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Half Baked, Fully Cooked

Half Baked, Fully Cooked

Hooters and the Lutherans

Hooters and the Lutherans Downtown San Antonio is a mecca for conventions, and rightfully so, there is much to see, and most important, an abundance of meeting spaces. I made the fatal mistake of thinking I could wander by a coffee shop and graze for free food in the mall, during the invasion of the […] Read More

We are so VERY open!

It's what the sign said. Just seemed important to let the buying public know, we are open for business. Happy New Year […] Read More

Winter Chill

And that, my friends, is the problem with digital archives online. Points to another problem I've yet to effectively work around the way the overhead lights wash out and add a waxy texture to pictures of vegetables. Usually, it's my pepper porn.* *Really offends my Cousin Pepper, but the two have no direct relation. My […] Read More

Nothing Says Xmas

It's truly local, but I've heard about it, seen it, along the line that's South of I-10. Arbitrary line, in my mind, but as a demarcation point, it seems to work. In "old Austin," the line was I-35. East Side was "rough," or, in more politically correct times, "of color," whereas the western side of […] Read More

Minimalist Image

When so little says so much. Dated May of 2008, a car in a parking lot, across the street on San Pedro, across from the first Taco Cabana. Singular memory, where a single set of digits and letters and can evoke such a strong image with little, if any, other details available. That (web) site […] Read More

The Death of Purple Prose

Some days, the picture tells the story, and other days, I want to add something. Or explain myself. The image is from a parking lot, obviously something that was underfoot at the time. Late October, be a good guess. I'm frequently drawn to images that involve asphalt or other paving as there seems to be […] Read More

The Center of Bexar County

A single image of the Center of Bexar County, San Fernando Cathedral. The link shows the camera was an iPhone - simple device - relatively - and as such, simple image. What caught my attention, the second time around the harsh, maybe warm glare against the inky black of night. I know I diddled the […] Read More

Half-Baked, Fully Cooked

There's a very pronounced sense of place that I find in my various locations. Austin is right at the 30th parallel, 30N16. San Antonio is listed at the 29th, and Corpus (Corpus Christi, TX, close enough to call home even if it's not 27N29.) 29 and under Life beneath the 30th Parallel Living under the […] Read More

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