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1020 S. Flores

It’s series of images, taken and displayed over the period of several years, at first, it just chronicled soft and gentle urban decay.

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #1

At one time, there was service work of some sort or another occurring in Pete’s Garage.

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #2

Honey Bee Removal was what triggered the address. There was another image — can’t locate it now — showing “1020 Flores.”

An obvious focal point, what captured my attention and imagination, was an empty sign that bordered the street, for years and years.


The empty lot, when I first started walking passed it, the lot was mostly empty with low, single row of garage bays at the back, along with some kind of antiquated structure, looked like faux-adobe of some kind. Just general ruin and abandonment, not an unusual inner-city image.

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #3

I would venture back and forth and one time I caught a partial moon framed in the empty sign.

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #4

It’s an “L” shaped lot, and the back portion housed, at one time, another favorite photographic target, one that inspired the whole collection, sort of starting point — of sorts.

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #5

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #6

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #7

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #9

“La Virgen de Guadalupe” street art. I’ve always been a fan of folk art, and while, strictly speaking, that image isn’t from the exact same block, it was across the street before that got ‘rehabbed’ and turned into expensive real estate. The image was one of the first that endeared me so to San Antonio and its ‘South Side.’

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #10

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #11

The real address, as far as I could tell, looks like it was 1020 S. Flores. So the new address is now 1010 Flores. “Mixed use — retail, office, domestic…”

1020 S. Flores (Bexar County) #12

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  • Interesting series. Near where you live?

    • Not so much but always interesting on the way to the post office…

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