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Virgo — poor Virgo, much maligned as the neat–freak perfectionist of the zodiac. Which they usually are, but they do arrive in two flavor: neat and messy. Ruled, more or less, by Mercury. Mutable Earth signs, great for cleaning fish. Although they make great bean counters, don’t let them divvy up the check at the truck stop, as that one waitress you’ve been hittin’ on? She won’t get much of a tip from your Virgo buddy.

Grocery store: If you go grocery shopping with a Virgo, be prepared to read the labels. Or be prepared for the Virgo to read the labels. The packaging itself doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that counts, and this is what the Virgo seeks to find out.

Shopping, after midnight: Ever been shopping with a Virgo? Ever thoughts about the number of times someone can squint at a label, and wonder just exactly what part of which animal those things came from? Imagine the scientific curiosity at work here. There’s another problem, though, and one that suggest the results are not all in yet, that this an area which is going to require further research. “I’m not going in a Wal–Mart, please don’t make me go there,” I heard one Virgo girl whine. Good stuff, cheap, didn’t quite work on her. The results are still up for study, as of right now. And most of the Virgo girls I know wouldn’t be up after midnight, anyway, not if there was something else to do, like sleep.

Brick wall: When a Virgo encounters a fixed, immovable obstacle, there is but one solution. First, this brick wall must be disassembled, one grain of mortar at a time. And each single grain of sand that makes up this wall needs to be properly stored and labeled so that it can be reassembled later. Or so that whoever caused this obstacle can be found out and blamed. In any case, the Virgo will assure that this is all done perfectly.

Bait: Crappie Spin “it isn’t just for Crappie, Smallmouth love it too!” –– This is a special lure, designed just for Crappie, but guess what? Smallmouth love it, too. And that’s why it works for Virgo fish: the utilitarian nature of this lure will always attract that ever so practical, but mutable, Virgo. It’s a perfect fit. Besides, just about every Virgo has a taste for the unusual –– that’s why this dual–purpose bait works so well.

Body part: Viscera.

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The good, the bad, and the ugly…. The problem here is that an Aries Male has a marked tendency to appear rash and impetuous, especially when he is posited next to a prim and proper Virgo Lady. And that’s the whole problem in a nutshell. Can it work? Sure. What’s it going to take? A little bit of understanding about the dynamics of the way these two signs interact with each other.

In this case, the weight for understanding is going to rest on the shoulders of the Virgo. The reason being, the Virgo has a high set of standards. That Aries guy is going to need someone who will act as a supporter, and not be too concerned with his lack of follow through. Sounds like he might not measure up to your standards. Aries is Cardinal, which means he has a lot of get up and go. The problem with his cardinal energy is he often lacks any way to see a project through to the end. It’s the same man who will wind up be accused of being insensitive to your delicate Virgo needs.

He’s not a complete fool; he merely doesn’t understand what it is that you’re looking for. And as you get about half way through telling him what it is that you want, he assumes he has all the answers, and, in typical Aries fashion, he rushes off to take care of you. Moving away to take care of you is kind of a contradiction. Yes, there’s a problem with that. The delicate Virgo hierarchy of needs, and the way these desires must be satisfied, is difficult for an Aries to understand. It’s frequently out of his realm of Aries understanding.

See: Aries is the ultimate “emergency worker,” like an ambulance driver. He’s good at slapping a band–aid on a problem, and then moving on to what’s next. Like a fireman, he puts out the fire. And like that fireman, he doesn’t want to build the structure back; he’s already dealt with the emergency of the situation. The Aries male can be quite passionate, but you’ve got to come up with a way to keep him challenged. And you’ll find that some of your delicate sensibilities might not ever be satisfied by that Aries.


The Taurus male is a curious creature. At once, he is both sensuous and macho, and those are fine qualities. Of course, in the present condition of modern society, this can prove to be a daunting task. Still the Taurus Sun Sign is an Earth Sign, and it is a Fixed one, as well. This makes for an excellent combination with a Virgo. Remember, you Virgo’s are Mutable Earth Signs. The Fixed/Mutable combination is good, and given that both these signs are earth, makes this even better.

There is a healthy dose of reality in here that helps. From what I’ve seen, a Virgo female can be terribly tenacious. Perhaps just my own observation, but it’s not without a quantity of personal research on my part. And when this Virgo gets hooked up with Taurus, there will be certain problems. It has to do with who is more stubborn. Here’s a hint, let him think he’s right. A Virgo can work with the Taurus because there is a strength that comes from the signs being rather alike in so many ways. The one problem area is probably the typical Virgo fastidiousness that is not likely to be well received by a Taurus. I’m not saying that all Taurus males are messy or that all Virgo females need a bathroom clean enough for surgery, but in this area, there does need to be a degree of peace. You both have a few housekeeping issues to work through before you’re ready for the big commitment.

On paper, in my dusty old astrology texts, and in the ancient lore, I’ve found that this can be a good combination, oftentimes bereft of the high drama found with other combinations. That does indicate—to me—that there is a good chance for a stable happiness.


Why do you do this to me? What have I ever done to deserve this? Why must I take two of my favorite signs and compare them in an unlikely combination? And yes, my dear Virgo girl, the odds are against you. Gemini men display many wonderful traits: they are witty, entertaining, and forever childish. And that’s one of the problems with this combination. Trying to tie up a Gemini guy in a Virgo–love–fest is just not a great idea. Every once in a while, perhaps twice a day, you’re going to want to put your foot down and tell him to, “Get serious for a minute.”
Refer back to what I just said were some of his good qualities. And you are much entertained, perhaps as much as 75% of the time, by his antics, make that his “Gemini antics.” The problem occurs when you want to get to the real point of a sticky situation and he insists on making a joke of it. Or when he wants to play, and your Virgo self is only interested in getting to the bottom of the problem, first.

Now, to be truthful, my cat is not a Gemini. But the fact that she decides it’s play time just as soon as I crawl into bed dog–tired, that’s a definite Gemini trait. Just when you thought you could rest, it’s a problem because he’s ready to play. My cat finds the loudest toy she can bat around, just as soon as I’m beat. Typical Gemini guy trick.

I’ll be honest, I’ve seen this combination last, with two shining examples of both signs, for a long period of time. But the Gemini guy has to be given a degree of “latitude” in order to operate on Gemini time. In Gemini space, as it were.

He will pick projects up, set sail on grand schemes, truck off in different directions, and he will always be exploding with new ideas. The entertainment value alone is sometimes worth the price of admission in this pairing of signs. As long as you understand just what you’re getting into, it can be good. The difficulties arise when the two signs don’t understand the inherent nature of each other’s needs and are not willing to bend a little to be with the other.


Okay, let’s try this one: Virgo girls are great. Cancer men can be wonderful. It’s not a pairing up without a degree of good stuff going for it. There is a problem, though. You want to fix the fence in the backyard. He wants to “play house,” which looks a lot more like something else, if you know what I mean. He might get around to that fence, but in typical Cancer fashion, there’s going to be a degree fumbling along. First, he’s got to go to the hardware store. Then it’s the building supply place. Then, after he’s looked at that fence for a minute or two, he mutters something, and he’s got to go to the lumberyard. So far, your fence still needs to be repaired, there is a pile of supplies in the backyard, and yet, nothing has happened.
See what I mean? He’s got the idea, but he lacks a little follow through. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way this guy works, your Cancer guy. At the risk of sounding condescending, “Hey, some of my best friends are Cancer dudes….” Or is that tone patronizing? Something like that…

Getting Mr. Cancer Guy into action can sometimes take a little work. It can be done. Use your wily feminine charms on him. Ply him with sweet foodstuffs, okay, maybe just pretzels and beer, but try something on him. Be as nice as sweet potato pie. Better yet, Pecan Pie. You get the idea. Try just about anything nice. And learn to approach him indirectly. Don’t run all over his sensitive self because he is sensitive, even if he hides it under a macho bluster.

Back to the fence, remember it? You wanted it fixed, and he spent the entire morning running around, gathering supplies, making a little pass at you, and then plopping down in front of the tube for a game. Bring him a beer, and quietly remind him that you were hoping to get that fence done today. As soon as the game is over, remind him again, but try rubbing against him and purring. That seems to work.

Romance is a tough topic for this guy to talk about. Don’t push him too hard or too far, on any one occasion. Let him unfold, a little at a time, and I think you’ll be amazed at what can grow out of this.


Leo: There is a special essence that every Virgo female seems to feel at one time or another, and this makes the female feel as if she needs to be of service in some capacity. What better place to serve than to be a mate for a mighty Leo?

Leo is fire sign, and this imbues them with as great sense of passion. What a Virgo female can do is be accepting of this passion. Don’t forget, though, that Leo is also a fixed sign and hence, stubborn. Don’t let his stubborn attitude work you too hard. If there is something he feels he is right about, agree with him. It’s the route of least resistance. And with a Leo, remember that the cat likes his belly rubbed. Just about every Leo male is nothing more than a large cat, a little vain, a little arrogant (but it’s worth putting up with). With the Leo, look at the plus side of the relationship. You will always feel like you are the center of his romantic attention. In fact, often as not, the Leo will make you feel like you are the center of the Universe. Enjoy this because you deserve this sort of treatment.

With a Leo, there are a few things to remember. The cliché “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” really works well here. Precede every encounter with a superlative compliment. Let that proud Leo know just how wonderful he is. Then you can drop the other shoe. But butter him up first, then you can be prepared to have your way. A fixed fire sign and mutable earth sign is quite compatible. Just watch what guidelines work best here.

I have a couple of old friends who have been dating since, well, it’s been a long time. In fact, they still see each other. The Virgo acts as if she worships the very ground the Leo walks on. He will, in turn, do anything within his royal powers to make life good for her. It’s a very strong relationship, and one that has withstood the test of time because of these attitudes. Fortunately, the Virgo is willing to overlook some of the Leo vanity problems. Besides, if he really is that great, like you assure him, why call it vanity?


Virgo: Same sign relationships face a little bit of a stigma, according to some resources I’ve consulted. But when I look at the couples like this, I’ve always found that there is something here that seems to work pretty well. More often than not though, there is a discrepancy in the traditional Virgo archetype, that neat freak version of a Virgo. One of you two will likely be the messy Virgo. It’s not bad, it just is.

That’s what seems to hold these couples together better than anything else. Even though ya’ll are the same sign, you both bring different versions of this sign together. Makes it work. Makes it work pretty well, as a matter of fact.

There is one chance that this one won’t work. There is one chance that your Virgo guy turns into the creature from the (insert favorite horror film here). There is one chance that this one gets really bad, really ugly, really quickly. There is this one chance that it turns out like a scene from a bad “Z” movie. “Z” movies are way off the scale when it comes to bad, it’s the western with the car tracks and high power electrical wires in the background. The monster movie with the bad monster makeup. So there’s a single chance that this can turn sour. With two Virgo’s, though, I tend to respect this relationship. The rest of the time, it’s like a match made in Heaven.

Heaven, of course, that I’m referring to, is a very small town in West Texas. Maybe it’s called Eden, I don’t recall. Same thing.


Libra: There’s only one little, tiny problem here. It has to do with a refined sense of order that a good Virgo girl has. Whether you’re the neatest of Virgo’s, or the kind of Virgo that lives in a messy place [but you know where everything is], there is still a very ornate sense of place, a sense of knowing, It’s a Gnostic quality, where everything must be perfect in your world. And well it should be. It is your Virgo world.

Let’s toss a Libra guy into this scene. He’s immaculate when he leaves the house. He’s capable of grand acts of romance, the bottle of your very favorite wine (or 12–pack of beer, here in Texas), the soft lights (broken neon buzzing through a motel window comes to mind), the soft music (old Hank Williams), he even has on your favorite western–cut flannel shirt with fake pearl snaps (on sale at Wal–Mart today). You get the idea, the mood is set perfectly. It’s an idyllic scene. He is everything you could want. Even better, there’s no dip on his teeth because he’s cleaned them for you. He’s clean even if it isn’t Saturday night that is, of course, a nice gesture.

Now what happens in the long haul tractor–trailer of a relationship? That’s where the Libra facade begins to develop a dull sheen to its formerly bright self. The shine loses its sparkle. Bummer, huh? Libra’s are good at starting things. They lack a little bit of follow through. And while they leave the house immaculate themselves, the house is usually a bit of a wreck., It looks like a motel room that a punk band has been sleeping in for a week. Not all Libra guys are like this, but they do all seem to be a little more concerned with pressing items on their hectic agenda, and house cleaning, real or metaphorical, gets put aside. That’s the problem.

The sometime chaotic mess of Libra can drive a Virgo to distraction. If you develop a means for dealing with this possible problem, then you’ve got it made.


Scorpio: On a rating system of some kind, I’d have to give the Virgo girl and the Scorpio guy a very high rating. There’s something at work here which is just better than most. The Scorpio guy is usually intensely private about certain things—sex comes to mind. And the Virgo girl is intensely private, too, about many of the same topics. I realize the analogy skipped a few steps in between, but you’re working with me now, so let’s just consider this one good. You two are very much alike, in very different way. Confused? Of course you are. Anyone involved with either Virgo girl or a Scorpio guy, or any Virgo girl who finds herself lusting after a Scorpio guy should be confused.

Sometimes, he’s so mysterious. Other times, he’s just the life of the party. You never can tell. He does tend to be a little moody at times, but then, no Virgo woman can really fault a male for that, it’s merely a reflection of her own behavior on certain occasions.

I like this combination. I’ve seen it work. I’ve seen it work well. I have more good charts like this in my files than bad ones.
Of course, I’m going to have to warn you about one, little, tiny problem area. It’s the explosive nature of a Scorpio’s sense of justice. And every once in a while, this relationship can just blow up. Over the smallest of details, too. Suddenly, he’s onto something, and I don’t want to go on a rant here, but when a Scorpio latches onto a problem, they never, ever seem to let go. They will pick at that problem, bring it up at the most inconvenient and embarrassing time, rub your face in it, run it through the dirt, attach it to the flag pole, and it still sits there. This is a side that can lay dormant for years. Don’t excite it. Whatever you do, don’t provoke it. Him, I mean.

It’s usually a good combination, but if there is something touching something else in your charts, there is a chance that this is a highly volatile combination. And that ain’t good. Don’t forget that all generalizations about Scorpio’s are false.


Sagittarius: Oddly enough, this is a relationship that can work, provided that the sensitive Virgo female is aware of the Sag male’s needs. His principle desire is freedom whereas her principle desire is stability. Hard to work out, but if you allow the Sag enough coming and going room, then the two signs can happily coexist. And that’s the key to this relationship, because the typical Sag guy might have a tendency to overreact to the term “relationship,” whereas he can get by just fine as long as it is called something else.

(Hint: call it a “situation”—even if it really is a relationship.)

In other words, don’t tell him he’s in a relationship, let him assume that you are just “sort of seeing each other,” and this relationship will work out quite well. The Virgo legendary attention to detail can be a bit taxing for the Sag male. I wouldn’t want to generalize that all Sagittarius Males are sloppy, but it does seem to a be a fairly common trait. From my own experiences, I can tell you I’ve always like dating a Virgo because I come home to a bathroom which is surgically clean and sterile. It’s not always like that, but you can get the idea. Of course, I also have some “Dating Virgo War Stories” but perhaps this isn’t the best place for that.

The Virgo female is definitely up to the task of taming a Sag male, it’s just imperative that the Virgo understands the Sag way of thinking. In simple terms, the Sag can either pay his rent or take a trip to the south of France. Odds are good that he’ll go to France. And forget you for a little while. You’re not gone from his mind; you’re just a little disturbed that he didn’t take you. You can tell you’re really the important person in his life when he drops you a postcard from the edge of the world.

“Who loves you, babe?”


Capricorn: Two Earth signs like this are supposed to be a heavenly match. So much for the good news. The problem comes from too much “sun sign astrology” which suggests that these two signs will definitely get along. In fact, in my own mind, I think these signs should get along. In the real world, though, there seems to be some problems. v
Let’s face it, the Virgo Female demands the very best. Nothing short of perfection is too good for her. And the Capricorn guy will often feel the same way. The problem begins when the two get into the complex inner workings of a Capricorn mind. Although he’s an earth sign, he isn’t always grounded in reality. And although he’s an earth sign, he isn’t always serious, despite that look on his face. He will keep you entertained, and that’s a positive attribute, but he will always employ a certain amount of self–deprecating humor. To that fine Virgo analytical mind, only so much of that droll funny stuff works. After a while, you’re going to get tired of listening to him slam himself—even if it’s “just a joke.”

There is one area where the two signs have an exquisite harmony, and that has to do with physical beauty and the resulting events. In other words, the physical side of the relationship is bound to be good. Most Capricorn’s are noted for their stamina, and most Virgo’s are very demanding. If you get the picture, and I’m sure you do.

Will it work? The books all say that it will. Lighten up on being a Virgo, and allow that Capricorn a chance to be the entertainer he likes to be, and you’ll find that this can actually work out.


Aquarius: I’ve seen worse combinations work, and starting out by stating that, gives your Aquarius guy a chance to think about it. If you are willing to put up with some of the Aquarius eccentricities, then this is certainly a worthwhile relationship. But please, my favorite Virgo girl, please learn to control the whining, complaining, and general sad face that is so often mistaken for a Virgo face.

Yes, I realize that you Virgo’s do get picked on a lot for making a point out of making a point out of about every little problem. And I’m not about to suggest that you change your basic Virgo nature, either. That’s not what I was looking at. What I was trying to address is the way you bring these complaints to your Aquarius guy. He has many fine traits. One of them is not usually deterred by minor discrepancies in day to day stuff, and that’s just exactly what will bother your own, sweet self. Those little hiccups that occur, the routine problems that you encounter… that’s the problem.

I found one Virgo girl carefully polishing the silverware at a restaurant where she was dining. Her Aquarius date was able to find the humor in the situation. She was merely wiping off the water spots with a clean napkin, something to insure that the silverware was nice as possible before she used that same silverware too convey food to her mouth. It was not an unreasonable proposition.

Proper Aquarius fashion is not concerned with such minute details. He’s looking at the big picture, and your Virgo attention to detail is a problem.

If you’re lucky, then you wind up with an Aquarius who finds such actions amusing, and, from a strictly intellectual point of view, he can see the justification for doing what you do. In the worst of situation, though, he will make fun of your behavior. You’re going to know, right away, whether this will work or not. Although you’re not prone to snap decisions, you will find you can make a quick assessment of the potential here. My best wager is that it’s good. There is enough “astrological glue” to hold this one together for a long time.


Pisces: The Pisces is a curious creature because it never knows what version of reality it’s standing in…. In other words, clueless fits these guys pretty well. And Virgo is opposite Pisces on the great wheel in the sky. That could mean trouble, in more than one way.

From the FGS files, I’ve discovered that a Pisces can get along with just about anyone. So much for the good news. The Virgo female is usually a bit demanding about just what it is that she wants, and that’s going to make some trouble for the Pisces male. See: Pisces have their own little drum machine going in their heads right now. It’s not a tune that you or I can hear. Maybe Elvis can hear it, but there’s no way to validate that information. And this little drum machine is giving that Pisces a rhythm beat which is different from the ones which either you or I listen to.

Pisces play by their own rules, and these rules frequently contradict what the other 11 signs consider to be normal. In order to make this relationship work, understand your target a little better. Mutable Water sign. Go and study up on Pisces. In fact, look a at Neptune, too, because that’s one of the planets closely affiliated with Pisces.
Pisces have this huge spiritual gift, and more than likely, like any good Virgo, you can sense this gift. And it drives you to a distraction when you realize that he’s just not using it right. If he would only do things your way….