions mated with strong physical appetites. How you like your material comfort! It seems like you are overly concerned with social status or wealth, too. You are probably more interested in social pursuits than household, family chores. And you don’t want to be coerced into commitments. When things go wrong, you find it hard to accept. Because you are outwardly calm and stable, you appear unapproachable. This lends an aura of self-containment. You actively dislike people who break promises or otherwise prove themselves to be unreliable. And how you love to hold a grudge! !

Notable folks with Moon in Taurus: Ed Asner, Irving Berlin, Bill Blass, Rita Mae Brown, Carol Bunrett, Connie Chung, Bill Clinton, Joan collins, John Connally, David Crosby, Sheryl Crow, Billy Crystal, Jane Curtin, Cameron Diaz, Angie Dickinson, John Dillinger, Robert Downey Jr., Richard Dreyfuss, John Dryden, Bob Dylan, Douglas Fairbank Sr., Michael J. Fox, Greta Garbo, Germaine Greer, Pam Grier, O. Henry, Thor Heyerdahl, Conrad Hilton, James Hoffa, Peter Hurd, Mick Jagger, Tommy Lee Jones, Naomi Judd, Carl Jung, Jerry Lewis, John Milton, Joe Namath, Vincent Price, Charley Pride, William Shatner, David Spade, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Anton Wilson, and Natalie Wood.