Sign: The Leo

Leo, the Lion, approximate dates: July 23-August 22
Symbol: Lion’s Mane, or Lion’s Tail
Keyword: Create
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Planet: The Sun — which really isn’t a planet, but a star, sort of goes with this whole Leo thing to begin with…. “Fall at my feet or get out of my face”
House: 5th

Flavor: Leo’s always remind me of a light, graceful, maybe even Neapolitan sherbet — lots of flavor — however light and graceful.

Grocery store: Due to the artistic nature of the Leo, grocery shopping can take on a little bit of an adventure-like quality. Leo’s are hunters, so plan on the food stuffs themselves having something with bones in it. Could be T-bone, or for the more environmentally conscious Leo types, imagine free range chicken. Don’t forget that Leo is a fixed sign, and as such, if there is something that deviates from the shopping list, this is bound to upset the Leo. Let the Leo assiduously stick to his list. You’ll be much happier.

Walmart at midnight: This is an interesting case study, what the Leo does after midnight in a giant discount chain store. There is so much to choose from, and what does the Leo look at first? Usually, it winds up being art supplies. I know, and you know, that Walmart is not always the best place to buy art supplies, but it’s a start. There are pens and crayons and big tablets of paper which will draw the Leo’s attention. Then there’s the jewelry section, too. No, this isn’t the best place to buy the finest gold creations, but all that yellow glitter will surely attract the Leo’s attention, if only for a little while. Finally, and I hate to let anyone know this, there’s the clothing. The Leo will have to have a go at the clothing department, just to see if there’s anything worth while. Look on the bright side, in at midnight, out by 4:00 AM.

Brick wall: A Leo is a magnificent creature, tall and proud, good looking and handsome. And a fixed obstacle in front of this Leo is a problem, a big problem. In fact, just such a deviation from the way things should be having this brick wall right in front of the Leo is terribly offensive o our fine specimen. So what does the Leo do? Ever watch the nature shows about the African Lions? ItÕs just like on of those guys: the male scares up the game, chases it into the clutches of the female. The male then comes in and helps himself to the best cut of meat, relaxes and preens his luxurious mane. Now, when our Leo hits the wall, heÕs going to do something similar. HeÕs going to loudly call attention to the fact that there is an inconvenient obstacle in front of him, and some one had better get over RIGHT NOW, and do something about it. Of course, our Leo might never actually lift a paw to do anything about the wall, but thatÕs not his job. He just let us know it was there, and itÕs a problem that needs to be addressed right now.

Bait: Leo: Live Bait with a spinner — Nothing works better for catching a fixed fire sign fish than Live Bait. Worms, minnows, or even some traditional Japanese cuisine, I hope you get the idea. Live bait has an aura of adventure about it. It’s hard to get them little wigglers onto the hook, if you know what I mean. And thatÕs the only thing that will really ever catch a Leo’s attention, something that seems to be an adventure.

Revenge: There seems to be only revenge that works well on a Leo. Ignore them. I realize that this makes them sound rather arrogant, but thatÕs not really the case. However, ignoring a Leo is good way to get them to leave you alone. It also frustrates them to no end.

Body part: Upper back and heart.

Famous Leo personalities (besides the folks reading this): Loni Anderson, Louis Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Rosanna Arquette, Simon Baker, Antonio Banderas, Peter Bogdanovich, Ray Bradbury, Emily Bronte, Belinda Carlisle, Fidel Castro, Coco Chanel, Davy Crockett, David Crosby, Cecil B. De Mille, John Dryden, Barbara Eden, Ramon Estevez, Jerry Falwell, Peggy Fleming, Henry Ford, Jerry Garcia, Robert Graves, Isabel Hickey, Dustin Hoffman, Mick Jagger, Carl Jung, Gene Kelley, Madonna, Ogden Nash, Peter O’Toole, Annie Oakley, Robert Redford, Gene Roddenberry, Yves Saint-Laurent, Arnold Scharzenegger, Martin Sheen, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Andy Warhol, Mae West, and Steve Wozniek.

The LeoYou folks with the Sun in Leo have it tough, don’t you? The Sun rules Leo, making you just a little bit extra special. Most astrologers agree on this: you can always tell a Leo, you just can’t tell them too much. Your creativity is an expression of your ego. This may sound a little self-centered, but that’s because you can be positively tyrannical. And you love to play the hero. Either consciously or subconsciously you always seek attention.

It’s as if you have noble blood. You are imaginative. You are also tenacious, which is often seen as stubbornness, which seems to be dictated by ego, like hating to admit you’re wrong. You are loyal, patient, and philanthropic. Unfortunately, you are also opinionated. You just have to have the last word, don’t you? Your initial reactions are physical. You have a penchant for exaggeration and overreaction, but this isn’t terribly bad because you love life and its pleasures. You are probably a genial host and entertainer. Your nature can be enthusiastic, generous, and gregarious with a sunny disposition. You are ambitious. You can be very inspirational while not totally factual or practical. I’ll bet you have many friends. But you have a lazy streak with a tendency to take the easy way out. You are attracted to energy and excitement, which leads you to being guilty of grandstanding instead of being a team player.

You are imaginative. You are also tenacious, which is often seen as stubbornness, which seems to be dictated by ego, like hating to admit you’re wrong. You are loyal, patient, and philanthropic. Unfortunately, you are also opinionated.

Some famous people with the sun in Leo are Mae West, Napoleon, Andy Warhol, Simon Bolivar, Maxfield Parish, Omar Khayyam, Peggy Fleming, Carl G. Jung, Stanley Kubrick, Mick Jagger, Jackie Onaissis, Charles Schwab, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Best of all, Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar was a Leo, one the men attracted to the Texas struggle for independence. He was born Aug. 16, 1798, in Louisville, GA. Typical Leo, he cut a fine image.

You will always be a lover of art, music and theater. Speaking of music, here’s a few listening suggestions: Handel’s “Music for Royal Fireworks,” and Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 7.”

The LeoYou probably have a strong physique. I’ll bet you’re stubborn and you find it hard to break bad habits. You can be tenacious, yet also lazy. You are often full of energy and enthusiasm. This can take a sad turn due to your overabundance and overestimation. Your passions are sincere, although you may act a little rash. And you always want the last word. You might be outgoing though not necessarily aggressive or loud. You can have intense selfÜabsorption which makes it hard to accept guidance from others, and you may feel that asking for advice is a weakness. You want to associate with others who make you look good. You can be very generous, warm, and creative. You have an interest in art, music, entertainment or communication.

Famous examples of Leo Ascendant: Muhammad Ali, Herb ALpert, Debbie Boone, Jerry Brown, Dick Butkus, Brett Butler, George Carlin, Glenn Close, Howard Cosell, Johnny Depp, Peter Gabriel, Arlo Guthrie, Elton John, Lyndon Johnson, Huey P. Long, Courtney Love, Jack Nicholson, Lisa Marie Presley, Tanya Tucker, Tina Turner, Andy Warhol, and Edgar Winter.

The LeoYou are magnanimous and passionate, but this can backfire on since the exaggeration can lead to insecurity. You will find it hard to separate your emotions from your ego. Although you are stubborn and opinionated, you are capable of great personal sacrifice, and you are quite idealistic. You are loyal and assertive while you might find it difficult to admit mistakes. With a curious twist, you are jealous but not possessive. You are spiritual. And financial (at least some interest here). You have a conscious desire to dominate, or an unconscious desire to dominate. Your artistic talent is best in architecture, or costume and design. You will also have a tendency to brag, and often as not, you will seek instant gratification.

Famous folks with a Leo Moon: Ansel Adams, David Bowie, Van Cliburn, Marlene Dietrich, Faye Dunaway, Clint Eastwood, Gustave Flaubert, Jane Fonda, Terry Gilliam, Paul Hogan, James Joyce, Jack London, Paul McCartney, Thomas Merton, Slim Pickens, Ezra Pound, George C. Scott, Ed Sullivan, Lawrence Welk, and Oscar Wilde.